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Top 10 Freelance Content Writing Blogs

As a freelance writer, you have little chance to actually socialize with people of your community to upgrade your skills and get acquainted with the new technologies. However, this can never be used as an excuse to keep yourself from updating. Whether you are an expert or a newbie, reading freelance content writing blogs is a necessity. When you decide to freelance, it is helpful to read websites about freelance writing. As a freelance content writer, you may like to read about how to pitch, freelancing lifestyle, content marketing, business tips, and more. You can know about the new writing styles and the trends in freelance writing to be updated with your industry.

Top Freelance Content Writing Blogs

Why do You need To Read Freelance Content Writing Blogs?

In the first place, you may question ‘why do you need to read freelance content writing blogs?’. But reading freelance content writing blogs is like nutritious food for any person.

What You Can Expect From Reading Freelance Content Writing Blogs:

  • Knowledge about different tones of writing
  • Keep you updated on industry trends
  • Learn skills to excel in content writing
  • Knowledge on SEO
  • creative writing skills
  • Keyword research techniques
  • Marketing skills
  • Grammar tips
  • Pitching techniques
  • Improve your vocabulary and writing skills

How to Become a Freelance Content Writer?

The basic requirements for any freelance content writer are good writing skills and fundamental marketing skills. You need to show people your talent for them to recognize you. Show off your talent and skills to people to let them know your worth.

 Take Up a Freelance Writing Course:

Sure, there are many free sources available on the internet, however, free sources have limited information and often seem to be irrelevant. So if you are serious about freelance content writing, then I highly recommend you to take paid courses. IIM Skills is one of the best institutes in India that teaches and helps you fulfill your dreams.

Publish Your Works Freely on Medium:

Publish your writing samples and work freely on medium and other websites that help you build your portfolio as well as help in getting clients. You are often required to post your free work samples by your clients to show your trustworthiness and writing skills

Create Your Own Website:

An own website is often required by the writers to show off their talent give a professional look and build authenticity and portfolio. You can even show your niche proficiency through it.

Write Guest Blogs:

Writing guest blogs can be useful to develop networks with the writers’ community and also to get powerful feedback for your article.

Apply for Content Mills:

To get experience or to land any high-paying freelancing gigs you can apply for content mills like contenta, iwrite, and more. You can find numerous freelance content writing blogs on the internet, however, it is time-saving and strategic to read the freelance content writing blogs that cover most of your freelance writing needs.

We Have Shortlisted the Top and Best Freelancing Writing Blogs to Read for You

1. Grammarly Girl

Grammarly girl is named multiple times as writer’s digest 101 best websites for writers. Founded by Mignon Fogarty, any listicle of freelance content writing blogs is incomplete without Grammarly girl to it. This website blogs provide short, witty tips for writing. Writing tips which include both good word choice guidelines and grammar rules which is the toughest target for any writer is provided.

Memory tricks to easily recall the most troublesome grammar rules by making complex grammar questions. Grammarly girl is a must-read for any freelance content writer, whether you are a native English speaker or non-native English speaker, style, business, and punctuation tips give you a new perspective on content writing.

Grammarly girl teaches you from how to map a sentence to techniques to improve your craft of writing. Her grammar tips are simple to understand, easy to recall, and answers almost every grammar query under the sun. Most users find Mignon Fogarty’s tips to be highly useful, funny, and smart which makes this one of the most sought freelance content writing blogs.

2. Copyblogger

Copyblogger is the best and most needed freelance content writing blog any content writer could ask for. Starting in January 2006, Copyblogger has been the go-to place for any content writer. They provide exclusive content writing and marketing tips that are current trends in the industry.

They provide essential information on creative writing, copywriting, content marketing, blogging, business writing, productivity, entrepreneurship, freelancing, editing, and everything from A to Z about writing. They help you to overcome those creative and writer blocks and help you to be novel in your writings.

