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7 Best Financial Modeling Courses In Gurgaon With Excel Training

Finance is one of the strongest points of any company. A Financial Modeling Course in Gurgaon gives students an extensive idea about the various mechanisms that go on under this umbrella term. While modeling took place earlier also, the system of modeling has undergone a change. Technology has transformed older work models into newer kinds of models. Let us read about some of the best financial modeling courses in Gurgaon.

Best Financial Modeling Courses In Gurgaon


Gurgaon is considered the financial and technological hub of India. It lies in the southwest of New Delhi with a distance of just 31 km by road. According to some well-known surveys, the city of Gurgaon is considered to be one of the most prosperous and developed cities in India due to the huge financial growth as well as a hub for IT companies. This growth has now led to the rising price of real estate in the city. Some of the best medical facilities, IT companies, and financial sectors are located in this city. A city known as the financial hub is bound to have some of the best financial modeling courses.

Meaning of  Financial Modeling Courses in Gurgaon

Financial Modeling is the process of recording data. This data includes transactions, profits, losses, investments, payments, taxes, revenue, etc. Earlier this kind of data was recorded in a completely manual-based method. But today the situation has changed. Today we have software and tools that are used for financial modeling.

Finance is an important sector and financial modeling is a critical task. Manually recording and keeping a track of all data can lead to errors. But in this new digital world, software and tools have been introduced to ease the pressure on humans. Even though the work still remains critical, the processes have been simplified to make the system more efficient. 

The financial modeling courses in Gurgaon refers to a modeling course that you can do from Gurgaon. These types of courses will give you a holistic knowledge experience about the technical and practical aspects of financial modeling.

Job Prospects Available after doing  Financial Modeling Courses in Gurgaon

  • Financial Analyst
  • Equity Research Analyst
  • Bank Manager
  • Tax Officer
  • Finance Consultant
  • Accountant
  • Book-Keeper
  • Data Analyst
  • Forecaster
  • Budget Analyst
  • Auditor

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Scope of Doing a Financial Modeling Course in Gurgaon

Over the last few years, with the rise in the number of people completing the minimum education required, the competition for jobs has also risen. In such a competition-driven society it becomes important for you as a candidate to have some additional skill-based course certificates.

Financial Modeling Courses in Gurgaon are professional course that provides you with much-needed application-based knowledge. This course is prepared to keep in mind the industrial requirements of a company. The syllabus is planned and designed to help and train students so that they can receive the maximum benefit from this course.

Though you may know what excel is and how you should input data in a spreadsheet, what you might lack is the practical application of that knowledge. What you must keep in mind is that you will have to use tools like excel on a regular basis. If you are not fast and efficient in its usage, you are most likely to get replaced by someone more deserving. This course is a practical-oriented course, that would increase your speed, efficiency, accuracy, and confidence in using these technologically-induced tools. 

After the successful completion of this course, you are going to receive certificates which will be one of the biggest highlights on your resume. This certificate would convey the idea of your practical knowledge to your employer. Even as a fresher, your practical knowledge base would be broader than those with no such additional skill-based course. Doing this course would also help you to get appointed by good companies with excellent salary packages. Your additional course would be like an addition to your trophies.

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3. Main Characteristics of a Student Enrolling in Financial Modeling Courses in Gurgaon

While we have often heard about the eligibility criteria required to do a course, very rarely do we introspect about the intrinsic qualities required to do a course. Theory can be rote-learned, but practical applications on a day-to-day basis cannot happen that way. Some of the most important qualities for a person doing a financial modeling course are:

– Passion for Finance: This is perhaps the most important characteristic needed of a student. To do good in any field of your choice, you need to first feel a passion for that field. Think of a teacher who comes to your class to teach a particular text and then goes on teaching that for the coming batches as well. As a teacher, they don’t get bored of teaching the same thing again and again, but try to make the discussions and classes interesting each and every day. Their love for the field does not let any boredom come in. As a student who wants to do a financial modeling course, you need to love finance. If you feel bored and tired of recording data and making calculations then this field is not meant for you.

– Hard Work: Usually this type of course is a short-term course that takes just 3-4 months to be completed. During this short span, a lot of things are taught to you. Along with theory classes, you would have assignments, case studies, project analysis, etc. Thus to take in so much you need to put 200% of yourself into the course. The more hard work you do, the better results can you then expect. Attending the classes -online or offline, doing the assignments on time, etc are some of the ways in which you can improve your understanding.

