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Best Online Computer Courses in Bhopal

Best Online Computer Courses in Bhopal


The image states the best computer courses in Bhopal


Are you a student interested in computers and trying to choose a career path? Are you a professional looking at advancing or changing your career? Do you want to upgrade your knowledge of computers from the comfort of your home? Do you want to know about the online computer courses in Bhopal?


If your answer to any of the above is yes, then read through the article to see what fits your bill and what you can pursue. From basic computer courses to the latest Blockchain technology, the City of Lakes has options galore to help you learn, while at home.


Basic Computer Courses and Programming Languages Offered Online in Bhopal


To thrive in this digital era, a basic knowledge of computers is essential. From the beginner level basic courses to the advanced programming languages, here are the online computer courses in Bhopal you can choose from.


Microsoft Office:


Billions of users from businesses and individuals around the world rely on the MS office suite to perform day-to-day activities. If you are a beginner and have a basic knowledge of computers then a certification in the MS Office is your best starting point. The MS Office Suite includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, and Publisher.


The Cyber Intelligence Unit located in Govind Pura, Bhopal offers school-level computer training, basic computer training, MS Office and Advanced Excel courses. If you are looking at an advanced level of certification in excel then check out ICertGlobal and Empower Excellence training centers that offer Advanced MS Excel online computer courses in Bhopal.




Industries, be it small scale or large scale use the Tally software for their accounting purposes. With basic knowledge in accounting, you can ace the Tally course which is quite easy to learn. Tally Institute of Learning in Bhopal offers Tally as part of a bundled course and as an individual course. With access to online learning content, you can learn Tally in 2-3 months.


In close association with Tally, GST Certification Course is one of the most sought-after courses by students and working professionals in the finance sector. Do check that out!

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Java may be old-fashioned but is not seeing its death any soon. Java is still in demand and one of the sought-after programming languages today and for years to come. If building applications: web, mobile, or desktop is something you like then Java is your cup of coffee. Tops Technologies offers online Java training in Bhopal.


  • Advanced Java Certification


The Advanced Java Certification will take you through advanced programming providing in-depth knowledge of Core Java 8, loops, array, operators, methods, and constructors. The course would also help you learn the JDBC and JUnit framework. simplilearn offers advanced java certification computer courses online in Bhopal.




Linux is an operating system. Though not popular like the Windows, iOS, and Mac operating systems, it is still considered as one of the most stable and secure operating systems with nearly 4 million computers running on Linux. If you want to learn Linux online then check out the online Linux training course offered by Learning Online Madhya Pradesh located at JK Road.


C, C++, C#:


C is a low-level, older programming language that is good for beginners. C++ is an intermediate-level programming language based on the C language but with more advanced capabilities. C#, also known as C Sharp is the high-level object-oriented programming language that was also developed based on C. If programming is something new to you, start with learning C and progress to C++ or C #.


If coding and programming is something you already know then start with C++ training and if you are interested in web development and .Net, then learning C# is the best choice.


TrainUp.com offers online training in  C, C++, C# courses. With knowledge of C#, you could advance to .Net software development.


.Net and ASP.Net:


Dot NET is a programming technology framework used to develop Windows, Web, and Server-based applications, while ASP.NET is used in the .NET Framework to create dynamic web pages or websites. Numerous institutes offer .NET and ASP.NET software development training online in Bhopal.




Python is yet another programming language that has been in use since 1991 to create web applications. You can opt for a beginner, intermediate or advanced level of training based on your level of expertise. Learn the fundamentals of Python at Simplilearn online boot camp.


Software Testing:


Software Testing is a process wherein a software application is verified and validated to see if it has met the intended purpose. During the testing the gaps and defects, if any are identified to ensure the quality of the application. With a Software Testing course certification, you can become a Quality Analyst or a Software Tester.


Have Fun While Learning These Online Computer Courses in Bhopal


If programming and coding is not your cup of tea but if you are interested in learning about devices, the way they work, and use them in a fun way, you can consider taking the following online computer courses in Bhopal.


Artificial Intelligence (AI):


AI simply refers to the use of machines or computers to perform tasks that traditionally require human intelligence. A training in AI would also make you knowledgeable on Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and programming languages. Simplilearn.com in collaboration with IBM offers a Master’s program in AI as part of their online computer courses in Bhopal.




When science, engineering, and technology work together and produce a machine to clone human actions, a robot is born. If you are greatly interested in designing and developing machines to mimic human actions, pursuing a course in robotics would be a smart choice given the digital world we live in. Robotics, as a subject is gaining a strong foothold as part of academics in schools.


If you are interested in Robotics classes for children check Bhopal-based Tech Robo Centre and Robonauts India for Robotics classes for both children and adults.


Visual Effects and Animation:


The Visual Effects or VFX course is designed for those looking at a career in learning the art, technique, and software to create special effects or 3D animation for the media and entertainment industry. Learn about flying cars and superheroes from the various visual effects courses and Animation courses.


Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR):


Unlike VR that gets you immersed in the artificial simulated environment, AR uses images and data to augment the view of the world around us and make the user experience more interactive.


Multimedia and Design:


Learn about creating, designing, and editing images or videos for movies, television, video games, or the web. As a trained multimedia designer you can print and publish rich multimedia content and work in the media industry.


Game Designing:


Learning to design and develop games for computers, laptops, tablets, and mobiles is fun while at work. You could bring out the creative side in you by giving life to those imaginary characters and creatures and the world they live in. Gaming is here to stay and a course that would make you a professional game designer would be a game-changer in your life.


