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Top 10 Data Science Courses In Bhutan With Placements

Data science is the sequential collection of data from different sources, processing data collection, and at the end, you can make decisions after studying the data. The journey from graduation and post-graduation to data analysis is fascinating. The beginner can collect the data from courses on data analysis, examine each course, and decide the best course available. This article on data science courses in Bhutan gives hope for data scientists with all the data thus empowering students to study the pros and cons of every institute and select the course that is best suitable for their interests.

List of top 10 data science courses in Bhutan

Spectrum of Data Science?

The scope of data science is increasing continuously in industries. It has started to offer the best career paths. Different institutes give data science courses, internships, training, and placements guidance to students, professionals in industries, and large businesses such as IT sectors, banking, and appreciably more.

The salaries are high in data science careers because only a handful of experts in this field. In Bhutan, the salary for data scientists is 15,00,000 INR, and for data analysts is 800000 INR per year.

What is Tableau?

  • Tableau is a BI tool that is powerfully used for data working and connectivity.
  • Used to make graphs and mapping data and dashboard creation

Top 10 Data Science Courses in Bhutan With Placements

Rank #1. Data Science Institutes in Bhutan


IIM SKILLS is one of the leading institutes that offers data science courses in Bhutan. They offer a complete set of guidance with practicals, case studies, placement opportunities, and government-recognized certifications for the future.

It encompasses assignments, capstone projects, and various learning methodologies on data science or projects. IIM SKILLS helps beginners, and students, in collecting and studying the technical skills required to enter data science.

It consists of multiple programs with projects and sessions by industry experts that help get knowledge of tools and languages like Python, Power BI, and Tableau, and different techniques of machine learning.

Freshers and students can start their careers in high-paying sectors of data science, Machine learning, Data Mining, Business Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and much more.

The data science course and curriculum are designed by Experts from Google, Microsoft, IBM, and brilliant data scientists. After completion of the course, freshers expect a good package from 7.5 LPA to 16 LPA, while experienced employees can expect packages of 400% with an income of 45 LPA.

It also has astonishing data science staff in the industry. They also begin events and webinars, allowing students to network with great industry leaders.

A portion of elective studies will also expose you to various domains. Example. Dedicated staff for good career management ensures that beginners receive prospects from top companies.

IIM SKILLS establishing a great profession in data science. Learners can get an experience while learning at IIM SKILLS. If you are interested in top data science courses in Bhutan, IIM SKILLS is one of the top locations to start your career journey.

Course Detail:

Course Name – Data Science Course

Fee – 99,544.31 BTN +18% GST

Duration – 11 months

Contact Information:

Phone: +91 9580740740

Website: iimskills.com

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Rank #2. Data Science Institutes in Bhutan

2. Great Learning

It is an international education company that provides education programs and skilled knowledge in the technology sector, data, and business sectors.

They also provide PG and Graduation programs in data science and business analysis. Students can acquire knowledge anytime, anywhere from industry experts. Students will get weekend online classes and guidance on projects and doubts.

Course Curriculum of Top Data Science Courses in Bhutan by Great Learning

  1. Module 1- Introduction to data science
  • Definition of data science
  • Roles of data science
  • Suggestions for data analyst and data scientist
  • Working of cloud
  1. Module 2- Data scientists working
  • Tableau vs. Python
  • Data science technology and tools
  1. Module 3- Business through Data Science
  • Data science examples
  • Data science report building
  1. Module 4- Data Science Research
  • Data scientist guidance
  • Data science modules

What is Cloud Machine Learning?

  • Machine learning based on a cloud platform
  • Learn AWS and Azure machine learning through this class
  • Machine learning using different software

Rank #3. Data Science Institutes in Bhutan

3. Dreamtech academy

The top data science courses in Bhutan are provided by Dreamtech Academy. It includes projects and a deep syllabus as a part of the advanced data science courses in Buthan.

This institute provides job-related training to students for cracking a greater number of interviews and getting top employment roles in industry or businesses.

