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Top 6 Cybersecurity Courses in Hyderabad with Certifications

The demand for cybersecurity skills is continuously increasing due to the surge in crime. Everything depends on Cyber Security, from sharing information to safeguarding the nation’s business interests. Because information security is so important, there is high need for qualified cybersecurity professionals. So today in this article we have listed our top 6 cybersecurity courses in Hyderabad, so if you’re from Hyderabad and wish to be a cybersecurity expert, this article might help you.


List of the best cybersecurity courses in Hyderabad


Now before we dive into our top 6 cyber security courses in Hyderabad, we must know certain things such as why should one study cyber security courses or what is the scope and job profile of cyber security. so without wasting any time let’s start with our top 6 cybersecurity courses in the Hyderabad article.


Cyber security is subject of Computer Science and specific area of Information Technology. Cyber Security courses will provide students with the knwoledge and skills necessary to protect computer operating systems, networks, and data from cyber-attacks.

Scope of Cybersecurity courses: 


With the rise in the use of social media and the number of cybercrimes, the demand for specialists is growing by the day. There is a need to combat cybercrime, which necessitates the use of professionals. To secure its data from attackers, each industry that conducts business online and handles sensitive data needs the help of Cyber Security specialist. Because cyberspace is a  global platform that can be accessed by anybody from anywhere on the planet, the scope of cybersecurity is similarly distributed.


If you wish to protect your online data from cyber-attacks, you should contact cybersecurity experts. Cybersecurity attempts to assist you in defending and recovering your networks, devices, and applications from various cyber-attacks. Not just economic data, but also personal data, is at risk of being exploited as the internet becomes more widely utilized. Businesses, governments, and people are all vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Everyone who uses the internet is, in essence, in danger.


Cyber security is the process of protecting systems, networks, and programs from digital dangers. Cyber-attacks are most commonly used to gain access to, change, or delete sensitive information, extort money from users, or disrupt normal company activities.


As a result, one must take precautions to safeguard sensitive and personal data. As result, more proactive and adaptive cyber Security plans are being implemented by enterprises. They ensure information security, confidentiality, and accessibility.


Companies are willing to give high wages to experts who choose to work in Cyber Security because it meets their demands and criteria. The demand for and scope of Cyber Security will never wane unless and until there are well-trained individuals in the industry who can meet all of the companies’ needs and requirements.


Why Pursue Cybersecurity courses in Hyderabad?


In today’s increasingly dangerous corporate world, it’s critical to keep up to date by completing cybersecurity certification classes. Earning industry-recognized cybersecurity certificates demonstrates your dedication and love for your job. An organization’s personnel is empowered through training to be aware of security breaches, how to mitigate the consequences, and how to be better prepared if it happens again. Reduce human mistakes, which is one of the most common causes of security breaches in the first place.


According to IBM research, human error is responsible for 95% of security breaches. Poeple with cybersecurity certification accreditation might make  more money depending on their job type, experience, and location.


Cyber Security Courses prepare students for a variety of careers in the field of information technology (IT), which falls under the umbrella of Computer Science (CS) If you take a Cyber Security course, you will have a thorough understanding and training in securing computer operating systems (OS), networks, and data records from cyber attacks.


The Cyber Security course teaches students how to recognize computer system vulnerabilities, recognize digital exploitation, and avoid damage such as data loss and financial loss caused by viruses. Individuals working in the field of cyber security are taught not only how to avoid cyber-attacks, but also how to put in place security measures to prevent an attack in the first place and counterattack against a cyber threat.


Some of the job profiles are:


  • Security Analyst: Researches available tools and countermeasures to fix reported vulnerabilities, and suggests solutions and best practices. Analyzes and evaluates data/infrastructure damage caused by security incidents, investigates existing recovery methods and processes, and makes recommendations. Security rules and procedures are put to the test. It’s possible that you’ll be able to help with the invention, installation, and/or administration of security solutions.


  • Security Architect: Plans and designs a security system or main components of a security system, and may lead a security design team that is constructing a new security system.


  • Security Administrator: Their job is to maintain security systems for the entire company. They may also undertake some of the functions of security analyst in smaller firms.


  • Security Software Developer: Creates security software such as monitoring, traffic analysis, intrusion detection, virus/spyware/malware detection, and anti-virus software, among other things. Security is also integrated/implemented into application software.


  • Cryptologist:  A cryptographer, often known as a cryptologist, is a person who develops security software or employs encryption to secure data. In addition, he works as a researcher to improve encryption techniques.


  • Crypt analyst: Analyzes encrypted data to break codes/ciphers or uncover the purpose of malicious software.


  • Chief Information Security Officer: senior executive in command of the whole information security division and its personnel. This position may entail hands-on technical work.


Below are our Top 6 Cybersecurity courses in Hyderabad:


  1. 360DigiTMG
  2. Hacker school
  3. Jigsaw academy
  4. Amity Online
  5. Edureka
  6. Cyber Pro Track


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1. 360DigiTMG:

  • Duration: 40 hours
  • Fees: 45K INR


In our top list of cybersecurity courses in Hyderabad, we have 360DigiTMG. Cybersecurity course at 360DigiTMG, learn about typical attack types and vectors, different types of information security policies, firewalls, detection systems, encryption techniques, cryptography, process controls, disaster recovery, advanced persistent threats, and much more.


The principles and ideas of cyber security are covered in this course. It will examine cyber security architecture, networks, systems, applications, data, incident response, and the usage of emerging technologies.


The Cyber Security Course in 360DigiTMG is designed to assist you in commanding information processing system security norms. The forensics applications of cybersecurity are also included in 360DigiTMG’s cybersecurity course.