– Sticking to a schedule: It is very essential to make a schedule and also stick to it at a time when you have to do a lot of tasks together. Usually, an FMC is done while doing other things like studying or a job. At such times, it becomes essential to chart out your life. Along with a proper schedule for doing your daily tasks along with the course, you need to take time out for your own relaxation. Just your studies and then focussing on the course and completing assignments would make you bored. To free yourself from any kind of monotony, proper time management is a must.

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Some Of The Best Institutes Offering a Financial Modeling Courses in Gurgaon


IIM SKILLS is one of the most prominent online education institutes in India, providing highly successful courses over the last few years. The institute offers a number of new-age courses that are in demand today. The courses are kept student-friendly, with a proper blend of theory and practical assignments.

IIM SKILLS Financial Modelling Course Content & Modules:

Module 1 – Basic and Advanced Excel (8-10 hours)

Module 2 – Accounting Concepts and Financial Statements (5-7 hours)

Module 3 – Ratio/KPI Analysis (4-6 hours)

Module 4 – Basics of Financial Modeling (4 hours)

Module 5 – Different Types of Financial Models (12-15 hours)• LBO Model

• M&A Model

• Private Equity Return Model

• 13 Week Cash Flow Model

Module 6 – Business Valuation (7-9 hours)• Relative Valuation – Trading and Transaction Comps

• DCF Valuation

• NAV Approach for Valuation

  • Course: Online Financial Modeling Course
  • Course Duration- 3 Months + 2 Months Guaranteed Internship
  • Course Fee: INR 39,900 + 18% GST

Course Curriculum:

  1. Basic and Advanced Excel
  • Introduction and understanding of the Ribbon
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Regular use functions- Vlookup, Index, etc
  • Rules of Conditional Formatting
  • Concepts of freezing of cells, rows, and columns
  • Data Validation
  • Table functions
  • Pivot tables, Pivot Charts, and Slicers
  • Different types of charts and graphs
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Delimit and Flash Fill
  • Return functions
  • What-If analysis
  1. Accounting Concepts and Financial Statements
  • Key Accounting Fundamental concepts
  • Understanding the Income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow
  • Concepts of keyline items
  • Concept of comprehensive Income
  • Relevance of Notes 
  • Preparing common size financial statements
  • Reading of Annual Report
  1. Ratio/KPI Analysis
  • Types of Ratios
  • Activity Ratios
  • Liquidity Ratios
  • Solvency Ratios
  • Profitability Ratios
  • DuPont formula
  • Valuation Ratios
  • Basic and diluted EPS
  • Financial Summary
  1. Basics of Financial Modeling
  • Structure for a financial model
  • Creating Scenarios
  • Building Revenue
  • Preparing different schedules
  • Projecting financial statements
  • Error tracking skills
  • Formatting tips
  • Addition of cover page
  1. Types of Financial Models
  • LBO Model
  • Three-Statement Projection Model
  • M&A Model
  • Private Equity Return Model
  • 13 Week Cash Flow Model
  1. Business Valuation
  • Relative Valuation
  • DCF Valuation
  • NAV Approach
  • Football field analysis
  • Valuation Output
  • Valuation Report
  • Pre-money and Post-money valuation

Mode: Online

Perks of doing this course

  • Advanced tools like Excel and Powerpoint would be used and also taught to you
  • The students are led by a team of experienced and knowledgeable trainers who are always ready to help their students
  • Business valuation and its various types would be taught to you
  • Every student will receive a job interview opportunity
  • Certificates to be offered once the course is completed

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Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

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2. CFI Education

The institute offers various kinds of programs and courses for the student’s benefit. Each course is delivered by professional trainers who are well aware of the current market conditions and requirements. The FMC provided by them is one of the best financial modeling courses in Gurgaon.

Course: Financial Modeling and Valuation Course

Course Curriculum:

  • MS Excel Training
  • PowerPoint Skills
  • Analysis of Financial Statement
  • Modeling- Business and Financial
  • DCF Valuation
  • Comparable Company Analysis
  • Introduction to Project Finance
  • Company Profile and Pitchbook
  • Capstone Project
  • Softskills development and training
  • CV Building

Duration: 2.5 months of classroom training + 1-month of project work

Mode: Classroom/Live Online

Fees: INR 35000

Perks of doing this course:

  • You will receive 100% guaranteed placement assistance
  • Along with extensive classroom sessions, you will also receive 1 month-long Capstone project
  • Softskill training and resume-building assistance would be provided along with mock interviews 
  • You will be able to perform scenario analysis, sensitivity analysis, etc
  • Graphs and PowerPoint presentations will become your niche

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +91-9354266554

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3. Knowledge Hut

The following institute has developed the reputation of a great institute offering helpful courses to students in a very short period of time including financial modeling courses in Gurgaon. Their course deals exhaustively with the practical training aspect. The main aim of this institute is to create industry-ready individuals who can lead the finance world.

