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23 Best Content Writing Tools For Improved Productivity

Want to know about content writing tools that will enhance creativity? It is important to keep creating intriguing content that will resonate with your target readers and consumers. The process of content writing is not easy. It takes time, concentration, and creative acumen. 

Best Content Writing Tools

However, certain content writing tools will make this process more convenient. The different content writing tools are a boon to every content writer, no matter what format they write in. Content writing is one of the most interesting and satisfying jobs out there. It lets you explore different topics, ideas, and niches. It gives you the liberty of taking a topic and writing your perspectives on it. You can express your opinions, give vent to your imagination, and create compelling topics that move your readers. Investing in good content writing tools enables you to create impeccable articles that are bound to get results. They continue to give you the benefits long after they are published.

The main aim of creating content is to inform and engage your readers in your content so that they derive some value out of it. People trust information through content rather than advertising tactics today. They don’t want to read something solely meant to induce purchasing decisions. Content at its core is informative and does not pester you to buy a product or a service. Content writing tools further help in distributing information perfectly.

Now let’s look at the top 23 content writing tools that writers can use to churn out some great content. They help to iron out all the glitches in your content providing you with a stellar writeup, free of errors, and careless mistakes.

1. Answer The Public

This is one of the first tools you use when you embark on a journey of content writing. It covers the first steps to creating content. Answer The Public helps garner information on what your consumers are interested in searching on the internet. You have to decide on a particular topic and type the words on the search tab of the tool. This tool will help you to get pertinent questions posed by readers on the internet regarding the topic. For example, suppose you have chosen food blogging. Now, you set the parameters like your country and language and press on the search. You will see that several questions appear on your screens. These questions are the results of what your target consumers are interested in and asking on different search engines.

It is one of the best listening tools for writers to get a good idea of the questions that are most popular right now with your target consumers.

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2. UberSuggest

Ubersuggest is the finest free keyword research tool created by one of the most revered digital marketers Neil Patel. It is a tool that helps immensely in the process of Keyword research for your industry. Additionally, it offers plenty of other popular words. These words then help you to create more content and structure your articles better. It is a great tool for getting new insights on search volumes and topics that others choose in your domain. Articles based on such words can get you great website traffic. Ubersuggest also provides a host of other services like analyzing your traffic, analyzing SEO results, and so on. They also display the top-read articles on a particular keyword.

3. Hemingway App

Hemingway app is probably the most used content writing tool for writers around the world. The interface of this tool is extremely easy to handle. This makes it one of the most popular text editors we use today. It has several features that make your content crisp and provide absolute clarity. There are features like readability, different colored texts to point out different flaws. For example, they highlight the use of too many adverbs, adjectives, and unnecessary jargon. Point out sentences that are too complex for readers to understand. There are many such features along with a display of the number of words. They help to make your content much more impactful and engaging.

4. Grammarly

Grammarly is by far the most popular digital writing and editing tool that is used by numerous writers globally. It is also one of the most effective writing and editing tools that help to make your content completely error-free. Additionally, the Grammarly premiere version allows you to optimize your content even further by eliminating unnecessary words and creating more focused content. They come with a plagiarism checker.

It helps in checking grammar, readability, and clarity of your content. One of the most important features of Grammarly is the goals section that helps you to define your objectives. You can set your goal in the parameters of importance, formality, domain, tone, and intent. These features help to create content perfectly aligning with your target customer and their choices and preferences. Even if you are a prolific writer, you are bound to make typos or grammatical errors unwittingly. Grammarly helps to refine your write-up so that it turns out exemplary. Grammarly invariably turns you into a more engaging and better content writer.

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5. Portent

Portent is an idea generator for your articles, blogs, video content, features, podcasts, ad copy. It is one of the most interesting, and creative tools available to writers today. Portent comes up with innovative titles for your write-ups. The best part of this tool is that once you’ve put in a Keyword the results that come up can be extremely unique. Sometimes funny, surprising, and even greatly amusing. They have several features like new ideas, saving ideas, different resources, and also a section to view the tutorial. The different resources they offer all help in refining your content copy to rank it on search engines. Through this, you can get access to several unique topics that will help you create compelling content with captivating titles.

6. Coschedule Headline Analyzer

This should be in the mandatory list of tools that content writers use. For any article be it a blog, feature, ad copy, the headline is the most important sentence that draws your reader in. It is a free tool that assesses the quality of your headline and scores it. You get a clear idea of whether your ad headline is engaging enough for people to go through your content. Based on your score, you can edit your headline to create an impact. It will help in driving traffic and leading to conversions.

It is regarded as one of the finest tools by content writers and helps to increase the value of your content for search engines and your consumers.

7. Canva

Canva offers a plethora of features and functions for content writers. You can create images, infographics, change fonts, colors, size of images, and writeups. It is the most widely used free tool that works as a photo editor and includes innumerable features that help to bolster your content with great graphics. They have a great pro version available that you can pay to use. However, the standard version is adequate for content writers. You can choose from hundreds of images and can format according to the element you want to include.

