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Benefits Of Social Media To Various Profiles (2024)

What are Social Media Sites

Sites that are interactive and help us in sharing ideas, views, information, or any other form of expression virtually through networks. There are several social media sites available and today we will try to know some benefits of the social media sites.


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Top 5 Benefits of Social Media Sites for Students

Social media sites have become a platform for people from all over the globe to connect and interact with each other. Social media has gained a lot of importance in the past few years. These days as most people have smartphones with them, it became very easy to use social networking sites.


Nowadays, it has become quite common for everyone to have at least one account on any of the social media websites. Social media plays a pivotal role in everyone’s life today. Social media sites are being vividly used by students these days. Generally, the perception is that wastes a lot of time on Social media, while, it can also be used for many benefits. So, let’s get to know some of the top 5 benefits of social media sites for students.


Before going ahead to know the benefits of social media, let us also try and understand it better. Below are some of the social media that exist today :

• Social Networking (Facebook, Linked-In, Google+)

Microblogging (Twitter, Tumblr)

• Photo Sharing (Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest)

• Video Sharing (YouTube, Facebook-live, Periscope, Vimeo)


Putting all of them together, social media has gained tremendous importance because of the huge increase in the number of users. 


As we can see (ref– statistics below) that there are 2.45 billion active monthly users on Facebook alone, which alone covers about 40% of the world’s population.


•According to a report approximate percentage of students who have access to each platform is as follows

•Different Social Media Platforms.

•Facebook – 96%

•YouTube – 84%

•Blogs – 20%

•Twitter – 14%

•MySpace – 12%

•LinkedIn – 10% influence

Social media has emerged as a very powerful source, which can influence students.


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Networking & Learning

Networking & Learning is the first benefit of the top 5 benefits of social media sites for students. Learning has crossed the boundary of classrooms, social learning is promoted in most of the leading e-learning websites. These days students take classes online through e-learning websites and clear their doubts and share their learning by using various social media channels.


For Example Udemy, YouTube, etc. Students can also use live video that is a part of many social networking sites to engage them in classes. Students share study materials by using social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, and even WhatsApp.


In this process of social learning, it has become very important for students to stay connected to their peers. Students can build a strong network by making friends with friends of friends. 


Students get to know many new people and build new connections with them. Earlier it used to be a difficult task to get any information about any famous personalities. Everyone had to depend on television, newspapers, or the limited resources they have to get the information.


After social media has come into the picture it has become very easy for everyone to follow not just famous personalities and influential people but much more. Hence, social media plays a very important role in connecting students not just to the people who inspire them but also to many knowledgeable things.


Not just that networking via social media also helps students to get to know about any activities and events happening in and around. Besides, they can even know about the Hackathons, Quizzes, Marathon, Sports and Cultural competitions, and many more. This allows the students to participate in all. By participating in such activities students will have exposure to a lot of extracurricular activities.


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Express in a creative manner 

Social media is a good platform for students to express themselves. Most of the students are scared of the thought of what will happen or what people think if we express ourselves. These platforms help students to share their thoughts without any apprehensions.


It allows the students to express themselves in many ways, like posting photos, writing blogs, individual articles, videos, audio clips, etc. This helps students a lot to come out of the box and explore their talents and give them opportunities further in life.


Compared to the earlier era it has become very easy to communicate with each other now. And this has become possible only with the help of social media. Social platforms helped us to get away with old methods of learning also students had to wait for an opportunity to participate in any event to showcase their talents.


From the time social media has come into the picture, it’s giving the students a beautiful platform to showcase their talents. Thanks to the crowdfunding mechanism where students can raise funds for their creative ideas. Many students have their own YouTube channels where they can upload videos. Based on the number of views they can also get paid. Also many have their own blogs where they write and earn some money.


Global Exposure

Students can connect with the world through social media as it is a very broad platform. When students interact with other people on such platforms, they gain immense knowledge which would have amazing results. They can also get to know about the diverse cultures around the world by which they can learn about the traditions, culture, food habits, Lifestyle, language, and many more interesting facts. And not just that while they can also learn about the different courses available in different universities around the world.


Students can watch any recorded classroom sessions for any particular course. Such sessions most of the time also provide notes. This allows the students to share their ideas and views on global platforms. Social Media Sites give individual identity also. Students get recognition through such platforms at a young age which is an incredible opportunity. Knowledge can be built immensely through these sites.


Employment Opportunities:

It is a well-known fact that there is a wide academic gap, and this is one of the major issues students are facing these days. Even though a student finishes his/her degree it is becoming very difficult for them to get a job. Social media sites give them many opportunities.


Nowadays, mostly many companies update their job openings on their social media accounts. Students following these companies’ sites or pages on social media can directly apply to them by sending their resumes. LinkedIn is one of the popular social media platforms for opportunities where students can apply for internships and jobs extensively.


