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Top 6 Excellent Free Creative Writing Courses Online

Are you just starting out as a writer? Do you have creative writing ideas but don’t know where to begin? In the current scenario, everybody wants high-quality work, so in order to produce quality work, you need to push yourself to be able to stand in today’s competition. These 6 free creative writing courses online will help you tap into your creative side and improve your writing skills. Write your stories like great writers. Create an original story that holds the reader’s attention from start to finish. These courses are completely free and anybody can access them at their own pace.

List of best free creative writing courses online

What is Creative Writing?

Creative Writing is an artistic expression that draws imagination into one’s mind through the narration of imagination. It means to show your imagination, story, and creativity to deliver a message. Creativity is always put at the forefront that shows the reader fiction stories, events, characters, scenes, and at times a whole new world.

This type of writing gives you a different feeling because you get out of reality and pen down your imagination. It is suggested to first learn and understand the craft of creative writing and then take up challenges in writing pieces. Competitiveness is at its peak in the literature now more than ever.

What are the Different Types of Creative Writings?

  • Fiction: novels, novellas, short stories, etc.
  • Biographies
  • Playwriting/scriptwriting
  • Poetry and spoken word
  • Speeches
  • Personal essays
  • poems
  • television scripts
  • screenplay
  • epics
  • songs

The Following Is Not Creative Writing

Is It Important to Do a Course for Creative Writing? 

To write anything professionally is considered a bonus point in building your career. It is an in-demand skill that allows you to express your thoughts clearly. Such a Course will help you in getting started writing and self-analyze your work. They will assist you to develop the skills to put pen and paper on your creative journey. All high-salary jobs require such talent and you can master it in a fast and fruitful manner by taking some free creative writing courses online.

  • It strengthens your observation skills
  • It will give you intriguing ideas to write on
  • You come up with better ideas
  • You build experience and research skills
  • You improve your skills fast under experienced trainers
  • You explore new ideas with other writers
  • You build focus on creativity
  • It helps to craft your writing techniques
  • Expands your vocabulary
  • New ways of expressing yourself
  • Development in range and use of language
  • Better thought clarification
  • Develops empathy
  • Polishes the abilities you already have

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Top 6 Free Creative Writing Courses Online

Rank #1 Free Creative Writing Courses Online

1. Writers’ HQ

It began with setting aside time and space to write and now has developed into the world’s largest story-writing, word-slinging, and support-giving writing community. It has now thousands of writers who put their words and emotions on paper. Its purpose is to make the world a better place by telling important tales.

Course Details:

All you need to do is to join as a free Writers’ HQ member to avail these courses and then you can take them at your leisure. These courses are well made and highlight important aspects of creative writing. You can have access to these courses instantly after getting the free membership.

  • There’s so much free stuff: weekend and midweek online writing retreats, Flash Face-Off prompts and spoken word night, and one journaling webinar per month.
  • The Writers’ HQ community has everything. Whether it’s to help you workshop a tale, offer in-depth analysis, celebrate a finished story, fangirl over an acceptance, dispute over the finer points of an ancient novel, or pick you up after a rejection.
  • It will not only structure your writing style but also set boundaries within which you can move forward.
  • Get instant access to 4 creative writing courses for free:
    • Write A Tiny Novel
    • Guide To Productivity
    • Five Days Of Flash
    • Editing 101
  • 13 online writing events months
  • A productive and supportive writing community


  • There are 4 creative writing courses available
  • You’ll have access to a fantastic community forum
  • Every month, there are 8 online writing retreats on the weekends and during the week
  • Every month, there are 4 Flash Face-Off prompts and spoken word night
  • Every month, there will be 1 journaling workshop


  • Beginners who want to first start learning creative writing
  • People who want to sharpen their skills
  • Candidates who want to explore new methods of learning
  • Ones who want to find inspiration in writing

Course Name:

Free Creative Writing Courses


[email protected]

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Rank #2 Free Creative Writing Courses Online

2. The Crafty Writer

The editor of The Crafty Writer is Fiona Veitch Smith. It is a popular website about screenwriting, children’s literature, ghost-writing, and travel. Fiona Veitch Smith was a staff journalist and currently works as a freelance magazine writer with more than 100 stories appearing in publications such as Sports Illustrated and Plain Truth. She is the writing editor over there. It is one of the free creative writing courses online options.

