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Best Internship Programs For Job Aspirants (Hiring Guide)


Internship Programs are temporary job allotments provided by a company or an organization to candidates, known as interns. Students and undergraduates are mainly the beneficiaries of such an initiative. Internships take place within a stipulated period of a month or two.


Best Internship Programs For Job Aspirants

Internship programs are offered as a part-time job for students appearing for semester exams and full-time for candidates on vacation. 


An Internship is a ‘give and take’ policy. You receive the field experience and skills required for a permanent job and your employer is benefited from your performance during the initiative. Internships are classified into paid and unpaid internships. In contemporary times, paid internships witness higher demands than un-paid internships as the former is considered more reliable and beneficial.


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Why should you sign-up for internship programs?

Companies and organizations expect their potential employees to have prior work experience in the field of employment in the form of previous work commitments or internships. Possessing satisfactory work experience in a particular field of employment will put you at an advantage when you seek career opportunities.


Many hiring companies are thriving to achieve an efficient workforce and competition for job vacancies is intense. An internship you take during a vacation can create a difference in terms of getting a job or losing the same. An internship can provide you with the first-hand experience of the field of employment and work environment. It also enables you to put your knowledge and skills learned in your formal education to good use.


With the help of wide educational options, you can be educated in any course of your interest but nothing can prepare you for the future job you will be handed over like an internship program. An internship gives you a wonderful insight into the functioning of your preferred choice of occupation and company. You also get the opportunity to meet and interact with new people during your internship. You can anticipate adequate training and allotment of assignments and duties during your internship period.


The internship is the best place for students to get acquitted with the professional environment with ample work experience.


Here are some of the best internship programs in India to help you on your journey in search of knowledge and experience.

Internship Programs #1 – Google Summer Internship

When the world’s most popular search engine offers you the opportunity to do an internship with them, you wouldn’t want to be left out. Google invites you to intern with them as a software engineer. You will be allowed to assist them in the working of their primary services and also work on other functions involving software solutions.


You will be offered an internship in the field of engineering productivity and product system management after analyzing your prior experience.


Qualifications required:

  • Candidates who are pursuing a Ph.D. degree, MS, or BS in the field of Computer Science or other related technical courses can apply for this internship. It is also necessary to have experience and skills with one or more programming languages to be hired as an intern. One must also know to communicate and write in English fluently.

Interested candidates can try their hand for an internship during the months of July and August each year.


Internship Programs #2 -UNESCO Internship (Graduate Students)

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization offering internship opportunities to graduates, highlights the wide scale of Internship Programs open for signing up. UNESCO allows candidates to intern with them in the field of Culture, Communication, and Natural Science.

Qualifications Required:

  • Candidates need to hold a bachelor’s degree in any field from an affiliated university or institution. Applicants must be pursuing their master’s degree or higher studies during the time of internship or should have acquired a bachelor or higher degree from a university. Students must sign-up for the internship within a year after graduation.

The duration of the internship lasts for 6 months. No salary is paid to the interns.


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Internship Programs #3- Paytm Internship

One of the most renowned online payment portals Paytm is willing to hire those candidates for an internship who are keen on identifying people’s problems and needs to create effective solutions. As you intern with Paytm, you can work and learn about various digital services and products such as E-Wallets, Payments through banks, Travel and insurance, Movies and Entertainment, and many more.

Interning with Paytm will fall within the duration of 8 to 16 weeks.


Internship Programs #4- Amazon as a software development engineer

Interning with a prominent multinational technology company puts you at the advantage of sitting alongside efficient software engineers who are highly skilled and capable of solving complex technical problems in the field of software development.

Qualifications Required:

  • Applicants need to be well-versed with programming languages such as Java, C#, and C++. You need to have a problem-solving attitude and well aware of real-world issues.


Internship Programs #5 – United Nations

The United Nations information center located in New-Delhi has opened its doors for internships. Candidates will be expected to work for 5 days a week on a full-time basis. Interns will work under the supervision of office bearers from the respective departments into which applicants are assigned.


Qualifications Required:

  • Candidates need to be graduated from a university or should be pursuing a bachelor’s degree or higher from an affiliated university. Students in the final year of their bachelor’s degree are also welcomed for an internship. No salary will be paid as it is an unpaid internship.


Internship Programs at AICTE

In 1945, a supreme organization named All India Council of Technical Education was established to analyze the technical advancements in the field of education and promote the idea of development in rural areas of the country. AICTE is now on the lookout for young and brilliant minds to assist them on their mission to make India technically advanced.

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Internship programs at NITI Ayog

Established on January 1th of 2015, the National Institute for Transforming India is an organization designed to assist the government with technical assistance and make long-term policies and strategies for the government of India. Their internship scheme invites candidates who are enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate courses for internships.

