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Article Writing Format: Steps, Objectives, And Types

Article writing in a general form is a piece of data written on a selected subject for an outsized range of individuals. It is in high demand and growing rapidly over the past few years. But there is a good way to write an article and set up the article writing format.


The image describes the writeup on article writing formats, tips and types


Let’s learn step-by-step details of writing an article and article writing format.


What is Article Writing?

An article is a non-fiction text and is based on a specific topic that describes the topic in more detail. The topic can vary and depends on the current situation, critical, not serious, informative. Writing an article means giving your complete information to people as articles are based on your niche and details that will help people get to know things better.


In the past, people used to read articles in newspapers as the internet was not widely used by people. But over time, that is likely to change. Now people read newspapers online and prefer to read online articles as it is the fastest way and there is no waste of newspapers.


The article should be written neatly and clearly as it is now a major competition in the writing world. There are many articles published daily on the Internet but there are some that are read by people. This is because there are many ways to get an article first in a list like SEO, Analytics, etc.


Now a day’s people choose their career in article writing and succeed in this approach. There is a great opportunity as an article writer and now things are changing dramatically in this field.


We will find all of this in more detail such as how to write articles, how to focus on article writing format, and bring them online with relevant information.


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The Objective of Writing The Article

The main objective of writing an article is to convey the thoughts to the people and give information regarding the details which can be useful and helpful.


An article can be written for the following purposes.

1) The matter of interest

The article writing is mainly about what exactly you want to write and what is your niche. The niche will be determined by the interest you have in any topic. The article writing brings out your matter of interest in the limelight.

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2) The information on topics

Once you have decided to take the first step to write on a specific topic then secondarily you need to dig in for the relevant information regarding that. You need to research, read, and write the details of the topics well. The information should be accurate and not fictional.


3) Provides suggestions and advice

People read a lot of articles due to which they gain knowledge and information as there are multiple problems, they face in day-to-day life. Hence, in the same way, you should provide good information and knowledge to people so they will find solutions and will be your best followers.

Always research for the topic and if you already have information then add it up in the details so your suggestion will be fruitful for others.


4) Influences on the readers

The purpose of writing the article is to influence people positively. There is a power of writing that penetrates the mind of people. It depends on what the writer is writing. Some article gives a positive impact while some spread negativity.


5) Achieve user attention

A good article always attracts the attention of the people and the purpose is to achieve user engagement. If the article is very well written then people will prefer your article and they will follow you. They would like to read more about you and your article which in turn will give you more scope and motivation to write good articles. The more you write the larger number of audiences will be attracted to you.


6) Connect a large number of people

Once you achieve user attention, people will start following you and get interested in your writing. They will prefer to read your articles more than others. There are many social media platforms where you can raise a larger audience. They will share your article which in turn will give you more followers if the article is very nicely written.


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Research For an article

The process to get the idea and publish it online is the most important part. It requires a lot of research and planning to get that idea on the ink and take it through the public.

Some useful point needs to be considered for the research of the article.


1) Get the final idea of the topic

If you are planning to write the article then, first of all, you need to have a niche in something like travel, food, entertainment, etc. or you want to write on some topic. You need to decide and finalize the topic.


2) Prepare the manuscript

Some people love to write on paper and then draft it online. In the past, people use to choose manuscripts and get ideas on paper. If you are one of them then do write on the paper and then draft it online. It is a great way to start writing.

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3) Plan the publish time

It takes time to get the article approved and go online. Make sure you finalize and schedule the time for publication so as per that you can make your article ready. Always keep buffer time in between.


4) Check the medium for the publications

When you complete writing the article then you need to check where you can post it. There are many communication channels to publish your article online. Some are paid and some are free, make sure you check them out before publishing.


5) Get the cost details for publishing

Most publications publish the article online and they charge some amount to publish. Check the value and note it and calculate the cost accordingly.


6) Define the Authors

The author is a writer who is the main owner of the article. Always define the details of the author in the article. If there is more than one author then provide the details of the joint authorship.

