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GST Certification Course By Gujarat University

In this article, we will go through the GST Course by Gujarat University in detail to give you a fair idea of what to expect from the GST course. 

GST Certification Course By Gujarat University


  1. Objectives regarding the GST course by Gujarat University:

(a)  The GST Course will provide understanding compliance this is certainly regarding facets of GST

(b) This training course will create synergy between University professional education and training to boost the employability of the Graduates of Gujarat University.

  1. Host Institute:

This course shall be offered and handled by Sheth Damodardas School of Commerce, Gujarat University. Infrastructure facilities will be supplied by Sheth Damodardas School of Commerce.

  1. Technical Collaboration:

Ahmedabad Branch of WIRC of ICAI has provided technical collaboration and inputs for the course curriculum. The syllabus for the GST Certification course in Gujarat University has already been designed by the Ahmedabad Branch of WIRC, ICAI.

  1. The faculty for teaching this training course will be reputed Chartered Accountants and experts.
  2. This Course is certainly certificate will twice within an Academic year.
  3. Duration of the course: This course will be provided for two months of 60 hours( 60 Hrs/1.5 hours.) = 40 Sessions (5 times inside a few days. Every 2 Sessions of1.5 Hrs. each day)
  4. Time of the program: Between 8.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. (to Friday) Monday
  5. Eligibility: this program will be agreed to students who’ve cleared their graduation and Post-graduation programs of every discipline from recognized universities.
  6. The student intake will be as per the need associated with the course.
  7. Admission criteria: On First Come First Served basis and merit basis (if needed).
  8. Costs: Rs. 5500/-only per student/per course (excluding exam this is certainly last) Venue: School of Commerce, Gujarat University Last Date of Submission: 21/01/2020Coordinator: Dr. S. S. Sodha, Contact No.: 7990838127


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What is GST and why will it be crucial?

GST means Goods and Services Tax. The Government has implemented the country’s most enterprising tax that is indirect GST. This is an indirect tax that became applicable in July 2017 GST is just one tax and it has ended up being the new mantra for a unified taxation system this is certainly indirect.

The advantages of GST tend to be:

Reduces expense and makes a trade that is Indian competitive.

Decrease the price of rising prices in the current economy.

Is expected to have incidence this is certainly encouraging a typical marketplace for all and contribute to the growth of GDP.

Why is the GST Certification Course important?

GST Council (GSTC) keeps altering:

The Policies,

Tax rates,

Guidelines related to electronics-way costs,

Returns platforms and

GST- refund application forms: The Professionals, Manufacturers, Traders, merchants, and Exporters that are conducting business need clear guidelines to submit returns.

US government has brought an initiative and started national instruction programs to create awareness about GST to overcome these problems. National degree instruction programs run in collaboration with the Government of India for discovering GST practices.


This has given an increase towards the requisite of experiencing Certification classes for GST Practitioners. GST certification program is a guide this is certainly comprehensive goods and services income tax regulation, GST regime, and a view to enabling the GST practitioners to know the nitty-gritty with this brand-new law on GST. The GST Certification Courses focus on the need for a skilled workforce and the effect of the GST instruction program. The individuals are required to know this is certainly basic of the subject.


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Why are New Career possibilities guaranteed for any individual in the conclusion regarding the GST Certification course?

Manifold boost in tax compliances under new GST (minimum of 37 comes back can be filled in every subscription. 12 months) increases work possibilities for finance specialists. The Chairman of CII( Confederation of Indian Industry)has indicated GST would lead to a rise in the country’s GDP by 2% to 2.5%, that 2.5 million jobs should be created for every 1% boost in development in GDP depending on research by CII boosts the buying energy this is certainly specific. Meaning much more GDP means a boost in the company also leads to a rise in need of GST Professionals.  A surge that is the huge salary of GST practitioners ended up being observed even ahead of GST roll-out.

What’s the eligibility for GST official certification courses?

Section 48 of the Central GST Act 2017 whenever look over with (Rule 24) of GST Return procedures 2017

General qualifications

  • Mainly, the individual needs to be a citizen of India.
  • Possess a mind this is certainly sound.
  • Be an individual who is certainly not adjudged as insolvent
  • Not be convicted by the courtroom.

