Tricks and Tools to Generate Unique Blog Post Ideas

Are you stuck? Going through a hard time? Getting headaches because you have run out of new blog post ideas? As a content writer, I can say, it’s tough to find new ideas. Sometimes we get stuck in the middle, and sometimes our minds go utterly blank because of a lack of new ideas about what to write, and how to write engaging content to hook the audiences. Read further to grab the ways to generate new blog post ideas.


Tricks and tools to generate unique blog post ideas


Why Do You Need New Blog Post Ideas?


The question is why do you need new blog post ideas? Let’s be honest, It’s because if you don’t write for your audience, your blogs will not rank high and you’ll not be able to get more audience. And also your audience might leave your website, which will result in a loss of followers and a decrease in earnings.


That’s why you want to write about those trending topics and which might help you attract new followers. But it is not easy to find new ideas. This blog is written to help people who want to know how to brainstorm, how to have a lot of new blog ideas, and many more.


In this article, we will look at some points that could be helpful, as it is practical and easy to apply. Let’s start with some basic steps about coming up with new blog post ideas every day or having unlimited ideas.


Approaches/Steps For New Blog Post Ideas


1. Brainstorming


I usually use the brainstorming process to get ideas about topics before writing about any topics and it helps me a lot. Many writers use this technique. Brainstorming is a process that helps to get new ideas whether it is related to business or your upcoming blog post ideas. It can be useful for not just content writers but also students.


we can use the brainstorming process to figure out more content ideas. It might bring fantastic blog ideas to a collaboration group. There are some brainstorming techniques;


  • Mind mapping

A Mind Map is a simple way to brainstorm ideas without worrying about order and structure. It enables you to visually structure your thoughts to aid in analysis and recall.


  • Brainwriting 

This technique can be helpful in team discussions. For example, when a team leader gives a topic to discuss and encourages everyone to participate in the team discussion. Some members are not open as compared to others and need time to think and jolt their ideas properly, so this technique can be helpful.


  • Break and Build

Break down your believed abstract idea into pieces of a broad topic and then build it up with a broad solution on the other side. Finally, you will arrive at a moot point that is a distinction with a broad range of information.


  • Rapid Ideation

Sometimes, the time limit can help generate new ideas because we do not have much time to overthink or filter the ideas. In this technique, the team leader provides the topics or contexts beforehand with information on a budget, political situation, or any topics.


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2. Make an Idealist


The second method is to make a list full of ideas. Make a diary or use a digital notebook (online notebook or offline notepad on a phone) where you can write your ideas for new blogs or new articles etc, whenever you get information or inspiration. So that next time, you’ll not have to search on the website or bang your head on the keyboard.


And the writer needs to have the file list because you do not know when or from where you’ll get the ideas that you can forget. You can use google calendar, google notepad. There are many websites, notepads, and online calendars which might be helpful.


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3. Read Online Blogs


As a content writer, you need to read more and more to get inspiration and ideas for your new blogs. So reading is one of the best ways to get ideas. When you read the content of your competitors, you get the information, the ideas, the way to write, and exposure. So, reading from competitors is not cheating, it is to get information and inspiration so that you can improve your blogs.


You can take these few steps;


  • Subscribe to your favorite writer, blogger, newspaper, websites
  • Make a list of topics on the content calendar to have ideas for new content or blogs for this month or next month.


And lastly, do not be afraid to get inspiration from your competitor. It’s better to learn from others’ success. Just don’t casually steal the content, make it better, unique, and more informative than the original one.


4. Social Media


Social media is the most powerful tool in modern times. As data is more important than before. The next war might happen in a Data war or Digital war, not a conventional war.


Everyone uses social media and as a content writer, you might be using social media too. So, if you wanna expand your reach, your network, wanna get new clients, offers, and ideas. It’ll be beneficial for you to use these platforms as a content writer.