Social media platforms help students to research companies and get the required information about the fields they are interested in. This gives them a chance to read the comments and reviews given by others and get an overall picture of a company. One can also give ratings and view the ratings given by others also which are very important for a company.


Students will be visible through these platforms by speaking confidently and by building a good relationship. Students can showcase their talent on social media sites. They can post projects or models which they have created. They can take help and instructions from seniors, lecturers, and professors too. One can get recommendations from their professors or people whom they know. It could be a good platform to show their GIT hub profiles also. These few methods will help students in securing a good job.



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Social Media Marketing (SMM):

Now let’s talk a bit about social media marketing, 

the last benefit but not the least in our top 5 benefits of social media for students. Students can promote their college festivals or activities on social media. Every college has a cultural fest every year. Students promote their fest to encourage other students from different colleges to participate too. Hence, social media sites help students to promote themselves on a big platform.


Some students may be doing some extracurricular work other than their usual curriculum at the schools and colleges. For example, a piece of art and craftwork or any other work also. These are great platforms to advertise their work. Social sites are one of the easiest and best ways for advertisement. It doesn’t cost much to advertise also. Social media proved to be a good platform for fundraising.


As people using social media sites are in such a huge number it becomes very easy to collect funds. Social Media offers an opportunity to even sell anything on social media. As it has a huge number of users selling of goods becomes very easy. Hence it allowed attracting customers from any part of the world by using social media. In the same way, we can also buy any item that we want.


Not just the above let’s quickly glance through the other benefits too to other communities.

There are some risks social media can pose, while it’s important to understand the benefits they give. It is our responsibility to guide them to make the best use of social media sites. These are some of how social media can be a good source of information for children and young people.


A new way of learning

Broaden the connections and understanding the world better

Kids can learn and appreciate different perspectives and view the world in a better and understandable way. Children can build their knowledge on a variety of topics. With a variety and number of ideas shared across different platforms, they can discover their areas of interest and use these platforms to their best capacity in improving their knowledge and skills.


Literacy in Digital Way

Develop communication and technical skills

Social media has become a part of our life, children and young people need to learn to communicate online and be prepared for the future. Through social media sites, one can stay connected with friends and family.


Social media sites also help with better mental health and wellbeing. Wondering how?


Remove boundaries and build upon connections

Through social media one can remove the boundaries of meeting and maintaining relationships. They can form bonds beyond borders and can get to know diversified cultures. And not just that for children who are physically challenged or who feel that they can connect with others within their community, these sites can prove as a great way to connect with others and share their ideas and interests.


Helps in strengthening human relationships

Having access to social media sites helps family members to stay connected, who may live miles apart. Not just family but also friends too who would have moved out these sites can help them maintain their relationships and allow them to stay in touch and also share their lives with ease.


A place of support

It can be a place to offer support to friends and family who may require help. Not just that on the flip side there would be few young people who can not share their problems with their family and friends these sites can provide very good support in helping them to come out of their issues.


Social media sites can also be used for campaigning for any social cause

Social media can be used to help and create awareness in the young community through campaigning and raise awareness on any particular cause or issue which can impact society in a big way.


Create a positive digital footprint

The future generation can also use these sites to share their achievements, show their talents, and create their own positive online portfolio that can benefit them in the future.


So let’s equip the teens on how to make the best use of the social platforms’ by using privacy settings and stay in control of whom they share their ideas with and what and how their accounts appear.


Encourage and develop strong real-life relationships outside social media too to ensure they do not over-rely on the approval of others so as not to have a negative impact.


I’m sure many of us want to be involved and stay in touch with our schools and school friends even after they leave—especially university alumni. So, creating Facebook Groups for current students and alumni can solve this problem and encourage school spirit.


Different Alumni groups, groups for different departments, and groups for extracurricular activities allow students to engage and meet others with common interests.


Groups can be public or private, meaning that they can be viewed by all or only by some or by the approval of a group admin.


So these sites prove to be the best to keep in touch.



Now, to conclude in a nutshell about the top 5 benefits of social media for students we got to know that, social media has gained immense popularity and has become one of the biggest platforms ever. Social media has changed many things.


Back in the olden days, people used to read newspapers in the morning to know about the news, while now everyone looks to their social accounts for updates. The evolution of social media has changed people’s lifestyles drastically. Consequently, almost everyone is addicted to social media sites in some way or the other. And above all, it is a wonderful place to keep in touch with our family, friends, and peers.


But, if the same is used in the wrong way it becomes very disastrous. Hence, everyone should use social media only to a limit and not beyond that. In this article, I have discussed only a few benefits of social media for students, while social media is useful in many ways.


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