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Top 9 Financial Modeling Courses Online Free

If you’re looking for a job in finance or want to improve your knowledge and skills to advance in your current position, knowing financial modeling will open many doors and provide numerous chances if you stay up to date on current trends and changes. This post will provide you with an understanding of financial modeling, as well as a list of financial modeling courses online free that will assist you in finding the correct course.

List of best financial modeling courses online free

What is Financial Modeling?

Financial modeling is a method that evaluates a company’s current financial expenses and profits in order to forecast the influence of any future occurrence, allowing better financial decisions to be made. It provides a complete overview of the company’s expenditures and revenues, as well as the sources where the majority of resources are spent and profits are generated.

Financial modeling is a fundamental skill that is almost required for anyone pursuing a career in finance. Any financial model’s ultimate goal is to assist you in developing a value viewpoint. Financial models are used to estimate a company’s worth or to compare companies to their rivals in the same industry.

Financial modeling is important in ensuring efficient financial management in any corporation since it provides an overview of future expenses and income. They’re also used in strategic planning to perform simulations, evaluate the expenses of new ventures, set budgets, and allocate resources.

Financial Analysts use the analysis’ concluding observations and findings for a variety of purposes, including evaluating the firm’s stock performance and its long-term influence, as well as making financial management decisions.

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Why Financial Modelling Course?

The banking industry’s procedures and techniques are evolving in tandem with time and new technologies. This has given rise to the concept of financial models, which aid in efficient and straightforward analysis, making Financial Modeling a must-have skill for Indian finance professionals.

A Financial Modeling education can lead to opportunities in Equity Research, Investment Banking, Credit Ranking Analysis, Financial Analysis, Business Analysis, Project Finance, Fund Management, and Commercial Banking.

A financial modeling course is also useful for anyone who wants to establish their own firm, and it’s very useful for sales/marketing professionals because it helps with project bidding, assessing the payback/utility of campaigns, and so on. Financial modeling is fundamental for asset pricing as well as corporate finance.

It facilitates the numerical projection of financial market or agent activity. The forecast is largely based on a company’s past accomplishments along with future expectations. Financial modeling students would have a multitude of professional possibilities in startups and organizations.

India’s finance sector has experienced sustained growth of about 15% over the past number of years. Aspirants of financial modeling courses can seek employment in increasing economic industries such as financial services, insurance, and venture capital markets.

Financial modeling is more commonly thought of as a skill set necessary by someone who wishes to forecast the path of his or her money. A financial analyst might be someone who has Financial modeling credentials or who has Financial modeling talents. Financial modeling courses online free may be found on sites such as Udemy, Coursera, Future learn, CFI, and others.

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Types of Financial Models:

Nowadays that you identify the fundamental components of financial modeling, and you must be familiar with the various types of financial models that are implemented in this process. Financial models will change in shape and complexity depending on the logic behind them.

It tends to be a one-sheet model for short analysis, else it’s going to be a multi-sheet, multi-exercise book model with some cross-connections for a corporation or associate trade. The following are the most common types of financial models are as follows.

1) Valuation-utilizing DCF

One of the very well business valuation techniques is discounted cash flow (DCF). By predicting the future free incomes, DCF associate evaluation provides the aftereffect of an organization’s gift price, known as “net gift price.” Its capabilities are predicated on the concept that a company’s valuation is the sum of its expected future free incomes, capped at an appropriate rate. When it comes to financial modeling, this kind of model is extensively used in the corporate research and finance industries.

2) Leveraged Buyout Model (LBO)

In a buyout, a firm is noninheritable on the only real basis of debt and for this monetary model, advanced debt schedules area unit created. This is most often used in venture capital and corporate finance, and it is among the most layered Financial Models due to the numerous circular references and cash flow materials required.

3) Comparable Company Analysis

In this analysis, we compare the financial metrics of a company against similar firms in the industry. It is based on an assumption that similar companies would have similar valuations multiples, such as EV/EBITDA, P/E, and P/BV.

4) Credit Rating Model

As the name suggests, this model is principally utilized by Credit analysts to assess the trustiness of the corporate. The model makes assumptions regarding the future earnings, cost, and Ebitda margins and assesses if the company will have the ability to pay interest and principal.

5) Merger or M&A model

As the name suggests, this Financial Model is utilized for mergers and acquisitions. The whole objective of the merger model is to establish how securing the acquirer’s EPS influences the new EPS and how it corresponds to the old one. The exchange is categorized as “accretive” if the new EPS is greater, while it is classified as “dilutive” if the new EPS is lower.

Career Scope and Salary in Financial Modeling:

Financial modeling skills are in demand. Financial modeling is a growing field of commerce with various job opportunities along with promising salary packages and is quickly becoming one of the most in-demand skills among Indian finance professionals. Finance professionals with the required skill sets are in high demand.

The job forecast for financial analysts is projected to climb by approximately 5% by end of 2029, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, which would be greater than the average job outlook for all occupations.

