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Top 11 Data Science Courses In Safdarjung With Placements

The big data market as per market research and industry surveys is expected to have a whopping 60 billion dollars in revenue and is even likely to grow more in upcoming years enhancing chances and high-end opportunities to create sustainable data supply chains and effective management. Since most businesses and industrial development rely on data-driven structures for their decision-making, the role of data science and its methodologies has increased than ever before leveraging this opportunity to educate people and big organizations regarding the advanced practices and outcome-driven techniques in data science and how it has become the new age technology. Such data science courses in Safdarjung are a big-time data learning opportunity for the local candidates to comprehend data science scope and look into the learning outcomes, and course features and aid in professional growth and learning.

List of top 11 data science courses in Safdarjung

In this article, we will provide a list of some top-ranked data science institutes in Safdarjung in New Delhi and how they are catering to the needs of data science aspirants.

Some Known Facts About Safdarjung Enclave in New Delhi

Safdarjung, most popularly known as the Safdarjung Enclave is situated in the southern part of New Delhi and is considered to be a posh locality and well-known neighborhood located close to other localities like Krishna Nagar, Humayunpur, Arjun Nagar having quality infrastructure and services.

It has historical importance like most places in New Delhi as the famous Safdarjung Tomb is located here with various parks and other local amenities. It is known to be a top location for medical facilities as reputed hospitals and health centers are located in this place marking its importance.

It has even Hauz Khas and the famous Deer Park as its nearby locations and is known to be a tourist spot and attraction in New Delhi.

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Brief Introduction of Data Science: Tools and Processes

Data Science is a scientific learning discipline involving advanced data research and in-depth analysis of data sets and structures using scientific and research methodology to develop analytical data theory and hypotheses.

It is an interdisciplinary domain drawing comprehension and practical modules from related subject fields like statistics, mathematics, computer science, information science, and technology.

It includes some complex and determined steps and practices to conduct effective data research from collection, data retrieving, data evaluation, wrangling, and data manipulation to data visualization with computer-aided and AI-based graphs, histograms, and digital dashboards.

Data science, is a technology-based field therefore it uses and operates on some high-end data analytical tools and software most popular being programming languages like Python, R, Scala then tableau, Power BI for business intelligence techniques, Scikit-learn, Pytorch, and Tensor Flow for conducting machine learning processes and MySQL, MongoDB for high-end database management and data structuring processes.

Even data science uses AI and deep learning modules through neural networking processes building automated data models.

Data Scientist: Job Role and Its Evolution Over Years

Data scientists are experienced data experts and seasoned professionals conducting data science practices and methods effectively to find valuable information and solve critical data science problems.

They are skilled data science trainers as well as professionals who know the corrective and scientific application techniques of statistics, mathematics, and data analytics into practice to develop research-based theory and hypothetical questions on data patterns and also find the answers to the questions.

They are known to work very closely with business and data-driven organizational heads aiding them in data practices and business data modeling in the development of their products and services and hence helping in enhanced decision and business strategy-making.

The job and responsibilities of a data scientist are highly diverse with the identification of relevant business problems and challenges. It starts from retrieving data sets using programming tools and technologies to convert them into usable models by collaborating with product managers and maintaining suggestive data insights over time.

Thus, to sum up, their role revolves around the management of data and analytics projects, planning and implementing statistical processes and strategies for classification, clustering, strategy development, and even leadership roles for exploring new tools and technologies.

There are various and multiple data scientist roles with specific designations named as machine learning engineer, big data architect, data research scientist, business data analyst, data consultant, data project manager, data science ethicist, and even chartered data scientist.

Here’s a List of Top 11 Data Science Courses in Safdarjung:

Below are the top-ranked data science institutes in Safdarjung.


IIM SKILLS is a top skill-based learning and educational course platform operating as a technology-based and top academic institute located in Delhi offering online-based courses in diverse domains and specializations with job-aligned certification and expert guidance on all its modules.

It is known to have trained around 45000+ learners globally with quality course structures making it one of the best and top-rated online learning institutes in India.