Prerequisite/ this is certainly an educational experience for Eligibility

The candidate should be one of these:

  • A graduate or postgraduate or must possess a level that is comparable commerce, law, banking, company management, business management for almost any acknowledged Indian University that will be authorized by law.
  • A level this is certainly equivalent to an international college which will be recognized by an Indian University.
  • An Indian University or a Foreign University that will be equal to degree evaluation, which may consist of one of the below examinations-


  1. Finals of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
  2. Finals of Institute of Cost Accountants of India
  3. Finals of Institute of Company Secretaries of India.
  • An officer who has certainly resigned from the Commercial Tax Department of every State Government or associated with the CBEC who has worked inside a post of Group-B (or more) gazetted officer for a minimal period of two years.
  • A Sales tax officer who has practiced sales tax for more than 5 years.


GST specialist with GST PCT—-01

Chartered Accountant COP this is certainly holding and COP

Organization secretary COP this is certainly holding or COP

Expense and management accountant COP/ that is keeping without


What does the Syllabus of the GST official certification course consist of?

The GST official certification training course shall add:

  1. GST Levy
  2. Time of Supply
  3. Place of Supply
  4. Transitional issues
  5. Input Tax Credit
  6. Valuation
  7. Returns
  8. Subscription
  9. Payment
  10. Assessment
  11. Reimbursement no
  12. Charges
  13. Offenses
  14. Advance Ruling
  15. FTP
  16. Customs Duty
  17. Moot Court
  18. Honest Training


What are the Laws covered for the GST course by Gujarat university under the syllabus?

  1. Central Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017
  2. Integrated Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017
  3. State Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017 (of most says)
  4. Union Territory Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017
  5. Goods and Services Tax (settlement to States) Act, 2017
  6. Central Goods and Services Tax Rules, 2017
  7. Integrated Goods and Services Tax Rules, 2017
  8. States Goods and Services Tax procedures, 2017


What is the length of time of the GST certification Course?

All the GST official certification classes may be completed in 32 to 35 hours in most associated with courses.

Practical instruction is a component this is certainly essential of GST certification classes.


Who conducts the GST professional’s exam?

A Government notice numbered 60/2018 introduced rule 83A in CGST principles, 2017. According to rule 83 (1), term b, ‘every person who is enrolled like a goods and services professional under sub-rule 2 needs to pass the GST specialist examination. The exam would be performed by the National Academy of Customs, Indirect Taxes and Narcotics (NACIN).


National Academy of Customs, Indirect Taxes & Narcotics or NACIN is the apex institute of the Government of India for capacity building in the area of indirect taxation.

NACIN could be the worldwide globe traditions Organization (WCO) Regional Training Centre (RTC) for the Asia Pacific. United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) has designated NACIN as a collaboration center for ability building in neuron-scientific environment security. In collaboration utilizing the United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime (UNODC), NACIN is training that is imparting drug police force to numerous Asian countries. The Government of India has entrusted NACIN the duty of real information trade, experience education, and sharing with different nations around the globe.

GST Rates Revised Rates Reduced for 66 Products


  • Who’s a GST practitioner depending on legislation?

Section 48 associated with the CGST Act defines somebody who is subscribed authorize an eligible individual to act while the approved GST specialist. The accepted GST specialist is a taxation professional who is authorized to get ready returns and undertake other activities depending on the knowledge furnished to him by the taxable individual.


  • How to become a Registered GST Practitioner?


Make an Application

Somebody eligible and intending to become a GST practitioner needs to make an application in form GST PCT – 01 /02 digitally in the portal this is certainly typical per guideline 83(1). An application can directly be made submitted or through the facilitation center.


Certificate in GST PCT-02 will likely be released. An officer that is authorized the candidate like a Goods and Services Tax practitioner Verifies all the details and papers. It is the obligation of the officer who is certainly authorized to make necessary inquiries concerning the applicant’s details and documents.

The certification in the shape of GST PCT –02 is given.


The validity of this registration – Life Time.

Step 4

GSTP Examination

GSTP is needed to pass this assessment within 2 years of enrolment.

The applicant has got to register online on a specified website by NACIN and needs to pay the requisite fees appearing for the exam.

The candidate has a rating of a minimum of 50 percent.