You should expect good offers from firms if you have the right talent, experience, network, education, and knowledge. After completing this course, you will have access to a wide choice of employment and opportunities. You might work as a –

  • Finance Manager – A finance manager is in charge of keeping track of an organization’s cash intake and outflow. They create financial statements, cash flow statements, and profit and loss estimates. A finance manager might make around 5 lakhs each year at the start of their career.
  • Financial Consultant – Financial consultants assist clients to develop their wealth by providing financial planning and advice. They are self-employed workers who are engaged by large corporations through word of mouth to achieve certain objectives. The post has a potential salary of 2 lakhs per year.
  • Financial Modeling Analyst – A Financial Modeling Analyst applies financial management skills to create financial models in a chart, usually an excel spreadsheet. They must understand accounting concepts in order to analyze the impact of financial decisions on the company’s future projections. The average compensation might be around 4.3 lakhs each year.
  • Financial Planner – Certified money managers who work for businesses or individuals are known as financial planners. To determine which investments to place the client’s money in, the planner looks at their goals and risk tolerance. The beginning salary is approximately 2.7 lakhs per annum.
  • Financial Advisors – Financial advisors do many of the same tasks as financial planners, but they also assist customers with savings, budgeting, insurance, and tax-saving strategies. Financial advisors also communicate with their clients to review and revise their strategies and objectives. The average annual starting pay is roughly 2.9 lakhs.

Lists of Financial Modeling Courses Online Free-

1) Corporate Finance Institute

The Corporate Finance Institute, or CFI, has been a global source of competent financial modeling since 2016. The CFI’s curriculum and certificates have benefitted approximately 800,000 students and have been taught in leading colleges, companies, and institutions.

The CFI is a trustworthy source of financial modeling information and educational resources, with the goal of assisting anyone who wishes to be a world-class financial analyst. The world is your oyster with the CFI, which is why this is such a terrific course to take.

You will master all of the tools, tips, and techniques accessible throughout this Excel crash course so that you can become an Excel champion. You must understand Microsoft Excel because it is one of the most important tools you will use in financial modeling and analysis.

The free online financial modeling course is designed for beginners and assumes that you are unfamiliar with Excel. The course lasts approximately 3.5 hours. This Excel course, which comes from one of the most famous financial analysis organizations, will teach even the most seasoned professionals something new.

2) Future Learn

Future Learn offers financial modeling courses online free and some of which are on an “ExpertTrack,” which allows users to work on an expert path to get their professions started. Students can enroll in a rolling selection of courses on the educational website, many of which are partnered with famous institutions and are available for free.

Future Learn designed this one of the best free online courses for financial modeling, which is the third of three courses in an Expert Track. The training takes roughly four weeks to finish if you work four hours each week, and the first seven days of the course are absolutely free to see if you want to continue.

You’ll learn how to use Tableau data visualization software, as well as how to apply popular financial models and conduct a SWOT analysis, throughout this course. Knowing how to utilize Tableau can help you interact with a wide range of people who aren’t necessarily financial experts, allowing you to efficiently deliver essential financial information.

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3) Coursera

Many renowned colleges, including Harvard and Yale, have joined with Coursera to produce financial modeling courses online free and with specialties. Coursera connects students to both lengthy and short courses, some of which are free and others that require payment.

This specialty is completely free to join and takes about six months to complete, with students receiving a free shareable certificate upon completion. This certificate is simple to share with potential employers or on a professional networking site. You will learn how to make qualified and efficient business and financial decisions during this six-month specialty.

During the course, you’ll learn how to create spreadsheet models, how to use various modeling techniques, and how to apply your investment research to a variety of scenarios.

Fundamentals of Quantitative Modeling, Introduction to Spreadsheets and Models, and Decision-Making and Scenarios are among the five courses in this concentration. The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, one of the country’s top business schools, is teaching top financial modeling courses online free.

4) Skillshare

Instructors can post their own course content to connect with students on SkillShare, making it a truly unique educational platform. SkillShare is a subscription-based site that gives users access to all of the site’s content for a monthly charge, however, some courses are free.

This is one of the site’s “premium” paid courses, however, new members can test out the premium content for 14 days for free. This 12-hour course from CorpFin Pro can be completed in as little as 14 days. CorpFin Pro is a group of finance experts who are passionate about teaching students about corporate finance.

These financial modeling courses online free is considered extremely useful because you will not only learn how to design a financial model but will also create one. This course will show you how to create a detailed financial model rather than the simple version that many businesses use. You need to have some basic knowledge of both Microsoft Excel and corporate finance in order to complete the course.

5) Udemy

Similar to SkillShare, Udemy lets instructors and professors post their own course materials and set their own prices for their programs. Udemy, unlike SkillShare, does not have a membership model, and you can only take free courses. This free online financial modeling course, which is for one-hour, taught by Peter Lynch, a vice president in private equity with extensive expertise, will teach you how to create a streamlined version of a financial model utilizing Spreadsheet.

