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Top 10 Data Science Courses In Moti Nagar With Placements

Data science is a field that uses various statistical methods and algorithms to extract insights from both organized and unstructured data. As a result, it assists in producing insights, forecasts, and data-driven solutions. It makes use of a lot of data to obtain insightful conclusions by utilizing computing and statistics to make decisions. The information utilized in data science is typically gathered from a variety of sources, including social media, e-commerce websites, surveys, and online searches. You can learn these strategies and gain exposure to real-world situations by enrolling on the data science courses in Moti Nagar that are discussed in this article.

List of top 10 data science courses in Moti Nagar

The sophisticated technologies for data collection have made all of this data access possible. This data aids in forecasting and provides firms with earnings in line with their projections.

Because of the amazing prospects it presents, data science is currently the most talked-about topic and a popular career choice. Big companies and startups both are finding a variety of opportunities due to the explosion of data science.

Because of the field’s flexibility, you can move between sectors like technology, finance, and healthcare with ease. Data scientists are highly sought after and rewarded in a variety of sectors.

In today’s data-driven environment, their ability to extract meaningful insights from complex data is highly prized. Those who are just starting up and want to pursue a career in data science should especially read this post.

The top 10 data science courses in Moti Nagar for beginners are listed here, and they will give you comprehensive information.

Top 10 Data Science Courses in Moti Nagar:

Below are the top-ranked data science institutes in Moti Nagar with in-depth details.


IIM SKILLS began by offering a content writing online course. Now it is one of the leading Data Science institutes in Moti Nagar. They have added a few more broad courses in fields including banking, finance, digital, and data science in response to the positive and expanding response.

Because of its internationally recognized and certified courses, IIM SKILLS is highly recommended. An extensive curriculum of data science courses has been expertly prepared and organized by leaders in the industry to accommodate both beginners and seasoned specialists.

The data science MBA program’s curriculum is carefully aligned with industry best practices because it understands the importance of being ready for the profession and wants to give you the best possible start for a long-term career.

This respected and distinguished online learning platform offers data science courses in Moti Nagar and around the globe. They provide students access to the most recent information on technology, trends, and skills to give them a competitive edge in the quickly changing modern market.

Course name Data Science Courses
Course Fee₹ 99,900 + 18% GST
Mode of studyOnline
Course Duration11 months
Easy EMIPay In 12 Interest-Free EMI For INR 9,823/Month
Certification FeePrice Includes Exam and Certification Fees for IIM SKILLS. Google & Microsoft Exam Fee Extra
Group Discount10% Group Discount On 3 Or More Registrations

For you to have the best opportunity of progressing in your profession, the data science MBA program’s course content is meticulously matched with industry best practices.

You will have the resources you need to succeed in the workplace with their comprehensive master’s degree in data science courses in Moti Nagar.

The mentors start with the basics of SQL and Python and work their way up to more advanced subjects like statistics and exploratory data analytics. You can advance in these fields if you become an expert in natural language processing and machine learning.

In addition to ChatGPT, you also learn about Prompt Engineering and Develop AI.

 Tools Covered

  • Chat GPT
  • SQL
  • Python
  • Jupyter

Key Features

  • 160+ Hours Lectures
  • 10+ Case Studies
  • User-friendly LMS (Learning Management System)
  • 24×7 Support
  • 100+ Hours Practical Assignments
  • 16+ Live Projects
  • Dynamic & Engaging Sessions
  • Resume & Interview Preparation
  • 7+ Tools Covered
  • Master Certification
  • Seamless Access: Anytime, Anyplace
Course Curriculum
Statistics in Data Science
Data Science (AL & ML)
Data Science Using SQL
Data Science Using Power BI
Data Science Using Python
Data Science Using Tableau
R For Data Science
Data Science Using Alteryx

Globally, more than 35,000 applicants have completed their courses with the help of IIM Skills. Enroll in a postgraduate data science program if you wish to spend in your career and work toward a highly fulfilling vocation.

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2. Datamites

A high point on its graph is the current state of data science, which is expanding its scope and making major professional advancements. Among the most active business domains at present is this one in particular.

Datamites offers a range of formats for their Data Science Courses in Moti Nagar. Datamites credentials are now globally recognized due to approval from the International Association of Business and Analytics Certification, or IABAC.

Both novices and experts alike should benefit from this course, which aims to expand their skill set and help them accomplish their professional goals.

