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Financial Modeling Courses Near Me – 10 Best Training

Before going deep into institute details, let us discuss the basics of financial modeling. Financial modeling course principally is the concept of studying finance, accounting, and excel. People who have access and convenience to appear for training can go forward while it will be a nice option to choose an online method as prominent institutes offer their programs through e-learning. The financial modeling course is developed to give practical exposure to people who believe in the concept of long-term investment and value creation. Creating models to evaluate financial statements and investments is the essence of it. In a highly competitive and ever-evolving global financial market, a pre-requisite is specifically subject-oriented, well-qualified, and talented manpower in Financial Modeling Course. 

List of best Financial modeling courses near me

What is Financial Modeling?

As we look into financial modeling courses near me, we may find out several prominent institutes that offer in-person classroom courses or online as well. Hang on, let me elaborate further about it. Financial Modeling Course provides a company’s performance i.e. Its expenses and earnings at a given point of time using excel sheets through which company executives can execute wise decisions for future endeavors. 

Important Features:

  • Financial modeling is the numerical value representation of all activities of a company.
  • Financial modeling is used to evaluate a company’s valuation or to compare performance with its peers in the market.
  • Though various types of models exist that exhibit different results, a model can be assumed as good only when the inputs and assumptions match. 

The search for financial modeling courses near me only gets widens when you choose the online option and the course will help you to understand all operations of the past, present, and forecasted future of a company that is highlighted in financial modeling by numerical data representation.

This helps company executives to formulate and cleverly strategize a future course of action in terms of costs and projected profits for new projects. A financial modeling course helps financial analysts to explain and anticipate a company’s stock impact due to internal factors such as changes in strategies or business models and external factors like changes in economic policy or regulation. 

Financial modeling skills are used to calculate the valuation of a business or to compare it with its peers in the industry. Calculating costs of new projects, budget allocation decisions, corporate resources allocation, etc. are some of its other usages. Decision-making and financial analysis are the important aspects of financial modeling by people associated with it.

Raising capital, Organic business growth, selling or divesting business units, allocating capital, budget, forecasting, or value of a business are some of the aspects behind a firm creating a financial model. The primary objective of creating a financial model is that it is easy to comprehend.

For this purpose, it is necessary to include sections on assumptions and drivers, an income statement, a balance sheet, a cash flow statement, supporting schedules, valuations, sensitivity analysis, charts, and graphs.

Why Financial Modeling is Important?

The search for financial modeling courses near me also prompts you to understand the importance and purpose of the study. Some of the importance of financial modeling include in-depth business understanding, periodic performance review, determining fund strategy and requirement, business valuation, minimizing risks, etc.

In-depth Business Understanding:

Critical thinking and analytical skills are the main objectives of financial analysts and their suggestions and inputs lead to strategizing business operations and economic events and decisions. With the help of this analysis, they can forecast potential risks and helps to avoid such dangers, and make business pass the litmus test. 

Periodic Performance Review:

To achieve maximum profits, financial modeling helps financial analysts to conduct variance analysis to get into the business’s actual results with the budget in an economic environment. Review in frequent intervals helps financial analysts to obtain the desired goal of the company.

Determining Fund Strategy and Requirement:

We can use financial models to understand the cash inflows and outflows of a company. These models help to identify and assess the source of business objectives, either debt or equity. A financial analyst’s understanding of the financial model determines the cash inflow position after the repayment of loans and the interest expenses. How far a company can take debts and the level of equity financing is also determined by taking into consideration of financial modeling.

Business Valuation:

The financial model helps ascertain a company’s real value by considering its source of free cash inflows at different points in time. When a company makes restructuring like selling or divesting stakes to external parties or investors, financial modeling has a critical role to play.

Minimizing Risks:

Financial modeling is extremely helpful to mitigate potential risks especially when a company makes an entry into a new market. These models help financial analysts to give expert advice to company executives to foresee risks and make solutions to avoid them. 

Who Hires Financial Modeling Professionals?

Some of the companies that hire finance modeling professionals in India are Goldman Sachs, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, J.P. Morgan, Deutsche Bank, etc. Here are some of the career prospects you can follow when you look for financial modeling courses near me;

  • Equity and private equity research
  • Stock trading and portfolio management
  • Credit analysis
  • Investment banking
  • Corporate Development
  • Sector research
  • Company profiling
  • Extracting research-relevant quantitative data
  • Research report writing
  • Build models from scratch

Current trends in the global finance market show that highly skilled and talented financial modeling course-trained professionals are required in large numbers to meet markets’ demands as companies heavily rely on data science for their advancement. In that scenario, people who aspire to become an expert in the financial modeling profession have great opportunities awaiting.

