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Top 5 Google Content Writing Courses (Free and Paid)

The present era witnessed a boom in internet usage, and businesses in all fields need a robust online presence to thrive. Business websites need quality content to reach an audience positively, generate leads, and gain prospective buyers. Content writers create this content, thereby becoming undeniable in the success of a business. About 82% of marketers declared actively employing content marketing in 2021. This high use of content marketing makes content writing skills much more valuable in today’s job market. Nothing can make your skills as credible as a Google certification. This article introduces five relevant Google content writing courses.

List of the best Google content writing courses

What is Content Writing?

Content writing is one of the ways of generating content. It is the procedure of researching, drafting, composing, proofreading, editing, and publishing web content, usually for digital marketing. Thus, content writing is professional writing for marketing intended for an online audience.

Content writing can include the composition of blog posts, web articles, video scripts, podcast scripts, social media posts, landing pages, product descriptions, technical content, etc. Irrespective of the type of content, the thoughts and ideas in writing should be coherent and comprehensive. The written content also follows a structure and rules to be search engine friendly. To conclude, content writing is both an art and science simultaneously.

Things to Know About Google Certifications

  • Google certifications are fully online programs. So, you don’t need to attend classes in-person to complete the programs.
  • Mostly Google experts design and build these courses.
  • For some course programs, the platform for delivery is one of the Google online training platforms like Google Digital Garage, Google Digital Unlocked, or Google Skillshop. Coursera is a chief external e-learning platform that provides Google certifications.
  • There are both paid and free certification programs by Google.
  • There are three main categories for Google certifications: Google career certifications, Google digital marketing certifications, and Google product certifications.
  • Google Career Certifications are professional certifications on IT support, Project Management, Data Analytics, Android development, and UX Design. You can buy Google career certifications on Coursera.
  • Google Digital Marketing Certifications are free certifications available on Google Digital Garage. These courses include social media marketing, online marketing, machine learning courses, cloud training, and more.
  • Google Product Certifications by Google Skillshop are free certification courses on Google products. Google Ads certifications and Google Analytics certifications are popular examples.

5 Main Google Content Writing Courses

1. Promote a Business With Content

“Promote Business with Content” is going to be the first among the Google content writing courses we will discuss today. Google offers this free course through the non-profit program Google Digital Garage. Google Digital Garage offers many free courses encompassing aspects of Google products and Digital Marketing entirely.

These Google content writing courses do not include certification but are part of Google’s Digital marketing certification course. There are four modules in the course program.

These Modules are:

Get Noticed with Social Media:

There are four lessons in the first module, Get Noticed with Social Media. They are Social media basics, The Right Social Media Sites for You, Setting your Goals for Social Media, and Getting on Social Media. It would take you approximately thirty minutes to finish the module. Each section of the module has video contents and questions. The ending quiz tests your knowledge and gives recommendations for improvement.

The module “Get Noticed with Social Media” tells why presence on social media is crucial for your business. The module discusses ways to leverage popular social media networks. It explains the significance of social media for your business. Lastly, it guides you to join the social media sites that are beneficial for you and engage with your connections to attain ubiquity.

Deep Dive Into Social Media:

The section Deep Dive into Social Media includes the lesson Long Term Social Media Plan, Advertising on Social Media, Measuring Success in Social Media, and Avoiding social media pitfalls. The module discusses how an organized strategy and social media plan will save you time and energy.

The module teaches you to discern the social content that works best for your business. It describes the power social media advertisements would bring to your strategy. It also instructs you to measure success to help you optimize social content in the future.

Make the Most of Video:

The module Make the Most of Video has six lessons and spans 55 minutes. The lessons are:

      • The Rise of Online Video
      • How Video Fits Into Your Online Strategy
      • Creating Video Content Within Your Budget
      • Sharing and Promoting Your Videos
      • Measuring Video Performance

The module discusses the vibrancy and popularity of videos in the online experience. It talks about how engaging with your customers through this adaptable medium can widen the scope for content marketing and valuable advertising.

In the module, Make the Most of Video, you will learn to accommodate video in your online strategy. You will also learn to design and produce videos within your budget. The module also instructs you to promote the videos to reach the right audience.

Get Started with Content Marketing:

The six lessons included in the module, Get Started with Content Marketing are:

      • Intro to Content Marketing
      • Get to Know Your Online Customers
      • Choosing the Right Format for Your Content
      • Writing for Online Audiences
      • Help Your Content Be Seen
      • Measuring Your Success in Content Marketing

The module Get Started with Content Marketing teaches you to build customer trust and increase traffic to your site. You’ll learn to write for audiences on the internet. You will also learn to systemize the creation and promotion of the content. On completing the module, you can discern the correct format for content and track the success of your content marketing.

To conclude, Promote Business with Content teaches you how to attract customers to your business. It also teaches you to connect with numerous customers through content marketing, social media, and video. Google engineers did not prepare these Google content writing courses. However, they align with Google’s practices to approach content writing and content marketing in general.