It offers a data science course program with a master certification curriculum approved by organizations like MSME and is a full-time MBA learning program with one of its one-of-a-kind curriculum structure.

The course is known to be instructor-led and conducted by expert trainers with live projects making it one of the best data science courses in Safdarjung in New Delhi.

Course Features:

  • 11 months of full-time duration
  • Live capstone projects
  • Post-graduate master certification
  • Extensive tools ranging from Python, SQL, Flask, etc
  • 24*7 support services
  • Qualified and expert mentors
  • 160+ hours of interactive and lecture sessions
  • Job support

Course Syllabus:

  • Statistics –Sampling, regression, probability, etc
  • Al and ML modules –Regularization and clustering, deep learning, etc
  • Power BI – DAX models, data preparation, etc
  • Tableau –Data handling, summaries, tables, etc
  • R language –Data visualization, statistics techniques, etc
  • Python –Functions, lists, core, etc
  • Alteryx – Designer interface, filters, etc

Course Details:

Course Name – Data Science Course

Fee – Rs 99,900 +18% GST

Duration – 11 months

Contact Information:

Phone: +91 9580740740

Website: iimskills.com

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2. Indraprastha Institute of Info Tech:

Indraprastha Institute of Info Tech Delhi is a reputed academic institute located in New Delhi offering top-class courses and programs in engineering and information sciences and technology with industry collaboration with top companies and IT-based service organizations.

The institute is accredited by NAAC and UGC promotes research in top learning curriculums making it one of the top-ranked data science institutes in Safdarjung.

It is offering a post-graduate diploma course in data science and AI programming incorporating foundational lessons in mathematical and statistical analysis, data optimization, and ML techniques with real-life problem-solution skills.

The course also includes sessions in ETL processes and summary statistics making it one of the top data science courses in Safdarjung.

Course Features:

  • 9 months duration of full-time learning
  • 450 hours of program lectures
  • 310 hours of live sessions
  • IBM certification
  • Project work
  • Subject expert faculty
  • Placement assistance

Course Syllabus:

  • Python program module
  • Probability with mathematics and optimization theory
  • Business Intelligence modules
  • ML and NLP learning techniques
  • Data mining and application
  • AI-based projects

Course Fees: Rs 160000/-

3. Profound Edutech Private Limited:

Profound Edutech Private Limited is a leading IT and consulting platform offering academic learning courses and programs in partnership with top platforms and training all learners with best-in-class module infrastructure. The course has a market-aligned curriculum with certification.

It offers a data science program with Python learning and techniques and its application in business data analytics and programming. The course also incorporates data science learning exercises and certification making it one of the top-ranked data science courses in Safdarjung in Delhi.

Course Features:

  • 5 months of full-time learning
  • For beginners and professional learners
  • Expert-led instructors
  • Projects on data designing
  • Certificate
  • Job support

Course Syllabus:

  • Data science lifecycle and its fundamentals
  • Excel modules including data formatting, functions, commands, etc
  • SQL database querying with types, tables, constraints, etc
  • Python with OOP programming, loops, lists, sets, etc
  • ML module for optimization, regression, etc
  • Deep learning involving NLP, CNN modules, etc.

Call Inquiry Details: +8983012051

Explore Some More Courses on Data Science,

4. Technogeeks:

Technogeeks is an industry-recognized technical and software training platform with information technology-based courses and educational programs including curriculum in cloud computing, Python and R programming, Java learning, etc.

The institute offers job-oriented learning courses led by top experts making it one of the renowned data science institutes in Safdarjung.

It is offering a data science course program incorporating data science topics like data gathering, cleansing, wrangling techniques, exploration through the EDA process, and even visualization.

The course is aligned with industry standards with quality content making it one of the top data science courses in Safdarjung.

Course Features:

  • 70 hours of interactive learning and sessions
  • Instructor-led curriculum
  • Live projects
  • Real-time data projects
  • Certificate
  • Job assistance

Course Syllabus:

  • Core and advanced programming in Python
  • Data visualization with tools
  • Mathematics and applied statistical modules
  • AI-based programming techniques
  • Python database learning
  • Capstone projects

5. IMS PRO School:

IMS Pro School is a leading online-based IT training and educational institute offering hybrid modules of course learning and certification programs affiliated with platforms like AICTE with quality content and infrastructure of learning.