The following jobs are high in demand as per the current trends. Highly skilled professionals’ requirement in the financial modeling profession is always on an upward trend and you will not be disappointed if you choose this profession when you look for financial modeling courses near me.

  • Investment Banking
  • Private equity
  • Equity research
  • Venture capital
  • Corporate Development

A Career in Financial Modeling:

Finance modeling courses near me that people search help candidates to choose and learn at their convenience as a lot of jobs are available in the field of the global market. The areas a candidate can search for jobs are equity research companies, government, non-profit organizations, private finance companies, etc.

A finance modeling course is a major prerequisite for every firm that is in the finance field. Therefore, this training program is essential for a candidate who looks for a job in the financial field. The finance modeling course syllabus includes but is not limited to valuation, pivot tables, macro in excel, etc.

The following careers in financial modeling can be followed by a candidate after successful completion of the financial modeling courses near me option;

  • Investment Banking Analyst or Associate
  • Equity Research Analyst
  • Financial Analysts, Managers, and Directors

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Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Investment Banking Analyst

  • Investments either by individuals or companies are crucial in the current global financial market.
  • An investment banking analyst is the one who handles networking and communication. He will be looking after acquisitions and mergers, IPO, etc., and must be proficient enough to handle them.
  • Some of the important skills required in this field are research, along with analytical and problem-solving abilities.
  • Research and find out opportunities that are suitable for their clients in the market is their primary responsibility.
  • An investment banking analyst makes sure that their client earns profit by making safe long-term investments.

2. Equity Research Analyst:

  • Equity research analysts conduct research as well as in-depth analysis on the company as they are experts in excel. For preparing elaborate and in-depth research reports for the stock market, industry Equity Analysts play a role.
  • As these reports have a major role to play in making ambitious huge investment decisions that involve selling, purchasing, and ownership of certain investments, they should be without any ambiguities.
  • Equity research analysts help investors to make decisions by providing them with a detailed researched report that they will find it is easy to conclude.
  • The financial modeling course helps equity analysts come in handy with excel tools as it will provide them with the requisite ed expertise to handle all sorts of research data and put inputs into implementation. 

3. Financial Analysts, Managers, and Directors:

  • The role of financial analysts is highly important in a firm as they will be responsible for dealing with financial planning and implementation. This department consists of Managers, Directors, Analysts, etc.
  • This role is crucial in every firm as they are the ones who identify business performance in terms of struggling, loss, making profits, etc. 
  • Financial analysts review the performance of stocks, bonds, and other investments and lead an organization to invest accordingly.
  • Excellent communication and writing skills, strategic thinking, analysis, identifying threats, etc. are some of the expertise of financial analysts.

Jobs Market for Financial Modeling Near Me:

Let me show you some of the high-paying careers after successful completion of the financial modeling courses near me option that can help decide whether to choose this program or not.

  • Investment Banking
  • Equity research analyst
  • Financial planning & analysis
  • Corporate finance
  • Credit analyst
  • Financial analyst
  • Stock market & personal finance

Investment-banking:  As investments are crucial in every part of the finance field, you can choose a career like a professional financial analyst in the investment banking sector. This is certainly a high-paying job than other general finance jobs.

Equity Research Analyst: Well, when you go through opportunities after the financial modeling course, you will certainly encounter the role of the equity research analyst. This position requires you to build financial models for the companies which helps banks to decide whether they should invest in a particular sector or not.

Financial Planning & Analysis: This is another rewarding and extremely useful career for freshers where you will predict the company’s performance and monitor cash flow with your team. This is one of the few demanding job positions where a candidate gets a chance to help a company grow by assessing its performance  

Corporate Finance: This role’s primary responsibility is to help larger companies by performing mergers, acquisitions, and capital raises. The corporate finance team receives expert advice from investment bankers on transactions including M&A, restructuring, divestments, project finance, asset purchase, etc.

Credit Analyst: Financial modeling includes the career of credit analyst in credit rating agencies, restructuring the department of a company, and placing where credibility and debt service involves in it.

Financial Analyst:  This is a generic position as the name indicates and the generated analysis can be used anywhere like equity, credit, investment banking, corporate finance, or security training & investments.  

Stock-Market and Personal Finance: People want to inform decisions rather than following tips provided by their knowns. That is where this financial modeling course cuts in to help people in achieving long-term investment plans. 

