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5 Most In-Demand Financial Modeling Certifications

Are you the know-it-all type? Or do you believe in perpetually upgrading and upskilling yourself with hot and in-demand certifications and skillsets? If you belong to the latter category, then stay put. In this article, we unravel the top 5 financial modeling certifications to accelerate your finance career, irrespective of your career stage at present. Financial modeling certifications will add feathers to your resume and balloon your chances of salary hikes, better employment opportunities, and promotions.

best financial modeling certifications

What is Financial Modeling?

Financial modeling is a tool in the hands of finance experts that represents an entity’s business operations, future costs, growth revenue, investments, etc. Thus, enabling viable decisions for the company’s progress and future.

Need More Clarity?

Financial models are the repository that accommodates assumptions, historical data, calculations, and other relevant information about an entity, ultimately supporting business-related decisions. Most likely, created on Microsoft Excel due to ease of use and effectiveness, financial models stimulate the decision-making process.

In the Simplest of Terms, Financial Models Facilitate You to Answer Some of the Key Questions About an Entity, Such as:

  • How big can this business really get?
  • How fast can it grow?
  • How much will be the worth of the company in the future? 

Is Financial Modeling certification worth it?

Finance is one of the fastest-growing sectors today and financial modeling is a fiery in-demand skillset, coveted by many in the industry. As the finance industry is getting competitive, employers and HR these days demand skilled financial professionals with financial modeling skills under their belt.

Thus, by acquiring a recognized financial modeling certification from a reputed institute, you can highlight your resume in the eyes of prospective employers. Thereby, augmenting your chances of employment manifold. Those already seated in the industry can use it as an upskilling tool to magnetize healthier employment opportunities.

Another reason that makes financial modeling certifications worth the value is the innumerable lucrative job avenues that it opens up. With this certification in your kitty, you can explore job opportunities in investment banking, equity research, project finance, portfolio management, credit analysis, financial planning and analysis, and the list goes on.

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Best 5 Financial Modeling Certifications in India

In this section, we dwell on the topmost financial modeling certifications that can accentuate your career to the next level. Read on to know about the specifications and benefits of each certification and pick up the best as per your preferences.

1. IIM Skills Master Financial Modeling Certification

An overview of IIM Skills:

IIM Skills is an elite ed-tech institute, imparting in-demand certifications in popular domains like finance, taxation, marketing, and writing. The institute is one-of-its-kind, educating people with the skills and knowledge to become competent in the professional world. Alongside, the examination-based certifications ensure proper evaluation of learning and skills.

IIM Skills certifications are highly recognized and revered pan India as well as in 23+ countries around the globe. Time and again, the prominent institute has caught the eyes of the media houses, which have honored it merrily. Leading media houses and newspapers like India Today, The Statesman, The Times of India, Prime Time, etc have appreciated their success as an unparalleled institution.

Founded in 2015, and established in New Delhi, the institute has amassed popularity with people thronging their web place from all around the world. With an industry-aligned curriculum, best practices, expert faculty care, and 24*7 LMS Support, they are putting out excellence in every aspect.

IIM Skills Master Certification in Financial Modeling:

One of the most profound financial modeling certifications is the Master Financial modeling certification by none other than IIM Skills. The certification is the borne fruit of the 3-months skill-development financial modeling course. This training integrates a precise balance between practical and theoretical knowledge, together which makes it all-inclusive. After finishing up with the hands-on practice and training, you must undergo an assessment test that records your learning score.

Once you nail the examination, you are rewarded with this prestigious certification corroborating your holistic financial modeling skills. This is a trusted validation that iterates that you have successfully procured training in creating financial models, financial analysis, business valuations, and decisions. And that you are adept at creating simple and dynamic financial models independently.

Benefits of Taking up this Certification:

  • Round-the-clock LMS support
  • Industry-recognized master certifications
  • Exceptional faculty to guide and support you all along the process
  • Placement assistance and job interview guarantee
  • Post-training assistance provision
  • Embedded training
  • Doubt clearance support
  • Online learning and certification
  • Shareable certificate
  • Career counseling provisions

 Contact At:

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

2. CFI FMVA Certification

An Overview of CFI:

CFI, short for Corporate Finance Institute, is a leading provider of programs, certifications, and MS office productivity tools for finance professionals. Disguised in the form of programs, the institute brings real-world professional skills to finance professionals and aspirants.