It offers a data science course module including foundational lessons in predictive data analysis, ML and AI concepts, Algorithms, and tableau learning with trending data tools and software practices.

The course contains in-demand skills training sessions making it one of the top data science courses in Safdarjung.

Course Features:

  • 6 months of full-time learning duration
  • Latest tools like SQL, Python, Power BI, etc
  • 150+ hours of live sessions conducted by mentors
  • Industry accreditated certification
  • Qualified and experienced mentors
  • Job support

Course Syllabus:

  • Business analytics learning
  • Data handling modules with SQL tools
  • Advanced Excel involving functions, dashboards, commands, pivots, etc
  • Power BI techniques with power editor and query
  • Python programming with loops, lists, sets, etc

Call Details Inquiry: +91-7710044425

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6. IClass Training:

Iclass Training is a technical-based education and certification platform with an online curriculum and training sessions for learners from various parts of the country offering quality course features and benefits.

The institute offers dedicated lessons and lectures on an online platform to get certification on preferred specialization making it one of the top online formats of learning institutes in India.

It offers a beginner course in data science and analytics covering the fundamental topics and principles of data science and analytical tools and software.

The courses include advanced topics in statistics, data visualization and communication, and big data technological learning making it one of the best data science courses in Safdarjung.

Course Features:

  • Dedicated learning sessions
  • Real-time live projects
  • Expert mentors and guidance on course topics
  • Flexible batch timings
  • Certificate
  • Job support on completion

Course Syllabus:

  • Data management modules
  • Statistics with EDA curriculum
  • Machine Learning with clustering techniques
  • Advanced Machine learning including time series, SVM, association rule mining, and others
  • Big data learning with Hadoop

7. Pro IT Bridge:

Pro IT Bridge is a top digital learning and economic skill-based academic platform with a variety of courses and programs from technical learning and information technological learning offering professional certification.

The institute is a best-in-class platform to learn and get trained in data analytics and science making it one of the best data science institutes in Safdarjung with placement.

It is offering a data science course program with extensive features and a specialized curriculum including machine learning technology, and pedagogical processes of training learners with high-end interaction modules.

The course is known to include topics in deep learning, algorithms, and advanced mathematical practices making it one of the top-ranked data science courses in Safdarjung.

Course Features:

  • 4 months of learning and training
  • Live interaction sessions by instructors
  • Top industry-approved trainers
  • Data science tools learning including XGboost, Scikit-learn, Light Gbm, pandas, etc.
  • Certificate
  • Placement cell for support

Course Syllabus:

  • Data science Lifecycle stages
  • Python language learning
  • Software Engineering modules
  • Python libraries
  • Machine learning techniques including their types
  • Ensemble techniques with recommender systems
  • Flask application in modules

8. Nettech India:

NetTech India is a popular quality learning and training institute mostly covering software-based techniques and IT-related programs and learning courses with advanced training structures and methods in all curriculums.

The institute offers a certificate with each course along with industry-aligned training making it one of the top data science institutes in Safdarjung in New Delhi.

It offers both diploma and postgraduate degree courses in data science and analytical learning with statistical learning processes, AI-based program structures, and Python libraries with specialization in Python learning.

The course is known to be highly comprehensive in terms of its data structuring and other data science methodologies making it one of the best data science courses in Safdarjung in Delhi.

Course Features:

  • Specialized learning in data science practices
  • AI projects and programs for practical learning
  • Interactive modules
  • Qualified mentors and instructors
  • Certificate
  • Resume and Job assistance

Course Syllabus:

  • Python introductory sessions
  • Python Interpreter and its core modules
  • Control Flow and Functional Techniques in Python
  • Packages, Lists, dictionaries, Sets, files handling in Python curriculum
  • Object-oriented programming structure
  • Exception handling techniques.

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9. Coursera:

Coursera is an acclaimed and trusted online-based academic learning and certification program platform including diverse modules with global and international standards of learning and teaching curriculum having collaborations with leading international universities and institutes.