As the ever-evolving global, as well as localized financial market, creates a lot of high-paying careers for expert individuals in the field of finance, the demand for a well-trained professionals is increasing day by day. After completing finance modeling courses near me program, you can enter the market with utmost confidence and work in the roles mentioned above. A comprehensive study of financial analysis, valuation, M&A, pivot table, and macro in excel will land you with huge opportunities in the financial job market.

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List of Top 10 Institutes for People Looking for Financial Modeling Courses Near Me or Online:

  • IIM Skills
  • Udemy
  • CFI
  • IMS Pro School
  • Coursera
  • Investopedia
  • London Business School
  • Wallstreet Prep.
  • LinkedIn
  • Henry Harvin


When people think of learning specific skills in the field of education, IIM Skills is there to help them for achieving outstanding expertise for the same. They aim to impart special skills through active learning methods in different sections like marketing, writing, finance, taxation, etc. If you are looking for the best finance modeling courses near me, you can choose IIM skills.

Their well-qualified mentors are capable enough to provide practical as well as theoretical knowledge in a perfectly balanced way. Unique and well-arranged finance modeling course deliverables are synchronized with current industrial practices.

Course Name: Financial Modeling Course

Course Duration: 3 months + 2 months Guaranteed Internship

Course Structure:

Choosing IIM Skills for the best finance modeling courses near me will enable you the well-developed necessary expertise in financial modeling and valuation. The course curriculum is consisting of 6 comprehensive modules which are chosen by subject experts.

The first module helps you to understand the basics of Excel, then to intermediate and advanced levels. The second module discusses and delivers accounting and financial statements relevance. The third module is about ratios like liquidity ratio, solvency ratio, and profitability ratio, and moves on with KPI analysis.

The fourth and fifth modules help you to understand the fundamentals of financial modeling and its different types. Finally, the last module discusses various valuations like relative valuation, DCF valuation, preparing valuation reports, etc. 

Specifically designed to focus on skill development rather than theoretical concepts, this course can be considered uniquely developed and the mentors will prepare and guide each candidate to build financial models from the scratch, conduct financial analysis, streamline the forecasting process, and carry out innumerable functions on excel spreadsheet.

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Salient Features:

  • Engaging and live super-interactive sessions
  • Lifetime LMS (user-friendly) access by 24*7
  • A practical oriented learning experience to build financial models from scratch
  • Flexibility in choosing batches and schedules
  • Exceptional and expert faculty as mentors
  • Industry-aligned curriculum developed by subject experts
  • Get a globally recognized certificate
  • Job interview guarantee and placement assistance
  • Resume building and interview preparation assistance

Learn about our Students From Across the Globe

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2. Udemy:

Another prestigious institute you can consider while looking for financial modeling courses near me is Udemy. Udemy’s Beginner to Pro in Excel: Financial modeling and valuation course helps you to learn the following areas elaborately;

  • Be an expert in Excel spreadsheets and many of its advanced features
  • Acquire financial modeling skills
  • Discover how to value a company
  • Build Valuation models from scratch
  • Create models with multiple scenarios
  • Design professional and good-looking advanced charts
  • Be a master and proficient enough to work with Excel functions, pivot tables, visualizations, and advanced features

3. CFI (Corporate Finance Institute):

The name CFI appears when you search for the top names of financial modeling courses near me. It will enable you to Get practical knowledge to resolve the real-time risk impact of a company. Become an expert while doing interactive exercises, and special case studies, and get updated with video learning from expert industry faculties. Test your on-the-job preparedness through practical-based simulations and tests after learning.

Name of the Course: Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA):

Skill Categories & Learning Objectives:

  • Accounting
  • Excel
  • Finance
  • Financial Modeling
  • Valuation
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Presentation & Visuals
  • Strategy

4. IMS Pro School:

Another prominent institute, IMS Pro School, appears on the top list while looking for financial modeling courses near me.

Proschool’s Financial Modeling Plus course› Focuses on core finance concepts and skills including excel, financial statement analysis (FSA), financial math, corporate finance, project finance, and equity modeling.

› Through Active learning techniques to ensure students can solve real business problems using excel spreadsheets.

› Enables you for entry-level jobs in Investment Banking, Equity Research, Credit Research, Project Finance, Financial Planning and Analysis, and more.

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5. Coursera:

Coursera’s name also appears in top positions when looking for financial modeling courses near me as it helps you in making informed business and financial decisions. These fundamental topics are principally designed to impart specialized skills in Excel spreadsheet models, financial modeling techniques, and common applications for investment analysis, company valuation, forecasting, and more.

