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Top 11 Data Science Courses In Kalkaji With Placements

Data production is at its peak with increased digitalization of business platforms and organizational structures culminating in a data-driven world where quantitative and qualitative data structures are harnessed by information and technological firms. However, growth depends more on the qualitative aspect as the data models should be of high quality with assurance and maintaining privacy in the process. Hence, IT departments are not the primary organizations to deal with data since data relevance needs to be harnessed, and in-depth analysis is to be conducted to derive its value which is being conducted by data scientists and analysts. From this, we can gauge the high relevance of the data science domain and how its technology has taken over the business and analytics field.  We have listed some of the top data science courses in Kalkaji along with their module details in this article. 

List of top 11 data science courses in Kalkaji

In this article, we will also look into some of the popular data science institutes in Kalkaji, New Delhi offering quality courses and their features that would aid in proper learning and applying the essential data science methodologies and practices to solve data science problems.

Some Informational Insights About Kalkaji, Part of Delhi NCR

Kalkaji located in the southern part of Delhi is one of the oldest neighborhoods and important commercial centers in Delhi located close to well-known residencies like Noida, and Gurgaon which are known to be IT and job market hubs.

It is also known as a tourist attraction spot in New Delhi as it has the famous Kalkaji temple and Lotus temple situated here which are major significant religious structures having good connectivity with nearby places like the Chittaranjan Park, Nehru place market and having religious significance with location of Vedic museum and other religious structures.

Other important adjoining localities include Alaknanda and Tughlakabad extension with good services and amenities present in the place.

Understanding Data Science and Its Fundamental Elements

Data science is a multi-disciplinary academic learning and scientific research curriculum using high-volume data models and structures and excavating those through in-depth study and analysis using advanced data processes and methods and extracting useful information.

Data science is simply the domain of overall data analytical processes applying software technology and algorithmic commands and syntaxes to discover and reveal essential data behavior and their patterns and trends over time.

It mostly uses statistics for analytical processes, mathematics for computational and measurements, computer science for algorithms, and also aspects of software and feature engineering as well for data structuring processes.

The fundamental elements in data science learning and practices include Python programming for data structuring and analysis, machine learning for automating and advanced regression techniques in data analysis, deep learning, and natural language processing to develop neural data networks based on artificial intelligence modules and image and speech recognition technology.

It also includes business intelligence through Power BI, SQL querying for data handling and database management, and finally data visualization through DAX techniques, etc.

Explore Some More Courses On Data Science,

 How Can a Beginner Get Started With Data Science Learning?

Data science is a vast domain with high-end job roles and expansive career opportunities in this field with technical-based learners and professionals eager to obtain knowledge and practical understanding of its practices for advanced job roles and improving analytical proficiency of businesses.

It has emerged to be one of the sought-after professional choices as data experts are in huge demand in big companies and organizations that want to leverage their skills to build reliable data structures and competitive market products and services.

To get into this domain, certain educational and knowledge-based prerequisites are desirable from such aspirants. For beginners, it is expected that they hold a degree in a technical subject preferably in applied mathematics, statistics, computer science, and software engineering, or a relevant degree in information or communication technology.

Apart from academic qualifications, they must possess skill-based functions, lists, and distributions which are highly used in data science learning and practices.

They must have a sound understanding of the basics of statistics including measurements, vectors, metrics, variance, and median for data analytics.

They must also be acquainted with machine learning, business intelligence, and data visualization practices along with working knowledge of multiple data analytical tools and technologies.

They can enroll themselves in various data science courses and specializations to learn everything under one platform.

Here’s a List of Top 11 Data Science Institutes in Kalkaji:


IIM Skills has been a top-ranked and leading technology-based educational learning and certification provider since 2015 offering industry-relevant skills and academic curriculum aiding students and professionals to up-skill themselves in their desired specialization and learning topics.

It has expanded its reach in 23 cities in Asian countries offering dynamic learning and the best infrastructure in online platforms making it a renowned course learning platform in the country.

It offers a data science module with post-graduate and master certifications involving extensive learning in data science topics with the latest tools and data technologies.

The course is a comprehensive MBA degree program in data science with expert instructors and capstone learning making it one of the top data science courses in Safdarjung.

