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The Best Writing Websites That Will Make You A Better Writer

Writing websites and blogs are resources for writers to learn and improve their writing skills and grow in their writing careers. The best writing websites provide inspiring and helpful content for writers that will help them to learn more and enhance their skills.


The image highlights the best writing websites to make you a better writer

Every writer must have a toolkit that they can use when they are out of ideas or they just want to improvise their writing skills and stay updated with the latest trends in the writing industry.


There are thousand’s of writing blogs and websites on the internet that provides information about the writing industry but surely, you do not want to waste your time and energy finding the right one for you among many websites.


So, in this article, I am sharing the list of the best writing websites that you must include in your bookmarks to find inspiration, advice, and support to grow in your writing career and these sites can also help you overcome writer’s block.


In the last part of this article, I have categorized  The list of the best writing websites into 6 categories


  • Creative Writing
  • Blogging
  • Marketing
  • Publishing
  • Freelancing
  • Grammar and Editing


If you want to be amazing at writing, here are the best writing websites that help you to improve your writing skills and accomplish your writing and creativity goals.


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List of the 45 Best Writing Websites


  1. NaNoWriMo


The National Novel Writing Month is a non-profit that offers tools and resources for aspiring writers and creators. NaNoWriMo hosts a creative challenge of writing 50,000 words of a novel in a month. They host this challenge every November, the challenge becomes a motivation for many people who wants to improve their writing and creativity.


  1. AutoCrit


AutoCrit is an amazing editing platform for fiction writers. This tool is very helpful for fiction writers as it gives unbiased feedback and tells you the area of improvement in your work. It compares your work with other books in your genre and identifies issues in your work and guides you on how to improve it. There are paid as well as free versions of this tool.


  1. Live Write Thrive


Live Write Thrive is run by a professional writer and a writing coach C.S Lakin. This site offers writing tips for writers and self-publishers. Lakin teaches writing crafts and also offers online video courses. This site also accepts guest posts.


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  1. Be a Freelance Blogger


Be a Freelance Blogger is a blog where you can learn blogging to make money. This blog teaches you how to make money by blogging for hire. The blog offers great tips and methods to grow your income by blogging. You can learn ways to earn extra income with your job by freelance blogging.


  1. Inklyo.com


Inklyo.com is one of the best writing websites as the blog offers informative articles for writers, authors bloggers to become better at writing and grow your career. Inklyo.com also offers courses and e-books for those who want to learn different types of writing such as creative writing, guest posts, blogs, resume writing, and many more.


  1. Writer’s digest


Writer’s digest helps writers to connect with other writers, authors and also provides resources and education to hone their writing skills. You can also find weekly writing prompts, competitions, contests, and informative articles at the writer’s digest.


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  1. Grammar Girl


Correct Grammar is important for any content and Grammar Girl is the right resource for creating content without grammatical errors. Mignon Fogarty is a founder of Quick and Dirty Tips and also a creator of Grammar Girl which is a part of the Quick and Dirty Tips portal. Grammar Girl offers everything that a writer needs to know about grammar. Here you can find amazing articles to improve your grammar.


  1. Write it Sideways


Write it Sideways offers articles, advice, writing tips, and tricks on different topics like fiction, Non-fiction, Business writing. The articles at Write it Sideways help the writer to improve their writing skills and create amazing content. The experienced team at Write it sideways helps writers to increase their productivity and also helps in publishing.


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  1. Helping Writers Become Authors


The writer of Helping Writers Become Authors, K.M. Weiland is an internationally published author of writing guides such as outlining your novel and structuring your novel. K.M. Weiland mentors authors and shares advice in structure, outline, and character arcs.


  1. Six-Word Memoirs


The Six-word Memoir is a project in which participants have to tell a powerful story in just six words no more, no less. You will find stories on different topics such as life, advice, happiness. There are contests on various topics.


It is amongst the best writing websites for creative writers to enhance their creative skills as it can be challenging for experienced writers to get to the point in just six words.


  1. Association of Writers and Writing Programs


Association of Writers and Writing programs is popularly known as AWP is a Non-Profit organization. AWP provides resources, support, and community to many writers. AWP offers a guide to finding the right writing program. This organization also conducts contests and conferences for writers.


  1. The Write Life


The Write Life is a resource for writers to learn how to make money from writing. This site offers advice for freelancing, blogging, publishing. Write Life also provide tools, ebooks to their readers so they can become better at writing and grow their income.


  1. ProBlogger


ProBlogger is a site dedicated to bloggers who want to hone their blogging skills and make money from blogging. This site offers advice, tips and, tutorials to build an amazing blog. At this site, you can also find resources and recommendations on various tools for blogging. ProBlogger is one of the best writing websites that you should visit if you want to learn about blogging.


