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Aesthetically The Best WordPress Themes Of All Time

In order to gain maximum benefit and be effective, your website needs to be attractive, user-friendly, and free of technical issues. If you are convicted of that notion, then it is needless to say that you need the best WordPress themes to design your website.

Aesthetically The Best WordPress Themes Of All Time

For any modern business to succeed, the website plays a crucial role. It can act as an enterprise online brand, help sell products and services, attract interest, and can even act as a medium to reach out to a wider audience.

Why is having a great-looking website theme important?

For your website to work effectively, attract visitors, and maintain interest, the look and style play an important factor. A website theme helps you to shape its design. Generally, it includes,

  • Size and types of the fonts
  • Color schemes and aesthetics

Having the right theme is important as it grabs on to the interests of the viewers. If your theme is not user-friendly, no matter how great your content is, people will get annoyed while trying to search for specific topics/products and will eventually leave, which is a big fail for you and your website.

A website that helps to promote your brand or business or is helpful in selling your products and services is all-important, but things can still go wrong. If it keeps crashing, is slow in functioning, or hasn’t been updated for a while, your customers will prefer the competitor’s website and start purchasing their products.

To avoid these you should always make sure that your website is well maintained as it plays an important factor to keep growing your audience. Also, ensure you opt for the best WordPress themes to keep your audience hooked to your website.

List of beautiful minimalistic and/or aesthetic best WordPress themes

Following is the list of the best WordPress themes that can be the best suitable for your brands, business or simply showcase your amazing and stunning arts and portfolios.


It is a modern and engaging multipurpose theme, which is built to handle any website be it personal, professional, corporate, or business. It comes with hundreds of templates, layouts, and demos.

It has thousands of useful features such as a powerful fusion builder, fusion slider with parallax, and full-screen effects. It also has advanced fusion options for both posts and pages. It comes with hundreds of native shortcodes having tons of design options for each of them.

It also has built-in MegaMenus so that the users can easily navigate through the page. And also has a complete, unparalleled visual freedom over the look, feel, and behavior of the website.

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Blobie is a creative website that is highly interactive and has no bounds especially when you try out its integrated drag and drop page builder. It comes with various ready-to-use samples, more precisely, twelve.

These samples are fully editable and adjustable. The design is modern and creative, with the reassurance of top-notch performance all the time. It also has a feature of cross-browser compatibility.

This theme provides you complete freedom, allowing you to alter it and turn it into the exact website you fancy. For that very reason, it is embraced as one of the best WordPress themes of all time.

Advanced features of blobie contain, headers, slide revolution, various shortcuts and modules, fast loading speed, SEO, parallax and video backgrounds, animations, and MegaMenus.

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It is one of the minimal and beautifully best WordPress themes suitable for online portfolios and agency websites. You can work with this theme out of the box as it comes with various formats that you can choose from.

It is also an Elementor theme, so it offers complete freedom to every individual. Additional features include GDPR compliance, slider revolution, online shop, blog, RTL compatibility, and Mailchimp.

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The design philosophy of BeTheme is highly adaptive, fluid, and gorgeous which is coupled with over 130 full-fledged demo websites’ incomprehensible varieties, where anyone can find a perfect website solution for their purposes.

It also has a feature of muffin builder, which is a powerful visual page builder that produces beautiful and functional layouts very easily. This theme is very smooth and reliable.

It also comes with parallax effects which can provide you with a lot of attractive transitions, animations, sliders, and backgrounds plus a revolution slider and tons of advanced muffin options to fine-tune your website.


Brünn is a beautiful, minimalist WordPress theme that is perfect for functioning as a marketing website. You can easily present your brand, products, services, and portfolio here.

It is a mobile-friendly, responsive website design that can look visually appealing on browsers as well. This theme has a remarkable design and offers 100% professional care for the people who wish to have the best design.

Brünn comes with amazing features, animations, and easily customizable homepage layouts.

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There’s a beauty in simplicity and that’s exactly what Clayton offers. It is a theme that is the best suitable for photographers who want to showcase their portfolio in a minimalistic and elegant way.

The theme highly focuses on content and has a beautiful portfolio grid. It comes with lots of features that are easily accessible for you to create any design. You can keep the default settings or create something unique entirely.

In terms of photography, it provides amazing graphics, with retina-ready and responsive attributes. With the help of this theme, you can create any design, photo, or product leaving your clients in awe. This theme is ideal for either hobbyists or professional photographers.