Qualified teachers provide knowledge in data science and solve all problems related to data science during this course. When students finish this course they will be ready for industry jobs and capable of taking responsibility.

The institution assists the latest talent or guides in developing their skills to become top data scientists in the future. This institute teaches in three steps such as “learn-practice-implement”, which guides students in gaining learning through a data science career.

Students learn data science curricula from experts with good experience in their section. Highly trained and skilled staff members train students to follow high standards at

Workplace clarifies data science syllabus using live examples. The trainers provide examples of data science subjects and concentrate on concept growth.

The industry experts guide on projects and prepare them for good job opportunities, and question-answer sessions after completing courses in Bhutan.

This academy provides mock interviews, workshops, lessons, and personality growth development sessions to help students improve skills for different roles.

Course Curriculum:

  1. Coefficient and regression
  2. Correlation
  3. Outlier
  4. Data visualizing
  5. Analysis of values

What is Python

  • Python is a programming language
  • Python is used to create data visualizations
  • Python includes commands and connectivity parts for data building
  • Python has multiple libraries

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Rank #4. Data Science Institutes in Bhutan

4. Analyticslabs

It is one of the top innovators in data science courses in Bhutan and the government is recognized for high-quality training sessions and designed by industrialists.

This university is developed to gain global recognition after establishing itself as a top data analytics training The students can be placed on top IT companies like Amdocs, Accenture, Google, TCS, and MC-Commerce.

This institute focuses on clients gain basic and advanced data science skills so that they can easily emerge as “Industry Readiness” individuals and move to their careers.

Design syllabus as per industry needs and best practices by experts. High-level dedication brings personal guidance in small batches and personal counseling. Modules depend on case studies, practical assignments, and workshops on live projects at the industry level.

The new course is offered, and existing ones are developed to get recent and implemented market trends. Practical and theoretical learning methodologies and subject experts are required.

The training sessions covered a variety of job-oriented projects that included live projects and data. Beginners or students can learn in online and offline mode. The course continuously meets industry needs and updates the requirements.

Course Curriculum:

  1. Statistical methods
  2. Sample and population
  3. Matrices, variables, and values
  4. Standard Derivation
  5. Hypothesis and Error solving methods

Future of This Course:

  • Students can gain knowledge of Data collection
  • Students can get guidance on live projects
  • Get a job with high payment in industries
  • Government-recognized certifications
  • Training on capstone projects
  • High-level campus placement cell
  • Expert support at all levels

Rank #5. Data Science Institutes in Bhutan

5. Prisha Institute of Data Science

Prisha Institute provides data science courses in Bhutan that offer wide knowledge and allow students to acquire skills. They provide details of business data and difficulties. This institute helps to do research in data science, and analytics.

It organizes workshops and online conferences to develop and deliver data science projects in minimum time. This institute provides multiple courses like Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science, for business and industry purposes.

Expert trainers and professionals have the abilities of project and business analysts, initiating with statistical and mathematical methods and programming methodologies.

This institute offers services to beginners, such as placement guidance, research centers, and mentor help. It intends to build and create programs in different languages such as AI and  Machine learning.

Data science or data visualization is the collection of knowledge and skills for professionals who are looking to make their knowledge wider. Beginners can learn to tackle tricks using different research methods with theory sessions.

It is one of the reputed institutes in Bhutan. Faculty have made great contributions to give quality education in different subjects. Therefore, Bhutan is considered one of the top institutes for Data Science.

Course Curriculum:

  1. R programming
  2. Numpy
  3. Matplotlib
  4. R used to data visualize and data analyze
  5. Array with types

What is Data Visualization

  • It is a subject used to develop data building blocks
  • Fundamentals are useful for data report creation
  • It is a pillar of data chart preparation
  • Uses different skills for data working

Helps for developing data bricks

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Rank #6. Data Science Institutes in Bhutan

6. DataTrained

The DataTrained provides the concept of a learning management system (LMS) platform for students. It is one of the reputed data science courses in Bhutan. It allows access to course curricula, online and offline classes, mentor guidance, and career opportunities.