Course: Financial Modeling with Excel

Course Curriculum:

  • Modeling Architecture
  • Sample Detailed Case
  • Timeline Modeling
  • Revenue and Capex
  • Depreciation
  • Financial Structure
  • Debt Schedule
  • Cost Drivers
  • Dividend and Tax
  • Integrating the Financials
  • Valuation
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Circularity Switch and Iteration
  • Simple Macros
  • Bond Valuation

Duration: 24 hours of live training

Mode: Online

Perks of doing this course:

  • The live training sessions would be conducted by industry experts 
  • Practical exercises and assignments would be provided to you for a better knowledge comprehension
  • Various kinds of tips and techniques would be given to you to make robust models
  • After course completion, you get certificates
  • After doing this course, you would be able to enhance your accounting accuracy

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +91-84484-45027

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This is considered to be one of the finest institutes offering Financial Modeling courses in Gurgaon. The course is designed to help you get the maximum practical exposure. Along with the theory sessions that would be conducted, you will be continuously challenged and made to apply the theory in your practical assignments. 

Course: Financial Modeling Training 

Course Curriculum: 

  • Excel Expert
  • Understanding of finance and accounts concepts
  • Planning
  • Gathering and interpreting information
  • Forecasting
  • Budgeting
  • Financial Analysis
  • Reporting and Presentation

Duration: 4 months


– Classroom: 110 hours of training

– Online sessions: 100 hours of training

Fees: INR 20,000

Perks of doing this course: 

– Students are going to receive certificates through a 3 step process- internal evaluation followed by preparation of a plan, budget, and financial reports followed by a presentation on the plan and budget

– You will be exposed to practical as well as a case study-based training

– Students will be made interview-ready by mock interviews, resume preparation, job portal updates, communication skills, etc

– After each session, you will be required to submit assignments assigned to you by the instructor

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +91 915 888 2688

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5. IMS ProSchool

The institute provides one of the most exhaustive financial modeling courses in Gurgaon. This course is certified by the NSE Academy. The Gurgaon center is one of the first centers in this city for financial modeling training. Classroom sessions are also provided by them in Delhi.

Course: Financial Modeling Training Course

Course Curriculum

  • Excel Proficiency
  • Financial Management
  • Equity Research Modeling
  • Financial Statement and Ratios
  • Project Financial Modeling
  • Report Writing and Sector Overview 

Duration: 70 hours of training

Mode and Fees:

– Classroom sessions: INR 40,000

– Live Online Training: INR 32,000

– Distance Learning: INR 20,000

Perks of doing this course:

– You would receive joint certification from NSE Academy, NSDC, and IMS Proschool

– Live-project would be given to you to give you a real-life experience of how the industry functions

– Additional online training on VBA and Macros would be provided

– You will acquire the conceptual, practical, and functional knowledge required to work in an industry

– Placement cell is available for students to gain benefit from it

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 7304957452

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6. The WallStreet School

This institute provides a brilliant course that is compact in nature covering all the major topics required to excel in this field. The courses are all led by well-trained experts who make the students competent enough to land a good job. It is one of the best financial modeling courses in Gurgaon as well as globally. 

Course: Financial Modeling

Course Curriculum:

  • Basic to Intermediate Excel
  • Advanced Excel
  • Basic Concepts related to Finance
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Comparable Company Analysis
  • Precedent transaction Analysis
  • Discounted Cash Flow Valuation
  • Merger Model
  • Leveraged Model
  • Mock Interviews and Resume Edits

Duration: 6 weeks

Mode: Classroom; Online Live session; Online self-paced video

Fees: INR 40,000+GST 

Perks of doing this course:

– The institute offers students with placement assistance once the course is completed

– Students are required to pay only 40% of the fees before the course begins. The remaining 60% would be paid only after you get a job

– Three different modes of course deliverance is provided so that the benefit of the course can reach the maximum number of students

– You can choose the weekend classes or the weekdays classes according to your choice and availability

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +91-9953729651

7. Henry Harvin

This is another online education platform known for the brilliant courses that it offers. Students are free to choose the required course from their website. The course curriculum is completely updated and based according to the recent developments in the industry. 