Another best feature of Copyblogger is they provide authentic content marketing and SEO from content, and their exclusive Academy helps you to be one of the top players of the industry. Copyblogger not only helps you in content marketing in form of words but also in video and audio, which are the main pillars of the marketing industry.

They also provide in-depth researched courses like email marketing, conversion rate optimization, sales pages, SEO, landing pages, copyrighting, and more.

3. Social Media Examiner

No matter how great your writing skills are, how expert you may be in your niche is, it is of no use if people don’t know about you. You need to market yourself and sell your skills to people and companies. But marketing in the right way is as important as marketing itself, and social media examiner helps you to develop your marketing skills.

Social media examiner helps you to market yourself on different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. They provide marketing tips to connect with your clients, how to effectively communicate with them, negotiation and sales. They will teach you the marketing skills to compete with the top players in your niche.

As a freelance content writer, marketing skills are equally important as your writing skills. This blog provides you with the original strategic marketing insights that will help you in marketing. The best feature of this website is that they provide content in both text and video form, helping you to choose whichever you are comfortable with.

They even run podcasts and shows regularly sharing in-depth analyses and tips about social media marketing.

4. The Writer Life

The writer life can be a one-stop-shop for most of your freelance content writing queries. They provide information in a detailed and easy to comprehend manner. The content on the website is available in both free and paid forms. The writer life has also been featured as a top 100 freelance content writing blog.

The website is organized to provide information under different categories like freelancing, blogging, craft, marketing, and resources.  They will teach you different freelance pitching tips, marketing strategies, how to negotiate with clients, how to find paid gigs for writing, and so on.

Apart from that, they give tips on grammar and guidelines to write perfect articles without having you compromise on your content theme.  They guide you to write in different styles and formats, how to be productive, prevent writer’s block, creative block, and more.

They provide a depth guide to different forms of writing like blogging, creative writing, synopsis of books, reports, copywriting, book designing, publishing, and more.

5. Hubspot

No freelance content writer out there doesn’t know about Hubspot’s marketing blog. If you don’t know yet, don’t worry we have got you covered. Hubspot is one of the industry’s best available freelance content writing blogs to know more about content marketing.

They provide you with information in different hubs like sales, CMS, operations, service, and marketing. It is truly a HubSpot for loads of free templates, ebooks, guides, and highly informative articles.

They offer in-depth guidance to level up as a freelance writer in your niche. Hubspot has been one of the most preferred freelance content writing blogs by many expert freelancers. They even offer you certifications and courses which are mostly free.

They cater to your needs under various categories like remote working, sales prospecting, sales process, sales qualification, Instagram marketing, Email marketing, Email newsletters, customer retention, customer experience, and SEO.

They have many free templates for social media content, content marketing sales calendar, and so on.

6. Freelance Writing Jobs

The freelance writing jobs website is no doubt one of the best places on the internet to find high-paying writing gigs. Apart from that, they are also famous for their guidance to freelance content writers and also the best place to read freelance content writing blogs.

Freelance writing jobs give you writing guidance along with writing gigs. They help you to land high-paying gigs in blogging jobs, writing jobs, online content jobs, editing jobs, publishing jobs, and Telecommuting and flexible jobs at flexjobs. Surely, freelance writing jobs are one of the best freelance content writing blogs out there for freelance content writers.

7. Make a Living Writing

Make a living writing website has amassed a large number of subscribers with more than 1200+posts on writing guides and tips. They teach you how to become a freelance writer and also how to make money writing. You can join their writing community that helps you to be a part of their exclusive community, Freelancers writing den, to increase their income and land high-paying gigs.

Make a living writing is for all types of writers from beginner level freelance writers to bloggers who want to monetize their blog to people who want to stop writing for content mills and write for business.

They Will Help You With:

  • Get your first freelance writing jobs
  • Avoid scams as a freelance content writer
  • Get paid for writing
  • Monetize your blogs
  • Discover highly profitable niches
  • How to deal with difficult clients
  • Self-publishing and more

If you plan on making a living by writing then make a living writing website is highly recommended.