The primary session involves the introduction of data science and the installation of software in step by step fashion. This institute teaches data science with Python, Power BI, and Excel databases with mathematical and statistical techniques as per real-world needs.

Create graphs, charts, and tables via practical sessions. Basic programming concepts, algorithms, flowcharts, and code for data research and report building.

Teaching in-depth gets concepts clear and data insights, which provides students understanding of data visualization and the basic skills of data analysts and data scientists.

The journey from primary data collection to report creation has made them perfect for further career opportunities and beginners can make decisions easily based on data graphs and charts.

This course focused on beginner requirements for data scientist profiles. This top institute offers data science and data visualization courses to beginners, professionals, and students in Bhutan with the following curriculum:

Course Curriculum:

  1. Fundamentals of data science
  2. Power BI programming
  3. Machine learning basics
  4. Python Programming
  5. Regression-types simple, multiple regression
  6. Mathematical and statistical techniques
  7. Decision techniques like Decision trees and random variable
  8. Supervised and unsupervised learning methods like hierarchical and component working.
  9. Creative models Data types and matrices
  10. Learn data analysis from multiple subjects

 Data Science Lifecycle

  • Data Initialization
  • Data Handling
  • Applying methods new tricks, and trends for data simplification
  • Creating a dashboard that includes reports, charts, tables, and classifications.
  • Displaying dashboard

Rank #7. Data Science Institutes in Bhutan

7. Data Science certifications-Government department

It is located in Bhutan and the richest educational institution offers various courses to learners to help them bind up with multiple skills of data science in wide industry.

They offer courses in combination such as practical and academic sectors. It is one of the reputable institutes in Bhutan that provides cutting-edge goals with solutions finally the result as it ranked as one of the top data science courses in Bhutan.

The government section provides Python, Digital Marketing, Data visualization, Data Science, and Power Business Intelligence courses with government certification. It includes 50 modules that will teach you the basic introduction to data visualization by working with real projects.

In-depth knowledge of different courses statistics, dashboard creation, and Python programming. Learners get data analytics certification after completion of your course, and 100% placement guidance.

The Data Science course in Bhutan successfully delivered all courses with 100% results for over 20,000 students and trained almost 1000 batches and 10,000 students.

It offers online classes and offline classes and trainings with live assignments, and capstone projects. Internships and student counseling help learners to make more advances in their careers and future.

If students are looking for guidance in online and offline modes such as self-development, and IT education, they should come to the right place.

With cutting technologies training through government sections expands into new journeys with hopes to expand placements and training places soon.

They also provide 500+ hours of data science sessions over 3 months that will help you to become a successful data analyst and data scientist.

Course Curriculum:

  1. Mathematical functions
  2. Statistical methods
  3. Datatypes
  4. Overview of Panda
  5. Panda programming

Data Science Career Opportunities

  • Data science in today’s world plays an important role in various fields such as Education, industry, businesses, and organizations.
  • Require gaining output from raw data.

This certification allows get jobs in industry or businesses.

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Rank #8. Data Science Institutes in Bhutan

8. Ashwath Institute

Ashwath Institute is one of the top institutes in the data science training and placement section. They provide a wide range of skills and tricks in data science and data visualization.

Students can easily enroll in the demo class by free registration, after attending the demo class learners can enroll in the course if they are satisfied with the demo class.

This institute is a tie-up with IIM SKILLS in 2021 up to now they work together.

After finishing the course student can get certificates from both institutes for their future career.

Data science courses in Bhutan curriculum include table operations, formulas, reports, programming, and mathematical models.

Course Curriculum:

  1. Roles of data scientist
  2. Conditions for creating charts
  3. Steps of software installation- Power BI
  4. Data Modules
  5. Advantages of Data Handling

Applications of Data Science

  • Industry- In industry, it helps maintain huge data in the form of database reports
  • Business-In business data science support storing data of products or employees
  • Education-Students can easily learn data science with applications and apply it to projects.
  • Finance sections- Maintain record of financial budgets and make decisions for future
  • Whether Forecasting-Displaying details of whether on time to people

Rank #9. Data Science Institutes in Bhutan

9. Crystal Career

The Crystal Career from data science courses in Bhutan was established in 2020, with 20 teachers and 500 students. In 2020 they provided courses in Artificial intelligence and Data Science but today they provide various courses such as machine learning, Java, Python, and many more.

