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Top 11 Data Science Courses In Tilak Nagar With Placements

In this new age and era of data mining for analysis of random and high-volume databases, the focus of most big companies and high-tech organizational structures has shifted to optimization of characteristics of such data and skillfully building data models for business performance enhancement. Thus in this process of data curation and application of data structures for customized outcomes, businesses have also shown their high willingness to appoint significant data experts and professionals acquainted with conducting such methodology and assessing the data behavior for prediction of known and unknown data. Likewise, the data science courses in Tilak Nagar in Delhi are offering such quality data learning courses.

List of top 11 data science courses in Tilak Nagar

So, indirectly such cutting-edge data culture has shown remarkable growth in the employment sector creating high-end data science job roles and designations with significant perks and benefits.

Therefore, the data science courses with certification modules are nurturing candidates to prepare for such job roles.

In this article, we have listed some top-ranked data science institutes in Tilak Nagar to comprehend their course curriculum, their learning outcomes as well as their future scope including interview and job support and practical working on projects.

All You Need to Know About the Busting Residence in Delhi –Tilak Nagar

Tilak Nagar is a commercial and residential area in the western part of Delhi, India with its location being close to the New Delhi railway station and even Indira Gandhi International Airport connected to the Delhi metro.

It has other places adjoining its location including Gurgaon, Noida, and Ghaziabad where all are high population and busting centers of Delhi in terms of market and job sectors.

The area has a commercial attraction amongst the residents along with healthcare and educational services present in the place. Tilak Nagar can be a great place for candidates who want to learn data science as it offers some lucrative course options.

Brief Analysis of Data Science Life Cycle Processes

A data science lifecycle is a cyclical or rather a set of step-by-step data analytical practices and methods that are followed to successfully conduct a data science project determining business outcomes eventually.

Each step of the cycle involves proper and methodological measures carried out by data scientists or data professionals to build a resilient data framework.

The very first process in the data lifecycle involves the identification of the data problem and comprehending the business requirement by setting hypothetical questions and priorities of data-based outcomes.

The second step is gathering large data structures and retrieving data information from primary or secondary sources and through various digital platforms and servers.

Once the data is collected, it is stored to subject it to processing and evaluation to remove data errors and inconsistencies and improve the quality of the data to put into further data analytical process.

The next step involves preparing data to develop into data models through modeling techniques through various data tools and techniques. The final step involves the execution of such models in real-world projects.

Data Science Vs Computer Science: Analysis of Each Domain’s Relevance

Data Science is a research and academic discipline involving the extraction of large data structures and subjecting those structures through elaborate and advanced processes of analytical methods to derive specific data theories and build relevant data models for usage.

Whereas computer science is simply the learning and operation of computers through a set of instructions and high-tech commands involving algorithms of software technology.

Computer Science mostly deals with mathematical and programming modules, coding practices through various software tools and technologies, and even new software development.

Data science uses such software technologies and even computer technology built by computer science in its data analytical and research-based processes.

Data science uses machine learning tools and techniques for data processing and modeling and computer science uses algorithm sets for numeric computation through computer systems for networking and software designing.

Thus, while computer science is used for computer technology and the study of computer-based technology including hardware and software modules, data science uses such computer technology to discover and retrieve essential information and patterns of data behavior.

The career options in data science include that of a data scientist, statistician, big data architect, business analyst, data consultant, and more whereas the career opportunities in computer science include that of an IT analyst, web developer, software engineer, programmer, interface designer, and more.

Here’s a List of the Top 11 Data Science Courses in Tilak Nagar


IIM SKILLS ranks amongst the top online educational and learning certification providers with trusted and industry-aligned program curriculum and training methods imparting skills and study modules to many candidates and learners internationally with efficient learning infrastructure.

Setup in 2015, the institute has shown remarkable growth to be a technology-based platform offering a diverse course range conducted by highly experienced trainers making it one of the top-ranked learning institutes in Asia.

It offers a highly comprehensive module in data science along with a master curriculum in data science learning and practices covering extensive topics in analytics, statistics, machine learning, and more.

The course is a full-time MBA program with master’s degree certification on completion designed for candidates keen to forge a career in data science learning one of the best data science courses in Tilak Nagar Delhi.

