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Aviation Career Preparation Tips – A Beginner’s Guide

Neither this article will give you a dopamine boost, not bore you with having a passion for flying or finding one. Even though, to excel you must know why you are here.


Maybe, you are here just to know if this career is right for you, or maybe you are an undergraduate who is struck between the two-way road. Or maybe you love heights, admire people who fly dashingly and now flying an airplane brings you euphoria. There are also chances that you just want to work as a crew member or a ground staff. Or maybe you are looking for more options.


The image is about aviation career preparation tips


Neither this article will give you a dopamine boost, not bore you with having a passion for flying or finding one. Even though, to excel you must know why you are here.


Maybe, you are here just to know if this career is right for you, or maybe you are an undergraduate who is struck between the two-way road. Or maybe you love heights, admire people who fly dashingly and now flying an airplane brings you euphoria. There are also chances that you just want to work as a crew member or a ground staff. Or maybe you are looking for more options.


In aviation, you will have multiple options on your plate to choose from. More than that, you will need to stand out among your peers. A strong resume cannot always be your one-way solution to be competitive. Do you have any plans for that?


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For a perplexed beginner, I’m here to help.


The aviation industry is huge with sky-high responsibilities. This industry starts with drafting the structures for planes, creating and maintaining an aircraft, catering for people, and safely fly them to their desired destination. Plus, ending with many benefits for you as a pilot or as a crew member or even as a part of management.


Your love for aviation has taken you this far and the good news is that every year approximately 1000 fresher pilots are required in the aviation industry. However, 400 out of 700 get real jobs. Now, how do you know that you get a chance?


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Best Aviation Career Preparation Tips

You can learn to grow in your aviation career with the following preparation tips:


Research the field and industry


To follow up your aviation career preparation tip #1, Start with yourself first. How much you already know about the aviation industry and the job roles inside? No more or less? Then, gather as much information as you want. Bombard yourself with as many questions as you can.


For example, would you like to work in the aviation industry? What would be your responsibilities as so and so person? What is the current condition of the aviation industry? How much you can make? How many courses are available?


At this point, I want you to explore this industry and its people. Don’t worry about choosing one thing or being specific, when you see whole you understand its parts. Time yourself a week or two, write your questions somewhere, and look online, read magazines or books.


If you can get in touch with industry experts, reach out to them, but do not bombard them with silly questions unless the person is close to you. Collect all the facts you need, the reasons you need to work as a commercial pilot, aircraft designer, or ground attendant. After that, you will have a blurry or maybe a clear idea about the aviation industry working and your euphoric role.


Pro tip: write all your research work on paper for later reference.


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Look for vivid vital skills


To excel in an aviation career, you always need fundamental skills to perform different activities. Like a pilot needs effective communication skills to understand his peers and critical thinking skills to act proactively in a risky environment to solve a problem. Likewise, a person with different roles would need team building, cultural skills, and time management skills to create synergy in the environment.


Each of these skills can be improved by observing and practicing your responses in certain situations. Also, by understanding your peers and honestly responding to them you can create a faithful environment to work as a team while respecting your work timelines.


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Choose your favorite role(s) and be specific


You need to stick to a few choices. Don’t juggle between positions and try to focus on a few technical or non-technical roles so you can start to work upon it whether you want to be a flight attendant, aircraft designer, or corporate pilot. Divide a page in required hafts, and each half dedicated to a different role so you can compare what needs to be done for each role. Following are a few roles you can expect to choose from:


  • Commercial pilot
  • Flight instructor
  • Corporate pilot
  • Helicopter pilot
  • Test pilot
  • Aeronautical engineer
  • Air traffic controller
  • Flight attendant
  • Aircraft interior technician


And others like:


  • Ground attendant
  • Ticket agent
  • The airport manager and many more


Have a plan


It feels daunting to see the unknown. Still, if you can research better, learn self-awareness, and plan for your graduation or further. Such as, what would you want to build before your first job? Do the math and figure out what you will need to stand out from the herd, and when will you be ready to get the real job experience. Depending on the nature of the course, it can either take 6-12 months or even more. Moreover, find your mix of basic skills to enter prestigious aviation institutions.


Have an expert on your sleeves


Youngsters, who aspire to have a career in aviation, can make huge career mistakes while being unknown to the whole picture. They need more career preparation tips than anyone else for a secure future.