Course Features:

  • 11 months of course period
  • 160+ hours of theoretical sessions
  • 100+ hours of practical learning in modules
  • Expert-led curriculum with live projects
  • Master’s certificate in data science
  • 24*7 support for query solving
  • Experienced mentors and faculty
  • Job assistance

Course Syllabus:

  • Statistics – Probability, distributed, sampling, SND, etc
  • Al and ML – Multilayer perception, hypotheses testing, forecasting, etc.
  • SQL – SQL server services, RDBMS, etc.
  • Tableau – Tables, data types, handling etc
  • Power BI –power editor, data merging, munging, etc
  • R programming – sampling, loops, arrays etc
  • Alteryx – user environment, interface, etc

Course Details:

Course Name – Data Science Course

Fee – Rs 99,900 +18% GST

Duration – 11 months

Contact Information:

Phone: +91 9580740740

2. Grip Data Analytics:

Grip Data Analytics is a reputed technology-based learning and training institute with modules in data analytics, software testing, data methodological practices, and other relevant technical programs with certification.

The platform has been offering generative AI modules with Python and SQL specialization and prompt engineering making it one of the sought-after data science institutes in Kalkaji in New Delhi.

It offers a data science learning and certification program for both professionals and beginners having specialized modules to cater to both along with AI learning tools and programs.

The course covers real-world project work and assignments curriculum in data learning making it one of the top data science courses in Kalkaji.

Course Features:

  • Specialized interactive sessions
  • Industry-aligned certificate
  • 6 months of the internship training module
  • Placement cell and assistance
  • Expert instructors on modules
  • Certificate

Course Syllabus:

  • Python module with OOP structuring techniques
  • Python libraries with tools like Pandas, Matpotlib, and NumPy curriculum
  • Statistics learning involving hypotheses, probability, inference techniques
  • Machine Learning modules including regression, data classification, deep learning
  • SQL modules with data aggregations, grouping, querying, etc
  • Excel learning including tables, functions, commands, pivots, etc

Call Details Inquiry: +7008892382

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3. D V Analytics:

DV Analytics is a leading consulting and training platform with diverse modules and certified trainers conducting high-tech learning and academic programs in analytics, cloud computing, software training nod other relevant course modules.

The institute is known for its industry-aligned training and certification making it one of the top data science institutes in Kalkaji in New Delhi.

It is offering a data science learning program incorporating technology-based modules and curriculum in advanced machine learning and generative AI curriculums with data structuring techniques.

The course is skills-based using cutting-edge data tools and technologies making it one of the top data science courses in Kalkaji.

Course Features:

  • 6 months of the course learning session
  • Real-time data projects
  • Live interactive classes with trainers
  • Expert-led modules
  • Certificate
  • Job assistance

Course Syllabus:

  • Database management and programming with Excel, SQL, SAS, and Python modules
  • Data Visualization with EDA techniques and charts, graphs, etc
  • ML and AI-based modules with predictive analysis, deep learning, and data classification techniques.
  • Generative AI involving GANs, VAEs, etc
  • Cloud computing techniques with Azure, model hosting data scalability, etc.

Call Details Inquiry: +91-8095881188

4. CloudxLab:

CloudxLab is a modern-age tech-based academic learning and training institute with a curriculum aligned with industry structures and auto-assessment test modules conducted by trained experts and mentors of the industry.

The platform offers new standards of data learning and practices making it one of the top-rated data science institutes in Kalkaji.

It is offering a data science course covering big data technological modules in Hadoop, deep learning processes, and data structuring with a high-end flexible learning structure.

The course comprises flexible learning in a self-paced environment making it one of the sought-after data science courses in Kalkaji.

Course Features:

  • 220 hours of dedicated learning sessions
  • 26 live projects with industry-approved modules
  • Data science lab access
  • Top data tools like Scala, tableau, tensor flow, etc
  • Mentorship guidance
  • Job assistance

Course Syllabus:

  • Foundations of data programming modules
  • Big data learning using the Hadoop tool
  • Machine Learning training with SVM, landscape, regression
  • Database management and formatting
  • Deep learning with networking in neural mode
  • NLP curriculum
  • Reinforcement techniques

Course Fees: Rs 3999/-

Call Details Inquiry: +080-4920-2224

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5. Star Agile:

Star Agile established in 2016 is a top online consulting and educational learning platform with a high-tech course structure and class infrastructure with global trainers and accreditations with top platforms.

