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15 Options of Career For Content Writers In 2024

The online medium has become a ubiquitous part of our life, so has content. We cannot think of the online medium or any product, service without content. You need words and your imagination to convey messages creatively. Businesses, individuals, brands, require content writers to disseminate information of products and services they offer to their potential customers. Career opportunities for content writers in India and globally are plenty today in the web medium. Your willingness to learn and your affinity to provide quality resources are the key points for success in this field. Anyone can opt for a career in content writing if they wish to.  If you can consistently create high-quality articles that solve the online searchers’ queries, questions, and problems, you are bound to have a thriving career in content writing.

Options of Career For Content Writers


Below are some of the most popular career for content writers who want to attain the status of authority figures for different niches. These areas can be extremely rewarding in the dynamic career of content writing.

Career For Content Writers Option 1

  1. SEO Writing

If you are a content writer it is unlikely that you’ve never heard of Search Engine Optimization or SEO writing. This is a specialized set of content writers who write for the goals of boosting traffic to the website, creating goodwill of the business, brand, product, or service. Also, getting backlinks to boost the credibility of the organization.  SEO content writing involves comprehending the techniques that bring in qualified leads to your website.

What is search engine optimized writing?

Search engine optimized writing is content for different search engines like Google, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go, and others. SEO writers understand the importance of creating content copy that aligns with the rules and regulations of search engines.

The search engines and to provide the searcher with the most precise information possible to solve their queries and problems. In this regard, they rank content according to the utility it provides to the online reader/searcher

A search engine optimized copy is relevant to the consumers’ needs and wants. It incorporates keywords that help to indicate the purpose of the copy.

This can be one of the finest career opportunities for content writers. They have to ensure that they incorporate perfect grammar, spelling, and vocabulary in the copy.

Search engine optimized writing will only rank high on search engines when your priority is your online user. Keyword stuffing known as spamming will not get results.

Once you understand how to perceive your target audience through the different metrics and tools available to measure them, you can be a prolific search engine optimized content writer.

Some other qualities to take care of the technical aspects of SEO writing are readability, outbound links, inbound links, internal links, meta tags, image alt, heading, subheading among others.

Career For Content Writers Option 2

  1. Social Media Writing

When you are considering career opportunities for content writers, social media writing comes in one of the top five job profiles.

A social media content writer writes content for target consumers on the different social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat as well as formal avenues like LinkedIn.

Social media is an indelible part of our lives today. Inevitable as it is, it is an important part of promotional activities for a business organization. In fact, small and medium business enterprises can get a great return on investment with proper social media writing and planning.

A career in social media writing involves the following

  • Understanding the unique traits of different social media channels. Creating content aligning with the nature of these platforms.
  • Creating a schedule of writing and posting social media content incorporating important keywords. For example, Instagram, and Twitter use hashtags for better visibility and exposure. This helps the target audience to find the topic they want to read conveniently.
  • Social media writing should be succinct but packed with powerful information in as few words as possible. Therefore, compelling news on the brand and the business should be disseminated by the social media content writer accurately.

Social media are channels that do not require you to be extremely formal in distributing information. So you can easily take on a conversational tone and create better engagement with your target audience.

The copy should be interesting and should include links to your website, relevant blog posts. They should have a proper CTA link. It should be appealing enough and encourage your target audience to take the desired action.

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Career For Content Writers Option 

  1. Blog Writers

When we consider different career opportunities for content writing, blogging is one of the first fields that come to our minds. We will discuss something a little different from the usual here.

Blogging does not only mean writing good content. The effort is an entire process of structuring your content aesthetically, creating headings, and subheading. It also includes plenty of white space and different elements that enrich your content copy to the optimum.

It is a given that for blogging you have to possess clarity of thought and create content that is in demand. However, the foremost skill you need to master when your thinking of starting a career in blogging is to understand content management systems like WordPress and the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization.

They offer numerous benefits in terms of giving your blog a necessary boost to get visibility. Proper implementation of WordPress and SEO build domain authority. They help you to establish yourself as an expert in your niche.

For blogging, you have to create a schedule and work diligently to achieve the goals you set. Some other skills you need to attain proficiency in are as follows: 

  • Developing networking skills
  • Sharing your blog on different social media platforms
  • Engaging in different podiums, and speaking about the kind of subjects you write on

Blogging and then promulgating it can take some time. However, the rewards are extremely high and can help you achieve authority status with honest, transparent, relevant, and useful content

Career For Content Writers Option 4

  1. News Writing

News writing is an extremely rewarding career opportunity for content writers who can remain objective and disseminate information without bias.

The only consistent property of news writing is that you have to remain impartial and accurate about the facts. The writing will not be steered by your own thought process or what you think of the particular news story.

For content writers specializing in news writing, the sentences have to be simple concise but with great vocabulary. Just like any other form of content writing, an active voice is preferred. The source of any information you provide should be given.

News writing covers lots of subjects like politics, sports, current affairs, investigative writing. Content writers generally use the inverted pyramid method of writing news.

