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Digital Marketing Growth in India in 2024

The emergence of digital marketing & the digital marketing growth in India is certainly very interesting facts. A few years back, the concept of “Digital Marketing” was not such a popular phenomenon among half of the nation, but gradually the change has started to take place. The human mind has started to think technically even the marketing strategy, resulting in an interesting story of digital marketing growth in India.

Information on digital marketing growth in India

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is nothing but the marketing strategies curated upon the digital foundation. With the evolution of the internet, human brains started to think that why not take advantage of this digital platform in marketing too? So, to promote a brand, make an advertisement, or record customer feedback, instead of traditional marketing props like billboards, hoardings, and television ads, people gradually start to use various forms of online marketing.

These all are mainly various types of marketing campaigns like video ads, social media posts, SEO marketing, online ads, etc. that seem to appear on a laptop, desktop, mobile, or tablet when somebody is active on that digitally.

Over time it is realized that this newly invented form of marketing is effective enough to draw the attention of the target audience and at the same time easy and more or less, cost-effective too.

What Are the Types of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing can be categorized into 6 major divisions.

1. Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a marketing tool that helps a webpage to rank well organically in search engine ranking tournaments. When a keyword, video, or image is being searched in a search engine like Google, results come out, out of the lot we mostly prefer the organic results of page number 1.

Well, ranking on page number 1 is not so easy until and unless the search engine is optimized. Yes, a small change of a website in terms of SEO can bring a bigger change in the organic visibility of a web page. Three factors that trigger the optimization of a web page is –

• Optimized Content
• Optimized Title
• Internal & Outbound Link
• A Great User Experience

2. Content Marketing

Content marketing is a smart marketing strategy of today’s era. The target of content marketing is to produce good appropriate content for the target audience. Valuable content can attract leads and turn the potential target group into customers. Nowadays content marketing strategy is not only used by the topmost companies all around the world but also it is an effective way to exposure to startup companies.

Relevant content can appear in front of customers in various forms, among which infographics, videos, webpages, podcasts, blogs, white papers, e-books, apps, public speaking, and presentations are at the top.

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3. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a comparatively old and the most profitable tactic of digital marketing. An organization can use email marketing to send newsletters or announcements to the contacts to aware the target audience about the brand and what kind of product or service they provide. Nowadays, email marketing is more about customer consent and personalization oriented than in the earlier days.

4. Mobile Marketing

It is not a bad idea to use mobile marketing for the campaigning of any business while as per data, 7.26 % of people worldwide are getting the privilege to carry mobile phones with them. Data says, among them, 6.64 % of people are using carrying smartphones which imply marketing through mobile can be proved as a hot idea in current days.

Marketers can keep the target audience informed about the brand, product, or offer through SMS, MMS, Apps, websites, social media, and mail that appear on devices like phones and tablets.

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5. Pay Per Click

The acronym of Pay Per Click is PPC. PPC is a form of digital marketing. When an ad, appearing on Google’s result page, is clicked by the viewer, the advertiser has to pay a certain amount of fee for that click. This method is called PPC. PPC is a safe method to direct more traffic to the landing page of a website.

The fee mainly depends on the competition of the chosen keyword- the more competition is there for the keyword, the more the fee is. PPC is a good option of marketing for small businesses that know their target audience as well as the amount of money they want to spend for the ad campaign.

6. Social media Marketing

Now it is 2024 and can we imagine our lives without social media? It can be considered as online word of mouth. The ability of social media to make content viral is evaluated as a potential B2B growth marketing strategy. Here are the names of some popular social media platforms which are-

· Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for making social networks
· Youtube for streaming videos
· Instagram and Pinterest for sharing images
· Blogs

Increment of website traffic to build conversions, create brand awareness, make communication, select target audience, and fabricate customer loyalty- social media plays a vital role regarding the exposure of a brand.

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The emergence of Digital Marketing in India

If we look back to history, we see, digital marketing growth in India doesn’t take place overnight. It was the surge of the internet in India, quite an event itself that made the entry of digital marketing in the country. The year was 1996 when very few people came across the word “digital marketing”.

Gradually in 2000, people in India became more acquainted with SEO and digital marketing. But digital marketing is nothing but online marketing or e-marketing which needs a strong internet foundation everywhere.

At that time internet was not a matter available at the fingertip, even one couldn’t think of full-fledged digital marketing growth in India whether it would be possible or not. So, despite being interested, people waited for the moment when the real growth would take its proper shape.

Internet Era of India – 2008 Onwards

By 2008, India started to witness the outpouring of the internet across the country. It was a magical experience to see the country use search engines like Google and to change and grow under the shadow of the internet. Many companies, and digital marketing agencies started to offer services in the field of digital marketing.

SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, etc. introduced a new marketing strategy to the people of India. People noticed that the newly launched marketing formulas could also bring brand awareness and generate sales. So gradually in place of traditional marketing methods like billboards, print ads, broadcasting, etc.