 Course Details:

From prose fiction to poetry, this eight-session online creative writing course will introduce you to the fundamental principles of creative writing. It is absolutely free. You may ask your doubts in the comment section in case you do not understand anything. However, there is a charge of critiques of your writing if you want any feedback on the exercises. Critiquing service shall be charged if you want to know how your creative writing is.


  • Releasing your Creativity
  • How to write a short story
  • Writing from your viewpoint
  • Bringing your writing to life
  • Writing character
  • Writing dialogue
  • Poetry: how to write poems
  • Markets, competitions, and opportunities


  • Anyone willing to learn creative writing
  • Beginners

Course Name:

Creative Writing Course

Rank #3 Free Creative Writing Courses Online

3. Upskillist

Upskillist provides practical, high-quality teaching and learning around the world so that people may make a genuine difference in their lives.

Course Details:

  • When to use standard story frameworks and when not to
  • How to create credible characters, plots, and dialogue
  • How to write for the present day, be unique, and deal with previously delicate or forbidden subjects in fiction
  • How to use metaphor and visual storytelling approaches for a modern audience with a concentration on visual symbolism
  • How to make use of critical thinking and editing tools

The certification for this course requires fees. Otherwise, it is available for a free trial.


  • Diploma in Creative Writing
  • Intermediate in Creative Writing
  • Advanced in Creative Writing
  • Proficient in Creative Writing


  • Anyone with a creative writing interest
  • The ones interested in new styles and new plots of writing
  • Ones who want to seek more writing skills

Course Name:

Creative Writing Classes Online



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Rank #4 Free Creative Writing Courses Online

4. Wesleyan University

The Creative Writing Specialization course is offered by Wesleyan University. It is a vibrant liberal arts community that values critical thinking as well as practical idealism. Here, students explore new ideas and impact the world through a unique scholar-teacher community, inventive programming, and commitment to disciplinary learning. Their graduates go on to work in a variety of areas, including, business, science, and entertainment, where they lead and develop.

Course Details:

You can get access to all of the Specialization’s courses, as well as a certificate for completing the work when you enroll in the course. You can audit the course for free if you only want to view and read the information. You can apply for financial aid if you can’t afford the charge.

You get a 7-day free trial if you have subscribed, during which you can quit without any penalty. After that, no refund is given, but you can cancel your subscription anytime. The elements of the 3 main creative writing genres are covered in this Specialization: short story, memoir, and narrative essay.

You’ll learn how to produce a gripping novel with memorable characters in an intriguing environment in a new descriptive manner using the tools that outstanding writers utilize. You will examine and critique peer writing constructively. You will develop, rework, and finish a major original fiction in the genre of your choice for the Capstone.


  • Shareable Certificate
  • Beginner Level
  • Flexible Schedule
  • 100% online courses
  • Available in English, French, Arabic, Portuguese (European), Hungarian, Italian, German, Serbian, Russian, Vietnamese, Spanish, Polish


  • Anyone aspiring to become a short story writer to an established novelist
  • Any person willing to enhance creating writing skills

Course Name:

Creative Writing Specialization has 5 courses:

  • Creative Writing: The Craft of Plot
  • Creative Writing: The Craft of Character
  • Creative Writing: Setting and Description
  • Creative Writing: The Craft of Style
  • Capstone: Your Story


  • 6 months to complete
  • The suggested pace is 1 hour per week

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Rank #5 Free Creative Writing Courses Online

5. Michigan State University

Michigan State University, one of the world’s top research universities, discovers and builds long-term partnerships to address the world’s most pressing problems. They are offering once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to several academic communities with the help of over 200 programs in 17 colleges with degrees. It is one of the free creative writing courses online option available.

Course Details:

You’ll learn to break down your creative endeavor into components in Write Your First Novel, and you’ll find a process that will enable you to do what few people have done before: write and finish a complete fiction work in a novel of 50,000 words. This course teaches you to write your first novel.

Many individuals say they’ve always wanted to write a novel and hope to do so someday, but only a handful would do. However, you will get to do it all in this course. You’ll discover how to turn any basic concept into a discipline and structure that you can write, finish, and submit a fully formed novel for publication.