Skills You Will Gain:

  • Financial modeling
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Simulation
  • Linear Programming (LP)
  • Linear Regression
  • Probabilistic Models
  • Monte Carlo Method
  • Solver
  • Risk
  • Cash Flow

6. Investopedia:

Led by a finance professional who previously engaged with both fortune 500s and start-ups designed a project-based finance modeling course. This course includes over 8 hours of on-demand video, exercises, and interactive content. You will get lifetime access to every one of the videos of the course.

What Will You Learn From This Course?

  • You will build a financial model right after the first lesson.
  • Gain knowledge to evaluate the performance of a project, department, or entire business.
  • To get a jump start on your MBA or Career you will speak the language of finance.
  • Realistic financial projections and executing a Pro-forma valuation of a company is also the highlight of this course.

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7. London Business School:

Accounting and Financial Analysis:

The entire syllabus is designed and developed for anybody who aims to become a financial expert by gaining relevant skills through practical performance in financial reports, statements, and balance sheets.

What you will learn?

  • Key financial concepts like profit, capital, equity, and leverage examination.
  • Proper understanding of assets and liabilities, and M&A impact in financial statements.
  • Analysis of cash flow, forecasting of financial distress, and nature of income, including measurement strategies. 
  • Learn skills in financial modeling forecast and strategize for decision-making.
  • Company balance sheet models evolving in pursuit of economic value.

8. Wall Street Prep:

Wall Street Prep provides online self-study courses. Here you will learn how to build financial models from scratch through step-by-step online training. Their online course and instructor-led boot camps prepare students as well as professionals for the requirement of investment banking and corporate finance.

Course Highlights:

  • Best practices of Financial Modeling
  • Learn how to build 3 Statement Financial Model
  • M&A model – Accretion/Dilution
  • How to build a Discounted Cash Flow Model (DCFM)
  • Financial restructuring process.

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9. LinkedIn:

Popular platform LinkedIn offers financial modeling programs online. All the essential aspects of financial modeling like corporate finance, portfolio management, commercial banking, investment banking, etc. are covered in the program.

Features of the Program:

  • Financial modeling basics
  • Three statement Financial Model: Corporate Financial Modeling
  • Evaluation of the Three-Statement Model
  • DCF Model – Investment Model
  • Banking Models
  • Buyout Models
  • Financial modeling in different industries
  • Build and Maintain models

10. Henry Harvin:

Henry Harvin EdTech company, which is a well-known name in the field of education among students as well as working professionals, also offers financial modeling courses near me option. Their well-experienced faculty skillfully delivers practical and theoretical lectures for the utmost satisfaction of aspirants.

Some of the Course Specialities Include;  

  • Training:  Live Online Interactive Classroom Sessions for 40 hours
  • Projects: Hands-on experience through projects in Escalation Resource Management, Benefits realization, Stakeholder Management, and more
  • Internship: Gain practical experience in learning through an internship.
  • Certification: Get a globally recognized and Certified Financial Modeling Professional Course and add the Hallmark of CFMP next to your name.
  • Placement: 100% Placement Guarantee Support for 1-Year post successful completion
  • Bootcamps:  Next 12 Months of regular boot camps.
  • Membership: Get a 1-Year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin® Finance Academy for the Certified Financial Modeling Professional Course.

Learning Benefits

  • Develop a Robust Financial Model
  • Get global expertise in Advanced Financial Techniques
  • Excel Sheets formatting acquaintance
  • Know the Mechanics of Financial Reporting
  • Understand Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement extensively
  • Gain thorough knowledge about Financial Statement and Ratio Analysis
  • Become an expert in Projects Evaluation and its Stages & Phases
  • Prepare Financial statements and Analyze & Forecast, Revenue & Cost
  • Make Presentation Sheet, Company Overview, and Sector Overview
  • Financial Modeling Report writing


Q1. If I don’t have any commerce background, can I become a successful financial modeler by doing the course?

Yes, the Financial modeling training is designed in a way that will be beneficial even without a commerce background. As long as the candidate aspires to become a financial modeler, you can acquire the skill with a sincere approach.

Q2. What is the necessary background knowledge and eligibility for this course?

Though there is no need for any specific knowledge or eligibility for this course, it will be good if aspirants are from a commerce, statistics, or finance background.

Q3. Is this course 100% online or do I need to appear in person for any of the modules?

The course is 100% online. You do not need to appear for any of the modules. You can access course materials from anywhere or anytime through the web or mobile device.

Q4. Can I study this course for free?

If you only want to go through the course syllabus or learn specializations you can do that for free. But in case you want to continue your study, you have to spend a meager amount which will be largely beneficial for you in the future after the course.

Q5. What will be the average salary package for a fresher after this program?

Well, it will be around 5.2lakhs per annum in India with persons less than an l year experience.

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