The original intention of Datamites was to generate professionals capable of bravely facing the challenging field of competitive analysis. Datamites is one of the best data science institutes in Moti Nagar.

Because their courses are updated and developed by professionals with industry expertise in a well-designed setting, students enrolled in this course will learn more.


Data Science Foundation – 8 Modules

Python Foundation – 6 Modules

Statistics Essentials – 5 Modules

Machine Learning Associate – 8 Modules

Machine Learning Expert – 12 Modules

Advanced-Data Science – 8 Modules

Database: SQL and MongoDB – 7 Modules

Version Control with GIT – 6 Modules

Big Data Foundation – 6 Modules

Certified BI Analyst – 6 Modules

                       Live Virtual

(Instructor Led Live Online)

                  Blended Learning

(Self-Learning + Live Mentoring)


(In-Person Classroom Training)


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3. AnalytixLabs

Professionals and students are welcome to check out AnalytixLabs since it started in 2011. As one of Delhi’s most reputable data science training facilities, it has established a reputation for being a leader in the field of data science courses in Moti Nagar.

AnalytixLabs is one of the leading Data Science institutes in Moti Nagar. Learners have the choice to study at their own pace using online, offline, or hybrid methods.

Mode of StudyFees
Classroom & Interactive live training.INR 52,000 + taxes
Self-paced blended learningINR 40,000 + taxes
BootcampINR 58,000 + taxes

Under Future Skills Prime, which is supported by Nasscom and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), all data science courses provided by AnalytixLabs are supported by an industry-accredited credential.

Every course curriculum is created to empower you and qualify you for an INR 8,000 scholarship from the Indian government when you complete the course. An online AI-proctored assessment is required for FSP-NASSCOM certification and the GoI incentive.

If you complete the required projects in your data science curriculum on time and with fair assessment, you will receive a certificate of course completion from AnalytixLabs. This certificate does not have a pass or fail rating.

Trainers will, however, work twice as hard to make sure you understand the material and complete the project correctly if your project falls short of expectations.

Every course, along with its supplementary materials, is designed to meet the professional requirements of today’s workforce. After completing the course successfully, each student is prepared to go into interviews and ace them as well.

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4. ExcelR

ExcelR Solution’s online data science institutes in Moti Nagar, India, provide outstanding and reasonably priced knowledge through their training framework. They provide a range of data frameworks with crucial functionality to manage complicated, big data problems.

Every training session will be covered by the syllabus, which will begin with an introduction to data statistics and progress to include tools and technologies from the vast data ecosystem.

Following an overview of advanced training sessions, students will delve into a variety of technical topics. If you’re highly proficient in analytics, processing, or computer programming and want to work in one of the most exciting businesses, ExcelR’s Data Science is an incredible chance.

The Data Science Professionals Team has created training courses for both inexperienced and seasoned programmers to share their knowledge and assist students in understanding difficult concepts, ideas, and projects more clearly.

Expert educators will take you step-by-step through the intriguing subject of data science. The trainers are seasoned software engineers actively engaged in numerous Python machine-learning projects.

Key Features

Access to E-Learning

Work on live projects

Blended Training model

Industry best trainers

After completing the data science courses in Moti Nagar, you will have increased your chances of landing a job in the industry and be prepared to consider a career as a data engineer, scientist, or analyst.

5. Intellipaat

In-depth knowledge of Tableau, Python, PySpark, Git, MLOps, and machine learning are among the topics covered in data science courses in Moti Nagar, which are provided in association with iHUB and IIT Roorkee. It is considered to be one of the leading data science institutes in Moti Nagar.

To become more familiar with these concepts, work on real-world projects and case studies. Faculty from IIT Roorkee and professionals from the industry teach the data science courses in Moti Nagar, which are intended for aspiring data scientists.

To assist you obtain the best roles at famous MNCs, industry experts devised the courses offered by Intellipaat in partnership with iHUB and IIT Roorkee.

As part of the program, you will be working on a range of data science projects and assignments, many of which have significant applications in the real world. They’ll help you progress in your data science career with ease.

Following this training program in Delhi, there will be data science quizzes that closely resemble the types of questions seen in the associated certification tests.

They’ll improve your rating. If you complete the project and score at least 60% on the data science quiz, Intellipaat will award you with a certificate of course completion.