With over 120+ finance courses, 5000+ lessons, case studies, and models, they have a strong base in the finance domain. They have courses in the fields of accounting, financial modeling, capital markets, Excel, business learning, machine learning, etc. Besides, they have 4 prominent certification programs, namely FMVA, CBCA, CMSA, and BIDA. Visit their website for more information on each of them.

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CFI FMVA Certification in Financial Modeling:

CFI’s most famous FMVA certification is an all-around certification in financial modeling. The profound certificate promulgates your mastery over the finance and accounting domain, thus, helping you shine in the eyes of the employers as a certified financial modeler.

Acquiring this certification is a 5-step process. First, you have to complete 7 prep courses(optional), followed by 11 core courses, and a minimum of 3 elective courses. Once you have your fundamentals and specializations ablaze, you can take up the examination to assess your progress. With a score of more than 70%, you can officially be a certified FMVA.

The certification is a digital blockchain certificate with credentials carved. Initially, you receive an online certification, but you can also demand a hard copy that will be delivered to your doorstep.

Benefits of Taking up this Certification:

  • Multiple courses with specializations
  • Accredited certifications
  • Digital blockchain certificate
  • Expert instructors and experiential learning
  • A hard copy of the certificate is also made available (on demand)

Contact At:

Ph. No.: 1-(800)-817-7539

Email: [email protected]

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3. NSE Certification in Online Financial Modeling

An Overview of NSE:

Another authoritative name in the list of financial modeling certifications is NSE, which purposes itself to care for the financial well-being of individuals and businesses alike. With 25 years of experience, this firm has expanded its wings in several domains. NSE India is one such domain that brings forth online certifications in financial modeling.

These online financial modeling certifications act as a demonstration of your resolute financial modeling skills. This accredited certification augments your chances of better finance-related job prospects.

NSE Online Certification in Financial Modeling:

As NSE training is adaptable to the needs of the global finance market, this certification is a brilliant step toward the global market jobs. Relishing this certification, you can scout for jobs at both national and international levels.

Talking about in detail, the industry veterans provide this online certification program in financial modeling. This program is aimed to educate you on the fundamentals of valuations, strategy valuations, DCF modeling, prospective analysis, transactional comparable, and other valuation methods.

Benefits of Taking up this Certification:

  • 30+ supplementary resource material
  • Pocket-friendly pricing
  • Certifications are without an expiration date

Contact At:

Ph. No. 022-2659 8100/ 2659 8114 / 66418100

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4. EY Certification in Financial Modeling and Valuation

Apparently, the list of the topmost financial modeling certifications is incomplete without the special mention of EY certification in financial modeling and valuation.

An Overview of EY:

Who wouldn’t know? EY, which stands for Ernst and Young, is one of the top 4 financial firms, collectively known as the “Big Four.” The other three companies are Deloitte, PwC, and KPMG. With such a big and magisterial name, one wouldn’t have to think twice about the worth of EY financial modeling certification.

EY purposes to make a better working world with its insightful services that propel trust in capital markets and economies all over the world. As per their claim, they provide trust and confidence in capital markets by encouraging openness, maintaining financial stability, and fostering inclusive economic growth.

EY Certification in Financial Modeling and Valuation:

This certification targets finance professionals & managers; professionals from M & A, corporate finance, and equity research; CA, FRM, MBA, finance, CFA, and graduates to polish their skills in financial modeling.

With over 36+ hours of 3-learning videos to prepare for certification and 6 months of LMS support, they help you groom for financial modeling certifications. At the end of the program, you must undergo an MCQ-based assessment test. Scoring anything above 50% will make you worthy of the accredited EY financial modeling certifications.

Benefits of Taking up this Certification:

  • 36+ hours of auxiliary resource material
  • Presentations
  • Budgeted prices
  • Reputed certification from one of the “Big Four” finance companies.

Contact At:

Ph. No: 9811638456

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5. BSE Institute Ltd Certification in Financial Modeling in collaboration with EduPristine

The next financial modeling certification that can add a crown jewel to your finance career is the BSE Institute Limited certification. BSE Institute provides this certification in collaboration with Edu Pristine-the finance and accounting institute.

An Overview of Edu Pristine:

Edu Pristine is a finance training organization founded in 2008 by 4 industry mavens from top MNCs. Over the years and with accumulated experience, Edu Pristine has become a premier finance training provider. Beginning with one vertical, they have widened its spectrum across 5 verticals which are finance, accounting, marketing, analytics, and healthcare.