Although it is completely optional to hire a counselor to guide you, it can save a lot of time and energy. A counselor provides you with filtered information. She will help you understand your needs, be it your budget, knowledge, and future concerns. She will also help you to look after the college admissions and applications. She will also guide you through what is wrong and right. A good consultant can save your months of research work.


Prepare a budget


You’d not expect your money to fly away with a low return on investment. Calculate the amount you will pay for your undergraduate course including hostel fees, uniform, equipment, and extra expenses that add to your cost. Also, check the cost of chunks of benefits you will expect from your course such as placement, internship, training, faculty, etc. Ask yourself, “Does this course fulfill any of my needs?” If yes, then find your value for money, and choose accordingly.


Research for reliable aviation schools


To avoid baits, look at the history of institutions and ask for reviews. Make a list of things your favorite institutions offer such as course structure, faculty experience, placement cells, training programs, scholarships, etc.


Following are some of the top-ranking institutes for aviation training in India. Also, help students professionally with useful aviation career preparation tips:


  • J. Aviation Academy, Bangalore
  • Indian aviation academy, Mumbai
  • Indian Institute of Aeronautics, New Delhi
  • Indian Institute of aeronautics science, Jamshedpur
  • Rajiv Gandhi aviation academy, Hyderabad


You can opt for any bachelor or master degree, undergraduate or postgraduate diploma to be eligible for aviation jobs.


Find your not-so-perfect study style


Exams are the hardest part, here, whether it’s a theory or practical. Your goal is to collect relevant study materials or the materials given to you, digest the basics, memorize the important stuff, have a fixed study schedule, and practice self-learning. Don’t let the details make you slow, store them for late to get answers from your mentor. Don’t hesitate to make most of your mentors, and the support team.


You can always get various book recommendations from friends or get online sources to pump up self-learning to avoid gulping the whole pie. Time and test yourself while studying, if you ever feel lost during the process ensure you take a break between each session. Review and revise your work and performance respectively.


Start working smart from the very beginning so you understand fully where you need to get better before you take the exam. Find what and how things work for you along the way.


Get experience while being a fresher


Try to search for the airports near you and gain even a little bit of airport experience. You can either work in loading and unloading, cleaning jobs, or any non-technical jobs. The idea here is to get you friendly with the airport and get stuff to highlight on your resume.


Also, you can seek out professional help whenever possible. This will help you get more out of aviation career preparation tips fed by a professional.


Find ways to advance your knowledge


Your dreams do not end when you achieve them, right? So, does your learning, when you end your course or get certified. If you plan to see your growth and excel in aviation, you need to stay informed about the latest techniques, industry news, and technology. Read blogs, magazines, newspapers, and books to observe the recent trends, developments. Reading about your specification will gradually help you in building a strong outlook.


Choose your preferred location


Before you back yourself up with skills, hopes, and various blog posts about aviation career preparation tips look at various locations with high demand or the location you would like to go to. In the modern market, candidates get the chance to choose a suitable working culture where they can get more opportunities for career advancement.


Get your resume right


Get your resume done first, by choosing the right format (chronological, functional, and hybrid). Your experience must align with the type of resume you choose. For example, a chronological resume is ideal for you if you have a long work history. Likewise, a functional format is appropriate for you as a fresher with less than 2 years of experience. A Hybrid (chronological + functional) format is apt for you as a professional with 3-5 years.


Highlight the relevant experiences and skills. Show what you have gained (in terms of certifications and skills). Cohesively narrate your personal story. It must not be inspirational or motivational, but real indeed. Those who can narrate better about who they are and what they seek, win over others who cannot. Make a draft first and finish it off with a suitable resume template.


Pack yourself for the interview


You can make interviews less scary by having a practical mindset. A practical mindset will reflect what your tone also indicates your optimistic personality. Make sure you are prepared to answer thoughtfully any question you confront. During the interview, try to bring your thoughts and stories as structured as you can. Your job here is to persuade the employer that you can be their asset and show all that you have got, but don’t lie.


Have the questions prepared for them in advance, at the end of the interview, as it is most likely that you will have the chance to question them. Even after the interview, you are free to choose to work in that company or not, depending on how you felt after talking with the members of that company.


The list of aviation career preparation tips goes on and on and you will realize that it is all about your training, execution, skills, and learning ability. The more you try to delve into different roles and their requirements the more you find out about having a discipline in each role to make you either a better ground attendant or a pilot. There is nothing starry or spectacular about any role, but the amount of responsibility you undertake and handle it well.

She is a commerce student, passionate about words, paper, and pen. She loves to explore different books, areas and curate content to write about it.

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