Course Features:

  • 11 months of program duration
  • 160+ hours of curriculum sessions
  • 100+ hours of practical modules
  • Tools-oriented learning and practices
  • Instructor-led live sessions
  • Experienced and qualified mentors
  • 24*7 support infrastructure
  • LMS access for lifetime
  • Job assistance

Course Syllabus:

  • Statistics – Probability concept, probability theory, distribution, time series, etc
  • AL and ML – Types of ML learning, deep learning modules, Model validation, etc.
  • SQL – Commands, reporting, services, etc
  • Power BI – Functions, DAX visualization techniques, and more
  • Python – Functions, dictionaries, lists, strings, commands, etc
  • Tableau – Data manipulation, visualization, aggregation techniques, etc.
  • R – New variable, creation, appending, etc,
  • Alteryx – Designer interface, data filtering, etc.

Course Detail:

Course Name – Data Science Course

Fee – Rs 99,900 +18% GST

Duration – 11 months

Contact Information:

Phone: +91 9580740740

 2. The Knowledge Academy:

The Knowledge Academy is considered to be an established and high-quality course provider platform with an extensive learning experience in different domains covering around 30000 courses in 190+ countries making it highly acclaimed.

The institute has tie-ups with some renowned companies and hiring agencies with its course modules aligned as par their structures making it one of the top-rated data science institutes in Tilak Nagar.

It offers a data science and analytic program covering modules in visualization techniques, fundamentals of the domain, wrangling methods, and more.

The course has expert-led sessions with an online mode of instruction with an enriching data science learning experience making it one of the best data science programs in Tilak Nagar.

Course Features:

  • World-class learning sessions
  • Online and self-paced learning
  • Highly experienced mentors
  • Certificate in data science
  • Portfolio building
  • Job support

Course Syllabus:

  • Data science – Types of data, pipeline
  • Data Wrangling – Workflow, acquisition, collection
  • Data Mining – regression, tasks, etc
  • Data visualization – Elements, charts
  • Data manipulation – Intrarecord and Interrecord structuring
  • Big data and sampling

Course Fees: Rs 29995/-

Call Details Inquiry: +91-8037244591

3. Digital Lync:

Digital Lync is a software learning and training portal specializing in analytics and digital learning courses and programs with hybrid classroom and online options of training with real-time project curriculum.

The institute currently has 50000+ learners with 10 years in operation making it one of the trusted and quality data science institutes in Tilak Nagar.

It offers a data science program having top company associations and project-based learning incorporating essential data science modules and topics.

The course available in a blended format of learning has 4.7 ratings with great career roles on completion making it one of the best data science courses in Tilak Nagar.

Course Features:

  • 60 days of full-time duration
  • Online and classroom modules of learning
  • Real-time learning sessions
  • 24*7 support
  • Dedicated mentors
  • Job support

Course Syllabus:

  • Fundamentals of data science and Information technology- DBMS, Algorithms, data formats
  • Python – Basics, libraries, OOPs, etc
  • Mathematics and Statistics – Linear Algebra, advanced statistics, probability, design, etc.
  • ML – Classification, fundamentals, etc
  • Deep learning – Neural networks, CNNs, RNNs, etc

AI and DevOps – NLP, ethics, MLOPs

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4. PW Skills:

PW Skills is a leading online professional course learning platform with upskilling candidates and mid-career professionals in advanced modules of technical learning.

The institute is known to offer a blended format of learning and study curriculum with high-quality study materials, assessment tests, and industry certification making it one of the top data science courses in Tilak Nagar.

It is offering a data science module with a specialization in generative AI comprising modules in machine learning, NLP, and skill-based analytical curriculum.

The course is conducted by expert instructors with master data science and analytical tools making it one of the leading data science courses in Tilak Nagar.