The platform is highly popular with learning levels varying from beginner to advanced making it one of the top learning institutes globally.

It is offering a data science course program sponsored by IBM incorporating sessions in the latest data science learning methodologies and data tools and having in-demand skills and certification benefits.

The course is conducted by global data experts through sessions on data learning making it one of the top-ranked data science programs in Safdarjung.

Course Features:

  • 5 months of total learning duration
  • 10 hours of sessions per week
  • Beginner-level learning program covering basics
  • Degree credit certificate from IBM
  • Portfolio through project works
  • Top data experts as mentors
  • Certificate

Course Syllabus:

  • Introductory session in data science including data analysis and selection
  • Data analytical tools like Github, R Studio, and more
  • Data mining, data classification modules
  • Python project work with database management, ML, and visualization techniques
  • Applied project and capstone work

10. Data Trained:

Data Trained is a professional learning and online-based training center with subject specialization in data science learning, analytical modules, programming, SQL server development, and more.

The institute has technology-based learning courses with an enhanced curriculum in Big data technology, database management, Machine learning operation and more making it one of the top data science institutes in Safdarjung in Delhi.

It offers a postgraduate program structure in data science and analytics learning specializing in machine learning and neural networking techniques in data science.

The course is approved by NASSCOM and Future Skills with immersive learning experience in data scientific methods making it one of the top data science programs in Safdarjung.

Course Features:

  • 6 months duration of course learning
  • 12 months time period to complete
  • 300+ hours and 80+ live interactive curriculum
  • Domain learning specialization
  • Certificate
  • Top trainers
  • Dedicated placement help

Course Syllabus:

  • Data science with programming techniques
  • Python modules covering Functions, packages, and AI learning
  • Machine learning techniques for data structuring
  • AI-based and Chat GPT modules
  • Deep learning with computer vision
  • NLP modules

Course Fees: Rs 160000 + 18% GST

Call Details: +447441427157

11. Educative:

Educative is a leading AI-based skill learning and academic institute with a modern technology-based learning curriculum and modules like cloud computing, generative AI, full stack development, analytical learning, and more.

The institute is known to offer customized learning experiences in diverse domains making it one of the high-ranked data science institutes in Safdarjung.

It offers an introductory learning module and data science program with orientation sessions in data science learning topics like Python, functions, machine learning, data mining, etc.

The course has a skill-based approach learning program with professional certification making it one of the best data science programs in Safdarjung.

Course Features:

  • Annotation of data elements
  • Live curriculum conduction
  • Online mode of learning and sessions
  • Certificate on completion of the course
  • Top and expert trainers in data science
  • Job support

Course Syllabus:

  • Python modules with strings, comparisons, sets, maps, etc
  • NumPy modules including Arrays, broadcasting of data structures, operations, etc.
  • Pandas modules in data handling, merging, etc
  • Matpotlib module with Plotting techniques, OOP orientation, plots, visualization, etc
  • Project curriculum


 1. What is the Ideal Time to Enrol in Data Science Courses in Safdarjung?

Ans: The ideal time to enroll in a data science course is after completing graduation or post-graduation or can be pursued simultaneously with jobs as well.

2. Is Classroom Training More Effective Than Online Learning in Data Science Courses?

Ans: Both online and offline classroom learning is effective for learning data science modules and curricula that are instructor-supervised.

3. What Are the Career Options After Pursuing Data Science Courses From the Leading Data Science Institutes in Safdarjung?

Ans: The leading career options after pursuing data science courses from the top data science institutes in Safdarjung include that of a big data analyst, database manager, business analyst, data scientist, big data engineer, data architect, and more.

4. Does the Data Science Course Aid in Portfolio Development?

Ans: Yes, most data science courses aid in portfolio and resume development for interview sessions and job placement.


Therefore, in Delhi the demand and craze of data science and analytics as an academic and professional field is gaining ground with candidates enrolling in certificate and diploma courses in data science and specialization. The data science learning institutes in Safdarjung are offering such core curriculums in data science learning and are a great option to learn about the domain and improve knowledge and practices in data learning.

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