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Top 12 Advanced Accounting Taxation and Business Services

Looking for Best Advanced Accounting Taxation and Business Services in India? Accounting is an essential aspect of any successful organization. Accounting services can help you meet your financial commitments, reduce your tax liabilities, and identify new growth opportunities. Finding a company that can successfully manage your finances has become increasingly important in today’s world.


List of best advanced accounting taxation and business services


We’ve created this list of organizations offering the Best Advanced Accounting Taxation and Business Services in India to help you find a partner. They assist businesses in growing and prospering by relieving them of a load of financial management. This list will also help CA candidates if you opt to do articleship from top firms in India, It will undoubtedly add value to your Career.


List of Best Advanced Accounting Taxation and Business Services in India


1. Deloitte


Deloitte is the world’s largest professional services network in terms of revenue. Deloitte serves approximately 90% of the Fortune Global 500 and thousands of private organizations with industry-leading audit and assurance, tax and legal, consulting, financial advising, and risk advisory services.


Their more than 345,000 professionals create measurable and long-term results that assist to strengthen public trust in capital markets, enable clients to transform and grow and pave the road for a stronger economy, a more equitable society, and a more sustainable world.


They provide the best-advanced accounting taxation and business services in India. Deloitte has a 175-year history and operates in over 150 countries and territories. Their organization has grown considerably in size and capability, but their shared culture and mission to make a meaningful impact have not changed.


This is visible not only in Deloitte’s client work, but also in its WorldClass ambition, WorldClimate effort, and all in diversity and inclusion plan. Each member firm is organized in line with national laws, rules, customary practices, and other aspects.


2. PWC


PWC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) is a global network of professional services firms that operate as partnerships under the PWC brand. PWC is one of the Big Four accounting companies, together with Deloitte, EY, and KPMG, and is the world’s second-largest professional services network.


PWC has a network of firms in 156 countries with over 295,000 individuals committed to providing quality assurance, advisory, and tax services. PWC is known for its excellent corporate finance accounting services, including audit, tax analysis, business compliances, corporate finance, risk management, security, and other cutting-edge financial services.


It provides the best-advanced accounting taxation and business services in India. PWC adopts a code of conduct throughout its global centers to ensure that all of the firm’s rules and regulations are followed.


The customer relationship is built on mutual trust, and clients have always received the best in financial services after a thorough review of facts and figures, as well as keeping the clients’ interests and requirements in mind. PWC professionals are proactive and have higher knowledge of the business know-how, and they give prompt and considered decisions that benefit their clients on the business front.


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3. Ernst & Young


Ernst & Young leads top in assurance, tax, transaction, and advisory services across the world. Ernst & Young introduced its new logo and name on July 1, 2013, they changed its name from Ernst and Young to just EY.  It operates as a global network of member firms structured as independent legal entities in a partnership that has 312,250 employees in over 700 offices in more than 150 countries.


They were ranked third on Accounting Today’s ranking among the top 100 accounting firms according to U.S. revenue in 2021. It offers the best-advanced accounting taxation and business services in India. To become the leading global organization that EY is today, it took bold leadership and innumerable contributions from people all across the world.


Their insights and high-quality services contribute to the growth of trust and confidence in capital markets and economies around the world. EY assists businesses all around the world in identifying and capitalizing on business opportunities.


They provide clients with value, present ideas, and solutions that are personalized to their needs, and achieve actual results. EY’s breadth and depth of services, as well as their global reach, ensure that they can serve any customer, anywhere in the world.



KPMG is a worldwide professional services network headquartered in the Netherlands, though incorporated in the United Kingdom and one of the Big Four accounting firms. KPMG is a global network of firms with over 236,000 employees in 145 countries. It offers three lines of services: financial audit, tax, and advisory.


Their distinction stems from timely performance-based, industry-tailored, and technology-enabled business advisory services provided by some of the country’s most qualified individuals. They provide the best-advanced accounting taxation and business services in India. KPMG has been assisting companies with international interests for decades.


They understand that building a significant global capacity that is responsive to the marketplace requires more than just a large number of people and offices. It takes a well-thought-out strategy implemented by highly skilled teams of professionals, individuals who are industry-savvy, globally aware, and technically exceptional. And as markets and businesses become more global, KPMG will continue to serve them no matter where they are.


5. BDO Global


BDO is the world’s fifth-largest accounting, tax, and advisory network. It is the leading provider of professional services within the mid-tier of its profession. They provide seamless client service from 1658 offices in 167 countries worldwide. Their 91,000 plus professionals are constantly evolving their approach by integrating cutting-edge technologies and focusing on quality.


Because of their commitment to sharing knowledge and best practices, expertise is easily shared across the network. Their shared techniques and IT platform ensure that all clients receive effective and efficient service. They offer the best-advanced accounting taxation and business services in India.


They have a thorough accreditation process and a quality assurance review method in place to maintain standards. Recent strategic decisions and investments have further equipped the organization with the global infrastructure and creative solutions required to provide long-term value to clients.


They are committed to assisting their clients in navigating ever-changing economic and market conditions by consistently offering high-quality advice and service. 


