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GST Certification Course by Pune government.

The Goods and Service Tax certification courses are available for a long time around India provided by both the private and Government. The certificate has increased its presence pan India in a very shorter period. We are going to learn information about the Goods and Service Tax and the GST certification course by the Pune Government in this article.

GST Certification Course by Pune government.


The GST Course is provided by many reputed providers. In addition to these premier institutes, there have also been many governments operated or government-affiliated institutes that have been providing GST certificate courses.


Before knowing more about these certificate courses we should know more about the history of Goods and Service Tax and its benefits. It has a well-improved performance record in the countries implemented. The idea of GST was suggested to reduce tax evasion.


The goods and service tax is the current taxation system for indirect taxes in India. The goods and service tax is currently adopted in many countries worldwide. It was first introduced in France and since then many countries have adopted it.


GST was adopted according to the financial market and has also have been made more familiar among the people with various improvements and changes. It is also made familiar with using HSN codes and making them globally recognized.


It is also made to reduce tax leakages and tax emissions. Even with additional benefits other than this, the most recognized and familiar one would be the tax revenue increase.


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About Goods And Service Tax In India:

The goods and service tax was first proposed 20 years ago by the government. Even with this earlier proposal, the GST was only implemented in the year 2017. The Goods and Service Tax took over many taxes that were in existence before its implementation.


There were several indirect taxes in India. Some of these indirect taxes are excise tax, customs tax, sales tax, vat tax, or value-added tax, and a few more others.


To bring these all taxes under a single one and make the taxation process transparent the idea of GST was introduced and it has been implemented with improved adoption for the country.


It has many adoptions in many countries including the dual GST system. Only a selected number of countries follow this dual GST system. India is one of the countries that has a dual GST system. In a single GST system, the center or the central government collects the entire tax amount and the center distributes the tax amount to the states. But in a dual GST system, the central, as well as the state government, collects the tax amount.


This type of GST system gives the state to consider the rate of the rate along with the center implemented tax rate. This dual system also has other taxes that replaces the state GST.


The simplification of taxes and providing a clearer tax process was the main goal of GST. The various taxes present before the GST was making people confused about the taxes levied over items. This made increased tax leaks. 


After the application of the Goods and Service Tax, the taxation process become simple and the whole process becomes clearer with the both buyer and the seller. There are types of GST applied to the final tax bill. These taxes are CGST, SGST, UTGST, and IGST.


The CGST is the central goods and services tax that is collected by the central government. The SGST is the state government tax that is collected by the state. The UTGST applies only to the union territories of India. These are goods and service taxes collected by the union territories of India. The IGST is the integrated goods and services tax collected for interstate trade.


The central GST or CGST is common to all types of GST. They are common in addition to the other three types of GST. So CGST is the common factor in all types of GST bills.


These are the GST types applied when the final bill is prepared. The number of taxes included would vary depending upon the region or type of business. The GST also has a different rate for different types of commodities. These variations usually occur mostly in the main domain of business type rather than the individual ones.


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Benefits of GST

1. Single taxation system:

It has brought different taxes under a single tax system. With the GST implementation, the taxes like value-added tax are all brought under a single common tax. This reduces the various complications and doubts about the taxes.


The single taxation system also makes the process of collecting taxes easier for both the government and the sellers. They also make the tax rate fixation on an item an easier process.


2. Improved and easier tax implementation:

It has made people and sellers get a better idea about the amount the tax added in various stages of billing. This gives much finer transparency and easier working of the taxing system.


With the reduced number of processes and the easily available resources about the GST registration and the various process of taxation, the process has become so easier both in terms of process and registration.


3. Improved logistics service:

with the application of it, the state migration of goods has been made easier since the taxation system is now under the single taxing system which includes all stages of taxes.


The taxes levied before the GST consisted the interstate transportation and they have been collecting taxes more often for transportation between states than GST. So with the application of GST, these taxes are reduced or omitted thus reducing the tax amount and providing an efficient logistics system.


4. Improved Tax collection:

It has lowered tax evasions and the tax revenue is increased with the improved taxation system. It has also increased the number of business registration with it.


With the transparent system and easier process, the GST system is expected to bring additional businesses under the taxation process. They provide an easier approach in registration details too which will also increase tax revenue.


5. Simple operating arrangement:

With the application of GST, the taxing system information is easily accessible to both buyers and sellers. It also gives a finer understanding of the amount of taxes levied and the purpose of the tax amount to the buyers. With the easier reach of information available, the sellers can also easily get an idea about the tax amount for different items.