Course: Financial Modeling Course

Course Curriculum:

  • MS Excel tips
  • Financial statement and ratio analysis
  • Corporate finance
  • Financial management
  • Project finance modeling
  • Equity research
  • Financial report writing
  • Case study 1
  • Case study 2
  • Soft skills
  • Resume writing

Duration: 40 hours of two-way live training

Mode: Live Online Training

Fees: INR 29,500

Perks of doing this course: 

– This course starts every week and training is provided through live online sessions

– Two different kinds of case studies would be provided to you so that you can analyze and understand the concepts in a better way

– You will be exposed to a million jobs all around the world in the field of finance modeling

– A gratifying certification can be earned by you

– You will learn and understand how to format excel sheets 

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +91 9891953953

Frequently Asked Questions on financial modeling courses in Gurgaon

Q1. Can I do a Financial modeling course in a self-paced manner?

Yes. Almost all the institutes offer FMC in a self-paced format. Along with the normal course, self-paced courses are available for students. 

Since many students find the normal pace to be quite fast and overwhelming to follow completely, these self-paced classes have been introduced. Self-paced classes respect the different individual learning speed and thus accommodates and helps students complete a course according to their own suitability.

Q2. Is it worth doing a financial modeling course in Gurgaon?

This is a professional course which is meant to enhance your skills. This type of a course is highly beneficial for someone who is looking to make a career in financial modeling. Most companies in the field of finance, do not prefer complete freshers. The reason is the critical approach that this kind of job requires.

A course like this would give you the required exposure and skills to analyze complex situations. The certificate you receive once you complete the course is a big add-on to your resume. This certificate gives your recruiter a fair idea about your skills and knowledge.

Q3. Can I do an FMC while doing a full-time job?

Yes. You can do this course while doing a job. There are multiple institutes offering online classes where you can choose the days and times suitable for you. If you are looking for classroom sessions, then you can opt for the weekend classes offered by most institutes. According to your schedule, you can choose the time slot most suitable for you. In this way, you don’t have to mess up with your job but at the same time complete the course.

Q4. What is the duration of a financial modeling course in Gurgaon?

While each institute follows a different time schedule, the average duration of this course is somewhere between 3 to 6 months. Along with the theoretical sessions, some institutes also include 1 month of internship or practical projects and case studies.

Q5. What are the tools most commonly used in financial modeling?

Financial Modeling mostly uses Excel and PowerPoint. Any course in financial modeling will definitely teach you and give you extensive practical training in excel, spreadsheets, and powerpoint. Excel and PowerPoint form the two most important tools that are used in this field. Without excel the finance industry will collapse. The spreadsheets are used for recording data and also making necessary calculations.

Conclusion on financial modeling courses in Gurgaon

We live in a practical world where more than your theoretical knowledge your practical skills are valued. Though this was not the case a few years back, in today’s globalized world application skills are much more valued. If you are someone who has both theoretical knowledge along with practical skills, then you will shine in any field.

Finance being a critical and complex field, requires you to have at least basic practical skills. In an industry where daily transactions need to be recorded along with other tasks like forecasting, analyzing, researching, etc, applicative knowledge is a must. While doing an additional course at times sounds boring, this course is highly beneficial as well as and interesting course meant for those interested in the field of finance.

Financial Modeling courses in Gurgaon give you the practical skills required to enter this industry. The conceptual knowledge topped with practical training in the form of live assignments, case studies, projects, etc is extremely helpful.  I hope you all found this article helpful. Now, what are you waiting for? Go, and enroll for this course today!

  • Hello Nikunj here. I’ve been employed in a company’s accounts department, and I wish to apply for the post of junior bank manager. With an MBA in Finance under my belt and three years of experience working as the company’s accounts head, adding a financial modelling certification will advance my career. This demand for financial modelling results from the fact that it greatly facilitates the process of budgeting, forecasting, raising capital, and determining a company’s value and more. My abilities will be validated by the financial modelling qualification. I’m therefore willing to obtain it from a reputable institute with financial modelling course in Gurgaon. It is worthwhile to participate in a free demo session to get a glimpse of the course, institute, technique, and instructor before joining to any course.