Internships with NITI can last for a maximum of 3 months. No remuneration is paid to the interns.


Internship Programs with Cadbury

Mondelez India, the parent company of Cadbury chocolates invites candidates to do an internship with them as a Cadbury product promoter. Special occasions require the company’s full attention on the competitive market for finding ways to reach out to their consumers or grab their attention. During your internship with one of the leading chocolate manufacturers, you will have to interact with people from important retailers in the market to fix deals for the upcoming festival season.


Cadbury offers you one of the best internship initiatives in India by allowing you to develop your skills in the field of sales and allows you to work for the company’s success. You will be required to negotiate and finalize deals to benefit your customers, ensure delivery of products based on the order, convert a mere phone call into possible sales and make phone calls to organizations that are located in your city.

  • Remuneration up to 12,000 will be paid to interns.
  • An internship lasts for 2 months.
  • Applicants must be a graduate.


Internships at Dell Technologies

The multinational tech giant is keen on hiring youths for conducting operations in their industry. Dell technologies have resorted to allot 25% of external hiring to college students through college campuses. Their internships allow you to operate in the fields of finance, human resources, accounting, computer engineering, marketing, and many more. The internships last for 12 weeks and are paid in nature.


Internships at L’Oreal

One of the renowned beauty products manufacturers L’Oreal invites candidates interested in Digital Marketing, Product designing, and sales to intern with them. Recent graduates are also welcomed and the internships can last for 12 months. Internships are paid in nature.


Internships at Facebook

Interning with Facebook will give you the opportunity to work alongside their engineers to build and test websites. Their internships involve indulging in question and answer sessions with the executives and participating in off-site events.

The Vice President at Facebook testifies that working at Facebook helps you create a real impact on the company as well as the digital world. Interns can earn from 7,000 to 8,000 US dollars per month. The internships last for 3 months.


Internships at Newell Brands

Newell Brands is a commercial and consumer products manufacturer that has opened doors for internships and are targeting young graduates. Interns can work in the field of designing, marketing, and e-commerce while interning with Newell Brands. Interns also gain the privilege of dining with the executives and indulge in golfing excursions to build a good rapport with the team. Every intern gets guidance and support from the mentor assigned to them, who also evaluates their performance and progress throughout their internship.


Internships at CIEE Global in Mumbai, India

Applying for an internship with the CIEE Global gives you the opportunity to visit and spend your summer in the financial capital of India, one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.


They have designed an 8-week long internship program for candidates who want to apply for an academic internship which helps them gain professional skills, inter-cultural and professional work experience in multinational cooperation or organization.


Graphics Intern

BackSpace, a multinational online gaming portal provides users who avail of their gaming services an opportunity to gain rewards and cash. They invite candidates for an internship duration of 3 months as a graphics intern to design graphics for their games and translate their marketing coordinators’ ideas into graphics.


You are required to have adequate experience with adobe photoshop and adobe illustrator. Certificate of internship and letter of recommendation will be provided after the duration of the internship. The internship is paid in nature with a monthly payment of 3,500 Rupees to be offered.


Internships at Bosch India

Bosch, an expert in rendering technical solutions and services for home and industrial requirements hosts one of the best internship summer initiatives for students and graduates. Many interns also get recruited to work for them after the accomplishment of the internship. Internships at Bosch is practical oriented and allows the interns to work and learn alongside their executives and employees on projects of significance.


Bosch believes in maintaining togetherness and teamwork in their environment. As an intern, you will have to function by relying on the advice and help from your colleagues. After your internship, you will be equipped with expertise and relations that can benefit your career.



Bosch anticipates a dedicated and flexible approach in terms of the internship from the applicants. Good communication skills, command over English are necessary for accomplishing day to day tasks provided. Being well-versed in additional languages would add to your efficiency during the internship. Excellence in your field of study alongside your grades will be considered before offering internship opportunities.


Internships offered by UNDP

UNDP, A multinational organization that thrives to end poverty and promotes equality among people. UNDP has been working in India since 1951 by covering every aspect of human development from governance to disaster management.


UNDP is keen on enrolling extraordinary university students for their internship program in India. The objective is to make use of qualified students’ assistance from various fields of expertise. As an intern, candidates learn about UNDP’S development policies and partake in their technical cooperation activities. Internship programs are anticipated to promote developmental studies and focuses on technical cooperation activities.


Assignments provided during the internships vary in nature and length. UNDP tries to assign suitable assignments to their interns based on their field of interest which would benefit the applicants, as well as the UNDP India.


Summer Internship at Microsoft, Bangalore

Microsoft at Bangalore is looking forward to hiring a research intern who participates in the research and development strategies made by the executives. Interns are expected to associate with their mentors and other interns to deliver useful findings based on your research conducted. Microsoft India initiates researches across a variety of fields with specific internship opportunities available from each field.