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It is a multipurpose theme that is truly intuitive, constructed with the intention of making it a creative powerhouse of the theme. The customization options of this theme are limitless, so you can alter it as per your taste, brander and identifiable, or minimal and understated.

The theme is preloaded with technical tools like shortcuts, modules, and elegant demos; all you need to focus is on aesthetics.

With features like module general settings, advanced design settings, and custom CSS for each element, the creative creation in terms of beauty is endless. Hence, it gleams as one of the best WordPress themes.


It is a superfast and easy-to-use website building tool and is made by Bearsthemes to create an impactful design. There are 10 demos that you can choose from to get started. It is a perfect theme that redefines beauty which has a minimalistic design that clearly says ‘less is more. The graphics are of pixel-perfect quality.

Some amazing features include stunning typography from Google fonts and icons from fonts awesome. It also has third-party plugins like Gravity Forms and WPML.

It’s a flexible theme in both terms of panel and builder. It has over 85 elements, drag and drops visual composer, and many more advanced theme options. You can use slider revolution to add your own media to the mix.


It is a versatile, flexible, and extensible theme that can be employed for anything. It has over thirty demos through which you can build anything such as finance, agency, restaurant, or startup websites with ease.

You can even work with plugins like WPBakery or Elementor when doing your edits. It has a wide range of unique features that can provide you with lots of creative ideas.


If you want to create a beautiful website overnight, this is one of the best WordPress themes for you. It is a multipurpose theme that is gorgeous, enticing, and responsive. It has a codeless design process that offers unmatched customization.

It comes with stunning, 25 pixel-perfect templates which you can combine section by section or element by element to create a beautiful design. You can also add premium sliders, widgets, sidebars, headers, and much more.

The theme has an aesthetic layout that you can combine limitlessly to get the desired end result.


Gillion is a photojournalism theme that is clean and minimalist, aesthetically polished, has a fresh face, is easily customizable, and visually uncomplicated. It is best for the people who are into the business of producing, publishing, or distributing high-resolution photography.

The theme is constructed in a way that it provides a seamless solution for photographers and photojournalists to present their work in an aesthetic format with minimum time investment and utmost ease.

It is a convenient theme that comes with various layouts to choose from and many drags and drops elements that could provide a helpful solution for your posts. Hence, it sets its footprint in the best WordPress themes overall.


This theme has a minimalistic, interactive, and elegant layout suitable for article and magazine writers. It comes with advanced theme options and has a flexible design.

Its visual display is simple and can organize posts into groups with module system features. You get to play with the color palette, color combinations, fonts, and 12 different shortcodes.

It also has the plugin bbPress for threads, forums, etc. It is compatible with both Android and browsers. It has a feature of infinite scroll and has 24/7 customer support and clean and concise documentation.


It is a multipurpose theme that has a soft inclination for images and style and also has numerous homepages and demos of different topics for you to start with. It’s a perfect balance of fashionable and usefulness.

It comes with advanced typography settings and various sets of fonts and icons. It also has features through which you can access custom CSS and JS files.

It also provides various portfolio and blog layouts as sliders and showcases plus 3 premium slider options and two sets of quality fonts. It also has features like WooCommerce complete integration and WPML compatibility.

It is based on Bootstrap and uses WPBakery page builder as a layout editor. It follows a concept that aims to impact with stunningly beautiful views.

It also provides HD narrative tutorials and lots of written documentation for you to get started with. You’ll get constant updates and many compatible plugins.


This theme is best for individuals who are ambitious and want to expand their online presence as creative professionals. Because of its modern features, it can seamlessly blend its practical and aesthetic appeal.

Because of the well-written code it comes implemented with, the site speed is amazing. It is very user-friendly and can be compatible with any device.


This theme is up-to-the-minute and has a flexible format that is suitable for different types of subjects. It comes with twenty-plus pre-made demos that are beautiful, flexible, and functional.

You also have the option to choose between dark mode or light mode with pre-skinned demos. Even the layouts are customizable you can be assured to find the one that suits your preference.

Its additional features include parallax effects and video backgrounds that you can use to create homepage backgrounds. It also comes with unlimited header styles that you can choose from and has more functions like styling, typography, sidebars, etc.


It is an integration of HTML 5, CSS3, and Bootstrap technology to produce stunning websites. With the help of this theme, you can produce interactive and engaging websites without writing a line of code that is possible because of powerful visual composers, master sliders, and tons of advanced plugins.

It comes with 25 different templates that are spread over six general website categories through which you can create amazing content with the help of advanced post styling options.

It comes with features like Edge slideshow which is a new beautiful way to browse your website and tons of other navigation options.