The institute offers online modules in software curriculum and data learning making it one of the sought-after data science institutes in Kalkaji.

It offers a data science certificate program in online mode consisting of the latest data learning topics and practical project work in data practices.

The courses is known to provide foundational knowledge modules in data analytics making it one of the top data science courses in Kalkaji.

Course Features:

  • 6 months of program period
  • IBM offered certification
  • 300+ hours of live and assignment projects
  • 6 months of internship module
  • Expert-led learning
  • Placement support

Course Syllabus:

  • Python modules with SQL techniques
  • Statistics with web scrapping modules
  • Machine Learning involving regression, k means clustering, data classification, etc
  • AI and deep learning with data pooling, strides, etc
  • R programming with functions, reports, layers, etc
  • Tableau modules with BI tools
  • Power BI modules with SSBI and concept learning.

Course Fees: Rs 49999/-

Call Details Inquiry: +91-9513393880

6. IGM Guru:

IGM Guru is a technical learning and high-end module training platform with domain-specific learning and certification benefits in a blended mode of instruction offered by leading industry-based experts and panels.

The institute offers self-paced learning with a practical curriculum making it a top online learning institute in Delhi.

It is offering a tech-based data science course program incorporating basics and advanced modules in data science learning topics and course sessions.

The course has exclusive live sessions on data practices and knowledge making it one of the best data science courses in Kalkaji.

Course Features:

  • 40 hours of live modules
  • One-to-one mentoring session
  • 24*7 support for query
  • Flexible learning session
  • Top instructors
  • Certificate

Course Syllabus:

  • Pandas for data manipulation modules
  • Business application techniques with statistics
  • Scipy for Computation techniques
  • Web scrapping with Python language
  • Machine Learning using tools like Scikit-learn

Course Fees: Rs 34950/-

Call Details Inquiry: +91-7240740740

7. Edvancer:

Edvancer is an international learning and training institute and a part of the Global university system offering quality content-based programs and training curricula in multiple modules of academics and software learning.

The platform offers certified courses ranging from analytics, web development, software testing, and more making it one of the best data science institutes in Kalkaji.

It is offering a data science learning course with specialized modules in Python learning co-sponsored by educational platforms like Coursera.

The course comprises of new age data science learning and training curriculum making it one of the top data science courses in Kalkaji in New Delhi.

Course Features:

  • 78 hours of learning sessions
  • 75 hours of practical modules
  • Real-world data practical projects
  • Certification led by Google, IBM, etc
  • Top and expert faculty
  • Placement assistance

Course Syllabus:

  • Python language and techniques
  • Data summary with visualization learning
  • ML module and processes
  • Algorithms in Python programming
  • Neural models in Python language

Course Fees: Rs 34990 + GST

Call Details Inquiry: +91-8080928948

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 8. Scalar:

Scalar is a top tech learning and professional training platform focusing on industry-relevant modules and programs of learning with skill-based learning and practical sessions in diverse domains.

The institute is well-known for its tech-based and software modules making it one of the top digital learning platforms globally.

It is offering a data science course program covering extensive data learning and training curriculum with topics ranging from machine learning, programming, statistical analysis, and data structuring.

The course is based on real-world data problems and capstone modules making it one of the best data science courses in Kalkaji.

Course Features:

  • 15 months of dedicated learning duration
  • Real-world data science projects and sessions
  • Live learning modules in data science
  • Industry-relevant case studies
  • Expert faculty team
  • Placement services

Course Syllabus:

  • Excel and Tableau learning and techniques
  • SQL learning modules
  • Python programming covering basics
  • Python libraries and tools
  • Applied statistics with probability theory
  • Product analysis module
  • ML and Deep learning basics

9. Upgrad:

Upgrad is a top and expert educational and training platform with high-end course and program structures incorporating international standards of curriculum with excellent placement modules for learners across top countries.

The platform has become a digital forum with world-class faculty and learners enrolled for learning and certification making it a sought-after academic and professional institute.