8. The International Freelancer

Started as a small blog by an award-winning journalist, Natasha Khullar Relph (Mridhu Khullar Relph), the International Freelancer now is one of the freelance content writing blogs, any freelancers look at for any information. Their specialist team guides you from the very start of your freelance writing career to pitching and marketing, and content marketing.

They also help you with their productivity tips, how to earn money by doing business, how to maximize your potential in writing. Being a freelance journalist herself, she has written for many prestigious publications like The Newyork Times, Marie Claire, and CNN.

She is mentoring a large mass of individual freelancers to earn high-paying clients with her short and frank advice on freelance content writing.

9. Elna Clain

Elna clain is a professional online writer and a professional freelance mentor and coach who can help you in improving your skills and making a career out of your writing. Elna’s blogs about freelance writing tips, free content calendar templates, marketing strategies, freelance business plans, and more.

Her Write to 1k is one of the best courses to start as a freelance writer. Her other courses include, Writer website in a weekend, Freelance writing prep, Freelance blogging in a weekend, get paid to write online, and Freelance writing rockstar.

10. Daily Writing Tips

Daily writing tips are the best blog to visit not only for any person who wishes to improve their English but also for freelance content writers who need to write perfectly. They provide writing guidance for freelance writers along with vocabulary tips, punctuations, styles, expressions, grammar, fiction writing, writing tips, and more.

The best thing about daily writing tips is they give clarity on your simple yet most ambiguous doubts in English, and help your English writing skills.


Freelancing is simple as well as hard from the way you see it. If you keep up with the new trends in your industry, improve yourself, attract high-paying clients, and, pitch to clients freelancing can look simple to you. If you stop learning at any point then you find freelancing highly difficult. So, better don’t opt to freelance if you are not ready to learn continuously. Reading freelance content writing blogs will help you to keep you in the content writing industry. Many freelance content writing blogs offer certifications and courses to develop new skills and help you land premium paying jobs and clients.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

1. How much do freelance blog writers make?

Freelance writers in India earn at the beginner level making up to 16,000/- per month on an average which means 2 lakh per annum. These stats are based on the research conducted by the indeed on the freelancers in India. And freelancers who are experienced in the field earn up to 20,000/- to 60,000/- per month on an average.

However, the pay rates in India can mostly depend on the pay per word. Most experienced writers often charge 8/- per word for a two-day deadline article and an amount of 80,000/- for a retainer per month. Most freelance writers charge an average of 6/- per word for a 1500 word article in India.

Based on the survey conducted by Payscale, based on hourly charges for a fresh and entry-level writer is around 494/- as per payscale research statistics. Experienced writers often charge 510/- per hour based on their skills in India.

2. Is a freelance writer needs a blog?

A blog is a must for a freelance writer. It not only acts as a display of your talent but also builds your portfolio. No matter if you are highly experienced and expert in writing, or a newbie to the industry, your own blog is a need. Having a blog of your own is very important even for your writing practice.

Writing is like an exercise to your brain to be more creative and write well-versed articles. You need to practice regularly and practicing in your own blog is more than a better option. Blogging tunes your skills and helps you to attract clients and often charge them with high rates.

Blogging is not only a practice but it will also help you with your creative juices. Running your own blog will keep you creative with your words, tones, voice, and more. As a freelance writer you never what type of article you are going to write (unless you are highly micro niched).

The best part of running your own blog is that it shows your knowledge about SEO, marketing, website maintenance which often are the most sought skills in addition to writing from a freelance content writer.

3. Are freelance content writers in demand?

High-quality freelance content writers’ demand is increasing at a greater pace. Content marketing rise due to the pandemic has given this a great push. Companies started realizing the importance of content in marketing. Forced digitalization has brought many changes in customers’ consumer behavior. People use smartphones more often, making most of the companies go online to advertise themselves.

These changes made companies optimize their content and rank themselves at the top of the search engine results, where content writers come in. Companies are liking to hire freelance writers, who are specialized and work temporarily.


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