It is a minimalistic, elegant theme that is the best suitable for creative professionals, artists, freelancers to showcase their talent by either being bold and eloquent or muted and understated.

It’s a stylish and functional theme and creating a page within this theme is a matter of seconds. It comes with the WPBakery plugin which helps you to design beautiful layouts by scratch, or you can also choose one of many professionally designed layouts.

Within this theme, you get tons of layouts, portfolio styles, hover effects, and much more. You can make your website amazing and fine-tune it, using this beautiful theme.


It is a one-of-a-kind portfolio website that gives everyone a chance to shine on the internet. You have the option to choose from multiple contemporary or creative designs that can be useful in attracting your visitors.

It provides a lot of layouts that you can choose from to start your website. Its advanced features include tons of shortcodes, slider revolution, one-click import, header styles, social sharing, and much more.


To give your website a dynamic look and grab the attention of your customers, this theme is perfect. It has an easy-to-use interface that is suitable for both newbies and pro web developers.

It has an elegant and trendy dark touch to it that will help you to stand out and comes with twelve demos that is perfect for Studio, agencies, photographer, freelancers, etc.

Its other advanced features include 25 inner pages, drag and drop elements, WooCommerce, GDPR compliance, and outstanding page loading speed.

Massive Dynamic

It is a responsive multipurpose website builder that has various layouts with endless possibilities that can help you create amazing website designs.

It has CSS3 that has various transitions and animations that are readily available for you. The features available in demos can be imported using settings, plugins, or shortcodes ensuring that you can replicate the elements with accuracy than can style them, fine-tune them, or change their fonts as per your desire.


It is a theme that provides you the freedom you have always desired when starting a blog or online magazine. You can redesign your old website or start a new one from scratch and can amaze your readers with its new and refreshing look.

Its beautiful theme helps you to attract new guests and woo the existing ones, marching you towards the success you have always desired.

Its features include pre-existing four amazing demos, which you can examine in great depth, and only then you will understand its impactful and powerful features.

Advanced features include sticky sidebars, different pagination styles, various custom widgets, a cool reading time feature, and tons of more options you can explore.


This theme helps to make a strong and lasting first impression. It is a stunning theme that comes with all the necessary elements and materials for a swift realization of a fresh and brand-new website.

You get to chose from four different demos, with the options to keep its original stunning design or customize and to make your own look. The options are endless.

You can easily download it with one click of installation, and then you can reshape or edit it as you desire. It is easy to start a new website with the help of OGO, and it is easy and comfortable as well.


This theme offers a clean solution for the creation of all sorts of websites but is more convenient for making a beautiful, gorgeous portfolio, blog, and professional freelance website.

Whether you want to market your products, sell your services or showcase your portfolio while trying to keep the website aesthetic, this theme is best for it.

It has over 18 full-fledged demo websites for you to explore, a powerful visual builder, having separate customizable page templates, lots of custom portfolio and blog layouts, styles with a variety of options.

Its responsive has a bootstrap design and provides crisp perfection on all the platforms, browsers, and devices.


Photome is built to display great amounts of visual content in the most aesthetically accomplished way possible. If you want to showcase your portfolio in the most aesthetic way possible, without losing its beauty appeal, this theme is perfect for you.

The demos included are full-fledged and unique, and will surely make you inspired. It comes with amazing features like, classic designs, different menus and frames, boxed layouts, minimalistic layouts, full-screen video layouts, and much more highly popular conceptual layouts that you can customize as per your own taste.

It has over 50 gallery and portfolio templates where you’ll be able to find dozens of impressive, awesome, striking ways to delight and bedazzle your customers with your images and videos.

Its advanced features include WooCommerce, parallax, and dozens of layouts and plugins that will help you to customize and make this thee as stunning as it could get.


It is a gorgeous, responsive, and elegant WordPress theme that is a product of laborious professional graphic design and implementation of cutting-edge technology.

It is visually and aesthetically beautiful and has the scope to handle any and all of your business or projects. It has some of the best and layouts with features like Parallax, Bootstrap, HTMl5, and CSS3.

It has dozens of versatile demos and templates for you to choose from and advanced features and plugins like WPBakery, WooCommerce, and many more.

So these were the best WordPress themes of all time. They are known to be the best WordPress themes because they all are amazing in their own ways. Be it for any business, agency, or freelancer, you can choose from these best of the best WordPress themes that are amazing in their performances and layouts.

If you want aesthetically the best WordPress themes, these are the options for you. There are varieties of themes out there that you can choose from if you desire more.

Hope this article was helpful.

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