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Educational Websites for Students in 2024

The Internet has become the warehouse of information and there is all kind of values available, especially there are a lot of educational websites for students that they can use to prepare for exams, cope with studies, take help for assignments, and more. 

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Every student in this 21st-century tries to get many skills to be ready for employment. This journey begins from the school days itself and extends throughout life. These days one has to be a life-long learner and be adaptable to changing trends.


Technological advancements in every field have led to these changes. Working professionals in full-time jobs also feel the need to learn new skills. These help to adapt to new project requirements or a demand for new skills.


Many online professional courses are by industry experts. These may not be available in full-time campus courses even if you want one. Unique courses are available online to suit practical professional demands. Many of these have certifications after assessments. 


  •  A wide range of online professional courses has sprung up in the last decade.
  •  These courses are skill-based and convenient.
  •  Working professionals have little time to do full-time campus training. They can do online courses.
  •  Students enrolled in classroom courses can also do these online courses. 
  •  There is no age bar or location-bound restriction for online courses. 
  •  Anybody interested, with a willingness to learn a new skill set, can go for online courses. 
  •  Online course costs are lower than physical classroom fees.


Distance learning courses are offered online by private institutions and various MOOCs. These courses are online through the website of the institution. 


Before we look at educational websites for students, we will look at the following important points:


Impact of technology on jobs:

Technology has changed the job market since the last century. The metal too and the use of computer have brought change. The new technology invasion has made work and organization even faster and easier.  The internet and software applications industries have made irreversible changes.

Digital technology has brought a transformation. 

  •  Internet, 
  •  Social media, 
  •  Digital customized industry platforms, 
  •  Artificial intelligence, 
  •  Machine learning and 
  •  Massive data. 


Big decisions and shifts in policies are made based on data.  The “consumer is king” and businesses have been trying to serve this king. Perceptions and expectations have changed due to technology. 


People having specialized computational and technical skills have had to face computers that do the same task. Learning a variety of new digital applications in their industry has become a necessity. 


Most big businesses have an online presence and now after 2020, it is the turn of medium and small businesses to shift to online presence. Even specialty local shops feel the need for an online presence either through websites, affiliation to online shopping portals, and localized mobile apps. This is giving rise to an increased demand for specialized skills.


Online courses trends 

The proverbial “Elephant in the room” in this 21st-century is machine learning and artificial intelligence. These have brought a new wave of change in the job market. 

Mukesh Ambani had said in an address to the media,” Data is the new oil”.

This leads us to the question, “Is formal classroom education ready for industry requirements in 2021?” Especially after the covid-19 pandemic impact, the way society functions will change significantly. This is a turning point in history. Businesses, educational institutions, and society at large have to adapt to this change or lose out in the future.


India’s online education market is expected to grow by 14.33 billion USD between 2020 – 2024. Good internet reach and availability in the country are a reason for this emerging trend. High-quality education is not available at all places and online education fills this gap. Unique professional courses conducted by reputed institutes become accessible to anybody, anywhere, and anytime.  


This is made possible by the technology named cloud data storage. 

Reskilling and online certification constitute 93 % of the online education market share as per a report by KPMG prepared in 2017. Consider these numbers to be greater than estimated, due to the impact of Covid-19.

Online education will be getting a further boost due to the government’s eagerness to introduce changes. A summit led by high-ranking government officials and industry leaders in February 2021 will lead to new initiatives and policies.


Online educational course stronghold will reach greater heights post-2020. Professional courses that upskill people for specific specialties will be on the rise.


EdTech or the educational technology sector will continue to be in great demand due to the impact of Covid-19. Moreover, due to small and medium businesses going online there will be greater demand for digital marketing and content writing. 

To do online educational courses, you must have the mindset of a lifelong learner.


Advantages of lifelong learning

Most professionals and beginners will feel the need to be lifelong learners in the 21st century. 

Lifelong learning refers to learning at every stage of life, upskilling and upgrading skills and knowledge to lead a better quality of life. This leads to applying and sharing the knowledge, values, and competencies gained. Learning continues even after school and university education, with vocational and skill-based courses.