  • Hi I am Pranali. I have done MBA Finance and working in an MNC. To climb and move up the corporate ladder, financial modeling has become an essential skill to get mastered. Companies search for candidates that have proficiency in skills required for forecasting and analysis of data. I am searching for a financial modeling institute in Gurgaon, to avail online learning and training of financial modeling. I would rather book a seat for a demo invite before making decision for joining financial modeling training in Gurgaon.

  • Hi, I am Virendra. I am working as an Assisant Accountant. There is increased trend in Companies employing candidates with financial modeling skills and abilities. Financial modeling techniques are used intensively to anticipate earnings and estimate costs while considering new projects & ventures. This helps in evaluating the overall business performance in the past, present , and make future financial predictions of the company. In order to meet their objectives businesses seek for applicants that have thorough understanding of financial modeling and analysis. Hence I am in search of a financial modeling institute in Gurgaon providing Certification course with practical implementation of the skills . The Certificate will help attest my knowledge, skills, and experience in financial modeling.Going through this article helped me find institution to enrol with, but would like to give it a try first by registering a free demo session with them. Thanks

  • I am looking for financial modeling courses in Gurgaon and I find this course very interesting. I am excited about the prospect of learning this course in the future. Employers looking for financial candidates with this expertise due to the significant value that it offers to the industry. I will research these courses and join the best one accordingly. Financial modeling is a crucial instrument in the modern finance industry, the listed institutes and the courses fits my requirements. I’m looking forward to applying for these financial modeling courses.

  • Taking up a course in financial modeling would certainly add great value to my career. This course will be helpful in my job searches. I found these financial modeling courses in gurgaon on the net that has been helping many find better jobs. I’m looking forward to applying for these financial modeling courses. I would like to enroll in an institute that offers the best learning. I read your essay and found it to be extremely good and well researched. With this training I’m hoping to gain an advantage over the competitors. I feel it is very important to update your skills.

  • I would like to learn more about this course that your institution is offering. Does it give pertinent market knowledge and help you remain ahead of the competition? Since I am a new student and have no prior work experience, I need a course that provides me with these benefits. It would offer me an advantage and make me more useful to the business I wish to join. I’ve seen that lately the industry has become more competitive. I need to keep up with new methods and courses, thus I’m interested in enrolling in financial modelling course in Gurgaon.

  • I learned that you need to take a financial modeling course to get an edge over the competition in the job se4raches. Many of the candidates that I have seen get selected in the interviews that I have given have this skill in their bio. I also want to lern this course very soon. I have the time right now to increase my knowledge int he accounting field. I’m presently looking for financial modeling courses in gurgaon to enroll in. Will they train me in the latest technologies as well to give me the working knowledge in the industry. What is the class schedule ?

  • I have a bachelor’s degree In journalism and advertising. I don’t think the advertising industry is right for me because the schedule is so unpredictable, and I’d like to find something more steady. Since I studied commerce in high school, I considered pursuing a profession in the field. I’d like to take a course that will provide me with practical industrial expertise to assist me relaunch my career. The financial modelling course in Gurgaon appears to be of interest to me, and I’d like to learn more about it before enrolling, so please direct me to an institute that offers a demo session prior to enrolment.

  • I am an investment banker. I’d like to add the certification of this course to my résumé, and this post goes into excellent detail regarding financial modelling courses in Gurgaon. I’m not sure I’ll be able to balance my employment and my studies so a part time course just works for me. I’m just looking up for some information on the internet so that I can enrol in this course in the future. I’d been working for five years and felt I could accomplish more. And I looked up at various possibilities on the internet, and everyone seems to recommend this course.

  • Your article is very informative for people looking to learn about financial modeling course in gurgaon. I am also looking forward to studying this course. Financial modeling is a very important tool in the finance sector today. Companies are actively looking for people with this skill in their resumes as it adds great value to their services. I work in a law firm in gurgaon. I also reside in gurgaon and was finding it difficult to get a list of institutions offering this course. I will look into the courses and join the best one that is suitable for my needs.

  • I have a work experience of 5 years working as a financial analyst but I took a break of 7 years after my marriage and having a baby . I am now looking to enter the field of finance again. When I spoke to a few of my ex colleagues from my pervious company they asked me to take a course which will help me understand the recent trends of the current market as over the years there has been a lot of upgradation and change in how finance works. There are new roles that have also opened up . Please direct me to the best financial modelling course in Gurgaon.

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