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15 Content Writing Books Every Content Writer Must Read (Hand-Picked)

While focusing on other aspects of content writing, we often skip a lot of fundamentals that are quite necessary for developing professional content writing abilities. One such ability is to read. Content analysts and experts highly advise the new generation writers to read content writing books, articles, journals, blogs, and any other form of content as much as they can.

Best Content Writing Books For The Beginners

Reading books helps in making one’s vocabulary and literacy skills strong. Reading a variety of content writing books can help one understand thoroughly the use of words and phrases, the meaning of certain words and the ways to convey a purpose.

Every writer has their own style to convey a message or a purpose on which the book is being written, therefore reading numerous content writing books can help one understand the intensity at which novels and other books convey their purpose.

Many times there are writers stuck even after writing the main plot of their book, they find it difficult to write the perfect ending for it, reading books can help it to another level.

Now the question is,

Which Kind of Books Would Help One Develop Themselves as a Good Content Writer?

As mentioned above, writers are suggested to read a variety of books irrespective of the genre in order to develop their skills in writing. This also helps them think more creatively. Exposure to a variety of content based on the different genre can actually help one exercise the thought process over any domain.

But, to become a good content writer and to learn the terms on which content writing has changed over a period of time, there are plenty of content writing books that aspiring writers, as well as those who are about to start their career in content writing, should definitely read.

These books are very useful, and the amount of knowledge they provide is huge. These are basically the studies done by the successful content writer, and therefore these books are quite relatable.

The information given in this book is very valuable and if executed properly, the knowledge gained from these content writing books can bring great results.

While there are plenty of content writing books, a lot of them are based on a specific area of content writing. These books provide information that ranges from the very fundamental level to the extreme professional level.

Many successful people who are thought leaders of this particular domain have stated that they spend more time reading content writing books than actually writing content.

These books can actually provide you with various tactics and the concept behind how content writing works.

With the internet boom in this era, a lot of books and eBooks were written by various content marketing companies and also companies who provide content writing services.

The books written by these companies have a bit of content marketing as well and how it is implemented in content writing. This is because with the internet growing at a rapid rate, the processes involved in marketing are reduced.

As per many content writing books developed by many such content marketing companies, the content marketing strategies are initiated right from the content writers end.

That is where the aim of the content is highlighted in the way that the consumer can find value in content and the content provider.

The content always calls for action to be taken by the consumer, and therefore many strategies are used to market the content.

Content writing plays many roles in different situations depending upon what is the motive and where the content is going to be used.

How Do Content Writing Books Help

These content writing books are loaded with information based on many valuable case studies done by experienced and successful content writers.

The terms at which content writing was used decades ago could be changed but the fundamental idea behind a content that serves a purpose will remain the same.

Therefore these books written by great authors and also companies that have been providing content writing course for a remarkable period of time who continuously make efforts to dissect the concept of content writing, therefore, defining new terms in which content writing could be used effectively and profitably.

Content writing books are a direct source of content writing tips and tricks that can help a writer develop their skills on this specific domain.

This content writing books and e-books are now becoming a general trend adopted by many companies.

These are normally the companies that provide top-notch content writing course and service. As the primary goal of such companies is to avail students and enthusiastic people with the required knowledge and information regarding content writing, there is a new medium of providing such information to the users.

These companies develop their own content writing books and put forward their views and case studies through these books.

Such content writing books are available in both paperback formats as well as in the form of e-books.

Best Content Writing Books That Every Writer Must Read

Before presenting the list of best content writing books that is a must-read for aspiring writers and content writers who have just started their career in this industry, it is important to understand that these content writing books are just like other books. This means, there are a variety of books specifying different areas of content writing.

Therefore this list of content writing books and also e-books consist of books from important areas that could possibly be very beneficial for any content writer or aspiring writers.

Here is the list of the best 15 content writing books that content writers and students who aspire to become content writers and marketers must read:

1. Word Castle – Vaibhav Kakkar

Word Castle By Vaibhav Kakkar aims to educate young minds to understand the potential of content and how anyone can turn entrepreneurs with the correct guidance. This book narrates how you can start a content writing business and make it into a grand success. The book covers crucial points to cover all the facets of starting a business.

It is a comprehensive study into the operations of a content writing and marketing business. Vaibhav Kakkar who is a renowned digital marketing consultant himself provides insight into the importance of research, and how to plan and organize properly for a profitable content writing business.

2. The Successful Author Mindset – Joanna Penn

Joanna Penn is a New York Times bestseller and is the author of many books like this one. “The successful author mindset” this book made it to the very first position in the list of best content writing books because the mindset is where actual content writing begins.

Joanna Penn is also a motivational speaker and an entrepreneur. She runs a website featuring all her books and write-ups and interestingly the website has been quite consistent in performing as it has been voted regularly amongst the best 10 websites for writers and self-publishers.

The right mindset could help the writer present accurate content. Having the correct mindset is very much necessary as a writer and therefore this book speaks a lot about the mental health aspects of a writer.