A candidate who enrolls as GSTP should pass the evaluation within a couple of years of enrollment.

This assessment is conducted by the National Academy of Customs, Indirect Taxes and Narcotics (NACIN).”

Date of Exam

The exam dates are published by NACIN on its official portal, GST this is certainly a website, common secretariat, and leading national and regional newsprints.

This Exam is conducted every six months.

  • Simple tips to register for GSTP Exam?

The applicant has to login through nacin.onlineregistrationform.org

  • GST enrollment number.
  • PAN
  • The program kind will show up regarding the display on a candidate’s successful login.
  • The application form will show automatically the information associated with the applicant’s name, target, time of birth, cellular number, email id, etc as available with GST enrollment
  • Select the test center and add a passport size photo (JPEG, PNG; Size: 20 – 60 KB)
  • soft content of signatures (file type: JPG, JPEG, PNG; Size: 10 – 30 KB)
  • Send to registration portal and pay exam fees of ₹500/- web. Admit card seems on the display screen.
  • Is there a nature regarding the exam?

GST practitioner’s exam only has multiple-choice questions.

  • When the exam results declare?

NACIN declares link between GST practitioners exam within a month from the date of conduction of the examinations upon its official web site

GST Council Secretariat, common portal, and State tax division associated with respective states by email or post to the applicant.

  • How efforts can be numerous to clear examinations?

No limit is there in the real wide range of efforts within those two several years of registration.

  • Do you know the newest advancements and pc software designed for GST Accounting?

Infosys had been the company this is certainly the very first to get the agreement to create and keep maintaining for five years in 2015 the GST technology network.

The GST Council approved the development of ‘e-invoicing’ or ‘electric invoicing ‘on the 29th of September 2019 for (B2B) business-to-company deals. This has become relevant from the 1st of 2020 January.

This approval made it feasible for GST returns to set a regular to generally meet business requirements of traders and organizations which are manufacturing.

E-invoicing makes GST filing simpler.

  • Clear Tax
  • Tally ERP 9
  • Quickbooks
  • EasyGST
  • Busy Accounting Software
  • Zoho Books
  • Reach GST
  • GEN -GST
  • Sai GST



1.GST, Indirect tax, and committee

The Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Eligibility: Members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants India.

Goal and Details of this GST accreditation program:

The purpose of this course will be to upgrade the information and knowledge on GST and also to give roadway to your people within the global assistance exhibit. Definition and Concept under GST, Levy, Time of Supply, Place of Supply, Input Tax Credit, Transitional dilemmas, Valuation, Registration, Returns, Payment, Refund, Assessment, Offenses, Penalties, Advance Ruling, FTP, Customs Duty, Overview of GST – Compensation cess to States Act, 2017, Exemption List of products and Ventures.

Course Duration and Course Hours:

10 Days Course (alternative I – on and Sunday just; Option 2 – Monday to Friday – fourteen days) (9:30 have always been to 5:30 Saturday PM). The staff when it comes to the program will be a blend of rehearsing Chartered Accountants, followers, academicians, and experts in the area of backhanded costs to give the people a top to just bottom specific as reasonable information.

Fees: Rs. 14,000 or maybe more GST for Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, and Jaipur

[This can include charges for the assessment to be held consummation that is after of Course]

CPE Hours 25 after Attending the Classes + 5 After Appear in Assessment Test

Rating: NA


2) MSME GST certification course by ISEL worldwide.

Eligibility: CA pupils and Fresher CAs who wish to find out the advanced level and basic concepts of GST.

Course Syllabus and goal:

The course features ten modules.

Taxation and GST Rules

GST Concepts and Fundamentals


GST Invoicing


Input Tax Credit


Legal Provisions


GST Practitioner Certification Examination


GST Course Advisor:

He is an Accountant that is chartered and a Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and a Member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India and also a Bachelor’s degree in Law. Additionally, he is an SAP this is certainly a competent Consultant and has now more than several years of experience with Indirect Taxation and specializes in all aspects of Service Tax, Value Added Tax (VAT)/ Central product sales Tax (CST), Central Excise, Customs, Foreign Trade Policy (FTP), Special Economic Zone (SEZ), Export Oriented Unit (EOU), Export-Import Laws and familiar with the concept of way forward Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Fees: Rs.7600/-



3) Clear Tax Mastering

It’s a GST Software solution company and conducts a GST certification course. Clear Tax aims to teach India towards GST. Clear Tax conducts offline workshops, webinars, and quizzes to make the grouped community GST prepared. The program is online offered through Udemy. 8 hours of interactive video content that is on-demand.