Moreover, the headline should be captivating and should compel the reader to go through the copy for more in-depth information on the topic.

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Career For Content Writers Option 5

  1. Copy Writing

Career opportunities in copywriting are plenty. It is a branch of content that emphasizes on inducing the buyer to make a purchasing decision.

This facilitates the sales objectives of the organization. A lot of times we are confused between copywriting and content writing. Though the word content encompasses all kinds of writing including copywriting, content writing is different in its essence from copywriting.

Copywriting ensures that it appeals to your senses and generates curiosity in the target consumers. That would inevitably lead them to get interested in the product or service. The brand reputation of the brand is not compromised, rather it is enhanced through great copywriting skills.

Some of the important points for copywriting are as follows :

  • You have to be able to understand the demands of the brand or organization you are working with. Copywriters have to be great researchers able to dig information that can be of use for customers.
  • Advertisement copies are great examples of copywriting that yield great results. They impress viewers and help them to make informed decisions regarding the purchase of a product or service. Copywriting if done correctly can turn consumers into brand advocates for life.
  • This type of writing involves close collaboration with the client where you have sometimes make changes and edits to achieve the right tone.
  • Copywriting also rightly positions a brand to reach its target consumers on different platforms. A copywriter should be patient and handle criticism with a pinch of salt.

Lastly, copywriters have to be adept at structuring proper sentences and embellishing the content copy with the written words that will induce the target customer to take action.

Career For Content Writers Option 6

  1. Technical Writers

This is another very rewarding career opportunity in content writing. Technical writers have to be efficient, work in collaboration with the team to research and brainstorm.

They should also be adaptable and understand different writing formats and tools that enhance the quality of the copy.

Research comprises a very important part of technical writing. Technical writers simplify complex terms for the common man to understand. There is a group of technical writers who are involved with creating copy for industry experts. They can accentuate their copy with technical terms targeted for people from the same industry.

There is a lot of scope for a successful career in technical writing. Today. the people worldwide are heavily dependent on technology. The advancements in technology have been such that newer and more sophisticated gadgets and equipment come out now and then.

Technical writers have to be discernible and understand the demands of the readers who want simplified instructions on how to operate one or more gadgets.

Career For Content Writers Option 7

  1. Scriptwriting

Scriptwriting is a very intricate form of content writing when you are responsible for a lot of elements right from conceptualizing the story to the characters. Video script writing requires you to create a script for the video on any video platform like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

Scriptwriting is a very gratifying job provided you have immense love for creative writing and can implement different elements together to create a framework for a story.

Some of the most important traits of good scriptwriters are the concept of originality and the exploration of new angles to already explored subjects.

Moreover, a scriptwriter has to evoke a positive response in the consumer’s psyche to be able to convey the message they want to in the most optimal way possible.

Innovation, simplistic writing, pushing the envelope, discerning human psychology, and creating appealing stories confidently are some of the primary traits of good scriptwriters.

Video messages on YouTube and search other channels require scriptwriting for viewers and online users to understand the topic comprehensively.

Sometimes a video needs a backdrop in the form of script to be able to bring the online consumer to speed about the video.

A scriptwriter should have lucidity in the writing and create coherent sentences that ideally disseminate the information efficiently.

Career For Content Writers Option 8

  1. Corporate Communications and Public Relations Writing

Corporate Communications and public relations at two very important branches of content writing. You can have a very fruitful career in these areas of content.

Corporate communication deals with managing and disseminating information internally and externally for a corporate organization. It helps to provide information to the different entities that are a part of the organization and helps facilitate business activities.

For example, 

They provide accurate and relevant information regarding the business and its development to employees, shareholders, and the existing and potential customers.

Corporate Communications writing involves arranging and creating company documents such as manuals, white papers, case studies, promotional materials, to inform the internal and external factors that are responsible for the growth of the business.

Corporate Communications writers have to possess critical thinking and analytical skills. They should ideate, implement, and execute different communication materials to answer any customer grievance.

Some examples of corporate Communications writing include the following.

  • Newsletters proposals
  • Details of executives and employees
  • Clients
  • Case studies press release etc

Press Release is included in corporate communications where important information relating to the business, its people, and recent development is disseminated to the media houses for publication.

A press release is a short document that requires you to be very effective in conveying your information with compelling short sentences. You can always create interesting press releases by incorporating attributes of storytelling, quotes, and human elements to connect better with your target consumers.

  1. Academic Writing

Academic writers have to be thorough with their knowledge of the particular subject writing on. They also have to be refined in their tone and should have polished grammar skills.

Academic writers invariably have to understand that they have to abide by the rules and regulations of the education directives. The writing should align with the classes they are writing for. The topics chosen should be ideal for students of the precise age and class.

There should be thorough research. Only after careful study should academic writers should commit to writing. The future of students depends on how well these writers can inform and educate them.

  1. Feature Writing

Feature writing is a specialized form of content writing where writers cover different topics at length. These topics are published both in online and offline publications. Online news portals, magazines, journals, publish these articles for online leaders.

