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Content Writing Jobs for Writers in 2024 (Updated)

To smile wide and flourish very well among 4,208,571,287 Internet users at this moment requires a promising and effective task to be done. This task can be described as content writing. You and I want to share our fondness for rock climbing and all about the activity with as many, isn’t it?

Content Writing Jobs for Writers

Considering cyberspace as a platform, let us make your ideas wave to as many people on the internet. Bringing to you everything you need to know about Content Writing and Content Writing jobs for the next 25 minutes.

What is Content Writing? 

This moment urges me to tell you something regarding my favorite Readers’ journal curated by ‘The Paper Dolphin’. It is quite ambitious to pat my table and say ‘Howdy, I want the whole planet to know about this right away!’ but let us attempt it! Content writing jobs are in high demand at this point in time.

I will use my language and writing which will appear on my social media handle to sell and promote one of ‘The Paper Dolphin’s products, the reader’s Journal. Content Writing can be described as a process where you and I will be brainstorming about the content to be said out and creating writings to sell and promote our products on websites.

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What are Content Writing Jobs?

My teacher had always told me, ‘Never give anything for free if you are good at it. When you have your ideas bubbling and exceptional language skills, please get your rewards!  Content Writing jobs include content writers coming up with written material across media. Content writers are directed by a Content (Happy!) team on a project. The happy team comprises marketing professionals, project managers, and executive professionals. 

Content Writers must stay posted on contemporary happenings and trends today. The Content Creators will have to work on specific style guides and must fulfill content requirements that a company may expect. Content Writers are the key drivers of Web traffic and sales through SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 

Content writing minds are always empty yet full! Content writers have brains that are of clarity to perpetuate action. 

Who Are Content Writings Jobs for?

Did you know that Content Writing can fetch your needs not only for living but also for living well? Actually, content writings jobs can be applied by anyone who has the skills to interact with a reader through language and writing. However, it is more ideal if one has a Content Wring Master Certification from a leading institute for Digital Content Writing and Digital Marketing like IIM Skills. IIM Skills is an online platform to learn content writing in a duration of 4 weeks. 

IIM Skills take in learners’ who are Aspiring College Dropouts, Students, Housewives, The Retired Souls, ‘Wannapreneurs’, Marketers/ Digital Marketers, Businessmen, and Entrepreneurs. The Content Writing Master Course offers 4 weeks of Live Online Classroom Training, 16 hours of lectures, 60 hours of practical assignments, and Free tools that are worth 35 grand accessible for your lifetime. 

Before applying for your content writing jobs, you can participate in an optional internship given by IIM Skills. The expertise at IIM Skills aids in complete preparation for the role of an eminent Content Writer in organizations that have enthusiastic content writing needs. 

What Can You Do With Content Writing Jobs?

1. Sit back, relax, and work from home sweet home.

2. Establish your own content writing and marketing organization/agency. 

3. Unleash your creativity and work on building your own individual brand.

4. Dream bigger and set your content writing skills to address your goals. 

Why is Your Content Writing Job a ‘go- to’ Job? 

There is a world population of 7.8 billion approximately and the internet has a total sum of 1.95 billion websites at this very moment. 61% of the population worldwide are literates. A coming together of these vast numbers hold innumerable ideas to be spoken about and content to be written for.  Content writing jobs can be done through freelancing, as a part-time job, or a full-time job. We are exercising nothing more than our sight and touch of information and language to earn a lot of money! There is a demand for content writers. The Content Writing Field employs so many people who have lost their jobs and are put through the hard times of the pandemic. 

Content Writing Jobs can even be done by Visually impaired people (through the brail system) and the hearing impaired. The role of a Content Writer is thus inclusive and discriminatory- free. Content writing is easy! Certification is not mandatory to apply for content writing jobs. Your acquaintance may love the way you simply write your Facebook posts and she may want you to write for her cake page. Here you are, bagging online content writing jobs without any investment of money but your skill. 

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How Much Will Content Writing Jobs Pay You? 

1. An approximate freelance writer’s salary for freshers: Rs.10,000 – Rs. 12,000 per month 

  A freelance writer can charge per word in their writings. They can charge from Rs.6 for an article word count of 1500. 