In a joint venture, Edu Pristine provides extensive training in financial modeling and certification by BSE Institute Ltd. This 14-day program covers lectures, case studies, and hands-on training in Excel to prepare aspirants for financial modeling jobs. Some of the many benefits include pre-recorded video sessions, week-wise model templates, discussion forums, and 24*7 availability of resource material.

Edu Pristine and BSE Certification in Financial Modeling:

As mentioned above, this is a joint certification program in financial modeling organized by Edu Pristine and BSE Institute. After thorough training in creating financial models from scratch to further track down the company metrics and performance, the institute provides real-life case studies to make you understand the concepts as worked in the real life.

Benefits of Taking up this Certification:

  • Excel-based training
  • Devoted discussion forums
  • After course engagement
  • Joint certification from BSE Institute and Edu Pristine
  • Interview workshop
  • Career services
  • Job updates and resume preparation

Contact At:

Ph. No: 1800 200 5835

Email ID: [email protected]

Scope and Career After Financial Modeling

The finance market is evolving and widening its scope by assimilating newer concepts, financial modeling being one of them. Financial modeling with advanced aspects lets you see through the future with a magnifying lens. And which company doesn’t want to predict and take calculated decisions? None, right! That’s why every business entity demands robust financial professionals equipped with the latest financial modeling skills to raise capital for the company, estimate valuation, render risk minimizations, acquisitions, mergers, carry out a periodic evaluation, and simultaneously make comparisons with the competitors.

Know more about the Financial Modeling Scope

With an enlarged scope, financial modeling as a career avenue offers multiple lucrative career opportunities for people in this sector. Some of the top career paths that you can tread are:

Investment Banking Associate or Analyst

Investment banking roles involve assessing and recognizing lucrative investment opportunities that reap profitable results in the long run. They ensure all investment discretions are based on well-researched industry trends and competition analysis to make the most out of it. Besides, they put effective strategic planning into practice to facilitate their clients with the best breaks at hand.

Equity Research Analyst or Associate

With a solid understanding of finance, accounting, and Excel, equity research analysts consolidate vital information about the stock market. Putting together industry trends, stock market, and company statistics; they guide investors in coming up with key investment decisions such as selling, purchasing, and retaining investments.

Financial Analyst

Financial analysts shoulder the responsibilities of financial planning and analysis. Based on analysis and tracking performances, they extrapolate the entity’s profits, losses, and overall progress.  With a broad knowledge of the functionality of finances, they extend their valuable support in the crucial decision-making process that involves operations, finances, capital investments, and overall strategies of the entity.

Credit Analyst

Credit analysts are entitled to determine the credibility of an entity (individual or company) to determine the odds of them fulfilling their financial obligations. They assess borrowers’ former financial and credit history records to gauge their financial well-being and ability to repay the credit extended to them by a lender.

Mergers and Acquisitions Experts

Mergers and Acquisitions experts carry out the preliminary groundwork for potential deals and mergers. They scrutinize the latent prospects that may bud into mounting mergers and acquisitions. For this purpose, they gather and analyze the reports on competitors, growth, and market share possibilities. At the same time, they dig into the financial statements and valuations to come up with the benefits and risks involved in the mergers and acquisitions and leave it up to the higher authorities to make a deal.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Which are the best financial modeling certifications?

  • IIM Skills Master financial modeling certification
  • CFI’s Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst (FMVA) certification
  • NSE Certification in Online Financial Modeling
  • EY Certification in Financial Modeling and Valuation
  • BSE Institute Ltd Certification in Financial Modeling in collaboration with EduPristine

Q2. How do you become a certified financial modeler?

Follow these steps to become a certified financial modeler:

  • Register yourself with a recognized institution
  • Make payment
  • Go through resource material
  • Get the requisite training
  • Take the test
  • Get certified

Q3. Is it worth doing financial modeling certification?

Yes, financial modeling certifications are definitely worth the value as they open the doors for lucrative job opportunities. These include investment banking, equity research, credit analysis, financial planning, financial analysis, project finance, etc.

The financial modeling certifications are a validation of your newly acquired financial modeling skills, which evidently brighten your chances for promotions, hikes, and better job prospects.

Q4. What are financial Modelling skills?

Some of the top financial modeling skills that you must possess are:

  • Strong Excel knowledge
  • Solid quantitative skills
  • Logical framework and Problem-solving abilities
  • Keen attention to detail’
  • Significant finance and accounting skills
  • How to create financial models from scratch
  • A good understanding of how to link three financial statements
  • Sound knowledge of Valuation methods

Q5. Is financial modeling in demand?