Feature articles cover stories that resonate with the reader. It is a form of journalistic writing that incorporates facts and real stories and weaves creative writing in it.

Some of the main traits of a skilled feature writer are as follows:

  • They are adept at writing a copy that answers the 5w and 1h. They create compelling articles developing a story and embellishing it with their own innovation.
  • Every feature story attempts to answer a greater problem. In this context, the story has an introduction that lays the foundation for the things to come in the content copy. This type of content covers a story from different angles and tries to be objective leaving the opinion to the online readers.
  • A feature article can have a great impact on the minds of readers and can help in making positive changes. There has to be a purpose, a proper schedule in place when you are attempting to start a career in feature writing.
  • Understanding different aspects of interviewing people, and gleaning information from them are important aspects.
  1. Ghost Writing

Ghostwriting is a form of content writing where a writer writes for someone else. The credit goes to the person under whose name the work is published.

Ghostwriting is mostly applicable for speeches, fiction stories, and any other content that you get paid for writing. Your client will require you to imbibe their style, tone, and way of writing. Therefore content writers need to be confident and observe closely.

They have to be perceptive enough to identify the unique traits of the person they are writing. This helps to seamlessly incorporate their writing style into their own creation.

Ghostwriting can be a very lucrative career for content writers provided they are willing to give credit to someone else for their work.

Research is an integral part of any content writing process and ghostwriting is no different. In this case, you have to incisively research the content you are going to write.

This is because your write-up has to be bolstered with rich content and substantiated with factually correct data. Make sure you collaborate with your clients every step of the way because they need to be also aware of the statistics and any important information that you provide in your copy.

  1. Freelance Writing 

One of the most rewarding career opportunities for content writers is in freelance content writing jobs. It offers a variety and a plethora of options and subjects to choose from. There is no limit to the amount of money you can earn from freelance content writing.

Once you identify your niche and your strong points, you can find clients who won’t work in that particular specific area.  Time management, advanced skills, having a set schedule for everyday work are important for freelance writing.

Some important qualities of freelance writers are their networking editing proofreading skills. It is also their willingness and inclination to learn new things and incorporate them into their careers.

Since freelance writers have to find clients and projects on their own they have to possess the quality of enterprise and develop a thick skin. They cannot let criticism distract them from their goals.

  1. Finance Writers

Finance writers help to provide advice, strategies, tips for managing money. They provide a lot of information on different financial instruments, bonds, shares, mutual funds, fixed deposits. These Writers apprise the common man of the benefits, risks involved in financial investments and transactions.

Finance writers have to be to the point and get rid of any extra words that do no justice to the content. They have to research different financial concepts and create a well-organized copy with clarity.

  1. B2B Writing

B2B marketing is the process by which one business orchestrates the sales process with another business. For example business, a business wants to offer services to another business operating in a complementary business field. They would create B2B writing to put forth their proposal and inform the business about their intention for collaboration.

A B2B writer has to recognize the tone, mission, vision, voice, and target audience of the brand. They will have to create content infusing the objectives of the client they are working for and the business they are supposed to do transactions with.

They should delineate the core components of the business and express clearly how the B2B transaction is going to be fruitful for both companies.

B2B writers have to be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the business day they will work with. LinkedIn is a great example of a platform where a lot of B2B connections are made and contracts can come to fruition.

In the case of business to consumer writing a content writer can adapt a friendly informal tone. However, for B2B businesses they have to be professional, formal, and concise. Brevity is given the utmost importance for B2B writing. It emphasizes the key points precisely with certainty.

  1. Content Editor

This is one of the finest career opportunities for content writers in India. Content editors look after the overall aspects of the content writing and distribution process. Starting from the ideation they plan to execute, implement, and co-ordinate the different channels to maximize the benefits from the content.

They are responsible for the efficient dissemination of the content to different media outlets, social media channels, and digital platforms. These writers master editorial and proofreading skills for grammar, syntax, vocabulary with utmost precision.

They know the intricacies of SEO, use of keywords, and co-ordinate with different teams to bring the best to the table. Content editors are also involved with maintaining the engagement quotient and retention of consumers and readers.


1. What are the top 5 lucrative niches for content writers?

  • Finance
  • Ed-Tech
  • Technical writing
  • Fitness and Health
  • Beauty
  • Personal Development

2. How to select a niche as a content writer?

Write down 5 things that interest you. Identify their niches. now go to google and research their demand in the market. Choose a niche that has market demand and one that you are passionate about.

3. Why should I opt for a career in content writing and marketing?

A content writing career gives you the flexibility to work from home at convenient hours without the hassles of commute and distractions. You can earn a hefty income and take projects at your own will. lastly, it offers you the opportunity to explore tour creative abilities.


So, here you have these 15 exemplary options of career for content writers in India that aim to meet all the objectives of the business while creating valued content for the consumers, online searchers, and readers. Go through these different branches of content and choose the one that appeals to your creative mind.

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