Key Features

50+ Live sessions across 7 months

Learn from IIT Roorkee Faculty and Industry Practitioners

Resume Preparation and LinkedIn Profile Review

Campus Immersion at IIT Roorkee

No-cost EMI Option

1:1 with Industry Mentors

24*7 Support

218 Hrs Self-paced Videos

200 hours of Project & Exercises

Skills Covered



Mathematical Modelling

Data Science

Descriptive Statistics

Inferential Statistics

Data Analysis

Machine Learning

Generative AI

Prompt Engineering


Artificial Intelligence

Large Learning Models

Supervised & Unsupervised Learning


Story Telling

Data Visualization

Tools Covered















Module 1 – Data Wrangling with SQL

Module 2 – Python With Data Science

Module 3 – Linear Algebra and Advanced Statistics

Module 4 – Machine Learning

Module 5 – Supervised Learning

Module 6 – Unsupervised Learning

Module 7 – Deep Learning Using TensorFlow

Module 8 – Data Science Capstone Project

Module 9 – Business Case Studies

Module 10 – Generative AI


Module 12 – Power BI

Module 13 – Git

Job Readiness

Module 14– Data Analysis with MS Excel

6. edX

2U, Inc. launched edX, a well-known online learning firm that offers one of the renowned data science courses in Moti Nagar. They are recognized as prominent data science institutes in Moti Nagar both locally and internationally.

edX was established by Harvard and MIT to give everyone access to the greatest education available anywhere in the globe. More than 86 million people can now access online education through edX, advancing their careers in nearly every sector from robotics and artificial intelligence to public health and sustainability.

With thousands of workforce-relevant programs offered by edX, every prospective student has a path to success. They are considered to be the top data science institutes, not just in Moti Nagar but also worldwide.

A typical syllabus for data science or data analytics covers programming, big data, statistics, computer modeling, mathematics, and data science.

Statistics, regression analysis, programming with R, neural networks, data structures, basic Excel data analysis, Tableau or Power BI visualization of data, and other machine learning platforms are some of the new concepts and skills that will be presented in these courses.

7. Simplilearn

Simplilearn is the top global provider of digital skills, empowering students all over the world. Students can accomplish their career goals more quickly with the help of their programs and certificates.

It is one of the leading data science institutes in Moti Nagar along with other parts of the world. Simplilearn, a Blackstone company, was founded in 2010 and is the world’s top online boot camp for training in digital economy skills.

It is headquartered in Bangalore, India, and San Francisco, California. Top industry practitioners, in-demand trainers, and international leaders teach live online classes that are planned and delivered in collaboration with world-class universities, top corporations, and leading industry bodies.

Data science is a vital career across industries because it provides a flexible skill set that includes statistical analysis, machine learning, data visualization, and programming languages like Python.

In the contemporary data-driven world, taking a data science course can lead to opportunities for meaningful contributions, a high salary, and a skill set that will be relevant in the future.

Skills Covered


Exploratory Data Analysis

Descriptive Statistics

Inferential Statistics

Explainable AI

Conversational AI

Generative AI

Prompt Engineering

Large Language Models

Data Science

Supervise and Unsupervised Learning

Model Building and Finetuning

Ensemble Learning

Data Visualization

Database Management

Tools Covered









Power BI





Your skills with the programming language Python, Tableau, Hadoop, and Spark will increase with their thorough data science courses in Moti Nagar. Along with studying the most crucial Data Science and Machine Learning abilities for today’s workforce, you will receive top-notch training from industry experts.

Course Curriculum

Programming Essentials

SQL Certification Course

Python for Data Science by IBM

Applied Data Science with Python

Machine Learning using Python

Tableau Training

Data Scientist Capstone


R Programming for Data Science

Business Analytics with Excel

PL-300 Microsoft Power BI Certification Training

PGP DS – Industry Masterclass by IBM

8. Learnbay

IBM and Learnbay collaborated to provide data science courses in Moti Nagar. After completing the course, you will obtain a dual certification that is accepted all around the world. It gets you ready to enter the industry as a skilled data scientist.

A strong network of experts, instructors, and mentors is available at Learnbay to help you along the journey. The experts have been in the field for more than eight years. When offering online Data science courses in Moti Nagar, care is given to the needs of your organization and field.

Students can learn while lounging in their homes via Data Science Institutes in Moti Nagar, Delhi, which uses a live learning methodology. A pay boost and new employment choices may result from enrolling in a Data Science course.

With their top-notch data science study programs, you can gain the skills necessary to gain admission into a respectable company.

Course Duration: 250+ hours / 9 months.