Course Features:

  • 6 months of duration
  • Live learning with recorded sessions
  • Top industry-acclaimed mentors
  • Interview Preparation
  • PW lab access
  • Job support

Course Syllabus:

  • Python – Types, OOPs, Exception handling
  • Statistics – Dispersion, measurement, central tendency, etc
  • ML – Regression, SVM, EDA, ensemble techniques
  • Deep learning – Tensor Flow, Neural, RCNN, segmentation, etc
  • NLP – Text processing, networks, etc
  • Generative AI – Machine translation, LLMS, text generation

Course Fees: Rs 17999/-

5. Udacity:

Udacity is a tech-based training and learning portal with quality learning and study courses known to have technical learning and personalized curriculum aiding learners to develop extensive knowledge and practical understanding.

The platform has a tie-up with top hiring agencies making it one of the top online learning and certification institutes in India.

It offers a data science course known to incorporate modules in data management, data pipeline generation, and other significant data science comprehending methods.

The course is a professional learning module in the data science field with experiment-based learning, coding modules, data storytelling, and other important data science techniques making it one of the top data science courses in Tilak Nagar.

Course Features:

  • 4 months of program duration
  • 10 hours of interaction learning
  • Advanced skill-based learning
  • Experienced mentors and experts
  • Certificate
  • Job support

Course Syllabus:

  • Data science learning and real-world problems
  • Software engineering
  • Data engineering modules
  • Data designing and recommender systems
  • Data science project work

Course Fees: Rs 69700/-

6. Skill floor:

Skillfloor is a leading software and information technology platform for learning and certification courses offering a wide range of modules in multiple streams and curricula.

The institute is known to offer some quality online-based and skill-oriented courses making it one of the top data science institutes in Tilak Nagar.

It offers a master’s program in data science learning with imparting foundational learning and skill-based modules from Python programming, data analytical tools algorithm structure, and other important aspects of data science.

The course is a certification-based program known to be one of the top data science courses in Tilak Nagar.

Course Features:

  • Intermediate level
  • Live training sessions and guidance
  • 10 live projects in data science
  • Certification
  • 1 month of unpaid internship
  • Collaboration in project work

Course Syllabus:

  • Overview of data science principles
  • ML modules
  • Data science and programming essentials and core
  • Big data learning
  • Data visualization processes
  • Deep learning and networking

Course Fees: Rs 9900/-

Call Details Inquiry: +91-8047096280

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7. Udemy:

Udemy is a top open source and global learning and certification platform with upskilling practices based on new age and latest technologies and trends in the market with professional learning courses for all categories of learners.

It offers specialized modules in around 220+ courses conducted by top experts in the industry making it one of the top online data science learning platforms in the country.

It offers a data science course program known as complete data science bootcamp training focusing on practical training and data science-based project work modules to comprehend its practices and techniques.

The course offers access to top data science tools and software for free making it one of the best data science courses in Tilak Nagar.

Course Features:

  • 31 hours of video format lectures
  • Data science articles for learning
  • Assessment quizzes
  • Coding practices modules
  • Full-time access to course materials
  • Certificate

Course Syllabus:

  • Data science disciplinary lessons
  • Probability – distributions, theory, interface learning etc
  • Statistics – Hypotheses testing, types, measurements, etc
  • Python – Sequences, statements, lists, loops, strings, etc
  • Chat GPT – Classifier, AI learning, etc.

Course Fees: Rs 4099/-

8. Inventateq:

Inventateq is a digital learning and course provider with high-quality training modules in diverse curricula ranging from software development and testing, Autocad techniques, java scripting and learning, web development, analytics, and data science modules.

The institute is a relevant data learning and training platform in online mode making it one of the top-ranked data science institutes in Tilak Nagar.

It is offering a data science learning nod certification program curriculum to develop data science conceptual learning and practical module sessions on its practices and methods.

The course enhances one’s data knowledge with capstone projects making it one of the top-rated data science courses in Tilak Nagar.

Course Features:

  • 3 months of duration
  • IBM-led certification
  • Real-time learning project work
  • Expert trainers and instructors
  • Certificate
  • Job support modules

Course Syllabus:

  • Statistical analysis modules
  • Machine learning curriculum
  • Big data technologies and tools like Apache Hadoop, spark, etc
  • Database management with SQL learning
  • Deep learning and AI modules
  • Visualization using seaborn, tableau, etc

9. Alison:

Alison is another platform to get certification and professional learning training in diverse domains and specializations being a top open learning and curriculum platform.

