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Best Content Service Providers in India (Updated)

Businesses are engaged in constant efforts to drive sales and ensure that visitors to their websites spend an adequate amount of time on their websites. To attract and retain customers, they also need to ensure that product data is up to date on their websites. It is here that content service providers come in. They help businesses simplify their e-commerce processes through creation and distribution processes.

Best Content Service Providers in India


Content service providers can provide a range of services like Technical writing, Website development, digital marketing, business content writing, SEO copywriting, and social media support. Thus, they play a very important role in promoting businesses that have a web presence and need support to grow. The content service providers can enable access to experts and also help to obviate the need for businesses to have in-house professionals for related services. Businesses of the following types can benefit from the services of content service providers 

  • Businesses where the website needs to be kept updated with new product lines or services. 
  • Businesses that require written content to be developed and updated regularly 
  • Businesses or sites that require optimization for search engines. 
  • Small businesses that need retailer management. 
  • Small businesses that need information on retailer standards to connect with them 

Through the above services, content service providers help to build brand compliance and recognition which is important for businesses to establish themselves in a highly competitive market. Startups and small businesses, with limited in-house resources, need management, enhancement, and recognition services to survive and compete with more established brands. Well-known brands require the services of content service providers to maintain recognition and avoid losing customers to competing businesses.

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Many well-known eCommerce brands use the services of content service providers for different purposes. Using the services of content service providers helps businesses to reach the market more quickly and help improve the quality of goods delivered to retailers. Content service providers store the information about products in their repository and supply it to retailers after enhancing it. Since the information is required to be updated from time to time for the best customer experience.

The content service provider is responsible for ensuring that all information and images are up to date. Some content service providers provide photography and videography services also to permit updating of images and videos. The content service providers also offer useful tools like product comparison tools and three sixty-degree product viewing tools. The need for hiring content service providers needs to be examined considering the speed at which new products are released and are required to reach retailers or how many product categories one has or how often the product categories need to be updated. However, hiring of content service providers have certain benefits for all businesses which are as under 

  • It saves on the costs of hiring personnel for the work done by content service providers. 
  • The business can focus on analytics, growth, innovation, and production instead of spending time and resources on promoting content 
  • Since content service providers have dedicated resources for content development the businesses would be able to present customers with updated information on products and services at all times. 
  • The business would have multiple options for content presentation and can experiment with content presentation strategies through content service providers. 
  • The businesses will not have to bother about the timely release of content as the content service provider can be given the date of release of information. 

Content service providers often specialize in product categories like electronics, FMCG, fashion, toys, and pets. Many content service providers specialize in multiple products and offer useful services to vendors of these products. In addition to product content service providers can also help to create content for activities like training. They can help to develop eLearning modules, blended learning modules, interactive videos, or micro-learning solutions. The description of services provided by content service providers gives an impression that they would provide solutions to many common problems faced by businesses.

However, the choice of the wrong content service provider can lead to a loss of time and many and hence extreme care is required to be exercised in the selection of a content service provider.

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Certain Considerations That Can Be Kept in Mind for Selecting Content Service Providers Are as Under 

Analyze Needs: 

As mentioned, before content service providers specialize in services and product lines. While selecting the best content service provider the business needs to analyze the need to hire the content service provider. In case one needs to regularly update catalogues with new product categories regularly then the content service provider needs to be selected accordingly. If it wants its products to reach retailers faster than a content service provider offering the facility needs to be selected. Matching the right content service provider to the need is essential to obtain the required results from the content service provider agency. The business also needs to analyze the following factors before hiring a content service provider agency 

Identify Needs: 

Businesses hiring content service providers need to develop expectations from content service providers to get the maximum benefit from them. A proper need assessment is required not only to prepare a proper brief for the content service provider but also to decide on hiring a proper content service provider or providers. Some content service providers are specialized and some provide a range of services. Hence, unless the needs are properly decided it would neither be possible to hire a proper content service provider nor obtain proper services from them. The questions that a business needs to answer during need assessment are 

  • What are the aims of hiring a content service provider? The needs could be varied and could include an increase in social media following or establishing a brand name. 
  • Whether the content service provider would be critical to achieving business goals or would it be a way of having an online presence. 
  • Whether content required would be of diverse types or a single type. 
  • Whether the content needs to be refreshed at frequent intervals or occasionally. 
  • Whether the business wants to be involved in the content generation and publishing process or whether they would prefer to leave it to the content service provider. 

The above considerations would help in deciding on the need to hire a content service provider and the type of services to be obtained from it. 


Before hiring the agency, one should verify the experience of the content service provider. The experience and credentials can be checked from websites, social media, and reviews. The hiring agency would need to research the content service provider’s track record before taking on the decision of hiring the agency. In case a new agency is being hired then the business needs to set up clear deliverables and a timeline for completion of these deliverables to monitor the work of the agency. Standards for quality of service also needs to be communicated to the agency. The impact of the agency’s initiatives on business also needs to be measured to derive maximum benefits from hiring the agency. 