They feature three classes:

Complete GST Course & Certification – Grow Your CA Training

The course starts by having a charge of Rs.3600/-

Rating: 4.1 /5

New GST e-learning certification by Clear Tax

Fees: Rs 4800/-


Complete GST Course for Small and Medium Enterprises.

Fees: Rs.4800/-

Rating: 1/5


4) GST official certification program by GST Centre

GST Centre :

This can be in collaboration with Chartered accounting firms as well as other industry specialists who underscore providing high-quality education on GST to different areas of individuals including entrepreneurs, employees, pupils, etc. You will get a scope that is entire of courses and Diplomas in GST like

A training course that is an amateur’s moderate training course,

An aptitude program or

A business and the board course.

You can select the one relating to your requirements.

They offer a learning system.

Fees: Rs.6500/-

  • Certificate Attestation charges will undoubtedly be additional.
  • For Offline understanding training that is: Additional are going to be applicable.



5) Vskills GST certification course:

Vskills offers online training.

Practical areas of subject explained.

Free rehearse examinations.

Hard backup of Study material.

Life access that is long e-learning

have collaboration with monsterindia.com


Fees: Rs.3499/-


6) Udemy GST Certification Course

This course includes:

42 hours movie that is on-demand

29 articles

Full lifetime accessibility

Access on cellular and TV

Certification of completion


score: 4.1/5


7) GST Certification Course by Tax Guru

Tax expert is just a familiar and name that is preferred it’s possible to grab informative data on any tax topic. They conduct courses on GST Certification Courses.

Classroom course /online

CA Raman Singla: Program fashion designer

Partner – Devalya Advisory LLP

Fees Rs.10000/- plus GST 18%

Certificate by Ministry of M.S.M.E., Govt. of India, following the approval this is certainly successful of Exam.

Excellent Faculty.

Live Query Solution.

GST Most Useful Selling Book

GST Book “Simplified Approach to GST – a referencer that is ready”


Rate: 4.8/5


8) GST Certification Course by GST indiaexpert.com

India Expert has propelled a 60 hours training course – “GST Executive,” that may provide the understudies with a top to the knowledge that is bottom GST structure that will aid the understudies with having a promising vocation as GST Specialists. The course shall include two segments. The substance will handle a total inclusion of GST alongside a premier to preparing that is bottom Excel, Tally, and Business Accounting.

The considerable features of the program are:

Top to information this is certainly bottom GST

Unique Focus on Important Topics

Recreation Software on GSTN


9) GST official certification course by Training central.

Naukri learning supporters this web self course this is certainly mastering.

Crucial features:

an hour of e-learning content

Research study-based method with calculations.

Costs: Rs.944/-

Rating: 5/5

This has a detailed glossary to aid the student.

Naukri learning facilitates the subscription to this course.


10) Henry Harvin education.

GST Practitioner Certification Course

  • Henry Harvin’s establishment that is educational one of many pioneers in GST certification classes completes this system in 32 hours.
  • It is a reputed educational Institution. Includes a rating of 4.6/5 score by pupils.
  • Live Online and classroom sessions.
  • Practical trained in utilizing :
  • How exactly to export information from Tally, a bookkeeping computer software for GST Accounting.
  • 100% useful trained in Delhi.
  • Fees Rs 5500/- with research hand and material holding even after the conclusion of this course.
  • The government recognizes this GST Practitioner certificate.
  • Special functions
  • Hot and trending topics covered in the training course this is certainly GST.
  • Award-winning trainers
  • 100% useful education.
  • Free membership that is one year access to Academy worth Rs 4000/-.
  • 160 corporate clients.


Conclusion on GST course by Gujarat university

In a time in which the center is certainly commercially jumbled with information and instructional classes, deciding on the essential fitting GST accreditation is an important choice to break the ice. Extra, information can assist the prospect with getting employed quickly with a comparable pay this is certainly considerable career development, and development opportunity

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