7) Set up the basic required format

There is a standard format to write the articles and that needs to be set first. Once you set up the format then you will have a clear picture of how to write the article and how it will be visible to others. You can also take one basic format online and take references for writing. The writing will be easy once the skeleton is set up properly.


8) Check the references

Always give links and references in the article as it will help to gather more audiences and references. But always check the link and references you provide are appropriate and true. There are lots of links that are hacked and redirected to unwanted pages and it can be a scam.


9) Proofread the details of the article

Proofread the articles as some details can be false or there is no evidence of their existence. So, while doing research, proofread the details and then add them up in the article.


10) Revise the manuscript and finalize the title

The title is the most important thing in the article. This will completely define the article. It should be attractive, decent, and meaningful. The reader always reads the title first and then decides to read the complete article. So, make sure the title is appropriate as the content. There are many websites where you can get a meaningful and SEO-proof title.

Finally, revise the manuscript and finalize the title before publishing online.


How to write an article

Once the research work is done then there is a system for writing the article. Let’s check the details about how to write the article.

1)  Select the topic for writing

Set up the idea of what exactly you want to write and the target audience for whom you want to write. Select the proper topic accordingly. As the topic is very important to get the required audience. The topic can be anything based on your current knowledge and information which will be helpful for people.


2) Research on the article

The research work needs to be done once the topic is finalized. You get to know multiple details for the particular topic and the fact for the same. Always write the non-fictional and facts in the article as it is very essential. Jot down the important point and finalize it accordingly once the research is completed.


3) Start writing with small paragraphs/Brainstorm the topic

Writing on a particular topic is not easy at all. If you have never written anything before then it will be a little tough but not impossible. Do not go to write big details or paragraphs on paragraphs as it will create hurdles to finalize the article. Rather cut down short and create a small paragraph. Make it readable for the user. Whatever you are writing, brainstorm on the particular topic as it should be appropriate for the reader.


4) Draft the article in the correct format

Formatting is very important as it gives a proper view to the reader. The header, body, conclusion should be properly defined. Do not overwrite or duplicate the content. Make sure that the paragraphs are short so the reader can read them and does not get bored.


5) Check on the plagiarism and grammar in the article.

The content in the article should be copied from the internet as some sites might object you from doing so. Research and make your own sentences. Many tools will help you to check plagiarism to avoid any issues further. Check the plagiarism and grammar in the article before publishing online.


6) Make it topic specific

Keep the article topic-specific and do not add any other stories or details which are not about the specific post. Adding different details other than your main topic can misguide a reader and it can create a negative impression regarding you.


7) Getting the statements right – you and your

Always give preference to the reader who is reading as it will create a connection. Use correct statements and words like “You” and “Your” as this will give the complete reference to the reader and will keep itself engaged in the article.


8) It should be easy to read

Do not use fancy and different words that need to search on google for meaning. Always use simple English and maintain a small paragraph so it will be easy for the reader to read. This way you can engage anyone for a longer period of time in your article.


9) Make sure the article is edited and checked correctly

Always check the article once it is completed. Edit it where require and correct it properly. Check all the spelling and grammar so it won’t be an issue after going live.


10) End the article in a good way

Write a conclusion or any important notes at the end. Reiterate the main and important points in the end. Provide a good summary and the best way is to provide another link to your next article which will keep the reader on the page. There are multiple sites on which this is carried out and it helps to create more followers.


Format for writing article

As we already discussed how the article should be and now, we will check out the format of an article. Below are the detailed points for the format of the article.

1) Title of the article

The title of the article should always be clear and informative. Make sure to always give the title which will match the content of the article. Always use long-tailed keywords as it will help for searching on the search engine.


Take the preliminary research online about the title you are searching for. This will provide the details and different approaches towards your topic.


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2)  Writers name

Always provide the writer’s name in the article as he/she is the owner and people will know that person which will help to gain more audience.