In its very first part, this content writing book by Joanna Penn speaks a lot about Fears of being judged and getting rejected. It also speaks about criticism and Self-doubt, which are genuinely practical problems of content writers which need to be addressed.

This book is the best “Kind of” starter pack and guide for the beginners and amateur content writers. This content writing book addresses these problems very deeply and therefore is loved by many.

The writer has covered a lot of post publishing issues that content writers face, followed by the third part which speaks about the tips of success on the journey of being an author.

This is one of the most recommended contents writing books that are a must-read for every content writer and aspiring writers who are starting their career in content writing.

3. The Scribe Method

This book is much similar to the first one. This content writing book is written by two authors Tucker Max and Zach Obront. Tucker Max and Zach Obront are experts in this industry who has successfully conducted many workshops based on content writing knowledge and have helped many amateur writers and students who want to become content writers.

According to this content writing book, apart from the writing skills, there is a lot that needs to be learned by the content writers. This book navigates the content writers dealing with the fear of being judged and criticized to their destination of being a published writer.

This content writing book focuses on the methods that could be used by content writers to write a book that impacts people while making them aware of your product or any other legacy you carry forward.

This content writing book is highly recommended by content experts and analysts for young minds who are too careful and serious at the same time about writing content.

4. The Content Code

As mentioned before, this list of best content writing books comprises of all kinds of books that specify certain required areas of content writing helping a lot of new content writers who have just begun their a career in content writing to learn the ideas and concepts behind content writing.

This content writing book by Mark W Schaefer is very essential for those who want to understand the role of content marketing in writing and also the necessary tactics that could be used from the writer’s end to initiate the process of content marketing.

This content writing book by Mark Schaefer has been awarded as the best SEO book by book authority and also the ranks amongst the top 5 business books of the year by INC Magazine.

This book basically covers 6 major content marketing strategies and fundamentals.

While this content writing book is a lot about content marketing but the 6 specified codes of marketing mentioned are beyond the general norms and marketing strategies.

Therefore this book is said to be the best example that provides a broad understanding of the concept of content marketing.

A bigger part of this book focuses on the “shareability”, another parameter developed by the author of this content writing book that could be used to judge the extent of marketing, the content is compatible for.

5. Everybody Writes

Everybody writes is also a content writing book similar to the previous one in the list that focuses on brand recognition based on content.

That’s pure content marketing, but the tricks and tactics that the author Ann Handley speaks about are way different from the general norms of marketing content.

Ann Handley is an expert in this domain and therefore has a lot of experience which she had perfectly used to analyze the marketing the structure which is completely based on content, yet different from the set standards of marketing and very much effective.

Ann Handley has been recognized by Forbes as the most influential woman in social media. She is also amongst the top 20 blogger list published by Forbes women.

This content writing book speaks a lot about influencing customers through stellar online communication.

Ann Handley believes, in this content-driven world, every one of us is a writer.

Everyone Writes is a really popular book that addresses the depths of content marketing and therefore it is recommended for those you have taken a step ahead in content writing and are of a stage where they require planning, publishing, and marketing of their content.

6. The Idea Writers

The book that makes it to the 5th position in the list is “The Idea Writers” and this book was written for the people trying to indulge in any creative business. This book does an excellent work for the writers which help writers to understand the idea of advertising and marketing of the business. However, The Idea Writers also covers up some awesome interviews of many successful people to help the writer for a kick start a business.

This content writing book, therefore, focuses on the copywriting aspects and deals with the advertising part of content writing. This content writing book guides amateur as well as professional people in creating purpose-based content that provides value to the consumer.

It is definitely one of the most recommended content writing books that could categorically help copywriters and amateur writers in branding their content.

7. JAB, JAB, JAB, Right Hook

This content writing book is a very unique idea brought up by Gary Vaynerchuk. He is a hardcore entrepreneur who runs a company that is based on content and its marketing strategies. He is the owner/CEO of VaynerX, a New York-based media company.

He is also a motivational speaker and popularly known for his upfront statements that clearly define business using the content.

This content writing book focuses a lot on storytelling format, as content writing is not necessarily writing a book nor is it limited to writing blog posts. This content writing book, tells how hoe important is the content structure for the audience interaction.

This is a New York Times bestseller and is really popular amongst young entrepreneurial minds who aspire to achieve big goals.

This is, therefore, one of the most recommended content writing book for the content writers.

8. Six Figure Blogging Blueprint

This content writing book by Raza Imam is the no. 1 best seller book under the blogging category. This content writing book teaches a lot about blogging which is very obvious from the title.

This book is a part of digital marketing mastery by Raza Imam and the sole purpose of this content writing book is to teach blogging in 60 days.

Yes, this book is loaded with information about the content writing that one can use to start a successful blog in just 60days.

This book helps one discover topics like choosing the right niche, secrets of designing a blog.

There is a lot in this content writing book that speaks about passive income through a blogging setup, which actually means creating a profitable revenue structure around any blog.

