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Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Sainik Farm With Placements

Digital marketing courses in today’s world are a lucrative career option for people who have great communication skills and creativity. It is due to the ever-growing influence of technology that many businesses and individuals have turned to digital ways of earning. For instance, social media marketing is a popular form of digital marketing, where influencers and small businesses can gain potential audiences who fulfil their purpose. Marketing a product or service through effective ways is easier than it was in the era of traditional marketing. Thus, learning digital marketing for future business owners is an essential step for the future and through our list of digital marketing courses in Sainik Farm, you might find the right one.


Digital Marketing Meaning and Benefits

We will check the list of top-rated digital marketing courses in Sainik farm in a bit. Digital marketing is generally used to promote small businesses on an online platform and they play a role in bringing sellers and customers together.

It proceeds to reach out to the right audience at the right time, to generate sales. Multiple channels are used in digital marketing such as marketing through emails, social media apps and Google Ads. For businesses that are just starting, digital marketing is an effective way for brand awareness, meaning promoting the business to reach a wider target audience.

Digital Marketing Plays a Few Important Roles in Our Society, So Let Us Look at Them:

Global and Local Reach – Digital marketing enables individuals and businesses to reach a wider audience base because, unlike traditional marketing strategies, it takes place completely through the Internet. It allows individuals to work wonders with their strategies and reach both local and international clients. Accessibility through online platforms has increased opportunities for growth and development. Similarly, Local SEO and locally targeted advertisements are beneficial to many businesses that want to target the local market.

Brand Awareness – One of the special features of using digital marketing channels is that it increases awareness among customers regarding a certain brand. This in turn attracts customers who might be interested in the brand and effective targeting comes into play. The use of effective SEO, pay-per-click (PPC), or demographic information on social media helps individuals raise campaigns to target the right audience.

Cost-effective – Individuals and businesses have the advantage of low-cost promotion through digital means. This enables even smaller companies to thrive in the market among all the big businesses using highly targeted strategies. However, some digital marketing strategies are not suitable for every business due to the cost of software and tools, then businesses can find other solutions.

Analytics and Optimization – Another important aspect of digital marketing is web analytics which measures the result of evaluating the results of digital marketing campaigns in real time. It helps to optimize future campaigns and improve anything lacking beforehand. There are several online tools and software for this purpose.

You can learn about every aspect of this field through our comprehensive list of digital marketing courses in Sainik Farm.

You Must Explore These Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi Near You:

Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Sainik Farm


IIM SKILLS was established in 2015 to offer courses at reasonable prices to students around the world. Their offline center for Digital Marketing Courses is a treat to Delhi people. They have served students from more than 35 countries across Asia with their affordable courses so that no barriers can prevent students from learning.

It is one of the digital marketing institutes in Sainik Farm that equips its courses with internships, practical training, and doubt-clearing classes for a complete experience.


Key Features

  • Addressing course expectations
  • Fundamentals of web development and WordPress
  • Knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Knowledge of search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Basics of digital marketing and its channels
  • Guide to creating a resume and digital infographics


The course has several segments such as performance marketing and marketing automation along with all the norms of digital marketing, which makes it one of the best digital marketing courses in Sainik Farm. As a student here, you will be learning the various marketing aspects with a special focus on building a portfolio.

Learning essential skills and understanding how to effectively use them is very important in this career path and this beginner-friendly course is designed for individuals who want to improve themselves in the future.

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Contact Details:
+919580740740, [email protected]

2. Techstack Academy

The Techstack Academy is a Delhi-based education institute with over 10 years of experience in the digital marketing industry. Thus, it’s widely recognized as a leading provider of digital marketing courses in Sainik Farm, Delhi. It spans three main courses namely advanced digital marketing, corporate technologist’s digital marketing and the post-graduation in digital marketing.

There are plenty of reasons for choosing Techstack Academy for your next course as it has a dedicated team of trainers who are well-versed in theory and practicals. You will get opportunities to examine theories in-depth along with gain insight into the latest theories, included in the curriculum. The syllabus is reviewed regularly and is beginner-friendly for students as well as individuals working in other fields. There are extra benefits like receiving a certificate after course completion since the institute is ISO-certified.

Contact – 9319844494

Modules Covered –

  • Creating websites and planning
  • SEO – E-commerce and Local
  • Google and Bing webmaster
  • Search marketing along with video and display
  • Social media marketing through LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (X) and Pinterest
  • Affiliate marketing basics
  • Earn as a freelancer


3. DSIM: Delhi School of Digital Marketing

Delhi School of Internet Marketing is another institute that is a leading provider of digital marketing courses in Sainik Farm. The courses are available for not just students but people in corporate jobs, professional jobs and more. DSIM believes in conducting live sessions where marketers can learn ways to reach the right target with lower acquisition costs. The classes are hybrid and anyone who has queries can participate in the demo sessions, for a full class experience.