3) Body of the article

The body of the article will start with a small introduction but not too lengthy. This introduction should be a glimpse of what the article is about. The introduction will give the idea to the reader which will make the reader read the complete details.


Create a short paragraph that will be easier for the reader to read. Now, most people prefer reading on the mobile screen which is small in size compare to the desktop screen. If the paragraph is big then it will create an issue in reading.


Always keep the font a little big and readable so it would not create any issue in reading. The reader should not be in pain to read the sentence and understand the same.


Write the information creatively and descriptively and always check the grammar part. Whenever you are providing any data, please make sure to get complete details about it. Make sure you add images in your article which will match the scenario.


4) Additional Information

If there is any additional information then provide it if needed. There are many references and tips which you can provide in this part.


5) Conclusion

This part is the end of the article and this should be the complete summary in detail. Conclusions are the strongest part as they should give a thirst to the reader to read more about other articles of the same writer. Make sure it will be compelling and interesting.

You can also send a reader elsewhere in the conclusion e.g., If you are writing about traveling then you can suggest more articles on budget trips or good places to see in the season.


Types of Article writing

There are four types of writing which are given below.

1)    Expository

Expository writing contains only specific topics as it is subject-oriented. This is the most common typewriting. The writer’s opinion does not matter and only intends to pass the message to people without any influence. It contains all the facts and figures on a specific topic. Below are examples of expository articles.

  • Cookbooks
  • Technical Writing
  • Business writing
  • Textbooks

2)    Persuasive/ Argumentative

This is the writer’s style of writing as the author tries to convey and convince the audience about the opinion. It also includes reasons, justification, or arguments to get the reader to go with the writer’s opinion. Below are some examples of persuasive or argumentative writing.

  • Speeches
  • Sales Presentation
  • Product Reviews
  • Recommendations
  • Advertisements


3)    Narrative

The narrative type is like telling stories to the reader. This can be anything i.e., fiction, imagination, or facts. The writer creates a story in their own way with the imagination of the situation, characters, and places that can be real or unreal. Below are some examples of the narrative type.

  • Short stories
  • Poetry
  • Novels


4)    Descriptive

The descriptive is the same as the expository but it is a little more personal. It uses all the senses i.e., taste, smell, sound, touch, sights. This is described more and in detail on a specific topic.

  • Screenplays
  • Diaries
  • Journal
  • Poetry


The above four types of writing are not the only way an article is written. There are other things too that go beyond the purpose i.e., the structure, choice, voice, etc. These things are equally important considering the above points.


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Keynotes and description

1)    SEO

SEO means Search engine optimization plays an important role in the world of content. If you are writing an article for an online purpose then make sure you will create SEO-friendly content. Add keywords that will help the search engine to crawl the details. This will list the article on the top of the searches.

For more details check the link: How to create SEO content


2)    Keyword search

Many tools will provide the keyword for your article. Keywords are known as the heart of SEO. You can find the appropriate tool online and you can include those in your article. There are long-tailed keywords and short-tailed keywords, you can choose according to the details. If the article is on a very common topic then always go for a long-tailed keyword.


3)    Required Tools

Writing an article is not a small thing, it requires a lot of research and knowledge. You need to know multiple things while writing. This includes your style, vocabulary, communication, and interest in the audience. There are many tools online, some are free as well as paid. You can use those according to the requirement. It will help you to write and polish the article well.


For example, there are multiple tools to correct the grammar part. So, you can search online about the same and get the work done in less time.

4)    Connecting to people on the social media platform

There are multiple types of articles. Some people write to provide their product information for sales, some to just provide details about something, some for giving their opinion or any news. But for all these, you need to connect to people and social media is an important medium for that. There are many social media platforms wherein you can gain more audience and accomplish your goal.


Posting the articles on social media will give you a connection to the people and help you get feedback and also a good suggestion. This will help to improve and know the people in a better manner. Once you receive the views of readers, then you can create more similar articles to gain more people.


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