Check Information Needs:

A content service provider may need continuous input in the form of information to generate required content. The business needs to evaluate the availability of information. The frequency at which the information is to be provided and the level of detail required to be provided also needs to be assessed by the business. Inability to provide timely information with an adequate level of detail may affect the work of the content service provider and may defeat the purpose of hiring the agency. Proper information on the release of new products and services and standards that they meet will help the content service provider in publishing it at the right time and in the required format for maximum impact. It needs to be remembered that a content service provider would mainly be processing or repackaging information provided by the business. 

Measure Impact:

The performance of a content service provider would need to be reviewed from time to time to make sure that the purpose of hiring the agency is being met. The parameters and periodicity of the impact measurement process need to be finalized before the hiring of the agency. Factors like page ranking, increase in sales, improved brand recognition, and better management of product information and catalogues need to be measured. 

Best Content Service Providers in India

The content landscape has been rapidly changing in India over the years and content consumption is increasing day by day. Penetration of mobile phones has also led to an increase in the consumption of digital content as more people consume content on mobile devices than on computers.

The popularity of e-commerce in the country and digital modes of payment has also led to an increase in demand for digital content and digital content service providers. Struggling to compete with a growing number of businesses with an online presence every business needs the best content service providers in India. Responding to the demand several content service provider agencies are offering a range of content services in India. The best content service providers, through the range of their services, have developed an impressive client list.  

Over the years broadband speeds have also seen a tremendous improvement. Speed of internet connectivity is important for digital transactions, digital media content creation, and digital content consumption. Net connectivity speeds have rapidly moved from the painfully slow dial-up connections to the superfast optical fibre-based broadband connections, permitting uploading, downloading, and streaming of multimedia files in short periods. Internet speeds can encourage or deter potential digital content consumers from consuming content, which has a direct impact on digital content service providers.

High-speed internet services have also helped with the use of cloud services, permitting content creators and content service providers to share and collaborate on content and also to seamlessly interact with anyone from anywhere. Mobile internet connectivity too has seen an improvement over the years, moving from 2G to 4G, and providing increasing internet speeds. Mobile networks have also been growing, providing access in rural and remote areas, increasing the reach of businesses to these areas. Since a large percentage of content is consumed on mobile devices, improvement in net speeds and mobile networks has helped digital content service providers grow.  

Besides the Indian businesses, content service providers in the country are also catering to the global demand for content services. After liberalization, when several multi-national companies set up operations in India, the businesses in India got an opportunity to work with businesses in other countries also.

The large talent pool of content service providers provides multiple options at different price points to international businesses seeking the best content service providers in India. Over the years the agencies have also gained experience in the standards required to be met for international agencies. Indian brands with an international presence also hire content service providers in India. Thus, the opportunities for Indian content service provider agencies are vast and varied.  

The proliferation of digital mediums has also led to an increase in the availability of content professionals who can produce content marketing or visual content creation services. An increasing number of government and private colleges running courses on content development has also helped to increase the availability of professionals which in turn has helped to increase content service provider agencies.

Without adequate talent within the country, it would have been impossible for content service provider companies to grow. Salary packages that are in line with international standards have also helped to attract talent with international educational qualifications to Indian content service providers in India. Professionals with international qualifications, working with the best content service providers in India, also bring an understanding of international market demands to the companies that they work for.  

Although, the internet has opened up information on international markets for professionals in India also, those with firsthand information on the same and carrying the experience of working in international companies are at times valued more.  

The Factors That Have Led to the Growth of Content Service Providers in India Can Thus Be Summarized as Under:

  • Increasing consumption of digital content through the use of mobile phones and computers 
  • Improvement in internet speeds. 
  • Improvement in mobile network speeds and connectivity. 
  • Availability of a large talent pool of digital content creators within the country. 
  • Demand for services of Indian digital content providers globally 

The opportunity for digital content service providers in India is immense as the country has the talent and infrastructure to support it and can offer services at competitive costs. A list of the best content service providers in India is given below.

The List is, by No Means, Exhaustive and Aims to List Only Some of the Best Content Service Providers in India 

1. Write Right

Write Right is one of the leading content service providers in India. They have a highly skilled team of 25 + talented writers who create exemplary content for various genres and niches.

The founder Mr Bhavik Sarkhedi is a highly acclaimed writer with best-selling books like “Weak point dealer” and “Will you walk a mile” to his credit. He has been named on the list of the best content writers in the world. Write right is famous and regarded as one of the best content writing organizations.

He believes creating compelling content for your business can be one of the best strategies to connect with your audience.

They provide a host of services in writing including creative copywriting, ghostwriting, academic writing, SOP Writing, personal email writing, academic writing, social media content, review writing, among others.