2. An approximate of an experienced content writer’s salary: Rs.20,000 – Rs. 60,000 per month 

There Are 10 Ways to Write in Content Writing Jobs

1. Blog Writing:

A blogger can simply turn your complex ideas into a refreshing actionable piece of writing on websites. For example, One can blog about food joints, travel, lifestyle, cinema, or even about books. Blog writing includes research, interviewing, writing articles, and blog posts. A recent example of blog writing is ‘The ink packet’ on Medium. The most interesting thing about this publication is that the blog writer has been successful in binding one’s scrolling time to intriguing reads. The articles written by ‘The ink packet’ do not exceed 5 minutes of reading time. 

2. Brand Journaling

Do you remember the Paper Dolphin? Brand journalists will portray brands to acquire prominence and will ensure that your brand is well recognized before your acquaintance you met this morning goes to bed. Brand Journaling includes interviewing and writing company bios, customer stories, press releases, boilerplates, branding stories, and internal communications. 

3. Copywriting 

The content writer will be writing a sales copy which will bring about an increase in awareness and this copy ignites the target person or group to buy a product.  Copywriting includes writing a website copy, product descriptions (For example Product descriptions for Amazon and other e-commerce websites), presenting infographics, sales collateral, and writing for traditional print media (Examples: Newspapers and magazines). Every writer is inevitably a copywriter! Even a poet is a copywriter (For example: ‘Thought Winged – Poetry Palette’) 

4. Ghostwriting

Content writers are loyal ghosts to the brands and companies that they are writing for. A ghostwriter covers a wide range of spectrum for his assigned company’s accomplishments. 

-Ghostwriting requires thought leadership, writing e-books (For example: In Tune on Amazon Kindle Unlimited), articles, white papers, off-page content, and website copies. 

5. Technical Writing

A technical writer will make the buyer understands all about how to use a Megaminx Rubik’s cube with ease. A technical writer’s skills are different from the skills of a Neo-techie writer. A technical writer writes her content in such a way that the burden of understanding highly technical content reduces and it easier even for an 11 year- old to comprehend.  Technical writing includes telling the reader about the ‘How-tos’ in his content, writing user manuals, answering FAQs, writing guides, instructions, and User experience messaging. 

6. Social Media Writing

The content writer here pumps one’s feed with persuasive/advocating content to engage the audience’s activity in a particular person’s handle or a brand page. Periodic posting and the sustainability of creative language play a key role in social media writing. 

-Becoming a social media writer will include writing content for Social media posts, curating quizzes, coming up with interactive content, platform-targeted content, and PR outreach. 


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7. Email Writing 

The content writer plays with templates, creates persuasive messages, and drives the receiver to land upon a brand’s page. Understanding contemporary interests and the psychology of the target audience is a major part of the Email writing process.  Email writing nurtures the customers and sales through newsletters, drip campaigns, and transactional emails. 

8. Scriptwriting

A scriptwriter is needed in every multimedia project. The Scriptwriter innately has skills in storytelling and impeccable visualization. She creates her scripts for experiencing vibrant formats.

-Scriptwriting involves writing video scripts, explaining video scripts, podcast scripts, motion graphic scripts, Chatbots, radio, and audio advertising. 

9. Long-form Content Writing

Experts in subject matters become long-form content writers. They specialize in niche topics and they know what exactly they are doing. Long-form contents are made of strong and cohesive reads. Long-form content writing includes writing 2000+ words.

-Long-form writing includes writing pillar blog posts, case studies, data studies, e-books, and white papers.

10. Ad and Promo Writing 

content writing for advertisements and promotions serves as performance drivers for a brand or a product. Successful ad and promo writing will exponentially increase sales! 

-Ad and promo writing includes presenting sales collateral, writing advertisement copies, direct mail copies, product descriptions, landing pages, and promo blurbs on sites. 

Content writing jobs contribute towards sustainable working spaces. One need not necessarily need an office to carry content writing tasks. You can sit by the mountains or a tea shop and write your content. Generate your ideas, research, and butter up! 