It offers a postgraduate data science course with subjective and practical modules in its various data-based modules offering industrial learning projects and a flexible schedule with a unique study curriculum.

The course is in collaboration with IIT- Bangalore offered in online mode making it one of the top data science programs in Kalkaji.

Course Features:

  • 8 months of duration in learning
  • 300+ dedicated hours of interactive sessions
  • 7+ case studies modules
  • AI-based profile development
  • Expert instructors with high experience
  • Certificate
  • Job assistance

Course Syllabus:

  • Python introductory lessons
  • Python programming basics
  • Data visualization in Python module
  • EDA-based case studies
  • Hypotheses testing
  • Inferential statistics techniques
  • Advanced SQL practices
  • Data Engineering and more

10. Udemy:

Udemy is a trusted open-source and specialized certification platform with multiple course and program ranges offering skill-based learning and training sessions in over 220k+ courses and modules.

It has top industry-verified trainers offering dynamic learning curricula in programs and courses making it a top global learning institute.

It offers a data science course program known as a complete data science boot camp module involving the latest data analytical and technology-based tools and practical curriculum in data science practices.

The course involves varied topics of data science learning making it one of the sought-after data science programs in Kalkaji.

Course Features:

  • 31 hours of data science learning sessions
  • 93 data-based articles
  • Top and qualified instructors
  • Lifetime access to course resources
  • Coding learning sessions
  • Certificate

Course Syllabus:

  • Data science disciplinary session and tools
  • Probability with Bayesian theory and distribution techniques
  • Statistics with hypotheses, confidence intervals, and more
  • Python iterations, sequences, etc.
  • Chat GPT and Artificial Intelligence learning

Course Fees: Rs 4099/-

11. Aptron Delhi:

Aptron Delhi is a software consultant and educational learning institute imparting excellence in course and program structures along with top collaborations with Oracle, Microsoft, and more.

It offers a curriculum for all types of learners with course structures in software development, and networking making it a trusted online learning institute in New Delhi.

It is offering a data science course with data technologies and tools specialization along with digital learning practices and sessions. The course offers relevant certificates and practical learning making it one of the top data science programs in Kalkaji.

Course Features:

  • 60 days of learning duration
  • Live learning sessions with mentors
  • Lab facilities and data practices
  • Live project modules
  • Certificate of completion
  • Job assistance

Course Syllabus:

  • Big data and Hadoop learning in the Data Science Basics module
  • R programming in data manipulation techniques with sub-setting, vectors, etc
  • ML techniques with metrics, decision trees, random forests, data clustering, etc
  • Algorithm with ML database
  • R Hadoop structure and learning

Call Details Inquiry: +7065271000


1. What Are the Top Skills One Can Learn in Data Science Courses in Kalkaji?

Ans: The top skills imparted by the data science courses in Kalkaji include data evaluation, data manipulation techniques, data processing, machine learning process, deep learning, and SQL querying along with programming.

2. Is Data Science Course Certification Recognized by Top Mncs?

Ans: Yes, data science course certification is industry-aligned and recognized for placement purposes in top MNCs.

3. What Are the Career Opportunities After Pursuing Data Science Courses From the Top Data Science Institutes in Kalkaji?

Ans: The career opportunities after pursuing the data science courses from the top data science institutes in Kalkaji include that of a business data analyst, data engineer, data architect, machine learning engineer, data consultant, database manager, etc.

 4. Are Data Science and Data Analysis the Same Thing?

Ans: Data analysis involves data processing through various analytical techniques and tools whereas data science is a field incorporating data analysis.


Thus, the above-listed data science courses in data science institutes in Kalkaji offer some high-tech data analytical modules suitable for learners from beginners to mid-career professionals who want to switch to data science jobs.

Since data science jobs and designations are garnering immense significance and professional growth candidates are drawn to certificate courses to learn the technicalities of the domain and build a career in it.

Hello, myself Pallabi Shome. Formerly working as a banker for almost 3 years in branch banking operations, it has been my ardent love and passion for writing captivating and eccentric content catering to diverse range of readers that made me to leap into content writing domain. Currently, working as a content writer at IIM Skills which helped to provide a platform to hone and showcase my skills and indebted to the team for their guidance and support. My interests lay in copywriting, SEO –based articles, creative writing and blog posts.

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