2. Google Technical Writing Course

The technical writing courses by Google developers are the foremost among the Google content writing courses for technical writers. These courses train one, especially in technical documentation. With the help of the collection of lessons and the included learning resources, one learns to plan and compose good technical documents. This collection of course programs also makes you familiar with the work of technical writers in Google.

Google developed the technical writing courses for professional software engineers, engineering-related roles, product managers, and computer science students. The training programs also demand some competency in written English and coding. The course programs focus on technical writing and not on business writing.

There are two parts to the technical writing program. They are Technical Writing One and Technical Writing Two. Each of these is further divided into two parts: pre-class lessons and in-class lessons with other students and a co-ordinator. You can learn the pre-class materials at your pace.

Technical Writing One:

Topics discussed in the pre-class material of Technical Writing One:

      • Introduction
      • Just Enough Grammar
      • Words
      • Active Voice
      • Clear Sentences
      • Short Sentences
      • Lists and Tables
      • Paragraphs
      • Audience
      • Documents
      • Punctuation
      • Markdown
      • Summary

With Technical Writing One, you learn the basics of technical writing. The course program teaches one how to do specific tasks in technical writing.  It teaches you to use jargon like acronyms and abbreviations consistently. You will learn to identify ambiguous pronouns and develop a minimum of three strategies to construct clear and engaging sentences. You will also learn to create short sentences.

Through the course, you learn to differentiate between active and passive voices. You understand why active voice is preferable to passive voice and the conversion of voices in writing. You figure out the difference between numbered lists and bulleted lists and learn to create convenient lists. You master creating lead sentences for paragraphs, each focusing on a single topic.

You learn to declare the main points at the beginning of each document.  You learn to distinguish your target audience and ascertain what they already know. You also determine what your target audience desires to learn.

You learn to recognize and correct idioms. You understand the usage of parentheses, commas, colons, semicolons, and dashes correctly. Technical Writing One teaches you to assert your document’s goals and audience. You also learn to break lengthy topics into convenient sections. The course program also helps you cultivate beginner expertise in Markdown. Thus Technical Writing One assures you to better your technical writing skills.

Technical Writing Two:

Topics discussed in the pre-class material of Technical Writing Two:

      • Introduction
      • Self Editing
      • Organizing Large Docs
      • Illustrating
      • Creating Sample Code
      • Summary

Technical Writing Two focuses on many intermediate matters in technical writing. Once you complete the program, you can select from different plans to compose first drafts. You will also learn more tactics for the second & third drafts. The program will teach you to use various methods to identify errors in your writing.

The course program teaches you to arrange extensive documents. You learn to introduce the document’s goals and any requirements. You master writing clear-cut figure captions. You study to choose the correct information density in technical drawings to keep the reader’s attention on them. You also learn to establish a framework through an illustration conveying the entire perspective. You master revising technical drawings adequately.

Through the program, you discover how to create valuable, concise, accurate, reusable, well-commented, and clear sample code that shows various complexities. You learn to recognize different types of documents. By the time you complete the course program, you learn to identify with beginner audiences and write for them just about anything.

3. Send Professional Emails

You send a professional email usually to someone you don’t know well or someone in a superior position. In a workplace with a formal environment, colleagues communicate with one another or with a supervisor using professional emails. Compared to informal emails, writing professional emails demands more time and contemplation for the email to be concise, polite, and error-free.

Send professional emails by Google Digital Garage is one of the Google content writing courses which teaches you the basics of writing professional emails. It is a one-module course program spanning one hour. The course teaches you about the different parts of an email and particular rules. As a part of this beginner-level course program, you will rehearse writing and send emails for diverse situations.

The lesson videos in the program give you practical experience of the tools. You will improve your emailing experience by studying their parts and practicing email writing. The extension videos teach one further about creating signatures, templates, automatic replies, and more. The digital tools you use during the course program are Gmail and search.

The lesson plan for the program includes targets of learning, example outcome, instructions for coordinators, and more. Through the course program, you improve in areas like writing strategies, effective communication, and Gmail features. The lesson videos and the extension videos included in the course program are as follows:

    • Introduction to Send Professional Emails
    • Review the Parts of an Email
    • Choose an Email Scenario to Write About
    • Edit and Send Your Email
    • Send Professional Emails Wrap-Up
    • Reflection
    • Extensions: Send Professional Emails

Send Professional Emails is one of the Google content writing courses that will help you rehearse email writing for formal situations at work. The course program provides several email scenarios about work or job applications. Some videos will inform you about the scene to help you practice writing a professional email.

You don’t have to finish all of the videos in this lesson or go through them in order. Each video has a sample email with it as a reference for the format and tone of the email. You need to log in to your Google account to take the lesson. Even Though the course program uses Gmail, the skills you learn are applicable for any email service.

4. Write a Business Plan

A written document that explains how a business, typically a startup, delineates its objectives and ways to achieve them is called a business plan. It summarizes the operational and financial goals of a business. It is a plan leading an organization to success.