  • Follow the trending hashtag. 
  • Survey your social media page: Facebook, Instagram, tweeters, and Linkedin.
  • To expand your network, Put some call-to-action keywords such as subscribe, share your thoughts in the comment section, what you would like to know about next time, and share with your friends and family.


5. Ask and Analyze Your Audience


You can generate content ideas from your readers by asking them to respond to your emails or tweets, creating a private Discord to chats, or even meeting up with your audience in person at events. Many successful independent bloggers rely on reader participation and community-driven content.


  • Ask them for their feedback and topics which they wanna know about.
  • Make a list of the topics and try to filter the topics which are not under your niche.
  • Also, check out quora and other websites to get more recent trending ideas on the internet.


These are some basic questions to ask before writing about any topic/given project:

  • Audience type: find out the topic which you are writing for is for which group; adults, teens, women, old, etc.
  • What are the problems faced by the persona?
  • What could be the solutions?
  • Which tone is suitable for this content/blog?


6. Expand Your Existing Blog


Look through your history and Search for your most trending and popular blog of all times. They help to draw new visitors weeks, months, and years after they were published. So now that you know this content works, the next question is, how could you improve it?  You can update your existing blogs with improved data.


Updating posts is an excellent SEO strategy for capturing low-hanging fruit and increasing the number of people who read your post. You’ve already done most of the difficult work.


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Tricks and Tools to Generate Unique Blog Post Ideas


There is a large amount of content available on the internet. So to overcome this obstacle, one must have to be smarter to know the audience’s needs and creative to engage and retain the readers.


These are Some Best Tools that May be Helpful:


1. Answer the Public


Answer the public is one of the complete tools to generate blog post ideas. It works by collecting data from google searches. Answer the Public gathers autofill data from search engines like Google and fastly generates every helpful phrase and question people ask. It’s a great source of consumer insight that you can use to create, high-value content, the kind that your customers truly desire.


How to use: Simply enter the keyword you want to use, and the tool will display the phrases most frequently searched by the audience, including keywords. You can then use these ideas to create content that addresses the audience’s concerns.


2. Google Autocomplete


When looking for leads, most people would use Google to find the available digital resource.


How to use: I recommend you look down in the scroll bar that appears as an autocomplete suggestion. You might end up with an interesting topic that you had no idea how to approach. And filter according to your niche.


3. Hubspot Blog Topic Generator


This HubSpot tool is excellent for blog post ideas. The Blog Topic Generator is simple. It then provides suggestions that can be used as a starting point for you to create a truly engaging post. To be more specific, this tool provides you with five unique ideas. You can enter up to three words in the given box section, and the tool will generate new upcoming ideas for you to use.


If you want to change the results, go back and re-enter the keyword set. If you’re looking for specific content, be specific. This isn’t the best tool for finding a slew of new topics, but it’s the best for getting started.


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4. Impact Blog Title Generator


Impact blog title generator might be useful for generating new blog post ideas. It is easy to use.


How to use: First open the website and put your challenge topic, let’s say you wanna write about global warming. Then put that keyword in the blank area, and after filling the blank, you’ll reach the heading section, where you’ll get your heading ideas.


5. Google Trends


Google Trends is a Google website that analyses the popularity of top Google Web searches across various regions and languages. The website makes use of infographics to compare the search traffic of various queries over time. If you want to focus on the most popular topics, Google Trends will provide you with that information. The best part is that you can also get the most popular topics or related queries when narrowing down your search.


6. Buzzsumo


Buzzsumo is a content idea generator tool. The content idea generator brings ideas of headlines, subheadings, keywords, SERP results, Questions, Topics, And many content engagement data.


Why should you use buzz sumo?

  • It’s easy to use
  • It’s timeless, meaning whether you want to know about trending topics/ideas or the last five-year data.


7. Instagram Stories


Social media can be used as an idea generator. Instagram is such a platform where there are many users, from celebrities to marketing companies and consumers. So, it has a wide range of users for different purposes. You can get ideas from Instagram feeds, as well you can follow some pages which is useful.