The platform is popular for its technical modules and analytical courses making it a top-rated and highly sought-after online-based learning institute.

It offers a data science learning curriculum with specialization in the machine learning domain incorporating regression techniques, clustering mechanisms, and programming modules in data analytics and data science.

It is one of the many data training courses in the platform making it one of the best data science courses in Tilak Nagar.

Course Features:

  • 4 to 5 hours of learning sessions
  • Live interactive curriculum
  • Top led instructors
  • CPD certification on completion
  • Module quizzes and test
  • Job-aligned syllabus

Course Syllabus:

  • Data science technologies, visualization techniques
  • ML applications, clustering, workflows, and outflows module
  • Data science and business intelligence learning
  • Deep learning
  • Course assessment tests

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10. Data Trained:

Data Trained is a quality learning and technological-based module and curriculum structure in its various learning domains with industry-approved certification imparting knowledge-based subject modules in ML and data analytical processes, big data technology, and tools and concepts.

It is a top platform to opt for data learning and related professional certification and knowledge development.

It is offering a curriculum-based and immersive post-graduate data science course incorporating neural network techniques and programming co-sponsored by platforms like NASSCOM and Future Skills.

The program includes modules in data science certification with an international syllabus pattern and offers reliable placement benefits and even internship opportunities making it one of the top data science courses in Tilak Nagar in Delhi.

Course Features:

  • 6 months of program duration
  • Live internship module
  • 300+ hours and 80+ curriculum sessions
  • Certificate of course completion
  • 12 months to finish the course
  • Top data science tools

Course Syllabus:

  • Programming learning in the domain
  • Python modules with functions, lists, strings, etc
  • Machine Learning processes in data learning
  • AI modules with ChatGPT
  • Deep learning and NLP modules

Course Fees: Rs 160000 + 18% GST

Call Details Inquiry: +44-744-142-7157

11. Henry Harvin:

Henry Harvin is regarded as a top corporate training and higher educational learning institute with courses in more than 37 domains and is one of the oldest and most renowned technology-based learning and training companies.

The institute is known to have trained students and organizations with top-class training services and resources making it one of the best online-based data science institutes in Tilak Nagar.

It is offering an advanced certification program structure in data science and AI co-sponsored by IIT Guwahati offering exclusive learning insights into AI-based programming and data science modules along with practical learning in developing software.

The course has high accreditations and is affiliated with renowned government-approved platforms making it one of the top-ranked data science courses in Tilak Nagar.

Course Features:

  • 9 months of full-time learning
  • 192 hours of mentor-led sessions
  • 288 hours of practicals with cloud labs
  • Self-paced learning
  • Live doubt-clearing sessions
  • 38+ case studies
  • Assignments and mini-projects
  • Certificate

Course Syllabus:

  • SQL – Hunting, string functions, joins, date time etc
  • Power BI – Query, reports, dashboards, BI concepts
  • Python – NumPy arrays, basics, etc
  • R – Data handling, basics, etc
  • CRISP ML – Project management
  • Statistics – Hypotheses, descriptive and inferential statistics.

Call Details: +91899577620


1. How Much is a Data Science Course Relevant?

Ans: To build a career in data science learning and comprehend its methodologies, data science courses are excellent sources offering modules and required guidance for varied data science job roles.

2. Does Enrolling in a Data Science Course Require Mathematical Computation?

Ans: Yes, since mathematics and computational techniques form an essential part of data science learning it is important the candidate has some prior knowledge in it.

3. What Are the Career Options After Pursuing Data Science Courses From the Data Science Institutes in Tilak Nagar?

Ans: The career options after pursuing data science courses from the top data science institutes in Tilak Nagar include that of business analyst, big data architect, data engineer, data scientist, database administrator, and more.

4. Can a Data Scientist Job Be Considered a Full-time Professional Role?

Ans: Yes the data scientist job role is a full-time profession with high perks and a salary structure.


Therefore, these data science courses are created and developed in conjunction with leading industry expectations and demand with high-end updated modules reflecting the latest trends and technologies in data science practices. Such courses have practical modules helping to get real exposure to learning. Thus the data science institutes in Tilak Nagar are a great option for candidates residing in the capital city to leverage its modules.

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