A Few Well-thought Contents Writing Jobs You Can Find Online: 

1. Content writing jobs on Upwork

Upwork is an American freelancing online platform that connects business enterprises having a demand for talent and freelance writers.  The CEO of Upwork is Hayden Brown. Upwork was founded in the year 2015 at Campbell, California in the United States. The headquarters of Upwork is housed in Santa Clara, California in the United States. The company was created by BeerudSheth, Srini Anumolu, and Sanjay Noronha. Upwork was founded by StratisKaramanlakis and OdysseasTsatalos. Its subsidiaries are Upwork Escrow, Elance, Upwork, and Upwork Talent group. 

2. Content Writing Jobs on Fiverr

Fiverr is an online platform rooted in Israel offering freelance services all around the globe.  The CEO of Fiverr is Micha Kaufman. Fiverr was founded in the year 2010 at Tel Aviv-Yafo in Israel (Headquarters). Freelancing services are available in several languages which include English, Spanish, French, Dutch and Portuguese Language. Its subsidiaries are ClearVoice, Inc., VeedMe Ltd., LLC, SLT Consulting, and CO Ventures, Inc. 

3. Content Writing Jobs on OLX  

A Dutch-based online platform for marketplaces called OnLineeXchange is abbreviated as OLX. The parent organization of the OLX group is Naspers. OLX was founded in the year 2006 and it is headquartered in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The founders of OLX are Fabrice Grinda and Alec Oxenford. 5000 professionals are working in OLX as of now. Its subsidiaries are dubizzle, Tradus, Carsmile S.A, and OLX India Private Limited.  This is a nice place to apply for technical writing and to describe products! 

4. Content Writing Jobs on Indeed

Indeed is an American-based website that offers employment worldwide for job listings. Indeed was founded in the year 2004 by Paul Forster and Rony Kahan. Indeed is headquartered in Austin, U.S. Stamford, Texas, Connecticut in the United States. Indeed is owned by Recruit Holdings Ltd. 

5. Content Writing Jobs on Truelancer 

Truelancer is an Indian-based employment website profiling trusted freelancers. Truelancer was founded by Dipesh Garg in New Delhi, India. Truelancer has a rating of 4.7 stars. 

6. Content Writing Jobs’ Opportunities at IIM Skills

Once you are a trained Content Writing Master from IIM Skills, the learning institute will provide you with an optional internship having successfully trained you for freelancing. IIM skills will help teach you how to create proposals with clients. IIM skills support their learners concerning placement opportunities and a graduate from IIM Skills is found to be happy. 

10 Content Writing Jobs at Top 10 Companies in India:

Today’s world has innumerable people, stories, and enterprises that are not only active centers but also powerhouses of the economy. Most people today turn to content writers like you to promote their merchandise through e-commerce websites. Your role is to establish an online presence and make the brands you are working for stand out and proud in a competent world. 

It Is Interesting to Know That:

1. Every second, the average number of searches on Google sums up to 40,000 thus amounting to 1.2 trillion searches across the globe per year. 

2. Social media users are rapidly increasing exponentially!

3. Mobile users spend so much of their time on applications of maps, instant messengers, games, weather, music, and photos. 

4. YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Telegram, and Instagram are some of the popular Social media apps. 

5. 59% of individuals born between the years 1981 and 1986, land up on Amazon’s site before reaching any website followed by their Google search. 

6. 95% of our purchases will be done through e-commerce platforms by the end of the year 2040. 

Light a Map in Your Mind of the Above Facts and Apply for Content Writing Jobs at:

1. Orangus

Orangus is a Delhi-based company that has professional content writers for writing Web Content, Blog marketing, SEO content, official newsletters, product reviews, and descriptions, press releases, educational content, company profiles, and copywriting. 

2. Lexicon

Lexicon has its premises in Mumbai and they have professional content writers for writing Educational content, company profiles, case studies, press releases, copies, product descriptions, official newsletters, Web content, SEO Content, and blog marketing. 

3. Leaps

Leaps is a content writing company in West Bengal and they have expert content writers for writing Web Content, articles, SEO posts, blogs, and guest blogs. 