  • Week 1: Creating the idea for your novel
  • Week 2: Create your character profiles & outline Chapter One
  • Week 3: Write Chapter One
  • Week 4: Write Chapter Two
  • Week 5: Write Chapter Three
  • Week 6: Write Chapter Four
  • Week 7: Write Chapter Five
  • Week 8: Write Chapter Six
  • Week 9: Write Chapter Seven
  • Week 10: Table Read Chapters One to Seven
  • Week 11: Write Chapter Eight
  • Week 12: Write Chapter Nine
  • Week 13: Write Chapter Ten
  • Week 14: Write Chapter Eleven
  • Week 15: Write Chapter Twelve
  • Week 16: Write Chapter Thirteen
  • Week 17: Write Chapter Fourteen
  • Week 18: Table Read Chapters Eight to Fourteen
  • Week 19: Write Chapter Fifteen
  • Week 20: Write Chapter Sixteen
  • Week 21: Write Chapter Seventeen
  • Week 22: Write Chapter Eighteen
  • Week 23: Write Chapter Nineteen
  • Week 24: Write Chapter Twenty
  • Week 25: Table Read Chapters Fifteen to Twenty
  • Week 26: Submit Your Finished Novel


  • Beginners can learn how to write
  • Candidates with an interest in creative writing in a novel
  • People interested in learning creative writing style in a novel

Course Name:

Write Your First Novel


  • Around 5 hours each week
  • 26 weeks

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Rank #6 Free Creative Writing Courses Online

6. Udemy

Udemy is a renowned learning platform that has paid as well as free lectures. It is commonly called an e-learning portal. Professionals and experts create informative video lectures for students to watch and re-listen to crucial teachings at their convenience.

Course Details:

K.C. Finn, a best-selling novelist, and short story writer provides this sample writing lesson. Here, K.C. demonstrates a new way of examining setting, plot, and character that entails many short, basic actions that can make a significant difference in your writing. Whether you’re new to writing or just want a new perspective on story creation, take this free session and enjoy crafting a piece of writing that’s detailed, rich, and truly looks authentic.

This Course Includes:

  • Video lectures
  • downloadable content
  • Get useful content with external links
  • a preparatory section

The Main Creative Session Involves:

  • many small and fun activities
  • an assignment section that focuses on a larger writing project
  • Assess your progress with a final evaluation section

Things You Will Learn:

  • Produce exciting pieces of writing with careful details and progressive development
  • Learn how to break the plot into easy-to-understand sections
  • How to use a setting that can get all the story elements together
  • More information on the character development and its importance

Course Requirements:

  • People with a creative mind who get imaginative ideas
  • Laptop, tablet, computer, etc. are required to review this course’s content
  • Broadband or internet connection with high speed for streaming lecture content
  • Free time of 2 hours to 3 hours for writing creative content
  • On-screen editing software to edit worksheets digitally or a printer to print out necessary worksheets


  • Ones interested in learning new methods of writing
  • Candidates interested in sharpening their creative writing skills
  • Ones looking for new inspiration or a new style or new story writing skills
  • Beginners can also start to learn creative writing for the first time

Course Name:

Creative Writing Sample Lesson


Approximately 3 hours



FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What is the salary for creative writers?

$45000 is the average salary for a Creative Writer as per PayScale. You can build a good career in this field by learning extra skills and techniques. Strengthening the abilities that you already have can also make you worthy of a well-paid job.

Q2. Can we start creative writing without doing a course?

You can start creative writing on own your own but the question is- will it be fruitful? No, it will not give the knowledge, writing styles, new methods, or the skills required to build a good career. The article has mentioned some free creative writing courses online, you take these courses for free and gain extra knowledge without spending a penny.

Q3. Do creative writing courses polish your skills?

These courses focus on a crucial facet of writing and taken in any order, you will acquire a stronger ability to not only enhance your writing but also critique writing in general and discover inspiration in what you are already reading.

Q4. What are some tips for creative writing?

If you have the feeling that you have a tale inside of you, you most likely do. Why don’t you just let it out? Sit down, put up a blank paper, and let it all flow. Help yourself to get creative with the following tips:

  • Become an avid reader
  • Discover a book idea
  • Ask yourself story-related questions
  • Write without editing
  • Read your work
  • Make a scene/events list
  • Edit
  • Proofread


Many free creative writing courses are available to assist you in learning how to express yourself in words. Instead of teaching specialized fiction, scientific writing skills, or nonfiction, a free writing course teaches you writing style, general grammar, and other fundamental aspects of writing. You can build or improve your job opportunities by getting ahead in your career. Remember to never leave a chance for something available for free especially when knowledge is offered to you. Many Free Creative Writing Courses Online are mentioned above for you to check out and enhance your writing and authoring skills.


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