Lynch has worked for large financial companies such as JPMorgan for over 8 years and has taught over 100,000 pupils. You’ll learn how to develop a balance sheet and a fully integrated financial model using two years of financial data in this free course.

The financial modeling courses online free are intended for students who are new to financial modeling and are an excellent beginning point for anyone interested in careers in accounting, business, or financial modeling. Students will learn how to create several sorts of financial statements as well as how to develop a five-year prediction in this course.

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6) LinkedIn

LinkedIn, possibly the most prominent social networking site for business professionals, is familiar to most individuals. LinkedIn is used to find employment, communicate with employees, and keep up with major corporations. Many people are unaware that LinkedIn has a companion site called LinkedIn Learning, which provides a selection of courses taught by business professionals and aimed to help you advance your career.

Michael McDonald, a professor of finance at Fairfield University, teaches this three-hour course that covers the fundamentals and intermediate features of financial modeling. Throughout the financial modeling courses online free, you will learn why financial modeling is important and what questions to ask while building a financial model.

The workshop will also cover the three primary aspects of accounting statements used in financial modeling, enabling you to integrate predictive analytic concepts into your Excel representation. Although previous Excel skills will undoubtedly help you complete the course, it is designed for financial modeling beginners. Over 200,000 students have enrolled in this course, and chapter exams at the end of each session keep you on track.

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

7) Alison

This Alison course takes approximately one-half hour to three hours to complete and teaches students the fundamental ideas required to become effective in financial math. Alison is an online educational platform that aims to assist students in progressing or starting new careers.

These free courses are geared toward professionals and focus on topics such as business, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Many of Alison’s courses are mobile-friendly, allowing you to continue your study at any time of day. This course has about 3,000 students enrolled so far, and it is given three out of five stars.

Learn how to calculate interest, and percentage loss, calculate your depreciation value and understand the difference between net pay and take-home pay in these financial modeling courses online free. By the end of the course, you’ll be confident in your ability to use these abilities to take charge of your life and save money for yourself or your company.

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8) Udemy

Piyush Arora, a financial modeling champion with an MBA in finance, produced these financial modeling courses online free on Udemy. He’s worked as an investment banker, a venture capitalist, a CFO, and a private equity investor, so he’s well-qualified to teach students about financial modeling so they can make smarter financial judgments.

Arora tries to engage students by using as many real-life situations as possible, and he teaches with the students’ learning levels in mind. Students will learn the fundamentals of financial modeling, such as revenue streams and direct cost assumptions, during the online financial modeling course.

Students will also learn how to develop assumptions for each cost, as well as the differences between direct and indirect costs. These financial modeling courses online free will also prepare you for more advanced financial modeling education.

9) The Wall Street Schoo

The Wall Street School has prepared two-and-a-half-hour financial modeling courses online free that is a thorough beginner’s approach to developing a financial model in Excel. The Wall Street School is a YouTube channel that routinely posts videos on investment banking, CFA, and FRM, so it’s a great place to go if you want to learn something new.

This course is totally screen recorded in Excel, so you can see every move the instructor makes while building the financial model. The video will walk you through each step from beginning to end, and the instruction is especially useful for individuals who aren’t familiar with Excel. You will have a good understanding of how to develop a financial model by the end of the course and will feel confident moving forward.




1) What is a Financial Model?

Any instrument used to analyze, predict, or anticipate assets and liabilities is referred to as a financial model. As a result, models can range from basic formulas to sophisticated computer programs that might take hours to operate.

2) Is it a good idea to study Financial modeling?

Because most corporate finance positions require Finance modeling abilities, if you have an understanding of Finance modeling, you would have numerous employment options which could lead to a fast-paced career path.

3) What is included in the Financial modeling curriculum?

The course syllabus will cover a variety of Finance modeling topics, such as structuring a Finance model, Finance modeling practices, building a financial model, predicting profits, predicting revenues and expenses from operations, projecting working capital requirements, debt and interest, and equity-dividend modeling.

4) Is financial Modelling difficult?

Learning financial modeling on your own takes more effort. While there are financial modeling courses online free with tutorials on sophisticated Excel operations and accounting concepts, you’ll sometimes have to explore to identify suitable courses or information, and it can be challenging to integrate expertise as you study.

5) Who Should Study Financial Modeling?

Individuals like Executives, Business Planners, Strategy Decision Makers, Managers working with Banks, Equity Researchers, Project Managers, Research Analysts, Investment, and others who operate in the finance department of various businesses, and others that would like to gain knowledge regarding finance or get involved in financial decision-making, can consider taking the Financial Modeling course.


You can undoubtedly succeed in the world of finance and business if you have a good knowledge and understanding of financial modeling. You may use your abilities and understanding of financial modeling to help you advance in your career. Even if you plan to go it alone and establish a new firm, understanding financial modeling will help you plan and arrange your investment better. Knowledge of financial modeling can never be in vain, whether you are seeking a promotion, changing jobs, or starting your own business. So, what do you have to lose? Never stop yourself from improving your skills. Enroll in financial modeling courses online free to begin your career in finance.

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