It makes our list of digital marketing institutes in Sainik Farm because students are given access to free tools worth Rs 76,908 for free. Some of these include Content Builder, E-commerce tools, SEO software, Landing page builder and WordPress tools. To date, DSIM has helped 4,900+ students get placed in jobs, more than 2,127 students start their businesses and 2,000+ work as freelancers. The digital marketing course spans 44 modules, comprising core and special modules.

Contact – 8800290309

Modules Covered –

  • Search engine optimization (4 modules)
  • Search engine marketing (5 modules)
  • Social media marketing (5 modules)
  • Email marketing (3 modules)
  • Inbound marketing (4 modules)
  • Web analytics (5 modules)

Specialisation Modules

  • Facebook marketing and Affiliate marketing
  • Freelancing tips and tricks
  • E-commerce listing and marketplace selling
  • Programmatic marketing
  • Lead sourcing
  • Content marketing in association with LinkedIn
  • Adobe Analytics and SiteCatalyst

4. Smartechedu

Smartech Education is an institute formed with the mission to enhance skills in an individual. They believe that learning integrated with innovation can change the world for the better and its customized courses aid students in becoming industry-ready. As one of the top providers of digital marketing courses in Sainik Farm, it analyzes every subject before delivering it to the students, so that they attain the best quality in terms of mutual growth.

Smartech Edu offers free demo classes for all students for an effective learning experience. You can get top-quality training so that you can land your dream job. Moreover, access to SEO tools and certifications are provided. Following course completion, you will be granted a 45-day free work experience and participation in live projects.

Contact – 9810040368

Modules Covered –

  • Search engine optimization services
  • Social media marketing services
  • Business listings for local businesses
  • Fundamentals of Online reputation management and Conversion rate optimization
  • Web design services
  • Custom E-commerce web development
  • Shopify web design
  • WordPress web design

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5. Internet Marketing School – IMS

Established in 2016, Internet Marketing School or IMS aims to create future leaders in the digital marketing domain. As of recently, the institute trained more than 6000 students from which over 5000 successfully landed their dream jobs. IMS is recommended among digital marketing institutes in Sainik Farm because they are capable of providing you with quality courses, further aiding students to prosper in their selected niche.

Developing your practical skills is way easier now since you get benefits from the latest digital tools. Your industrial needs will be fulfilled with these digital marketing courses in Sainik Farm. Moreover, you will cover case studies, strategy-making technicalities of running online campaigns and brand awareness for businesses. IMS also offers hands-on knowledge in this field through its dedicated live sessions.

Contact – 9871402213

Modules Covered –

  • The fundamentals of digital marketing
  • The planning of digital strategies
  • Basics of SEO: search engine optimization
  • Understand SEO concepts for Black Hat and E-commerce
  • Insight into Display Ads and Video Ads
  • Understand concepts of web analytics
  • Understand the concepts of Google Adsense
  • Understand drop shipping and more


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6. Digiperform

Digiperform stands strong among the list of digital marketing courses in Sainik Farm due to its top-notch training programs. It’s a trusted digital marketing institute among its students across India and has been a brand name in the field of digital career training. Digiperform has 40+ centres spread across Asia, successfully placed over 36,000 learners and trained more than 45,000.

For an insight into classroom practices, you can book a free demo session with them and experience the Digital Marketing Master Course (dCDMM). It claims to be a unique experience covering 25 core specialized skills, with 180 hours of assignments and 120 hours of classroom training. We recommend it on our list of digital marketing courses in Sainik Farm because you get the option to focus on each section from the four divisions.

Contact – 8527611500

Modules Covered –

  • Functions of marketing and digital marketing
  • Digital marketing industrial applications
  • Survey management and web research
  • Social media graphic design and business
  • Editing and creation of business video
  • Learn to build a WordPress business website
  • Social media auditing
  • Branding and growth of social media management
  • The process involved in keyword research
  • Web content writing and HTML
  • Amazon portfolio management and Affiliate marketing

7. Marketing Shiksha Institute

Marketing Shiksha Institute brings to you a wide range of training programs like Social Media, SEO, Paid Marketing and Analytics. It caters to training young college graduates in the field of digital marketing and getting them close to their dream job. The institute is out on a mission to create thousands of opportunities for students who are willing to pursue the digital marketing career path, every year. It offers one of the top-quality digital marketing courses in Sainik Farm where you can learn from the most up-to-date curriculum.

The curriculum for each module related to digital marketing brings you curated knowledge from beginning to end. You have the scope to learn each module arranged from the highest level in the digital marketing education sphere. Along with these, proper counsellors who work with the institute will offer you outstanding personal assistance for your career goals. Access to live training for projects is available in a private corporate environment, after signing up with this institute.

Contact – 9355231155

Modules Covered –

  • Social Media Marketing (8 topics)
  • Paid Advertising (29 topics)
  • Search Engine Optimization (4 topics)
  • Web Analytics and Advanced Excel (17 topics)
  • Email Marketing (13 topics)

8. Anshika Digital Media

Anshika Digital Media is one of the digital marketing institutes in Sainik Farm, founded by Mr Ankit Kumar Kushwaha and registered in 2018. The institution provides courses in the fields of Graphic Design, Video Editing, Motion Graphics and Web Design besides Digital Marketing. With this institute, you can get one step closer to your career goals as it offers 11 years of experienced services and is ISO certified. The classes are available in both online and offline modes and you get an opportunity to enhance your skills with live projects.

