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13 Effective Ways To Make Money Writing

You can certainly get paid to write if you are good at writing and can articulate your thoughts clearly. To make money writing, you don’t have to be a skilled writer or an accomplished columnist. If you have the required writing skills and are aware of the proper methods for earning money by writing papers and other materials, you can easily earn from it. Here are some of the most effective methods to make money writing. All of the methods are easy, and someone with little or no writing experience can start making money writing.

Effective Ways To Make Money Writing

1. Get Paid to Write Online for Others

This is one of the most popular methods for earning money by writing. You can earn money by writing for others in a variety of ways:

  • Writing articles for blogs and other websites to earn money.
  • Editing and proofreading tasks
  • Writing for the web
  • Publication of Press Releases
  • Transcription Jobs
  • Making a resume and a cover letter
  • Get paid to write essays, research papers, screenplays, and advertisements, among other things.
  • Writing legal documents such as agreements, contracts, and wills, among other things.

For all of these writing jobs, there is a high demand for writers. You can make money writing if you have expertise with any of the methods mentioned above. Many freelance websites offer certain forms of online writing work, where you can sign up as a writer and receive writing assignments.

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Here Are Some of the Most Famous Writing Websites:

  • Upwork: One of the most common platforms for freelancers is Upwork. You can sign up for Upwork and earn money by writing. It’s not hard to find daily writing work here.
  • Fiverr: You can enter Fiverr as a seller and then build writing jobs related to your writing assignments. Getting your first order is essential at Fiverr.
  • iWriter: This is one of the few places dedicated solely to writers, where you can find a variety of freelance writing opportunities. You can start with 500-1000 words of content and work your way up to a 1000-word article once you’ve been promoted.

2. Start a Blog and Make Money Writing

 Even if you don’t want to make money writing from your blog, every writer needs to start one. Your talent can be showcased through the material you post on your blog. Making a blog from scratch will take you no more than 15 minutes. An article written for someone else will only give you a one-time income, but an article written for your blog will pay you for the rest of your life.

And that’s why blogging can help you earn a lot of money. Your blog can be used to make money writing in several ways. One of the easiest ways is to use AdSense advertising on your blog.

You may have found advertising in between the web pages you’re reading when you go online and visit a website. Those are Google Adsense advertisements. Contextual advertisement is another name for it. Unlike Adwords, which is intended for company owners, Google Adsense is exclusively for bloggers and site owners.

A publisher (often referred to as a blogger) must submit an Adsense application to Google. If he is approved, Google will allow him to display advertisements on his website. When people visit a publisher’s website in search of good content and click on an Adsense ad, Google pays the publisher for each click.

Google pays publishers with the money it receives from advertisers. Google charges advertisers for each click. Google pays publishers 68 percent of what advertisers offer them, with the remaining 32 percent going to Google as a fee. As a result, Google takes money from advertisers, gives a substantial portion to publishers, and retains the rest.

Affiliate marketing is another common form. You can use your blog to advertise various products relevant to the subject you’re writing about and profit from each sale that occurs.

Affiliate marketing is a method of advertising other companies’ and websites’ goods and services on the internet. Any sale or good lead will earn you a commission. You can start a blog and write reviews or tips about the items you’re promoting on it. You should include your affiliate links in a post in which you invite your blog readers to purchase a product from a merchant’s website.

People visit your website, read your tips and reviews, click your affiliate link, and then go to the merchant’s website. When a blog reader purchases something from the merchant platform, you will be paid a commission.

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3. Make Money Writing eBooks

 You can write and publish your eBook and make money if you have any great ideas, skills, experience, or something else that will benefit mankind. Writing and publishing your eBook requires time, effort, study, and patience.

The best thing about eBooks is that you don’t have to go to a publisher to have your book published. All is done through the internet, you make a digital book (a PDF file) and sell it online on a  website.

Writing an eBook will take some time to get the concept to completely materialize on a word document. The first half of the story is about creating an eBook; the second is about marketing and selling it to your guests online. You can advertise your eBook for free on the Internet via various mediums and sell as many copies as you can.

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4. Make money writing as a Ghostwriter

 The easiest way to make a lot of money writing articles is to ghostwrite. A ghostwriter is someone who works on behalf of someone else. The article is written in the buyer’s name. In exchange, the ghostwriter receives a large sum of money and they must also relinquish copyright to the article.