Modules Covered

 Module 0: Cohort Orientation + Special Programming Classes

Term 1 – Python Programming (Basic and Advanced)

Module 1: Basic Python Programming

 Term 2 – Statistics and Machine Learning

Module 1: Statistics

Module 2: Machine Learning

 Term 3 – Data Science Tools

Module (1) – SQL

Module (2) – MongoDB

Module (3) – Tableau

Module (4) – PowerBI

Module (5) – Big Data and Spark Analytics

Module (6) – Time Series

 Term 4 – Artificial Intelligence Tools

 Module (1) – Deep learning using TensorFlow

Module (2) – Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Learnbay’s Data Science course in Delhi is one of the best selections because of its domain-specific instruction. Even if you don’t have a technological background, their online courses in data science will help you catch up with those who do. Their flexible course schedule lets you learn at your own pace.

9. 360DigiTMG

The most prestigious organization in the world according to the top industries, 360DigiTMG is a learned destination for candidates everywhere. Transforms people’s careers significantly by offering a unique learning experience that never ends and making them stand out from the competition.

360DigiTMG has a notable global footprint by offering top-notch training, with its main office located in India and branches spread across Malaysia, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, East Asia, Australia, and the Middle East.

They offer excellent in-person and virtual data science courses in Moti Nagar. This course covers data science as a whole, covering Tableau, Python, R, and other machine-learning approaches.

The discipline of data science offers several career opportunities, and it currently has one of the longest certification paths in the business.

Regardless of experience level, the goal of the data science courses in Moti Nagar is to meet the needs of people who wish to work in this rapidly expanding field.

Students will be able to develop databases by gaining analytic and practical programming skills in this course.

Tools Covered













10. Careerera

According to Careerera, investing in education is the best long-term financial decision. They aim to bring about positive changes in both lives and the world.

For students interested in employment in software development, cybersecurity, data science, or product design, to mention a few, their courses offer a complete, results-oriented curriculum.

There are campuses worldwide that provide both in-person and online courses. With a global reach spanning over 60 countries, Careerera is regarded as the leading education provider. They offer specialized training solutions for organizations in addition to their student programs.

In addition to building a foundation in data science education through general and specific electives from data science and other areas of interest, the Careerera online course on data science emphasizes the development of strong computational, statistical, mathematical, and programming abilities.

Every employee at Careerera aspires to live according to the principles of LEARN, GROW, and EXCEL. Their objectives are to be the best option for an excellent education on an online campus and to consistently provide unflinching support to everyone they help.

Furthermore, they aim to serve the community at large by consistently producing outcomes of the highest caliber while sensibly applying the newest ideas and innovations.

They strive to give working people and students access to top-notch educational opportunities. Their goal is to provide an environment where students can learn while also developing their personalities, confidence, work ethics, professionalism, and motivation.

With students registered from more than 60 countries, Careerera has been an international leader in offering online education and top-notch training since its founding. With Careerera’s top data science certification, you may advance your data science career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does Data Science Have a Purpose?

In the business sector, data is an effective instrument. Every day, businesses in a variety of sectors use data to obtain insightful information and make business decisions. Data science is more important than ever because so many businesses rely on it.

Q2. Is Working in Data Science Safe?

Of course! Because data scientists enjoy excellent career prospects, high income, long-term job stability, and ongoing progress, they are thought to have good jobs.

Q3. Who Gains From Data Science?

Businesses value data scientists greatly because they collect, evaluate, and present data in a clear, understandable manner that allows them to be used for their benefit. They assist companies in keeping up with the fast-paced, data-driven world of today.

Q4. What Made You Select Data Science?

Along with fantastic pay, this job path offers intriguing chances for advancement and creativity. Data scientists are vital to the future of businesses and sectors because of the growing need for data-driven decision-making.


According to the study, the most in-demand career position right now is data scientist. Data science is being used by all industries to solve business problems and maximize the use of available data. Data scientists acquire expertise in many different fields. Their primary responsibility is to analyze data sets using computational and mathematical methods. However, students also acquire a solid understanding of the applications of data and the kinds of issues it may be utilized to solve. Data scientists collaborate extensively with other teams within their organizations and engage in frequent communication with them. Ultimately, a career in data science can help you acquire a variety of soft skills. Here we conclude the guide to the best data science institutes in Moti Nagar.

Worked as an Information Analyst with over 3 years and 7 months of experience. Graduated BE in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Arunachala College of Engineering for Women and an MBA in Human Resource Management from Annamalai University. Currently, pursuing a Content writing Internship at IIM Skills.

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