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Top 9 Data Science Courses In North Carolina With Placements

The data science domain is skill-based and requires you to work on your existing skills to improve or build them from scratch. This career path is quite lucrative in modern terms. If you are a hard worker, you can prosper with a general understanding of data science. Since we live in a digital world, working with data has become all the more important. It can be observed through the almost 30% increase in the data science industry. If you’re one of the curious learners who want to establish themselves in this field, we have compiled a list of data science courses in North Carolina for you to check out.

List of best data science courses in North Carolina

Before That, Let Us Look at What Data Science Means

Understanding data science can be complicated, but what if we break it into simpler terms? The field of data science mainly involves the study of data which drives meaningful insights for businesses.

Data is an everyday aspect and it can be found everywhere, in your social media platforms, business surveys, your online preference, and even weather forecasts. So taking these into account, a data scientist collects, analyzes, and interprets these vast data sets using several disciplines.

Data science is a multidisciplinary field that uses of concepts from mathematics, statistics, artificial intelligence, and computer science. Knowledge of these areas is vital to data scientists, just as much as their skills are of value.

What Are the Skills That You Can Learn From the Data Science Courses in North Carolina?

The data science field works on several soft skills as well as technical skills for the smooth operation of tasks. These skills are generally ingrained in you by the data science courses you participate in.

Machine Learning and AI skills – Among all skills, machine learning is very important in terms of data science because most tasks depend on automated systems. Machine learning and Artificial intelligence make the work process faster. In most data science courses in North Carolina, machine learning and other related concepts are included in the curriculum. As a data scientist, you can apply this technique to make sufficient use of the computer’s memory and conclude your tasks with accurate results.

Data Visualization skills – Apart from machine learning you are bound to master several popular industry techniques and one of them is the data visualization skill. So what does it mean?  Well, data is a numerical aspect of various things and non-technical individuals are never going to figure it out. To make things easier for them, the data scientist must be skilled enough to visualize the collected data with the help of industry tools. You can get familiar with the tools when you enroll in one of the data science courses in North Carolina.

Data Ethics skills – Among soft skills data ethics is quite crucial. You will get many opportunities to nurture this skill during your lessons. In today’s society, businesses are turning data-driven and operate based on the talents they recruit. Thus, it is very important to dedicate your time to understanding complex data science concepts, the best you can. On the other hand, practical learning through case studies and internships to build your data ethics skills is a much better approach.

Big Data Skills – The term ‘big data’ is a fairly new concept in the data science industry and is used to describe large quantities of data. The skill that is associated with it requires one to manage these huge datasets. It can be a complicated task but you can make use of the industry tools to get your job done. More details on big data technologies will be taught when you enroll in one of the data science courses in North Carolina.

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Top Data Science Institutes in North Carolina


IIM SKILLS is among the online Ed-tech companies which gradually rose in popularity, since its establishment in 2015. It was created to make online education easy and accessible to everyone and abiding by that, the courses are affordable and updated as per current industry standards.

IIM Skills is based in Delhi, India but it serves a wide range of students across the world. Some of the courses available for students are content writing, business accounting and taxation, finance, investment banking, GST practitioner, digital marketing, data analytics, and data science.

It is considered one of the best online data science institutes in North Carolina as rated by graduates because not only is the curriculum for existing courses updated but further research is conducted for introducing new topics to the students.

About the course:

The Data Science Master Course is newly introduced and structured to meet all the current industry requirements. It allows you to spend more than 160 hours on live-interactive lectures, more than 100 hours on classroom assignments given to you, and participate in over 16 projects for further knowledge gain.

Aside from that, you are provided with case studies and knowledge of industry tools that make it worthy of being among the top data science courses in North Carolina. Participation is flexible so even working professionals who wish to enhance their skills can feel comfortable with their class timings.

IIM Skills allows you to retake any you like after you’ve paid for it once and the LMS remains open for use at all times. At the end of the course, you will also be able to receive certificates that boost your worth.

Tools covered:

The website lists a few industry tools that you can master and these are Python, SQL, Jupyter, ChatGPT and Flask. However, there will be more industry tools that will be taught in-depth and the full list is available for download on the institute’s website.

Contact information:

Phone: +91 9580740740

Email: [email protected]

Website: iimskills.com

2. NC State University

Established in the year 1967, the computer science department was developed in this university, with a distinct mission to create and disseminate knowledge by applying community-focused research.

All the educational programs at this university allow students to be competitive, succeed in their respective careers, and in general let their natural talents shine.

At present, the Department of Computer Science has 56 tenured and tenure-track faculties, more than 500 graduates and 1000 undergraduate students. With its key focus areas and principles, the university hopes to foster collaborative and strong multidisciplinary interactions.

About the course:

The elaborate Master Course in Data Science lives up to the gravity this domain holds. It forecasts insightful patterns from ‘big data’ which acts as the core of analytical intelligence in industry, government, and science.

The course also plays a part in instilling into students the essential skills which is what makes it one of the best data science courses in North Carolina. It promotes knowledge discovery and efforts to identify standard and differentiated solutions.