Lifelong learning helps us to comprehend, process, and interpret information in a meaningful way. To apply learnings for problem-solving and general well-being in life. 


There are a variety of benefits of lifelong learning. 

  •  Lifelong learning helps to keep us updated with the changing environment in work and society in general.
  •  Learning new skills could lead to better preparedness and productivity in work. 
  •  This could lead to income growth and job satisfaction.
  •  Lifelong learning can present new opportunities and business ideas.
  • We get the flexibility to continue with the dual responsibility of work and home, while simultaneously learning new skills through online courses.
  •  Improves self-esteem and confidence in what we can offer to society at large.
  •  It can offer an alternative career opportunity.
  •  Learning a new skill set stimulates the brain to function better and keeps dementia at bay. 


How do online courses work?

As per statistics, more than 19.7 million students do online courses. Educational websites for students offering online courses have a definite process for their effective working. 

Some distinct features of online courses are,

  •  Certificate courses to Ph.D., a variety of courses are conducted online. 
  •  The course is taught online through digital platforms or video recordings.
  •  Flexible time schedules
  •  Affordable course fees
  •  Choice of online courses offered by coveted universities. 
  •  Regular feedback from the course instructor.
  •  Many students prefer online classes to classroom coaching.
  •  Educational resources like eBooks, videos, recorded lectures, discussion forums, journals, live Q and A sessions, and interviews are used.


Generally, the course study material is included in the course fees but in some cases, this may not be the case. So, it is always better to get clarity on these matters. Cost is lower than in regular courses.


Recorded lectures offered in online courses, could be with lifetime access or for a limited period. They provide flexibility to listen to the lecture at your convenient time. Question-answer sessions could be live or digital forum posts. 


Digital platform applications or website and learning management systems are used. Assessments are conducted at regular intervals. Anti-plagiarism software is used to check the assessment content. Journal entries could be mandatory, to review lessons learned. Student support team’s follow-up with students regularly.


Accredited institutes and reputed organizations that are recognized in the job market conduct online courses. Studying online courses requires a lot of dedication and commitment. There is an intrinsic motivation to learn and interest in the subject. There is a focused engagement in the course as students devote time alongside other schedules, to complete the course and meet a purpose. This leads to better learning outcomes.


How can we use knowledge from online courses to generate more income?

Side hustle and passive income

A side hustle is extra work you do other than your regular job and gives you an extra income. Any skill that you have can be monetized with a side hustle. Think you are a lawyer and are good at singing, you could do a side hustle of singing for jingles. 


Similarly, by making use of the internet, you could start writing blogs as a side hustle. If you are a homemaker, a professional, or a student and are passionate about any topic, you could start writing articles about them in your blog. 


2021 is the right time to begin your side hustle. Since the lockdown of 2020, internet traffic has doubled. Most people are either shopping online, studying online, communicating online, working online, and watching movies online. 


To begin any digital side hustle, you should learn digital marketing, social media marketing, and content writing. This will help you get the tools and know-how to sail smoothly.


Passive income can be a supplementary source of income that you will earn while you don’t continuously work for it. This kind of income makes sense for anyone in the backdrop of the covid-19 recession. 


A continuous flow of money from a side hustle that you don’t have to constantly work for is passive income. In other words, there is a regular income from the work you have done in the past. For example, you have created a blog and published a lot of articles on it. Later you stopped publishing but you kept the website live. Now the website continues to get traffic and you get regular income from ads on your website. This could be a great way to earn in this digital age. 


Or you could do social media marketing for clients as a side hustle. If you are an existing business owner, you could launch your e-commerce website and manage your social media marketing on the side.


Here’s a guide to educational websites for students for professional courses.

Websites covered in this article are,

  • IIM Skills
  • X
  • Coursera 
  • Udacity


So, let’s begin,

IIM Skills:

IIM Skills is a front runner in content writing and digital marketing courses. Their courses are well formulated and structured. Students from all over the world participate in courses offered by IIM Skills. 