4. Justwords 

Justwords is a Gurgaon-based content writing company that houses expert content writers writing for media, e-Books, articles, product details, blogs, and Web content. 

5. Esmee Network 

Esmee Network is a content writing company in New Delhi and they have professional content writers writing for Image Text, articles, and Graphic based content. 

6. Mindworksglobal 

Mindworksglobal is a content writing company located in Noida and they have professional content writers writing for Web Content, Case studies, articles, and white papers. 

7. AddKraft 

AddKaft is a content writing company premised in Chennai and they have professional content writers writing technical content, SaaS content, Digital Marketing content, and Software Vendor content. They also have certified re-writers and proofreaders. 

8. Contentwritinghindi.com  

Contentwritinghindi.com has its head office in Kolkata. They have professional content writers writing for Websites, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Press Release, articles, blogs, SEO copywriting, Technical Content, Travel content, and Newsletters. 

9. Coffeegraphy 

Coffeegraphy is one of the topmost content writing companies located in Banglore. They have unique experts writing collateral content, legal content, e-Books, e-Learning content, reviews, landing pages, Copies, product descriptions, SEO content, blogs, articles, and also have employed professionals for Proofreading. 

10. Hybridcontent

Hybrid content is a content marketing company headed in Mumbai. They are known for their uniqueness. They have ‘unique’ content writing brains who write Brand content, for Web Developing, brochures (designing too), and Corporate Accessory content.  Well-written content will always be shared, liked, and followed. Unleash your own content strategies while performing content writing jobs in a setting that suits you the most. Times were where you needed a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Marketing, Journalism, English, or a closely related field, and expertise was required in all content management systems and proficiency in all Microsoft Office applications. 

It’s fascinating that IIM Skills makes it very easy for you to step into the content writing arena within 4 weeks without mandating a Bachelor’s degree or a proven content writing or sales copywriting experience.  IIM Skills ensures that the skill checklist is ticked right and green for you to be an amazing content writer anywhere regardless of various latitudes on our planet. 

Say Hello to Some of the Nicest Content Writers From Intermediate to Experienced on Linkedin!

1. Shanmitha M – Content Writing intern

2. Priyanka Makheja- Content Writing intern 

3. RunaliPenkar – Content Writer

4. Misha Thakur – Content Writer

5. Manish Kumar- Web Content Writer 

6. Saima Nafis – Content Writing intern


1. When each and everyone reads what you write, they are reading them alone and they are completely immersed in your content. So pretend that you are writing each and everyone a personal letter on behalf of your business client, says David Ogilvy. 

2. Dr. Dre, the Founder of Aftermath Ent. & Beats says when his ideas unleash, he doesn’t stop until his ideas cease because both do not often come together every time! 

3. Martin Luther King had always said pick up your pen right away if you want to be a game-changer! 

4. Louis L’AMOUR simply says start writing and that unless and until the faucet is turned on, the water does not flow! 

5. Sarah Mazucci enthusiastically says that she is always happy when she is writing short stories! 

6. Mark Twain tells us that to get started is the key secret of getting ahead of where you are right now! 

7. Joan Didion says that all of us tell ourselves stories to survive and live! 

8. Mark Hamill questions if we do not believe in ourselves, how can we expect other people to believe in us!?

9. The Executive Vice President, Chief strategist, and Creative officer, Mina Seetharaman quotes that the concept of Thought Leadership is not selling but it is all about solving! 

10. The Founder of the Content Marketing institute Joe Pulizziemphasises that content writing is a commitment and that there is no halfway! Either one is in or one is out of the content writing task! 

Wishing you the very best to come by for pursuing content writing and making a difference through your writings wherever you go. 

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q. How good is content writing from the career prospective?

Content writing is a nice career option for those who are passionate about writing and are skilled in social media. But if you want to have a stable career as a writer it depends on how much you are willing to learn and grow.

Q. Is English a compulsory language in content writer?

Not really, but since English is an internally most commonly used language, having a good communication in English will work in favour to be a successful content writer if you wish to connect with your readers from worldwide.

Q. Can I choose to be a content writer and also be an employee with a corporate company?

Yes you can. If you are a passionate writer but also working in corporate company you can do freelance work as a content writer.




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