The curriculum lists the following:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Automated learning and data analytics
  • Advanced topics in machine learning
  • Graph data mining
  • Spatial and temporal data mining
  • Machine learning for user adaption
  • Advanced algorithms
  • Data-guided business intelligence

Contact information:

Website: nscu.edu

3. University of North Carolina

The university offers several programs for curious learners and aims at their individual growth. So far, it has reached 39% of first-generation college students and new undergraduates with its educational approaches.

There are a total of 65 master’s degree programs to sharpen both your skills and your mind. The University of North Carolina allows room for flexibility and the programs are designed to meet every individual needs. This feature makes it stand as one of the top data science institutes in North Carolina.

About the course:

To break down the course, we have to state that Data Science and Business Analytics create an exceptional combo, perfect for individuals in that domain. It is comprehensive in its contents and is carefully curated by industry experts.

Moreover, the School of Data Science offers a unique experience for all students through its graduate and master’s degrees.

Thus, it can be counted as one of the top data science courses in North Carolina that is worth signing up for. Other details for the course are mentioned on its website. If you are looking for the syllabus for the course, kindly refer to the website or contact details.

Contact information:

Phone: 7046878622

Website: dsba.charlotte.edu

4. Simplilearn

Simplilearn is one of the biggest online education platforms that amassed a student base of millions. It started in the year 2010, as a platform that caters to students who are suppressed due to certain educational barriers.

One of the best qualities of this institute is that it offers courses at affordable prices so that all students can receive the excellent quality they deserve. To date, Simplilearn has completed more than 2,500 sessions that sharpened its capabilities.

Moreover, several universities collaborate with this education platform, and faculties from respective universities play a role in your skill development.

About the course:

Simplilearn offers affordable as well as free courses with just a click of a button. The Introduction to Data Science course is one training program that should not be missed and is considered one of the top online data science courses in North Carolina.

The lesson plan deep dives into aspects of inferential stats, descriptive stats, descriptive stats, model building, natural language processing, etc. It also breaks done complex concepts so that beginners are comfortable with it throughout the 7-hour training program.

At the end of it all, you can claim your certificate and showcase your industry-relevant knowledge to future employers.

Topics covered:

  • Python libraries
  • Linear and Logistic regression
  • Confusion matrix
  • Machine learning decision tree and random forest
  • K Means clustering
  • Dimensionality reduction

Contact information:

Website: simplilearn.com

5. Careerera

Established in the year 2009, Careerera desired to maintain honor, tradition, and discipline through its strategies. Its efforts paid off in good numbers and more than 60 countries benefitted from it. The institute has shaped around 35 career paths through elaborate lessons across 146 courses and 47 e-learning resources.

Around 253,851 students have used the platform to sharpen their skills and knowledge, since the institute’s beginning. Careerera’s data science course holds the power to evolve data into knowledge and this type of service is highly sought-after.

You will be exposed to everything from core foundational concepts to advanced tools and techniques.

About the course:

As a data science student at this institute, you can go beyond the basics and leverage your decision-making skills. But that is not the unique point, the carefully crafted curriculum includes hands-on projects and key technologies. It teaches you to learn, grow, and inspire making it stand out among other data science courses in North Carolina.

You can enjoy the benefits of Careerera’s partnerships with Global leading IT companies which assist you in understanding insights on futuristic approaches, working on your resume and interview preparations, and personalized mentorship by the institute’s faculty as well as industry experts.

The application process is described on the website along with other course-related details.

Topics covered:

  • Foundations of Python programming, R programming and database management system with SQL
  • Statistics for data science
  • Supervised/unsupervised learning, ensemble techniques and machine learning model deployment using Flask
  • Data visualization techniques with Tableau, Google Data Studio and Power BI
  • Understanding of Artificial Intelligence, natural language processing, neural networks, deep learning, reinforcement learning and computer vision

Contact information:

Email: [email protected]

Website: careerera.com

6. Noble Desktop

Noble Desktop is well-recognized as a distinguished design and coding school, active since the year 1990. Throughout the years of online services, it has perfected the art of teaching. The institute uses its unique time-tested curriculum to cater to the student’s needs.

Practice makes perfect, is something Noble Desktop believes in and it is evident through its educational approach. The institute is ranked fairly high on platforms like Google, Coursehorse, and Yelp.

Thus, it can be considered one of the best data science institutes in North Carolina, USA.

About the course:

Noble Desktop offers a wide selection of unique courses relating to data science boot camps. One such program is the Python Data Science Bootcamp, which helps you specialize in Python programming and use your data-driven decision-making to get better results.

The program lets you acquire essential skills and explore the domain further through hands-on projects with real-world datasets. There are provisions for tuition but you can alternate that by taking up the certificate program.