  1. Goins Writer


Goin’s Writer is a blog created by the best-selling author Jeff Goins. With this blog, he shares his experience and thoughts about writing and creativity. This blog offers tips for writing and publishing and inspires others to accomplish their goals. You can find informative articles that will help you succeed in your work.


  1. Now Novel


Now Novel is among the best writing websites for writers to start their stories. It is a platform where you can start and develop ideas in small steps and finish your story. At Now Novel, you will get feedback from an experienced writing coach. While writing at Now Novel you get to track your progress at every step. Along being the writing platform Now Novel offers courses and informative articles about writing.


  1. Create If Writing


Create If Writing is a blog created by  Kirsten Oliphant, this site offers a guide to build an authentic platform for writers and engage your audience to your writing. Create If Writing offers workshops to teach writing and how you can sell your work.


  1. The Blogsmith


It is important to create SEO-based content to drive traffic and get your blog or website ranked. The Blogsmith is founded by Maddy Osman who shares content about SEO-based writing, content marketing and helps writers and bloggers to drive more traffic to their websites. This blog also provides SEO content and Blog Editorial Calendar services.


  1. 750 Words


Writing, Writing, Writing and more writing make you a better writer. 750 words is a site that offers you a platform to write 750 words daily. The idea behind the 750 words came from the morning pages. Morning pages are three pages you write every day in the morning.


750 words help you to practice writing daily. To become a good writer you need to practice writing daily so you can improve your writing skills. Your writings at 750 words are private no will be able to see your work. This site help writer makes writing a habit and also allow them to track their progress.


  1. Copyblogger


Copyblogger is amongst the best writing websites because it does not only teach people how to write content but also teaches how to get readers’ attention and drive more traffic. Copyblogger provides an ultimate guide for content marketing, blogging, search engine optimization to name a few. It also publishes informative articles for writers.


  1. Scribophile


Scribophile is a writing workshop where writers from beginners to experienced give critiques to each other and also share their writing experiences. Writers can join this group to find readers, get feedback and improve their writing skills. Besides critiques at Scribophile, you can find various free resources for writing.


  1. Kikolani


Kikolani.com is a source of information for blogging to digital marketing. Kikolani offers strategies for content marketing to drive more attention and traffic through your content. Kikolani offers help and advice for the new writers to establish an online presence with their blog and grow their income. This site provides information about digital and social media marketing to grow your online business.


  1. The Book Designer


The Book Designer is a website that offers practical advice to build better books. This website aims to teach writers to write better books and also provide informative articles on different topics.


  1. Hemingway Editor


Good Readability of any type of content is very important. Your content should be easy to read for your readers. Hemingway Editor is an editing platform that helps writers to improve the readability of their content by pointing out the areas of improvement such as very long sentences or complex sentences. Hemingway editor also as Desktop app. This editor is your go-to place to improve the readability of your content.


  1. Kindleprenuer


Dave Chesson created Kindlepreneur to help authors with their book marketing. He writes articles, creates videos to provide information to the authors so they can his tips and strategies to market their books and see results. This blog also offers free courses, tools, and guides to help authors increase their sales and grow their author careers.


  1. The Creative Penn


The Creative Penn offers articles, podcasts, videos, and courses on writing, publishing, and book marketing and teaches how you can make money through writing. This site also offers a guide to writing novels and non-fiction.


  1. The Write Practice


The write practice is among the best writing websites as it provides a great platform for writers to practice their writing skills and grow in their writing careers. The Write Practice aims to help writers to practice writing daily by providing fresh writing prompts. At this blog, you will get feedback for your writing and The Write Practice also offers courses and resource for writers.


  1. Angela Booth


Angela Booth is an author, copywriter, ghostwriter, and writing coach. She shares many posts to help people grow in their writing careers and guide writers on how to increase their book sales


  1. Jane Friedman


Jane Friedman’s blog offers great information, tips, and articles on the writing and publishing process. She has 20 years of experience in the publishing industry and also offers classes on the writing and publishing process. Jane Friedman offers online classes to teach various topics of writing and publishing.


  1. Writers Helping Writers


Writers Helping writers is a website where you can different resources and tools to improve and publish and market your writings. This site aim help to empower writers to grow their author career and increase book sales.


  1. Medium


Medium is one of the best writing websites where you get the chance to learn and read from many writers. This site is for every writer from new to experienced. At medium, you can read and publish your stories. It is an amazing platform for newbie writers where they can publish their work without any investment.  At medium, you can write about any topic or niche you want and also read stories of other authors.


  1. The Independent Publishing Magazine


The independent publishing magazine is a site where you can find all about self-publishing or traditional publishing. This site posts ample articles about the publishing process and helpful articles for self-publishers to help them grow in their career.