The ghostwriter’s and credited author’s work is divided in a variety of ways. A ghostwriter may be employed to refine and edit a rough draft or a nearly finished manuscript in some cases. In this case, the credited author’s plot, thoughts, and much of the vocabulary in the finished book or article are all his or hers.

In other situations, a ghostwriter does the majority of the writing, relying on the credited author’s ideas and stories.

Whatever type of writing is published, there is a chance for the work to be ghostwritten. There are some of them:

  • Non-Fiction
  • Fiction
  • Politics
  • Medical
  • Blogs
  • Academics

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5. Copywriting

 If you have a business sense, copywriting is a perfect way to make money writing. It is a type of writing that is required for any product that may be sold. Every marketing campaign, from food to fashion, requires someone to make it sound appealing. It’s a professional type of writing that requires you to turn around a lot of copy in a short amount of time. This could entail writing a dozen articles in a few days.

There are several advertisements, content, and marketing companies that hire copywriters regularly, both in-house and as freelancers. Gaining job experience with a company is one of the most obvious options. The majority of businesses will pay a fixed rate per article. Rates, on the other hand, are negotiable, depending on the organization.

Consider creating your website to promote yourself to potential customers. The internet is a fantastic resource for studying prospective customers and networking with businesses such as public relations and marketing firms. To begin, contact digital and direct marketing companies, as they are more likely to have work available for newcomers. Make sure you have a Linkedin profile and that you’re also promoting yourself on Facebook and Twitter.

To work as a copywriter, you don’t need any special training or qualifications. However, having a degree would greatly assist you in finding jobs. The most important advantage you have is that you do have prior experience. To get a job as a copywriter, you don’t need a particular qualification; all you need is the ability to write clearly and creatively.

6. Social Media Consultant

 For those who can write short and viral posts, being a social media consultant is another great way to get paid to write. Almost every small and large company requires social media consultants to handle their brands’ social media profiles and assist them in growing their pages. You must write innovative and engaging content that aids in the growth of your brands and the acquisition of more followers.

To make money writing as a social media consultant, you must be able to perform the usual duties of the position, be knowledgeable about social media software tools, and be able to effectively pitch your services to businesses/brands that need your assistance.

You can work as an employee, but your earning potential is limitless if you freelance or start a social media agency. As a freelancer, you will gain two major benefits from social media marketing:

  • To begin, you can turn your social media work into a side hustle while continuing to work your day job.
  • Second, you’ll be rewarded for developing efficient systems that allow you to work for multiple clients and earn more money.

Typical Duties of a Social Media Consultant Include:

  • Create and execute social media brand strategies, promotions, and initiatives to increase brand awareness.
  • Plan the paid social media marketing campaigns and budgets.
  • Oversee campaign management on a day-to-day basis and maintain brand continuity.
  • Create, manage, and expand social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and others.
  • Organize the company’s blog and editorial schedule, as well as e-blasts and landing pages that correspond to social media updates.
  • Incorporate optimization techniques, analyze data, and study the best ways to increase traffic
  • For blogs, newsletters, and landing pages, create entertaining written and visual material.

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7. Screenwriter

If designing characters and dialogue is your favorite part of writing fiction, screenwriting might be the profession for you. A screenwriter writes a script based on their original ideas or adapts someone else’s work to suit the screen better. They can write for television or film.

Screenwriters are usually independent contractors who write scripts and then sell them to production companies. Many scripted comedies and dramas depend on a team of talented writers to develop plots for each episode and then convert those plots into cohesive documents with narration, setting notes, suggested acts, and more.

Selling a screenplay can be difficult, but with more and more outlets for video entertainment, you can find some creative ways to make a living as a screenwriter. Consider writing a short web series and enlisting the aid of friends to create it for YouTube, or work on audio-only scripts for a podcast.

8. Writing for Magazine 

Among different avenues of earning through writing, this is full of ingenuine methods to make money writing. Thousands of magazines are available all over the world. There’s a magazine for every issue, in print or online, from glossy newsstand magazines like those found on racks at the grocery store or airport to association magazines and trade journals. And all of those magazines need articles to be written for them.

It may be difficult to break into writing for well-known publications; these tend to have regular groups of authors with whom they collaborate often, or even have employees who compose the majority of their posts. However major publications, on the other hand, are often open to receiving pitches from new authors. Sending in a question pitching a short piece for a segment at the front of the magazine is your best bet here; freelancers have the best chance.