Whether it is an image for a blog, brochure, social media, ebook, there are numerous layouts available. You have a variety of templates, structures, filters available for social media, and other digital platforms images.

8. Evernote

As content writers, many times we are hard-pressed with time. There are deadlines to meet and several other things to look into. In such cases, Evernote comes into great use. It is an app available both for your desktop and smartphones. There is a speech-to-text feature available by which you can create content by speaking. The speech-to-text feature would automatically recognize, put down everything that you have spoken. Additionally, Evernote comes with several features like templates for blog posts, reviews, planners. They also have annual calendars, meeting notes, strategic planning, event budgets, checklists, and so on. You have the option of setting reminders and attaching files of different formats. You can also write by hand using a stylus as and when you deem fit. Evernote allows you to take pictures and record video as well as audio for convenience.

9. Hubspot Blog Idea Generator

Hubspot blog Idea generator as the name suggests is a tool that helps content writers to come up with fresh innovative ideas for blog articles. You only have to type in a word preferably a noun. HubSpot comes up with a week’s worth of ideas that you can incorporate into your blog strategy. They are a great tool in the journey of becoming a prolific writer. They help by providing you with plenty of ideas to get you going in your content writing endeavor.

10. Google Analytics

For all your content marketing efforts, Google Analytics is one of the most promising tools. It gives you incisive information on how to take your business forward. It is a free service that is invaluable to content writers, and marketers all around the world. Google Analytics helps to get insights into different parameters that determine the success of your business. The main aim of writing content is to disseminate relevant and useful informative content that is going to solve the problems of your target consumers. Therefore, you have to write content that is of value. It should invoke curiosity in your focus group.

Google Analytics a free app that helps presents different data available from several digital marketing platforms. It helps to determine the behavioral pattern, interest, demographics that give you insight into what kind of content you should write.

11. Dictionary and thesaurus

A dictionary and thesaurus should be permanent fixtures in a content writer’s life. There are two best friends of writers who want to increase their vocabulary and overall command of the language they are writing in. Free dictionary, thesaurus, wordnik, urban dictionary are some of the most amazing content writing tools. They have to improve the overall efficiency of content writers and provide innumerable synonyms of different words.

Whether it is your social media post, blog article, feature article, or technical writing, the dictionary and thesaurus are extremely useful for all content formats.

12. Yoast

If you are a content writer and have a website of your own, you must have heard of Yoast SEO. Yoast SEO tool is a top-rated reliable content writing tool. Its main purpose is to make your content worthy to rank on search engines. Yoast gives you a proper idea about the readability quotient of your content. Headings, subheadings, outbound, inbound links, meta descriptions, transition words are some of the powerful SEO elements of Yoast.

All of its features help you to prepare your content for Search Engine Optimization. It is the go-to tool if you want your content to appear on the first pages of a search engine like Google.

13. Ideaflip

Idea flip is one of the premier tools that help you to plan and organize your content with the rest of your team. It is a mind mapping application that works like online sticky notes helping you to create content flexibly and share it online. It works across devices and browsers. Ideaflip helps in coordinating and collaborating with your team effortlessly.

It can be a great boost to your content writing efforts. You can research, brainstorm, and share opinions on the platform with other writers and members of your team.

14. Yes

Ilys is again one of the unique content writing tools that help to fine-tune your writing. It helps to write in a fun and innovative way. It is an unconventional tool but is a very useful one that helps to explore your innate creativity. It’s also one of our most interesting to read because once you start writing on it you will not be able to edit or make changes. That is until you finish your word count goal. You set a word count at the beginning of the exercise. Only writing and not having the chance to edit it gives you the liberty to just write unhindered. You don’t have to care about the errors that creep up in the process.

After you finish writing, you can go back to editing the typos, grammatical errors, and other such issues. The clear interface makes it one of the fun tools to start your content writing.

Important Tip:

Hitting a writer’s block is a very common occurrence in a writer’s life. If you are one of those experiencing the problem of not being able to generate content remember, you are not the only one. Top bloggers and writers have faced this. They continue to face this even with so much success and plenty of articles under their belt. Content writing is a creative process. Hence, there are times when your brain just stops cooperating. Conversely, at times, ideas just take shape in your mind fluidly. You can create high-grade articles in a very short time.

There is a sure-shot way to ensure that you do not become despondent at times like this. When you are facing writer’s block continue writing even if you churn out gibberish. Put it on a word document, whatever it is you are thinking. Believe it, even the things you write at this point can later help to get ideas. You can incorporate parts of it into your content to create fresh original content.