  1. Positive Writer


Positive Writer is a wonderful and inspiring blog for those who are not confident about their writing abilities and have fear of failure in writing. It is a blog where you can find articles that will inspire and encourage you to continue writing and overcome the failure of writing.


  1. Publishers Weekly


Publishers Weekly popularly is known as “ the bible of the book business”. It is a weekly news magazine for writers, authors, booksellers where they can find news, announcements, reviews, and other things about the industry.


  1. Reedsy


Reedsy is amongst the best writing websites for publishers. Reedsy blog offers articles on publishing and writing craft. This site offers tools and educational content for writers. Reedsy also offers free courses that help you to write better and publish your work. This is a go-to site for self-publishers. Publishing professionals provide full support to the authors in the publishing process.


  1. ProWritingAid


ProWritingAid is an amazing platform where writers can edit their manuscripts. This platform offers wonderful features such as a grammar checker and style editor. ProWritingAid does not only offer a grammar checker but also helps you to improve the readability of your content. This platform is useful for every writer as it helps them to improve their content and present their ideas to the readers.


  1. Well-storied


Kristen Kieffer, the founder of well-storied helps writers craft the best novels. At well-stories.com she offers articles, books, courses,  tools, and podcasts to help writers create their masterpieces and build a better writing life.


  1. Elna Cain


Elna Cain is a freelance writer and blogger who help people to become freelance writer. At elnaclain.com is one of the best writing websites for freelance writers where Elna Cain shares informative articles on freelancing and writing. She also offers courses for people who want to become freelance writers and make money.


  1. Make a Living Writing


Make a Living Writing helps writers to achieve their freelance writing goals. Carol Tice offers full support to writers to grow in their careers. She offers resources, tools, ebooks on this website. Blog posts at Make a Living Writing are informative, inspiring, and encouraging for writers.


  1. The Freelancer’s year


Lindy Alexander an experienced freelance writer shares her experience as a freelance writer at the Freelancer’s year. With this blog, she helps writers through her courses for new and experienced writers, to grow in their freelancing careers. The Freelancer’s year teaches you to make money from freelance writing.


  1. Daily Writing Tips


Daily Writing Tips is a blog that offers tips and articles about writing. At daily Writing Tips, you can find tips for many categories such as business writings, freelance writing, book reviews and, many more. Daily Writing Tips offers a premium subscription where you will receive tips directly to your mail and there will be exercises through which you can improve your grammar and vocabulary.


  1. Freelance to Freedom


At Freelance to Freedom, you can find the free Freelancer’s toolkit, news, and inspiring articles to grow your freelance business. Freelance to Freedom project is a community of people who want freedom as a freelancer and grow in their career in freelancing. This site also offers a guide to getting clients.


  1. Grammarly


Every writer wants to write content without any grammar errors because good grammar makes your content credible. Grammarly is a platform that helps you write any type of content with correct grammar.


There is the free and premium version of Grammarly. The free version, only assists in checking grammar errors in your content, and the premium version, offers other tools that you can use to create credible content such as a plagiarism checker.


  1. The Freelancer by  Contently


Contently is an amazing platform where you can showcase your work through a portfolio and get clients. Through this platform, you will have the opportunity to work with several brands, build your career as a freelancer and grow your income. You will also find informative articles by other writers that will help you become better at freelancing.


  1. Kat Boogaard


Katboogard.com is a blog created by Kat Boogaard who shares everything about freelancing. You can learn how to start a freelance business, how to find clients, and get your first gig. She also offers useful tools for freelancers. This blog is for all who want to start a freelance business or refine their business.


  1. Almost an Author


Almost an author is a website that offers new content every day. This site covers various writing topics. This blog provides informative articles about the different genres and offers advice for writers to grow their careers in writing. 


Here in this table, I have categorized the list of the best writing websites into six categories (Creative Writing, Blogging, Marketing, Publishing, Freelancing, and Grammar and editing ) so it will be convenient for you to find the right website for you.


Creative WritingBloggingMarketingPublishingGrammar






Be a Freelance Blogger






Jane Friedman




Hemingway Editor



Elna Cain






The Write Life






Writers Helping Writers





Make a Living Writing




Writer’s digest






The Book         Designer



The Independent Publishing Magazine



Grammar Girl



The Freelancer’s year



Write it Sideways



Goins, Writer






Publishers Weekly



Now Novel


Freelance to Freedom


Helping Writers Become Authors



Create If Writing




Angela Booth











The Freelancer by  Contently



Six-Word Memoirs



The Blogsmith



The Creative Penn








Kat Boogaard



Every writer wants to get better at writing and grow his or her career. The writing websites mentioned in this article are useful for every writer from a newbie to an experienced writer. There is information on almost everything on these websites or blogs from blogging, marketing to self-publishing. Find the right website for you and add it to your bookmark so that when you are stuck you can easily find your way out.

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