Content strategies to be used in blogging are also mentioned in this book, making it one of the most recommended content writing books for writers, categorically bloggers.

9. Successful Self-publishing

Here is another book from Joanna Penn. This is a wonderful book loaded with all the necessary information about self- publishing. Self-publishing is a really hard task when it comes to a career as a writer, and therefore Joanna Penn in this content writing book, helps such writers achieve clarity over self-publishing.

Much of her personal experience is shared in this book, which helps the writers to easily relate to the facts. This book glamorizes the reason why one should start self-publishing.

This book speaks a lot about e-books and their formatting as well.

The detailed view covering every area under self-publishing is beautifully explained here in this content writing book.

The above-mentioned points are the reason, why this content writing book is one of the most recommended books for writers.

10. The Marketer’s Crash Course in Visual Content Creation

This book covers a lot of content marketing aspects and also e-book writing techniques. The content marketing techniques in this book is for writers who present their content online.

Since you know that you need to drive the traffic through your attractive content and along with content there comes an extra responsibility to present it in a unique or attractive way.

This book will help you to design your content and give an extraordinary touch with images, tools, powerpoint templates which help you to generate traffic through social media posts also. Don’t forget to have a look at this content writing book.

Therefore this book is one of the most recommended books for content writers.

11. Word Work – Surviving and Thriving as a Writer 

This book is more about the career as a content writer and the strategies that will keep one propelling towards a successful and a stable career in content writing.

Got inspired by the very first book of the content writing books list? Now come to the point of advice from which you can take the first step. Well, this book contains many of the advice which will help you to take up the idea of “how to make money online” or “how to be a writer” also. If you are fade-up of freelancing area, then hold on and check this book out first.

Therefore this book is one of the most recommended books that every content writer must read to develop content writing skills.

12. Content Inc.

Content Inc. by Joe Pulizzi is a book that speaks a lot about building a successful brand and business through a content structure.

It is a very rational process of marketing that progresses through 6 individual steps which allow a brand to communicate with audience at different levels, to make sure, each category of the audience receives the perfect approach from the brand.

This book teaches about the dynamic marketing industry that is growing at a very fast rate and how to keep up with them through content.

The above-mentioned points are the reason that this book makes it to the list of best content writing books for writers.

13. Building and Scaling an Inbound Team

Unlike the other names mentioned in this list of books for content writers, this is an e-book developed by Hubspot. This book has done remarkably well ever since it was published and has set entrepreneurial goals for young minds.

This eBook is one of the most demanded books in the list of content writing books. It covers all the terms that will help you to grow your brand and organize your team to work efficiently. Only writing is not sufficient but you will have to put much more over marketing and branding terms. So choose your teammate wisely and think about the skill that you need in your team.

This is the reason, this book makes it to the list of best books for content writers.

14. One Hour Content Plan

One hour content plan by Meera Kothand is a wonderful guide for amateur content writers who are planning to start their own blog or content-based site.

It thoroughly follows the general mistakes that content writers make and provide very effective solutions for such mistakes.

It speaks about the types of content that writers can invest their type to start quick earning.

Also, the marketing techniques that a writer would require to promote the content so that the audience becomes aware of one’s purpose.

Therefore this book is recommended for content writers.

15. Self-discipline for Writers

Self-discipline for writers by Mathew Meadow is an all in one book, that covers the ethics of writing. It provides knowledge about the principles of writing content.

According to this book, there are some basic principles, following which a writer can achieve results. These principles are deeply meant to help writers generate consistent and valuable content.

This book is a well-rated book and liked by many beginners. Therefore this book makes it to the list of best content writing books.

16. Ogilvy on Advertising

Ogilvy on advertising by David Ogilvy is a book for writers that would allow them to find a career opportunity in the advertising industry.

This book very finely defines the role of content in advertising and promoting a product or a service.

This book has a better hold over the marketing terms of content writing and therefore is a complete package for the aspiring content marketers.

This book is a highly recommended book for content writers and marketers.

The above mentioned were some of the best content writing books for writers who have just started their careers in content writing.

These books are recommended in order to develop skills as a content writer.

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 Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q1. Does content writing books help in learning content writing skills?

Yes, content writing books help the beginners but still it will be advisable to take a proper certified course for content writing. As you get to learn under the guidance of the experts and also you learn to use the different digital tools.

Q2. Where can we buy books for the beginners?

You can search them on amazon. They should be easily available.

Q3. Which is the best online learning program for content writing?

IIM SKILLS is the best ed-tech company for the skill development courses. They rank the top on the list for providing the best online content writing course across the globe.

Manish Kumar is a writer by Passion and Profession. Over the years he wrote for many projects, blogs and websites which actually pushed him through a phase of learning. With his excellence in other domains, he is now a day exploring depths of content marketing. As a thought leader in Content Domain, Manish understand the scope of Content Marketing Industry & wants to reach out to the world with his thoughts.

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