Module overview :



2. Hacker school:

  • Duration: 6 – 1 year
  • Fees: 60k INR


Because of the importance of Cyber Security in the digital age, Hacker School has created the “Cyber Security Professional” course for those who want to take a deep dive into a dynamic and promising course that will help them land in the Cyber Security domain. With the use of online or in-person cyber security certifications, you will be able to demonstrate understanding of the profession you are applying for while also standing out as proof that you are certified.


Course overview:


  • An Overview of Cyber Security
  • Linux Fundamentals
  • Fundamentals of Linux
  • Administration and Networking
  • Vulnerability Management in Network Security
  • Advanced Network penetration testing.
  • Fundamentals of the Internet
  • Cryptography Active Directory Web Application
  • Pentesting Mobile Application
  • Wi-Fi Security
  • Security in the Cloud
  • Operational Security
  • Basic Scripting for Binary Exploitation Pentesting


After the successful completion of this course, candidates will be eligible for applying for the following job roles:


  1. Information Security Analyst
  2. Network Security Professional
  3. Security Operations Analyst
  4. Security Analyst
  5. Security Engineer
  6. Application Security Analyst etc.


3. Jigsaw academy:


  • Duration: 11 months
  • Fees: 1lakh – 2lakh


Jigsaw Academy’s online Cyber Security training in Hyderabad teaches students the fundamentals and advanced principles of cybersecurity, such as how to identify security issues and how to secure data. The course, which is aimed to provide a theoretical and practical grasp of the topic, teaches students how to deal with a variety of issues in various settings.


To enroll in the course, students must have a master’s degree with a minimum of 50%, as well as a basic understanding of computers, mathematics, and English. The candidates must also pass the ‘Cyber Security 101’ and ‘Sorting’ examinations. The course is divided into three sections, with the first covering network foundations, the second covering Windows and Linux administration, and the third covering application hacking and penetration testing on emerging technologies such as IoT.


Course overview:


  • Linux Administration
  • Windows Administration
  • Offensive Hacking
  • Python for Hacking
  • Web Application Penetration Testing
  • OSCP Preparation
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Security


4. Amity Online:

  • Duration: 11 months
  • Fees: 1,55,000 INR


The Amity online Post-graduate diploma in Cybersecurity will equip you with the knowledge and abilities you’ll need to succeed in this rapidly expanding field. You’ll learn how to secure your IT infrastructure from top to bottom, including how to generate threat intelligence, execute cybersecurity operations, comprehend ICS security, construct cloud-based security, and achieve compliance.


You’ll get real-world guidance from their top industry experts as well as learn about the interdependence of blockchain, machine learning, and IoT with cybersecurity. To help you become a Cybersecurity expert, the best-in-class Diploma develops practical experience through group projects and assignments.


Module overview:


  • Module I – Cyber Security Building blocks
  • Module II – Scripting for Hackers
  • Module III – CompTIA Security
  • Module IV – Cyber kill chain and offensive security
  • Module V – Application Security
  • Module VI – Cyber SOC


5. Edureka:

  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Fees: 15k INR


Edureka is global e-learning platform that offers live, instructor-led training in areas such as artificial intelligence, data science, big data, cloud computing, blockchain, and cybersecurity.


The Cybersecurity Certification Course from Edureka will teach learners the fundamental ideas of cybersecurity as well as the approaches that must be used to ensure an organization’s information security. This course will take you through cryptography, computer networks and security, application security, data and endpoint security, idAM (Identity and Access Management), cloud security, cyber-attacks, and various security practices for businesses, starting with the fundamentals.


This course is aimed to cover a broad range of core topics in cybersecurity, preparing freshmen and IT professionals for the next level of their choice, such as ethical hacking, audit and compliance, GRC, and security architecture, among others. This course is intended to serve as an introduction to cybersecurity.


Course overview:



6. Cyber Pro Track:

  • Duration: 6 month + 2 months internship
  • Fees: 2,25,000 INR


In our final list of cybersecurity courses in Hyderabad, we have a cyber pro track. Cyber Pro is a four-month full-time certification program with a two-month internship established by one of the industry’s most respected information security practitioners and consultants. The program includes a modern curriculum divided into nine or more courses, as well as a hyper-realistic simulation lab where participants may battle real-world cyber threats in a safe environment.


The course also features Purple range, virtual environment that contains wide range of training scenarios like incident response, penetration testing, and individual skill development. PurpleSynapz is one of the few Asian colleges that includes Cyber Range in its training program.


Networking, Deep Pack-It et Inspection, Firewalls, SIEM, Incident Response, Cloud concepts, Cyber Forensics, Cyber Range, and other cutting-edge technologies are covered in 9+ modules


Frequently asked questions on Cybersecurity courses in Hyderabad:


  • Is the Cybersecurity course hard or easy?


cyber security degree can be challenging in comparison to other degrees, but it often does not need advanced math or intense laboratories or practicals, making the courses considerably more accessible.


  • Is it possible to learn cyber security in 6 months?
No! six months is probably not enough time to study enough about cyber security to acquire a job. That’s probably too short for coding as well. Being  a good programmer takes a long time to master. First, you must attend programming school, which will take at least 4–6 years.
  • Can nontechnical students pursue cyber security courses?
Cybersecurity can be learned by everyone. You don’t need an IT experience to get started learning about cybersecurity; anyone can study cybersecurity regardless of their background. All you have to do is be willing to put in the effort to learn something new!




In India, you can enroll in a variety of online cyber security courses to earn the degrees or certifications you desire. I’ve reviewed a number of Hyderabad platforms that provide online training and certifications in this article. Cyber Security Courses in Hyderabad will assist you in achieving a successful profession. So go ahead and pursue your passions while earning a good living.

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