Details regarding that are listed on the institute’s website. So, what makes it one of the best data science courses in North Carolina? well, has several benefits:

  • You can work on projects and receive a uniquely curated experience
  • Gain exclusive knowledge from industry experts and experienced educators
  • The class sizes are small so that information can be retained faster. Data science is a complex field and the approach must be more efficient
  • The classes are offered in online or offline mode in the NYC venue, as preferred by the student
  • There will be personalized guidance from your mentors at all times
  • You can retake the course for free after completion

Topics covered:

  • Modules on Python programming
  • Modules on arrays and data frames
  • Modules on structuring programs
  • Modules for analyzing and visualizing data

Contact information:

Phone: 212 2264149

Email: [email protected]

Website: nobledesktop.com

7. Carolina University

Carolina University thrives with its rich history and heritage which traces back a few hundred years. It prides itself in bringing innovation through partnerships with reputed schools, organizations, and businesses, contributing to growth and recognition.

As a student, you get the benefit of affordable courses that do not lack in quality and don’t fail to prepare you for future challenges. In this technology-adapted society, the course aims to educate the professionals who will fill the vacant positions in data science jobs and continue adding value to the company.

Thus, there is no doubt Carolina University is one of the best data science institutes in North Carolina.

About the course:

An average data scientist masters transferable skills like business intelligence, machine learning, data visualization, and many others which is why this profession is high in demand.

As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for this field in 2028 foreshadows a solid 26% rise for operations research analysts, a 30% rise for mathematicians and statisticians, and a 14% rise for management analysts.

But this Master of Data Science course holds certain objectives which make it stand on our list of top data science courses in North Carolina. It helps you to learn the application of data science algorithms to real-world problems, demonstrate data processing, demonstrate the process of translating data into effective visuals, and master all the steps including the data science lifecycle.

You will master essential machine learning techniques to support business decisions and apply data science theories to solve crucial problems. More information on the course including admission requirements can be found on its website.

Contact information:

Phone: 8009375097

Email: [email protected]

Website: sas.carolina.edu

8. edX

If you are someone who likes to be provided options, edX will satisfy your needs. It operates in the same way as many other big education institutes like Simplilearn and Coursera.

The platform keeps your options sufficient through its partnerships with several big firms like IBM, Harvard University, Stanford University, the University of Texas, the University of California, and the University of London.

The delivery of courses is done through a seamless online mode, to ensure smooth functioning and flexibility.

About the course:

Harvard University’s Certificate Data Science program aims to fulfill certain learning objectives with its course structure. It touches upon the fundamentals of R programming and statistical concepts such as inference, probability, and modeling.

This adds to its value as one of the top data science courses in North Carolina. You can gain experience with tidyverse, data visualization, and data wrangling while learning about machine learning algorithms which are essential.

Topics covered include:

  • Modules of different industry tools
  • Modules on linear regression and machine learning
  • Modules of productivity tools
  • An exclusive capstone project

Contact information:

Website: edx.org

9. Coursera

Coursera is the largest platform that satisfies all your online education needs. The platform brings together comprehensive courses from reputed institutes. But the feature that makes it unique is the course filters, ranging from subject choices to educational levels.

It has perfectly framed courses for you and provides you with exactly what you need, including a choice where you can choose your preferred language for course delivery. Coursera is ranked high among international students and offers some of the best data science courses in North Carolina.

About the course:

One feature about Coursera that gives its courses credibility is the fact that affiliate institutes and their respective faculties take responsibility for your educational growth. Such is the case for IBM’s Data Science Professional certificate course that breaks down the complexities of the industry, to make it compatible with beginner learners’ needs.

IBM is also one of the top providers of data science courses in North Carolina and this course dives into a thorough understanding of industry tools and libraries. Students learn practical skills and gain knowledge of a data scientist’s daily tasks.

Moreover, they learn to apply their new skills to real-world projects and build a portfolio from the data projects. More details on the syllabus are available on Coursera’s website.


  • You will receive top-notch training from IBM faculty
  • You can earn an employer-recognized certificate from Coursera and IBM
  • As a graduate, you have the qualities for several job roles in the industry
  • You get support for resume building, interview preparation, and securing a career


Q) What salary does a data scientist based in North Carolina receive?

If you are a data scientist based in North Carolina, your salary depends a lot on your overall professional experience. At beginner levels, you are to receive $95,400 while at higher levels with at least three to five years of experience, you can get paid more than $130,000.

Q) What are the uses of R programming in data science?

The R tool is quite popular among data scientists and can have varying uses like analysis, visualizing the data, manipulating the data, and research. Exclusive training for the R tool is provided in several institutes.

Q) How can I find the best data science bootcamp?

Professional data science boot camps are not that difficult to find. You can start by understanding your precise needs, whether you want a beginner-level program or a single specialization. You can visit the institutes listed in this article to find the best training program for yourself.


Through this article, you can understand the importance of the data science industry and the hard work that goes into it. This multidisciplinary skill-based industry makes you capable of taking up any role in the domain, even if it’s not a data scientist. The training you get from these top data science institutes in North Carolina helps you develop a practical understanding of the subject before entering the work sphere. You can not only participate in internships or capstone projects but also build a network that stays for the entirety of your career.

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