The overall proceedings of the training method are conducted through counselling, enrollment, batch assignment, training and internships. Anshika Digital Media offers students various benefits like one-on-one training, certified trainers, doubt-clearing classes, paid internships, certificates from Google and Facebook, Interview preparations and 100% job-oriented training. As one of the top providers of digital marketing courses in Sainik Farm and its neighbouring areas, it has seen the success of more than 450 students. The course is comprehensive and spans 26 modules.

Contact – 85955201835

Modules Covered –

  • Learn SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Everything about content writing
  • Learn PPC (pay-per-click) advertising
  • Learn Email marketing
  • Understand market research
  • Understand video production
  • Understand Public Relations (PR)
  • Learn SMM (social media marketing)
  • Learn about marketing strategies
  • Everything about web design and development and many more

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9. Google Skillshop

Google Skillshop is an initiative from Google as a means of providing certificate training programs to students across the globe. To access any of Google’s certificate programs, you can head to Coursera’s website and find them easily. Google offers free-of-cost certificate programs in not just Digital Marketing but also Data Analytics, IT Support, Project Management and UX Design which are all the essential fields you need for working in a digitalized environment. Moreover, Skillshop is a trusted education platform for millions of users which is why it makes our list of digital marketing courses in Sainik Farm.

Google Skillshop is best suited for individuals who want job-oriented skills, turning them into experts or professionals in their chosen industry. The courses are fast and flexible so that they fit your learning methods, you can get hands-on projects to add to your list of skills. As a provider of digital marketing courses in Sainik Farm, you are also eligible to attain Google’s certifications and unlock exclusive tools and other career support resources.

Modules Covered –

  • Google Ads: AI-powered ads, Google ads search, Google ads discovery, Google ads display, Grow offline sales
  • Google Marketing Platform: Certifications, Display and Video 360, Google Web Designer, Programmatic concepts
  • Google Analytics Individual Qualifications
  • Learn Google My Business and create listings
  • Google Ad Manager: set-up and other things
  • Google AdMob
  • Learn about Authorized Buyers
  • Waze: turn your location into a destination

10. LinkedIn Learning

It is another online platform providing digital marketing courses in Sainik Farm, which has a good reputation among global users. LinkedIn Learning platform ensures you with a seamless online learning experience since 1995 and was founded by Lynda Weinman. The platform witnessed a series of evolutions including when they offered 100 online courses in 2004 and began publishing documentaries on creative leaders, artists and entrepreneurs in 2008.

LinkedIn Learning has video lectures that are taught by experts in the industry, making students experience comprehensive guidance on their selected subjects. Moreover, we recommend it for digital marketing courses in Sainik Farm as a unique feature that allows you to integrate your certificates into the profile. You will not have to face further hassles as these certificates can emphasize all the skills you’ve gained and make your profile stand out to employers.

Modules Covered –

  • Master course on digital marketing expertise
  • Master course on the fundamentals
  • Master course on social media marketing strategies
  • Master course on SEO and its uses
  • Video lectures on marketing, SMM, SEO, TikTok and Insta reel marketing, content writing and AR marketing

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) What institutions provide free digital marketing courses to students?

Digital marketing courses generally have a fee in the case of most institutions, but there are platforms like LinkedIn and Google Skillshop which have a wide variety of course options. Other platforms like Coursera and Udemy offer students a range of digital marketing courses either completely free or at lower prices. The free platforms are beneficial to students who want to build a career in this domain as it gives them insight into career-oriented skills.

Q) Are there any beginner-level digital marketing courses?

Most of the institutions mentioned in our list offer students beginner-level training. The field of digital marketing in general, requires students to have a minimum graduation degree if they want to apply for Postgraduate courses, but students who cleared their 12th boards can apply for the online certificate digital marketing courses. There is no specific restriction for this field and individuals working in other professions, entrepreneurs and college dropouts can pursue it to expand their knowledge.

Q) Are there any books for beginner-level digital marketing?

For an insight into the world of digital marketing, you can check out the book titled ‘Digital Marketing for Dummies’. It is a book written by Ryan Deiss and Russ Henneberry to guide new learners to important terms and facts about the domain. It is suitable for readers of all ages and will provide you with insight into digital marketing strategies.


Digital marketing not only provides us with benefits but also makes work a lot less hectic. It can significantly increase the popularity of a business if they apply the right methods and reach the target audience. Therefore, a career in digital marketing is lucrative in the long run, making it one of the most popular career choices in today’s society. There are several benefits of digital marketing including brand awareness, cost-effectiveness and analytics. Many of the digital marketing institutes in Sainik Farm offer a comprehensive experience to their students so that they thrive in the real world, by equipping courses with internships, projects and case studies.

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