In contemporary times, when organizations and businesses depend on data science to build financial models and induce future estimates, financial modeling skills are in high demand. It certainly has a lot of potential in both finance and other related fields.

Nowadays, more and more organizations are scouting for individuals with these in-demand financial modeling skills as they have the talent to carry out a range of decision-making processes including financial planning, analysis, budgeting, investments, fundraising, capital market, valuations, etc.

Thus, financial modeling skills are highly sought after by both finance professionals and aspirants seeking a career in finance.

Final Thoughts!

This brings us to the end of our comprehensive list of the chief financial modeling certifications. All of these certifications are prestigious and recognized industry-wide. Visit their websites to know more about them and make an informed decision to acquire this highly sought-after certification.

As we all know, financial modeling skills have long shadowed conventional finance concepts. Financial models enable you to foresee and predict the outcomes for the next five years or ten years by organizing and structuring data to obtain valuable insights. As a result, every other company requires expert finance professionals equipped with new-age financial modeling skills.

At present, the demand for finance professionals with financial modeling abilities is way more than the supply, hence now is the best time to acquire this certification and get a whopping number of eyeballs on your resume.

Go ahead, get certified, and upgrade your career!

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  • Hi I am Vibhor.I am Project Manager. Looking for a online certified financial modeling training to sharpen my financial modeling skills. To stay ahead in competition, updation and upgradation is necessary. Financial modelling is a beneficial, flexible and multi-faceted tool that can benefit businesses of all kinds.Financial model creates a representation of a company’s current financial situation in order to project its future performance. The most common format is a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel or a comparable programme. Financial models are used whenever decisions are made to buy, sell, grow, or establish a business. Financial modelling skills being vital it is necessary to hone them, so I am looking for financial modeling institute to join. Seeing the free demo session invite I would consider first attending it, to make an informed decision.

  • I am Mayank. I am a Junior Accountant. Witnessing the increased requirement of professional skill of financial modeling, which can be attained through a certification appealed me to gain it. Financial modeling techniques are used intensively by the companies to anticipate earnings and estimate costs while considering new projects & ventures. Companies seek candidates that have thorough understanding and knowledge of financial modeling and analysis, to meet their desired objectives. Hence searching financial modeling institutes with training and certification for gaining experience in practical implementation of the skills . The Certificate validates the knowledge, skills, and experience in financial modeling. I would like to begin registering a free demo session .Thanks

  • Would any batches be opening soon for me to enroll? It would be beneficial if you could describe the income aspects and employment options after this course? I’d like to improve my talents to find a better job with a better salary. Financial modeling aptitudes are in high need nowadays. Now is the proper time to enhance your understanding of the financial modeling syllabus. I want to get financial modeling certifications from these institutes soon. Please suggest to me some that it my need.

  • I am planning to offer a coaching session in which I want to teach college students the fundamentals of excel formulas. I am seeking for new ways to keep my training interesting and different. In light of this, I’d like to enrol in a financial modeling certifications course a so that I can teach my students cutting-edge financial tactics. I looked over the other courses’ as well and decided that this one was the best fit for me because excel is covered so thoroughly. Please point me in the direction of a reputable financial modelling school that provides part-time classes as I am currently working.

  • I am a mother. I was a working woman and after having a baby, I stopped work to focus on my child. I think I would need some revision on a course that teaches them new skills as well. I found out about financial modeling certifications being in high demand in the market. I hope I can do this course from my home and get a certification soon. Thank you very much for writing this post. I want to get back on track and start working as soon as possible. Tell me the details of this course and the advantages as well.

  • I work at a firm in Mumbai and I am keen to expand my knowledge on excel as we use it a lot in my firm . Not just my firm but being well versed with Excel is needed in most jobs I believe . So I did my part of researching about a few excel courses and I was thrilled to be directed to this course as it offers much more than just advanced excel . I feel on getting a financial modelling certification I will have a many roles opening up for me . Thanks for this well researched article .

  • Hi, In 2013 I did my Graduation. After that I worked as an accountant. I have been wanting to upgrade my knowledge and learn new skills that are in demand. I want to learn something that can help me get a better paying job after this. Since financial modeling certifications are high in demand in the market. I want to earn a certificate in this course from a reputed institute . What is the best institute for financial modelling course. Also what are the fees that they take for this course and what will be the timings for these courses.

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