6. Increase in GDP:

It can help in increasing the GDP value of the country. Since it helps in the increased tax revenue and reduced tax evasion the GDP value is expected to move on a positive side with increased development in the country.


This can result in an improved financial status of the country and increase the development ratio of the country. So, if the GST system is made to work efficiently and operated with a better-planned structure they can increase the GDP value of the country at a steady rate.


7. Eliminating the cascading effect of taxes:

The cascading effect of taxes is the phenomenon of double taxation during product development. It is that the taxes are levied on the item from the start to the end product.


The taxes levied from the start of the production to the end of the production are usually levied on the item along with the profit. This gives the final market price of the product and this usually has a higher price range. This is because of the process of tax on tax levied on the item. This can be prevented by fixing a single tax like GST which can lower the prices by reducing the cascading effect of the tax.


8. Lowering the prices:

With the application of the GST and the reduction in the cascading effect of the taxes, the prices of the items and raw materials have also been brought down to a lower rate. So, the price of the products is also reduced and the final market price is also reduced.


The price reduction can be found at a significant rate from the past rate. So, this is an added advantage over most of the benefits of the GST implementation.


These are only a few of the benefits of the GST. They have additional benefits on the financial side with an increased number of options.


COURSES FOR GST certificate:

So what is a GST certification course? The GST certificate is the current best certificate in the financial sector. The certificate course for GST offers additional ideas and methods regarding the goods and services tax. These methodologies include registration for the GST and the procedures involved in the different taxing stages.


This certificate is an added advantage to the existing financial workers and it could also be a good career prospect for someone interested in the tax financial job sector.


It is a simpler certification with a clearer course syllabus. They require less knowledge about the financial sector and cover all the basics to the end level of tax procedures. This makes the certification course open to an increased number of people who aspire of acquiring it. This course can be easier for people with educational qualifications from a financial background. It could also be done by people with the proper understanding of indirect taxes and so the eligibility criteria apply to an increased number of people.


This certification is a short-term course and could be taken along with any profession. This makes the certificate course open to all working and non-working people. These types of perks make the GST certificate a finer value-added certification to people eager to learn additional details about the indirect tax systems.


The syllabus of this course is a very clearer one with a better understanding. They are easier for people with a financial background and they are most suited for the GST practitioner jobs.


Hence, the better and suitable educational qualification for the certification course would be from a commerce or finance background.


Benefits Of GST Certification Course by Pune Government:

1. Increased salary percent:

With the course certificate, the salary of the people working in the financial sector may increase by a significant amount. They are also likely to get a superior and advanced job position with increased perks.


2. Improved Career Progress:

The course certificate may also increase the chances of getting in a better position at the workplace. They can make the work of the individual with this certificate extra inevitable in the tax sector than the ones not having it. They may accelerate the career path with less effort and give better outcomes for the given Hard work.


3. Improved Skillset:

The certification course in goods and services tax can also increase the taxation skills of the professionals. They can also provide skills to individuals eager to learn about the indirect tax system. So the people can learn extra about the indirect taxes easily and get a clear picture of their GST details.


4. Sophisticated syllabus:

Unlike some other courses, these certification courses have a better understanding of the syllabus with many types of course delivery. They could even be learned with online classes if the individual has previous experience or a better understanding of the taxation system.


GST Course Certification Modes:

The course certification can be attained with many course delivery types. They can be taken in classrooms or online. The online type of course delivery is preferred higher nowadays due to their flexible timing and better convenience of learning.


The online type, of course, is almost enough for most people due to the short duration of the course. They can also be easier online for people familiar with the taxation systems.


GST Certification Course By Pune Government Details:

The certification courses are also provided by the Government of India to make tax procedures familiar and also as an employment initiative both as a job and as a business.


These courses by the Government are provided by conducting courses directly by them or by affiliating with a course provider pan India. These certification courses are mostly low-cost and will have a better syllabus according to the Government regulations.


The GST certificate courses by Government can also be divided according to the states and their schemes. The courses from the state governments are also better and they have additional benefits due to their closest approach towards the certification course process.


In this section, we are going to see about the GST certification course by the Pune Government. The certification courses are also provided by the MSME in the Government side of the course certification.


The GST certification course by the Pune government is generally provided mostly by the online mode of course delivery. The study center course or classroom course for the certification is mostly less in number or rare due to their short course duration.