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8. Quora 


Quora is an online social question-and-answer platform.


How to use: Search on google or any search engine, and then you’ll get many questions and answers posted by fellow users. They share their experience and ideas. You can post your answers to increase your network. There are many users of quora these days. So, it is better to start with quora’s answers and writing to get more followers for your website.


9. Ubersuggest 


Ubersuggest is a FREE chrome extension and a powerful SEO tool that displays monthly search volume, cost-per-click, and competition data for keywords. The Ubersuggest extension will not only provide you with relevant data for a specific keyword query on Google, but also on sites such as YouTube, Amazon, and others. In other words, it’ll help you to get keyword ideas for your blogs, the competition, and the SEO tools.


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10. Your Competitor Websites


As I have said earlier, it is better to learn from your competitor’s success.  So, what you have to do is to check your competitor’s website’s home page. You’ll see their popular blogs.


Take these steps;

  • Check out their popular blogs, and content which will be on the home page of their website.
  • Analyze their search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Conduct a social media review. In other words, check out what are they(your competitors are posting on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, youtube, etc.)
  • Figure out how they are coming up with new ideas, which application and websites are they using, etc.
  • Evaluate the blogs. Trying to think of a variety of topics that you hope will be entertaining to readers can be time-consuming. And you may not always be correct.


Also, check out the guide to Business Blogging


11. Your life stories


You can also write about your journey, your life story, your hobby, and your goals. Your reader might be interested to know about your goals and passion.  The things which you have done in the past, your achievements. If you have gained weight, how did you reduce your body weight? How did you gain confidence? Some intellectual blogs are mainly focused on life and the way to have a happy life. Some books which you wanna recommended. The habits to be a good content writer.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


Q1. What blog post ideas are most popular?

These are some most popular blogs topics;

  • Fashion Blogs.
  • Food Blogs.
  • Travel Blogs.
  • Music Blogs.
  • Lifestyle Blogs.
  • Fitness Blogs.
  • DIY Blogs.
  • Sports Blogs.


Q2. How do I find trending topics for my blog?

  • Utilize Twitter: Twitter is a great place to get topic ideas. It is where audiences from all industries spend a significant amount of their time and resources.
  • Explore the google trends
  • Learn to Be News Smart: look at the daily news
  • Monitor forums: Forums are an excellent source of blog topic ideas. Despite the rise of social networks, many online users still gather in forums to discuss a wide range of topics, both general and niche. You can use a listening tool, such as Google Alerts, to monitor forum conversations for topics that could be used in your next blog post.


Q3. What else would I write about today?

  • Finding a unique blog idea today is a difficult challenge. Begin your blog today with the following suggestions.
  • What is your preferred workout routine?
  • A list of your favorite films
  • Your favorite restaurant’s guide
  • A sneak peek at your favorite makeup routine
  • Create a myth versus reality post.


Q4. How do I find interesting blog posts?

  • Do complete research on your topic.
  • Examine your competition’s work.
  • Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Find out where you are falling short.
  • After analysis, create a better one.


Q5. How can I make my blog stand out?

  • Become an expert in your field. Make it smaller.
  • Contests and materials can help you engage your readers.
  • Conduct interviews with industry experts and professionals.
  • Include some guest bloggers on your website.
  • Add images and videos to create visual effects.




We have read all the tips and tricks which might be useful to have unlimited blog post ideas. But one thing for sure is that to become a good content writer, one has to practice, write, and read every day. When you’ll start writing you’ll eventually get a grasp of it, how to write? How to find out the topics? What should be my next topic? What are the trending topics? Etc. I am confident that if you put in the effort enough, you will be able to satisfy the audience’s hunger. This is just the beginning; once you begin practicing, you may find yourself with multiple niches throughout your topics. So, start writing and practice every day.

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