15. Convertkit

When you write content, people must get to read it. Convertkit is one of the email service providers that helps you to disseminate your content on various platforms. It also helps to personalize the email, automate it. You can easily send innumerable emails with engaging content. It gets you better website traffic, awareness, lead generation, and conversion. Some of its distinctive features are customizable landing pages for email subscribers, sign-up forms, and email designers. They help you to tailor emails according to the choices and preferences of your subscribers.

16. Google Search Console

Merely writing content is not enough. You have to track and analyze your progress and see how you are faring on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. This is where Google Search Console is required for every content writer. It provides comprehensive analysis and reports on your search traffic. Search Console displays the appearances you make in search engines. Also, the security issues, and errors on your site, server errors are shown. There are other innumerable important features. By correctly analyzing the reports by google console, you can create more focused and valuable content. That will help in increasing your site’s SERPS.

17. SEMRush

SEMRush is a round application that helps with definitive solutions. They cover all digital marketing modules including content writing. They offer keyword research for your content writing efforts. Semrush comes up with certain specific keywords that you can use to increase your visibility. They also help you in providing a list of keywords that some of your competitions use. Whether long-tail keywords, keyword trends, difficulty analysis, semrush helps in giving you a 360 understanding of how your keyword is going to perform.

18. Small SEO Tool

If you are a content writer you cannot do without Small SEO tools. It is a free application that gives you a package of features to hone and polish your writing. This content writing tool has several categories that help you in the overall process of creating content.

Some of the Features in Small SEO Tools Are as Follows:

  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Grammar Checker
  • Word Counter
  • Spell Checker
  • Uppercase To Lowercase Feature
  • Image To Text Converter
  • Text To Image Converter
  • Article Rewriter Among Others.

19. ConvertCase

Convert a case is a compulsory tool for content writers. It provides a plethora of features that includes uppercase, capitalizing letters, sentence case, alternating case, title case, among others. You might leave your caps, or forget to write something in CAPS. Convert case helps in those situations.

20. Quora

Though this is mainly a digital discussion platform, it can be considered as one of the most important content writing tools for content writers. Today we have a lot of applications at our disposal. Quora is one such platform that helps content writers get ideas for their articles. We have most of our target readers present on platforms like social media channels and quora. Quora helps to research what the popular topics are. Consumers post questions on these platforms regarding varied topics of diverse nature. Based on the questions posed on this platform, content writers can structure and formulate their writeups.

For example, One of the most frequently asked questions on quora is “The prospect of a content writing career in India.” The main objective of content writers is to inform and educate readers on different subjects and topics. They can therefore take up this topic and create content. The content should comprehensively give the target consumers information on a career in content writing in India.

21. WordCounter

Word Counter is one of the very popular online content writing tools. It helps to analyze in detail the number of words you’ve written in a document. It also helps you to improve your sentences and writing format. You can use their webpage word count tool that helps you to calculate the word density of a web page. There is also a word per page. It helps to determine how many words you should write for a certain number of pages. There are innumerable other tools on these applications.

22. Google Sheets

Google Sheets is one of the tools that help collaborations easier. You can create a list of the topics you want to write about. Also, incorporate different information that can be of use in your content writing journey. The interface is fairly simple. It ensures you can organize and share your work with the concerned individuals. Your Google sheets are synced for different devices automatically. There is also the feature of revision history by which you can track the changes you made to the spreadsheet. It helps to disseminate relevant information to your team members. You also have additional features like offline editing. Google Sheets allows integrating with other Google features like Google slides and Google documents. Edit spreadsheets in real-time and sync them to your drive.

23. Buffer

If you want to increase your visibility and make sure more and more people read your content then buffer is the tool for you. It offers features to seamlessly schedule your content on different social media platforms. There are other advanced features as well. It includes providing you with analytics and insights on the performance of the content on social media platforms. You also have connectivity of RSS feeds to know what’s happening in the digital arena. There are Social Analytics and profile sharing. It helps to customize the introduction for every social media platform that you share your content.

There are several time slots available for scheduling your content for these social media channels on the buffer.


Here’s the list of the best 23 content writing tools that help to create more meaningful content. All these tools help to polish your writing and embellish it with different elements that further increase the engagement quotient of your content copy.

These tools can be extremely beneficial if you make them a part of your writing process. Apart from cutting down your time on correcting the errors in your content, they greatly enhance the quality of your content. This helps in the overall performance of your website, blog, or business. It also increases your Goodwill of being a reliable content writer able to create original high-grade content for your target consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q. What are the best writing tools for beginners?

There are many free tools that you can use as a beginner. Few are listed below:

  • Grammarly
  • Evernote
  • Google Docs
  • Microsoft word document

Q. What are the modes used in writing?

There are 4 main modes used in writing.

  • Persuasive
  • Descriptive
  • Expository
  • Narrative

Q. Why is it important to use writing tools?

Writing tools helps in improving your writing skills. It helps in using correct writing structures, does grammar analysis & also guides in right word choices.

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