In today’s technological world, this institute took a high jump for student careers in data science and different subjects with 1000+ teachers and 20,000+ students.

They provide multiple facilities to learners such as practical sessions, Project guidance, and Question answer sessions to students.

Course Curriculum:

  1. Tableau programming
  2. Methods of data handling
  3. Report creation
  4. Building Resume
  5. Online and offline project guidance

Data Science Course Benefits

  • Offer top-level salaries in top industries
  • Long-life employment facility
  • High demand for data scientists or data analysts
  • Wide knowledge of data science and depth opportunities
  • Certifications and pieces of training during an internship with payment

Rank #10. Data Science Institutes in Bhutan

10. Data Frontlines

The name of the institute Data Frontline tells us to work on data and display results in report or chart types.

Data Frontline provides students in the preliminary stage with a 2-month teaching of data science after that they provide live training on live industry projects for 2 months, after the project they provide 2 months internship and career guidance sessions to students.

They also teach and support resume building, interview cracking techniques, and career opportunities in the IT industry.

This institute offers online and offline classes to students so they can easily enroll in the course with minimum fees. They provide various schemes of payments to students such as installment details, online payment, and many more.

 They are tied up with multiple industries for campus placement and training cells.

Data Science Course in Bhutan Course Curriculum Includes:

  1. Introduction to data
  2. Working with data
  3. Applications of data science
  4. Architecture of data science
  5. Drawbacks, and limitations of data science
  6. Seaborn and Matplotlib programming
  7. Business intelligence tools
  8. Power BI techniques
  9. Power BI practicals
  10. Introduction of Jupiter

Future of This Course

  1. High-level skill techniques in data science
  2. Capstone projects with salaries
  3. Paid internship(2 month)
  4. Expert Guidance 24*7 hour
  5. Free practical sessions on data science
  6. Getting Data visualization methodologies in training sessions
  7. Free demo classes for one week
  8. Opportunities in IT sectors and  businesses


1. What Are the Qualification Requirements for Data Science?

If you are a beginner and you want to do a data science course in Bhutan it is necessary,

Graduation in science, computer, statistics, and mathematics is required to work as a data analyst or data scientist. The following degrees are beneficial for this course

  1. Data science or computer science
  2. Engineering sections
  3. Mathematical  and statistical
  4. Research

Learners can start with zero coding knowledge to an infinite range of coding such as Python, SQL, Tableau, and Excel with their abilities.

Secure your place in a data science course today. Some Courses Accept Graduates From Different Fields. A Master’s Course or Phd is Helpful for Data Science Courses.

A data science curriculum is also useful for a PhD

  1. Data science
  2. Business Analytics
  3. Big data
  4. Data from multiple sections
  5. Students From Computer Science, Mathematical, Statistical, Engineering, and Science-related Degrees Are Normally Enrolled in This Course.

2. Which Skills Are Required for a Data Analyst or Data Scientist Role?

  1. Understanding problems with solutions using SQL, Python, Apache, and Tableau
  2. Thinking out of the box solutions and applying them to problems
  3. Good communication abilities for communicating and understanding concepts
  4. Listening abilities for business requirements
  5. Handling pressure and deadlines with skills and abilities

3. Which Type of Job Can Get After Completion of This Course

  1. Data Analyst
  2. Business Analyst
  3. Data Scientist
  4. Data Experts
  5. Data Trainers


Today data science is continuously growing in industry or business sections. It is required for developing and making decisions. Continuously growth in the industry makes learning compulsory with good benefits.

Beginners can increase performance and get insights from trends and patterns. Data science courses in Bhutan make more professional and data insights with techniques. I hope this article is useful and a guide for all data science career beginners.

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