2. Evolve Digitas

Evolve Digitas, in its profile, describes itself as a “full-service digital Tech Company helping businesses scale by leveraging digital technology”. It provides the following services 

  • Online advertising 
  • Branding & positioning 
  • Digital strategy 
  • E-commerce 
  • Social media 
  • Content strategy 

The agency is thus a one-stop company for a variety of services and has hence been included in the list of best content service providers in India. It fits very well into the description of content service providers mentioned in the foregoing paragraphs and can help businesses looking for a bouquet of services under one umbrella

3. LexiConn Content 

LexiConn is one of the old and experienced content service providers in India. It has developed an impressive portfolio of projects and serves clients in about 20 countries. Having set up operations in 2008, they cater to business to business and business to consumer needs of their clients.

As mentioned on their website they focus on matching content requirements with the domain expertise of in-house writers to deliver crisp, meaningful and relevant B2B as well as B2C content.

They Provide Services in the Following Fields:

  • Branded content 
  • Instructional design 
  • Catalogue management 
  • Corporate communications 
  • Author assist 
  • META content 
  • Infographics (Beyond words) 

Thus, the agency, besides being experienced, provides a range of services and has an impressive client list. It is one of those agencies which has distinguished itself by providing services to clients in other countries also. Considering the expertise and achievements of the agency it has been included in the list of best content service providers in India. 

4. Scatter

In February 2015 Scatter was launched as a content management platform and service of Spiral Content Solutions Private Limited which was incorporated in 2014. Since its launch, the agency has developed more than 50,000 pieces of content for more than 200 brands. To serve the content needs of clients, the company has teams that include a team of content producers and customer success managers, a product and engineering team, a strategic alliances team, a team of editorial strategists. Scatter helps brands scale up content creation and manage their digital services. Scatter serves several reputed technology and communication companies.

Services Offered by the Company Include the Following:

  • Content marketing and audit consult 
  • Blog creation and management 
  • Website content 
  • Newsletters 
  • Digital presence management 

The company can thus provide a variety of content services to businesses. Considering the services and the volume of content generated by the company it is indeed one of the best content service providers in India. 

5. The Information Company 

The Information company is a Digital Marketing Company based in Mumbai that covers the entire range of media that includes digital, print, audio-visual, IT, strategy, and consulting. It has a team of technologists, designers, writers, editors, programmers, and project managers.

It Has Several Reputed Companies as Its Clients and Provides the Following Services:

  • Communication 
  • Strategy 
  • Digital 
  • Print 
  • Social Media 
  • Videos 
  • Content 
  • Technology 
  • Mobile Apps 
  • Translation 

Considering the comprehensive range of services and an impressive client list it has been included in the list of best content service providers in India. The list of services would provide a business looking for services with a variety of options. Those reading the client lists would find an impressive list on the website of the company. All the factors contribute to the company being considered amongst the best content service providers in India. 

6. Word Play 

Word Play is a content marketing agency which is based in Bangalore. The agency helps to generate web traffic for companies and help brands succeed. They pride themselves on generating high-quality web content that helps to build trust.

The Company Develops the Following Kinds of Content:

  • Business blogging 
  • Product description writing 
  • Copywriting services 
  • SEO articles 
  • Infographics 
  • Subject matter content 

Considering the various types of written content generated by the agency and the impressive list of clients the company has been included in the list of best content service providers in India. 

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The details of the best content service providers in India make it obvious that a range of content services are available within the country and there is a diverse range of agencies that are providing these services. The above-mentioned list of bet content service providers in India is not exhaustive and there are many more that can be added to the list. However, a few were selected based on online reviews, the range of services, and the client list. The large number of agencies providing content services also points to the demand for such services.

The large number of large businesses availing the service of these service providers show the importance of the services. As competition in business increases and search engines keep changing their algorithms the need for such services will keep growing to cater to the need for businesses to stay visible, rank up and attract customers. The content service providers will also need to keep finding new ways of promoting content as new ways of presenting multimedia content development.

Virtual reality and augmented reality have introduced new ways of serving multimedia content and allow a more realistic and interesting way of presenting content. Thus, the prospects of content service providers seem to be bright and it is expected that the list of best content service providers in India will keep growing. 

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQS

Q1. Is it worth hiring a content service?

Yes, Content service providers are professional trained and experienced team of people who are experts in helping you design powerful content to help you target your customers which further leads in converting them into business clients which helps in making profits in your business.

Q2. What is the scope of being a content service provider in India?

It’s a digital world today. Gone are the days of traditional marketing which were time consuming and yet failed to reach the targeted customers. Content service providers uses digital platform which is fast and quick in converting the customers into clients. With the growing trend of using technology to raise profits in business, there will always be more and more demand for the content service providers.

Q3.  Which is the best content writing program online?

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