These courses have practical assignments and assessments culminating with a certification. The courses are innovative and valued in the industry. Past students are doing great work in jobs, their start-up agencies, or freelancing as content writers.


Content Writing Master Course:

This course from IIM Skills is conducted in 4-hour structured lectures spread over a month. The cost is 11900 + GST. This course gives detailed information about various types of content writing. 60 hours of Practical assignments and interactive sessions give a classroom a feel. 


The mentors explain concepts in detailed practical steps. Tools worth Rs.35k are provided free of cost. This course imparts all-round complete information about content writing.


You learn to develop your website and publish blogs on your niche topic. All the detailed intricacies of the craft of content writing are taught in the course. Backed by your creative talent and the technical knowledge of best practices gained through the course you are set to begin work as a content writer.


The following important topics related to content writing are covered in the course:

  •  Setting up your website
  •  Designing the front-end user interface
  •  Understanding various types of content
  •  Content publishing fundamentals
  •  Optimizing your content
  •  Understanding a variety of digital tools for your content optimization
  • Steps to create your brand
  •  Listing on google local
  •  Social media tools
  •  Affiliate marketing


Apart from all of these, you get an opportunity to intern with them. This course has an online assessment that fetches your certification if you clear the assessment. You get trained for international HubSpot certification too on clearing their assessment test.


Before you begin their content writing courses, you get to participate in a demo lecture session. Additionally, after enrolling you have a money-back policy in case if you are not satisfied after the first session.


You are given access to their Learning Management system (LMS) right in the beginning and this access is for a lifetime. Meaning anytime you want to refresh what you had learned in the course; you can always listen to it again anytime.


Learn to Create Content for the web with the Best Content Writing Course

Here’s a video tutorial for students who are interested in learning content writing in 2021


Digital Marketing Master Course:

As a hallmark of IIM Skills, this leading digital marketing master course is loaded with practical hands-on sessions, assignments along detailed technical knowledge. You get complete information about digital marketing through this comprehensive 180 hrs. online training program.


It’s a 3-month program wherein you also get free tools worth 79k. The course fees are 29,900 + GST. This course prepares you for not only their exam but also for certification from HubSpot, Facebook BluePrint, and Google, among others.


You learn to use a variety of internet marketing tools. You have lifetime access to the learning management system. The course spreads over 60+ hours of live online training and 120+ hours of online assignments and case studies.


In this course you’ll learn these skills:

  •  How to develop your website on WordPress
  •  Complete detailed information on SEO
  •  Everything about Google Ads
  •  How to do email marketing
  •  Inbound marketing
  •  Details on social media marketing
  •  How to make digital marketing strategies
  •  Complete knowledge of decoding Google Analytics is given
  •  Online Reputation Management and its intricacies
  •  Content writing and advanced details on blogging
  •  Use of media, buying, and planning
  •  Affiliate marketing techniques and details
  •  Video and YouTube marketing, how it works
  •  Marketing automation and tools
  •  How to create digital infographics and resume creation


Special modules are conducted with flexible timings. A team of instructors attends to the students apart from the chief trainer. Weekly assignments are given and reviewed by the trainer. Students get the experience of working on real-time projects.


You will learn the techniques and tools of YouTube studio, creating scripts and infographics for your video marketing campaign. Creating paid Google Ads and YouTube ads are part of the course. Working on on-page and off-page SEO with keyword research, keyword density, competition analysis, and site speed is all covered in the course.


Social media marketing modules include creating a brand presence, business pages, social media marketing tools, and audience acquisition.


In this course, participate in an affiliate marketing program, email marketing campaign using mail chimp, and content writing assignments. You get a demo class before you begin. This course can be done by anybody interested in earning money via the internet. All you need is the know-how and internet connection on your laptop/PC.


For More Information Sign up for The Best Online Digital Marketing Course



Students from all over the world join their courses. They have online courses for Master’s degree, Micro-Master program, Professional certificates, Professional Education, and Executive Education. These courses are on a variety of subjects in the knowledge spectrum.