The GST certification course by the Pune government is mainly concentrated in online course delivery rather than study centers. So here we are going to see about the affiliated or wholly government GST course certification centers. Some of these GST certification course institutions are,



The ICSI or Institute of company secretaries of India is a government-operated institution for various finance-related courses. It has headquarters in Delhi and four regional offices in India. The ICSI has students in Pan India.


The ICSI offers the course in online mode only. The eligibility for the ICSI GST course is members of ICSI and students of the ICSI executive program.


The course is conducted once a week in online mode only. The course fee is Rs.7500/- plus taxes. The course is assessed by multiple-choice questions based on tests and Project submission.



Another government-operated GST certification course would be AJNIFM or Arun Jaitley national institute of financial management. This is another online training module offered by the government. 


The course duration of this certification is 3 days long. The course is delivered in the virtual classroom module. The course fee is Rs. 10000/- plus taxes. 



The Institute of chartered accountants of India is also offering a certification course on GST. The certification course duration is 10 days long. The course fees for the certification are Rs. 14000/- taxes for Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, and Rs. 12600/- plus taxes for other cities.


These are some of the GST certification courses offered by the Government. These course certifications cover additional regions or amounts of the syllabus with updated content too. The course prices are reasonable too and this makes these certifications a better choice at the entry-level price.


Apart from these, there are courses for GST certification available which is provided by the MSME. These courses are also with the same agenda as the certification courses above. The courses and certifications from these institutes have more or less the same syllabus. 


The only thing that varies is the way of teaching and the instructors. The mode of course delivery is also common in most of the certification courses as the majority of the certification course providers give an online mode of classes. The time duration and the course price varies among the certification course providers.


So the GST certification course by the Pune government may be pursued mostly online at the convenience of the learner. As the certification courses are mostly online the institute place is usually not important. We can consider taking the certification courses from any academy that is even at a distance.


These certification courses are mostly not considered by people outside the financial domain. This is due to the reason that the course is considered mostly finance based and only people from the financial domain can understand the syllabus. Even with the higher tax-based syllabus, the course certification can be done by people from other domain domains too because they require only sound knowledge and a better understanding of the taxation system.


The Goods and service tax course certifications should be considered by every people who are looking for any value-added courses or certifications. The certification course can help the learner to get a better grasp of the tax registration procedures and every step of the taxation process from start to end.


They can also help the people do their taxes on their own. with the certification of Goods and services course finance, people can levitate their careers with additional advantages than the other course certifications. With the increasing number of businesses starting around India and the increasing taxation numbers the course certification can help the taxation professionals to get additional business clients and increased revenue.


The certification course is now seen as an employment opportunity too and this makes the number of people trying to get GST course certification increase at a higher rate than usual. As said before the number of business opportunities with GST certification courses is increasing gradually thus the number of GST professionals is also wanted more. This makes the current GST course certification more valuable and more suitable as an employment-based certification course.


The employment opportunity can be found as a job or as a self-owned business. As the investment for the business is mostly the skills and the client count, it can be considered as a better start-up business opportunity.


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Concluding thoughts on GST certification course by the Pune Government

So, in conclusion, the course certificate is a better value-added certification course for both tax professionals and the people trying to get a better knowledge about the indirect tax system. The indirect tax system is made easier by the application of the GST and this makes another advantage of the GST certificate. The maximum part of the indirect tax system is covered under the GST system and the GST course covers all parts.


The added advantage of the employability through the certification course and the business opportunities available after the course certification makes the GST certificate more valuable than before. The online mode of course delivery makes it a compatible certification for working professionals too. So to sum it up the certification course in Goods and Service Tax is a valuable one and it gives additional benefits. The certification course is definitely bigger and must have one in the tax sector which gives more clearer view of the indirect tax system of the country.

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  • i m Tarun, I am a BA graduate, and looking forward to start my own business. As mentioned in the GST course that it is also for budding entrepreneurs. Is this Course applicable for me?

  • hi, i m Pradnya, i know this course helps to develop skills of different taxation, finance, and accounting professionals. A lot of my friends have done this course but my only concern is will I get placement assistance?

  • What is the eligibilty of the course offered by your institute? Can a student from non-commerce background take up this course?

  • Hi, I work in a startup and handle most of the finances. We started it this year. Tax is important and I am not aware of how it works. Been looking for a course. I am fortunate that I found some institutes in Pune. Thanks for the guidance and quality information. All the best.

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