While receiving applications for the internships, the ideal field of work will be allocated to the applicants based on their interests. Internships are paid in nature and candidates will be assisted by their team for visa applications.


Applicant must be pursuing a doctorate degree or an undergraduate course or be a recent graduate from an affiliate university. A resume is required along with three recommendation letters to be attached with it for consideration of an internship.


Summer Internships at TeachForIndia, Bangalore

TeachForIndia requires interns to assist their career management team in Bangalore. Applicants are required to have good communication skills to coordinate with their team and build relations with ease. The intern should also possess adequate knowledge in the educational industry as they will be required to provide results based on their research and inculcate knowledge in the field of education. Interns can work on their assignments from their respective locations but will have to appear at the TeachForIndia office in person once a week.


The duration of the internship lasts for 2 months, which can be extended for an additional 2 months. Applicants will have to work on a pre-internship assignment, based on which they will be enrolled for an internship.



Candidates should be undergraduate or should be enrolled in an undergraduate program from an affiliate university.


Internship programs by IBM, India

What if you get an opportunity to reveal your knowledge and expertise in the field of technology and business to the professional world with help and support from one of the leading technology firms in the world? IBM sets the stage for you to do the same with their internship program.


Their internship lasts for 10 to 15 weeks during which you join hands with your peers to solve real-world problems. You are not only mentored by technical and business experts but also get a chance to take part in presentations and developmental workshops. Game-changing projects will require your hands-on assistance and your ideas will be taken into consideration.


Good leadership skills, Well-versed with modern programming languages such as Java, Python, C, C++, etc.


J.P.Morgan Internships

Internship Program for Software Engineers

Join hands with one of the leading technological advancement companies to create unique software solutions that will impact the lives of millions of clients, customers, and businesses around the world. Begin your internship with one of the most efficient and technology-driven teams to create an impact in the lives of many customers, company clients, and employees. J.P.Morgan delivers one of the most impact-driven internships to help you gain sufficient knowledge in the field of software engineering and a professional work environment.


Internship Program for Market Analysis

Join our collaborative and supportive team and become well-versed with financial marketing during your internship in the financial marketing and research program. Working as an intern in this program, you will help clients in their financial transactions with your research.


Trade, Sales, and Research go hand-in-hand to deliver the desired results to the clients. Research through reliable sources helps the functioning of each department to achieve the desired results.


Internships at Greenspace India

Greenspace invites candidates for an internship to join in their efforts for making a peaceful and greener environment. The duration of the internship can last for 3 months during which the skill of conducting research in the field of environment is cultivated in the students. Interns gain exposure to local projects and assignments carried on by Greenspace India. Greenspace is looking forward to utilizing the youths’ skills and enthusiasm for preserving and developing the environment.


  • Applicants should be enrolled in the second year of their degree program.
  • A letter of verification is required from the departmental head, stating the reason for an internship requirement.
  • The Applicant should be an Indian citizen.


Internships at Center for Science and Development

Internships at the Center for Science and Development caters to the needs of an individual or an institution as it hosts special internship programs on a specific duration based on their requirements. CSE conducts a volunteering nature of internships for students who are selected based on online verifications. Students from an institution are verified and selected based on their sustainability and availability over a given duration.

Assignments are research-oriented and non-research oriented in nature. Candidates are allocated assignments based on their interests.


Internships at IHS Markit

IHS Markit is one of the leading digital and technological firms around the world which offers industries and businesses with world-class technological solutions. The services offered by them will help solve advanced technical challenges and difficulties faced by businesses. Your passion for finding solutions for technical issues and working in the field of technology will earn you your internship with IHS Markit.


As an intern, you will assist the team in developing software and building technology. This summer internship can brush up your skills required to enter into the corporate world and help you gain valuable experience in the field of technological advancements. You get to work alongside the experts in the industry to create an impact in the ever-changing world of technology. Interns will also be provided with the opportunity to lay down their ideas in front of senior executives.



  • Should be pursuing a bachelorette or master’s degree in Science, Technology, or Mathematics or should already possess one.
  • Passionate and interested in the field of technology and science.
  • Problem-solving skills and critical thinking.
  • Communication skills and ability to work collaboratively in a corporate environment.


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Conclusion on internship programs in India

India witnessed a surge in applications for internships and various industries are seemingly opening doors for young minds to intern with them across different countries. What was initially a western concept of joining as an intern before being exposed to the actual professional world has become prominent among the youths in India as well. Hiring companies anticipating prior work experiences from their potential employees is nothing unusual. Additionally, internships are also an efficient way to get fresh minds to work on present assignments by offering a small remuneration and tons of experience and opportunities.

Being qualified for your dream job is good. Accomplishing an internship in your field of qualification will be a wise decision to make as it puts you at an advantage over your peers while appearing for an interview.

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