There are over 3000 courses on this digital platform. 

However, the most popular innovative online courses on EdX are as follows:

  •  Programming courses 
  •  Business courses
  •  Management courses
  •  Communication courses
  •  Life Science courses
  •  Engineering courses


Courses on this platform are conducted by more than 160 member universities. These courses are for learners, businesses, and educators. Courses are available in a variety of in-demand subjects. Timings are flexible.


On the website, you can search for courses by subject and programs. You can also filter by partner, program, course level, availability, and language.


Participating universities are Arizona State University, Australian National University, Boston University, Colgate University, Columbia University, Cornwell University, and many others.


Subjects offered are as follows: 

  •  Architecture 
  •  Art and culture 
  •  Biology and life science 
  •  Business and Management 
  •  Chemistry 
  •  Communication 
  •  Computer science, and many other in-demand subjects.

Businesses can also train employees with EdX courses in the job-relevant subject area.



Coursera collaborates with more than 200 leading Universities and companies like 

  •  Illinois University
  •  Duke University
  •  Google 
  •  IBM 
  •  Stanford University, and others.

With their courses, you can learn the latest skills like business analytics, graphic design, python, and more.

This is one of the finest educational websites for students that make you ready with their courses in high demand fields like 

  •  IT, 
  •  Artificial Intelligence,
  •  Cloud Engineering, And such other.


Businesses can also send their employees for training and development programs. The most popular certificate courses are data science, business management, machine learning, and others. People looking for professional development and career benefits, or starting a new career, opt for these courses. You can do these courses from anywhere and anytime.


They have master certificate programs, professional certificates, and 3900 + courses and specializations. The programs are flexible and affordable. Students can learn at their own pace and the courses are 100% online. There are paid and free courses on offer.


You can apply the learnings with self-paced quizzes and hands-on projects. You can get feedback from a global community of learners.

The certificate provided by Coursera is shareable and recognized by industries. 

This educational website for students has top online courses like,

  •  Finding purpose and meaning in life
  •  Understanding Medical Research
  •  Japanese for beginners
  •  Machine learning
  •  Introduction to cloud computing
  •  Financial markets
  •  Predictive Analytics and data mining and several other courses.


There have courses offered by industries like,

  •  IBM Data Science 
  •  Google IT Support
  •  IBM Z / OS Mainframe Practitioners and many such.

Coursera educational website for students has online degree programs in subjects like

  •  Computer science
  •  Business degrees
  •  Public Health degrees
  •  Data science degrees 
  •  MS electrical engineering
  •  MS management and so on.

They conduct guided projects and provide a certificate after completion of the course.



Udacity is one of those educational websites for students where lifelong learning can happen for skills needed in jobs and life. They offer nanodegree programs for professionals with full-time jobs. These Nano programs are for specific job competencies. 


Udacity courses are a hundred percent online, part-time, and self-paced. In this course, students learn through hands-on experience. About 200 courses offered by Udacity are free but they do not provide a certificate on completion. The rest of their programs are paid.


The course content is focused on preparing you for a job. Instructors guide the students throughout the courses online.

You can reach out to their help cell. Real-life projects are given during their courses 

Popular courses at Udacity educational website for students are in,

  •  Data science
  •  Data analyst 
  • Data scientist 
  •  Business analytics
  •  Programming for data science with Python
  •  Data product manager
  •  Data structures and algorithms
  •  SQL
  •  Programming 
  •  Artificial intelligence and others.


The courses are project-based and there is active learning. University mentors are available 24/7 and answer your questions.


This educational website for students guides the students with hacks and inspiring stories. The curriculum in their courses is practical with actionable techniques that will help you achieve your career goals. Their assignments are specific to the industry.


They also have special Udacity schools or departments. These are,

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Autonomous systems
  • Business
  • Data science
  • Programming
  • Cloud computing

Their course content is co-created by industry experts. 


Concluding thoughts:

These educational websites for students have a lot to offer. All you need to do is figure out your interests and match them with the course. Online courses build your competencies and have acceptance in the job market.


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