If you’re an expert on a specific subject, look for trade journals or association magazines on the issue. These publications rarely pay well, if at all, but they can help you gain exposure in the industry and contribute to your portfolio of publication credits, which can help you find more and better-paying work at larger publications.

9. Textbook Author

 You could be a great textbook author if you have a deep understanding of a subject and a deep appreciation for clearly explaining technical concepts. Big academic publishers frequently update older editions of their textbooks, which can be a great way to break into the field—rather than writing an entire textbook at once, you could just update a few chapters to reflect recent developments or discoveries.

With textbooks, there are also independent publishing options. Smaller academic publishers are springing up to create low-cost, interactive digital textbooks that offer more flexibility than traditional hardcover textbooks as online learning becomes more common.

As more school districts look for targeted learning resources, there are also opportunities to write for K–12 courses, not just college courses. You might be able to find work annotating existing textbooks for busy professors or creating worksheets for classes and labs at a local university or community college.

10. Technical Writer

The technical writer is responsible for technical documentation, product specifications, test plans, white papers, RFPs, and more. Because you’ll frequently be writing high-level documents intended for experts in that field, being a technical writer requires a lot of specialized skill and, in many cases, a deep knowledge of that industry.

You could write papers explaining a breakthrough made by a company’s R&D researchers, convert design specifications into formal manufacturing plans, or create official requests for proposals for project bids. Technical writers are frequently employed as part of a company’s in-house team, but highly skilled writers who specialize in a single field can often find freelance work.

If you work as a freelance technical writer, you’ll almost always be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement that states you won’t share any sensitive confidential details you discover about a client when writing their technical documentation.

11. Columnist

To balance out their coverage, newspapers, blogs, magazines, and other media often rely on informed individuals’ opinions. Being a columnist is a fantastic way to share your knowledge and viewpoints with a larger audience. Most columnists begin their careers in a smaller publication, such as their hometown newspaper or a trade publication.

To get the job, you’ll need to submit examples of your work on a specific subject, showing how you can bring a new perspective to the discussion and encourage reader engagement. No matter what they’re writing about, the best columnists don’t just stand on a soapbox; they get other people talking and maintain engagement across platforms.

Anyone who wants to make money writing has a lot of options, and getting started is as simple as putting your mind to it, learning the craft, and putting time and effort into your work.

12. Marketing Copywriter

Ad and marketing copywriting is a complex combination of business insights, creative writing skills, customer psychology, and outside-the-box thinking that comes together to produce unforgettable, catchy ad campaigns that promote goods or services to customers.

Marketing copywriters work on a variety of projects, including television commercials, banners, magazine advertisements, online banner ads, Snapchat promotions, product packaging, direct mail flyers, and more. If you work in-house or freelance, you’ll often collaborate with a graphic designer to choose the best words and photos for maximum impact.

If you already have a full-time job, offer to work in the marketing department to develop your copywriting portfolio; if your company doesn’t have a dedicated marketing department, offer to do some copywriting to help promote the company’s new initiative.

Alternatively, you should pitch your services as a marketing copywriter to local businesses or even colleges in your field to begin building your portfolio. If you need work done, you can agree to trade your services with other freelancers—for example, you could trade a tagline and some website writing to a graphic designer in return for a new business logo.

13. Resume and Cover Letter Writer

The majority of people hate reviewing their resumes and composing cover letters. Condensing everything you’ve done into a single page that a recruiter can only look at seems like an impossible task.

If, on the other hand, you enjoy the challenge of presenting someone’s work history, skills, and experience in an easy, straightforward, and concise format, you’d make an excellent resume writer.

You’ll help job seekers polish their resumes, concentrate on what’s necessary for the next job they’d like to have, compose a convincing cover letter, and maybe even tune up their LinkedIn profile in this predominantly freelance sector.

You’ll need to blend marketing copywriting skills with a career coach’s personal touch, focusing on what makes your client unique and how to help them stand out at a glance.


Writing is an art, which requires creative mind. But only good writer will know how to use the creativity to make money. We hope the above article guides you well enough to build your career as writer and earn well. Follow the above tips for a successful career in writing.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q1. Do you need a certified course to start a career as a writer?

A certified course means a government approved course which means it will be easy to apply for jobs in any corner of the world as a writer. Having a certified course is important as it helps and guides in building a successful career. Plus, a proper certified course means you will be trained under the expertise which in longer run will help you gaining a better knowledge which will enhance your skills professionally. Hence, a certified course is always better for a better growth.

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