Business plans will have information on the firm, such as its nature, financial projections, background information, and the strategies it plans to implement to meet the goals. Every small business needs a well-written business plan to describe itself to employees, potential customers, financial sources, partners, etc.

Write a Business Plan is one of the Google content writing courses that discuss how to write a business plan and why it is significant. As a part of this lesson, you’ll do research to collect the data that support your decisions and explain your business, products, and services. You also list your strengths compared to your competitors and compose an executive summary.

The course program is for advanced level learners and has a module of one-hour duration. As the first step, you will go through the lesson videos and gain practical experience with the tools. As the lesson progresses, you will develop your business plan and improve it by researching opportunities and threats. You will create an elevator pitch and practice formatting, sharing, and saving the document.

The Following Are the Sections Included in the Lesson:

    • Introduction to Write a Business Plan
    • Write a Business Description
    • Add Information About Your Products and Services
    • Write an Executive Summary
    • Write a Business Plan Wrap-Up
    • Reflection
    • Extensions

There Are Six Extensions in the Last Section to Improve Your Business Plan. They Are:

    • Format Text in Your Business Plan
    • Add a Footer & Header to Your Document
    • Proofread & Share the Business Plan for a Feedback
    • Save Your Business Plan in Another Format
    • Determine Threats and Opportunities
    • Write an Elevator Pitch & Train with a Partner

Once you finish the lesson, you will be ready with a business plan. But, to use it for financing, you will need more information, which you furnish using the guidelines, worksheets, and templates provided with the lesson. Another option is to contact a SCORE mentor for insights and personalized advice from seasoned business professionals in your field. The program uses Google Docs, but you can employ the skills and ideas in any word processing application.

5. Business writing

Business writing is a calculated piece of writing composed in a formal setting to communicate important information to the reader concisely, clearly, and effectively. Business writings include reports, client proposals, emails, memos, and notices. Competent business writing skills are crucial for any workplace communication.

Business writing is very professional and usually helps someone know or do something. You develop good business writing by following the most appropriate writing process. The process first clarifies the purpose and the reader. Then it gives the information the particular reader needs. We use business writing to communicate with either external or internal audiences. Most business writings will have a call to action that commands or encourages a response.

A business writer uses different forms of evidence to gather and generate knowledge. The kind of knowledge may vary according to the audience and their relationship with the writer. The types of evidence that a business writer usually uses are statistics, the study of past trends, analogy, examples, evaluation of consequences, comparison, or a citation from authentic sources.

One of the Google content writing courses that train you to be a business writer is Business Writing. The University of Colorado Boulder created this four-module course program, and Coursera offers it. It is a beginner-level course program, and it takes you about thirteen hours to finish it.

Business Writing is one of the Google content writing courses that explain the use of the top ten rules of great business writing in your job. The program also discusses how simple tools effectively improve your writing. It instructs you to carry out the organization and revision to communicate more admirably than ever.

The Following Are the Topics You Will Learn From This Course Program:

    • Building Great Business Writing
    • The Formula for Writing Success
    • Crafting Powerful Writing
    • Activate Your Voice!

At Coursera, you can learn the course at your pace with flexible deadlines. The course program has subtitles in nine languages like Arabic, Portuguese, French, Italian, Vietnamese, Russian, German, Spanish, and English. On completing the course program, you can earn a shareable certificate. Business Writing is part of a specialization program, Effective Communication. Hence the course program also provides a good foundation for graphic design and successful presentation to help you be the best presenter at the workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q1. Which are some of the best courses for content writing?

Good content writing courses teach you technical and SEO skills in addition to content writing skills. Some of the best programs in content writing are:

    • Content Writing Master Course by IIM Skills
    • Writing Proficiently by Harappa
    • Ninja Writing by Udemy
    • The Complete Content Writing Course by Udemy
    • Google content writing courses
    • The Strategy of Content Marketing by Coursera
    • Ultimate Web Content Writing Masterclass by Udemy
    • Content is King by Udemy

Q2. Are there content writing courses you can learn for free?

The Google content writing courses which Google provides through its training platforms are free of cost for everyone. In addition, there are other courses like:

    • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing by Google
    • Become a Better Blogger by Skillshare
    • Content Writing Certification by Hubspot
    • SEO Training by Udemy
    • Writing for the Web by Open2Study

Q3. Is content writing a profitable career in 2022?

Businesses fully comprehend the importance of good content in their Social media writing, SEO writing, blog writing, and the like to be appealing to their audience. So we can say that content writing is still in demand and is a profitable career in 2022.


Content writing offers diverse opportunities to aspiring writers in this digitized era. As the demand for the skill grows, it is inevitable for you to stand out in a crowd by earning an accredited certificate. What could be better than Google itself certifying you as a professional familiar with the algorithm and functioning of the most popular search engine. You just went through the five best Google content writing courses. These programs can get you a job or growth in the present one. Complete these courses and get Google certified without further delay.

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