Business owners became conscious of the prominent presence of their brands on Google. By end of 2010, many popular brands and small-scale businesses preferred to make small SEO changes on their respective websites, and run organic or paid online ads for the exposure of their brands to the target audiences.

Hence, it can be considered a technological movement, resulting in an overall digitalization in every aspect of life and thus the nation observed enhancement of digital marketing in India.

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Present Scenario of Digital Marketing

The movement of digitalization is perhaps the most fast-moving event in the history of any innovation. It has reached 50 percent of the population of the developing country within almost two decades which sounds fascinating.

Today India believes that digital marketing is the lifeline of business and its multiple channels like SEO, content marketing, PPC, social media marketing, etc play a very important role to enhance communication, sales, exposure, and reach.

But like any other expert, a proficient digital marketer also needs to know every know-how of digital marketing, occurring with the change of time and upgrade his skills and learn more.

So, with growing need, digital marketing agencies have introduced a few new trends of digital marketing that have made an appearance to shape the digital marketing growth in India in a more happening way. Some of the amazing futuristic digital marketing
trends are-

· Artificial Intelligence (AI)
· Augmented Reality (AR)
· Voice Search Optimization
· Programmatic Advertising
· Chatbots
· Personalization
· Automated & Personalized E-Mail Marketing
· Marketing Automation
· Micro-Influencers
· User Generated Content
· Geofencing
· Omnichannel Marketing
· Video Marketing
· Instagram Reels

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Future Of Digital Marketing

If we discuss the future of digital marketing in India, it is seen that the growth of digital marketing in India is very much prospective in the future too. Data says India ranks second in the world on the internet using list, just after China. By 2024, it is predicted that in India, there will be more than 650 million & by 2025, 900 million internet users which is a massive number and can build easily a strong digital ecosystem in the country.

Over the last few years, small towns and the rural belts of the nation have shown a noteworthy digital drive, according to a report which is 31 % of the population, adopting the internet actively in life. In fact, by 2025, rural India will precede urban India in terms of internet usage.

As per data, 67% of the urban population is using internet listing, Maharashtra at the top, Goa at second, Kerala at third, and Bihar at the last, followed by Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand. Moreover, we can see a direct impact of the Covid 19 pandemic on online marketing platforms.

It has accelerated the digitalization of the nation by generating 100 million consumers towards a digital platform. Digitalization can be considered as the new concept of progress and it is the pillar of the economy, triggering promotion, reach, sales and payments everything under one niche.

Digital marketing in India is going to be happening at a faster rate and the new trends are just about to show their magical performance in the online marketing sector. Study says, video, voice, and vernacular, the 3 v’s can be proved as a game-changer for digital marketing in the coming years.

Even the government of India has started the campaign “Digital India” with a mission to transform the entire country into a digitalized one. Digital marketing is also a very cost-effective and affordable means if we compare it with other marketing platforms. For example, quality content on social media can entertain & engage a good number of people but in a pocket-friendly way.

From small startups to business tycoons, everybody is nowadays preferring digital platforms to get visible in front of their target zone. So, following the popular note of today, it can be safely said, “Being Digital is Being Global”.

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Disadvantages Of Digital Marketing

Despite several opportunities of online marketing, there are some disadvantages too that one should consider before the digital move. Digital marketing can bring “Media Fatigue” to both consumers and business marketers. Excess information regarding one same organization can create boredom in customers.

As a result, they may start to ignore all the emails, posts, or messages. The matter at the same time causes frustration to the business people too who all r putting their efforts to the marketing process. A negative review or feedback can cause severe damage to the impression of any organization as it takes a small time to get any content viral.

Even a well-known brand can lose its place in the market because of a mistake, that occurred maybe once. Choosing the right skilled & knowledgeable person for digital marketing of any company can be proved as a very crucial decision because any fault of that guy can lead to a downfall of marketing.

The risk of customer data mismanagement lies there which can hamper the safety and security of the customer too. Digital marketing incorporates the chance to target the global audience, so the higher the exposure, the higher the competition also is.


Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How much is the scope of digital marketing?

The growth of digital marketing is very interesting. Data says, In the financial year 2020, digital marketing had a market size of 199 billion rupees. It was 47 billion greater than in 2015. It is now estimated that the digital marketing sector to grow up to 539 billion by end of the financial year 2024 which certainly indicates a huge digital marketing growth in India.

2. What are the factors responsible for the growth of digital marketing in India?

Digital marketing is the fastest growing industry. It is growing at a rate of 25% to 30% rate per year. Statistic says internet users’ data of 2018 in India has reached up to 500 million. The leading factors to generate digital marketing growth are – social media channels, online portals, and high-speed digitization.

3. When was first digital marketing coined?

In the year 1990 when the web 1.0 platform was first developed, that time the term digital marketing was invented for the first time.

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