Web Designing:


A web designer is responsible for building sites that have aesthetic appeal. The web designer takes care of the appearance of the site by designing the layout, making it responsive to mobile platforms, and structuring the content to enhance user experience. You can showcase your designing and creative skills as a Web Designer.


Graphic Designing:


If communicating or conveying ideas via visuals or graphics entices you then opt for a career in Graphic Design. From designing brochures, logos, business cards, or websites, graphic designers can attract customers through striking visuals.


Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC),  the media and entertainment education brand of Aptech Ltd. offers courses on VFX, 3D Animation, Gaming, AR/VR, web designing, and graphic designing in Bhopal. Your search for the best online computer courses in Bhopal could end here, and your career in the media and entertainment industry could begin.


Do Facts and Figures Interest You? Check Out These Online Computer Courses in Bhopal


If any of the above courses did not kindle your interests, but if numbers, handling volumes of data, research, and analysis does, then check out the following data-related courses.


Data Science:


If there is one resource that is more valuable than commodities like oil, it is Data. Data is all around us and is essential in every organization for smooth functioning. Data Science is a lucrative career option with high-paying jobs. So, if you want to handle a large amount of data, explore it, analyze it and offer conclusions then becoming a Data Scientist could be a turning point in your career. You need to have some programming background or knowledge to learn Data Science.


  • Machine Learning: Machine learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence and a component of Data Science that focuses on building applications which without being programmed can learn from data and improve their accuracy over time. Take a look at the Machine Learning Training Course offered by IntelliPaat in Bhopal.


  • Big Data: While Data Science is all about Data and its lifecycle, Big Data focuses on a huge volume of data that requires specialized techniques to be efficiently used to draw conclusions.


  • Business Intelligence: Yet another branch of Data Science dealing with data is Business Intelligence which uses software, strategies, and technologies to provide insights that help in decision making.


  • Tableau: Tableau software is a Business Intelligence and Analytics tool that converts raw data effortlessly into an easily understandable format. A tableau is just a tool that does not require coding to create dashboards that can be used to draw inferences.


Institutes like Datamites and the Academy of Data Science offer Data Science, Machine Learning, Big Data, and Business Intelligence courses as part of their online computer courses in Bhopal.


Learn About Securing Data And Network With These Online Computer Courses in Bhopal




With the increasing number of data breaches and digital attacks, companies are looking to invest in cybersecurity and are in search of cybersecurity professionals to protect their systems and networks from malicious attacks. While cybersecurity is part of information security, network security is a subset of cybersecurity focusing on securing network and data using hardware and software systems.


Ethical Hacking:


Ethical Hackers also known as White Hats are security experts that help in preventing data theft by malicious attackers. Any device, process, or system is prone to attacks and ethical hackers need to think like Black Hats or non-ethical hackers to provide security solutions. Ethical hackers are most sought after by organizations these days and as a trained ethical hacker your career could flourish.




Blockchain is used to maintain transactions digitally. True to its name, blockchain is made up of blocks and chains where individual records also known as blocks are linked to a single list called a chain. A course in Blockchain would help you learn about cryptocurrencies from Bitcoin mining and Ethereum Blockchain. Blockchain is creating quite a stir these days in the digital arena.


The following centers offer Blockchain training courses as part of their online computer courses in Bhopal:


  1. Encertify
  2. MyTectra
  3. Unichrone


Are you more of a creative and innovative person? Check out these online computer courses in Bhopal to ooze your ingenuity.


Content Writing:

If you have the creativity, flair, and love for words, a certification in content writing would take your career to new heights. By writing articles, blogs, ebooks, press releases, or snippets you could put your creativity to best use. Not just writing but learn to market your content and create a strong foothold in your niche.


Acquire the perfect blend of content writing and content marketing with the Best Content Writing Master Course


Digital Marketing:


Online Digital Marketing courses are most sought after these days. Learn about web development, creating video campaigns, designing Google Ads campaigns, search engine optimization, and email marketing as part of Digital Marketing.


 Learn the essentials of digital marketing in 12 weeks with the Best Digital Marketing Course in India 


You might want to check the Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Bhopal in 2021 to get more insights on the latest offerings from the Digital Marketing world.


If computer-related courses do not interest you, choose from your area of interest. Use the following list as a base to begin your search, but do not limit your searches only to these.


  • Personality Development
  • PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification
  • Six Sigma Training
  • Salesforce Certification
  • GST Certification Course
  • Photography
  • Film-making
  • Learning a new language
  • Communication Skills
  • TEFL Certification


If Bhopal is your choice to pursue an online course you have innumerable courses and institutes to pick from and shape your career. Although remember, regardless of your location, all you need is a computer, a stable internet connection, time, and money to transform your lives for the better.


The face of education is changing these days with online education. With flexible timings, pocket-friendly tuitions and a plethora of courses to choose from, online courses have come as a boon to us, no matter which phase of life we are in.


I’m Kalpana Balaji, a home engineer, and mom to a 12-year-old. I’m a post-graduate with 7 years of work experience in knowledge and content management. A long hiatus in my career has not deterred me from donning many hats. Food and words are two things I love the most and I’m looking at bringing about a change with my writing and cooking.
  • The programming language is the one that will allow you to control your computer. It is the language that allows you to transfer instructions and data. In order to learn programming, therefore, one needs to have an understanding mathematics, logic and of course, knowledge of a given programming language.

    Programming languages have different syntaxes and capabilities available in them. It is not an easy task for someone who doesn’t know anything about it or has never programmed before to pick up a given coding language and start working on it. The best way for this person would be learning online or attending a university class if possible.

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