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6. RSM 


RSM is a large network of audit, tax, and consulting professionals. They have offices in 123 countries, a total workforce of over 51,000 people, and over 860 offices worldwide. They provide audit and assurance, consultancy, tax, risk advisory, IFRS, restructuring, transaction, and business and financial advising solutions to their clients.


In addition to these core services, its member firms also provide a wide range of specialized services, including wealth management, IT consulting, legal advisory, forensic accounting, and human resource consulting. They provide the best-advanced accounting taxation and business services in India.


They collaborate as an integrated team, sharing skills, insights, and resources, as well as a client-centric approach based on a thorough understanding of their client’s businesses. This is how they give their clients the confidence to continue forward and reach their full potential.


You will receive the same seamless service wherever you are in the world, combining insightful local knowledge with the global expertise of their most senior personnel. Their clients range from growth-oriented entrepreneurial firms to leading multi-national corporations operating on a national and international scale.


7. Grant Thornton 


Grant Thornton is a leading business advisor that assists dynamic companies in realizing their full potential. They are a global network of 62,000 people working in member firms in over 130 countries with one aim in mind to assist clients in realizing their ambitions. Its brand is respected worldwide, as one of the major accounting organizations recognized by capital markets, regulators, and international standard-setting agencies.


They provide the best-advanced accounting taxation and business services in India. They provide audit, assurance, tax, corporate recovery, and advisory services. They assist dynamic businesses in navigating complexities. Their management consultants will help you align your organization’s people, processes, and technology across functions to reduce costs and increase revenue—from strategy to execution.


They have deep industry experience and extensive knowledge of organizational functions and priorities. Their partners and teams take the time to thoroughly understand your business and provide real insight and new perspectives to keep you going forward. Grant Thornton can assist you in realizing your growth potential, whether your company’s goals are domestic or international.


8. SS Kothari Mehta & Company


S.S Kothari Mehta & Co. (SSKM) is a prestigious chartered accountant firm that was founded in 1953. With its headquarters in New Delhi, the firm today employs over 500 people, led by skilled partners and directors with professional experience spanning from 20 to 50 years in their respective fields.


SSKM has been placed among India’s best-chartered accounting firms throughout the previous few decades. SSKM has a significant pan-India presence through a network of prominent affiliates, in addition to its core locations. Their clientele includes a diverse range of large and medium businesses, as well as global promoters, demonstrating their business viability.


They offer the best-advanced accounting taxation and business services in India. Their service approach is to give clients a single point of contact through Partners that specialize in their respective disciplines in an IT-friendly atmosphere. SSKM has placed a strong emphasis on knowledge-based development and specialist partner-driven client services.


They have a well-established quality assurance procedure in place, and the quality of their practices is frequently examined, resulting in continuous improvement of service quality and deliverables. Its service excellence is demonstrated by its long-term relationships with some of its clients. Their professional services include audit and assurance, tax and regulatory services, Business advisory, accounting, and Business support, IT risk advisory, etc.


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9. ASA & Associates


One of India’s major accounting and consulting firms, with a PAN India presence that serves a global clientele. They’ve grown to over 700 experts in three decades, with offices and affiliates across India and a global network of trusted associates. A dynamic leadership team leads a vibrant cross-functional and multi-disciplinary group that consistently delivers efficient results.


Their extensive reach and expertise make them the preferred choice of SMEs and Fortune 500 companies across industries. They provide the best-advanced accounting taxation and business services in India


. ASA is identified with reliability and international best practices as it provides handholding in a complex jurisdiction, from audit and assurance to taxation and accounting, business assistance, business consultancy, corporate strategy, and M&A.


They have established trustworthy and long-term relationships by offering integrated solutions for establishing businesses and managing clients’ regulatory compliances. Their clientele includes well-known Indian corporations as well as those from Japan, America, Germany, France, and other countries. They are forward-thinking, focused, specialized, and well-structured.


10. Nangia & Co LLP


Nangia & Co LLP, a renowned professional services firm founded in 1984, with the Managing Partner in practice since 1981, aspire to add value to its clients’ businesses. They have a network of offices with over 450 professionals and are still growing. They have over four decades of experience and specialization in international tax and transfer pricing assisting.


Fortune 500 multinationals carrying out business in India and Indian business houses across a wide range of matters relating to FDI policy, entry strategy, company formation, business reorganizations, cross-border tax structuring, taxation consultant services, mergers & acquisitions, investment banking, tax litigation, and regulatory policy.


They provide the best-advanced accounting taxation and business services in India. For the past six years, the International Tax Review, UK has consistently rated them as the leading Tax and Transfer Pricing Firm. Nangia combines excellence, expertise, objectivity, intelligence, insight, and integrity with a dedication to their client’s success. Their committed professional team has carved out a distinct position in the professional services industry.


Their goal is to provide high-quality, competent professional services that are delivered efficiently, wisely, and with meticulous attention to detail. Their success resides not only in their ability to execute, accessibility, and approachability to their clients but also in their competent fee structures that deliver better value to their clients.


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11. Lodha & Co.


Lodha & Co. provides professional services to a wide range of corporate clients, including central banks, banks, insurance firms, and public sector businesses, both in India and abroad. The company was founded in 1941 and now has offices throughout India. The firm comprises 16 partners and a well-experienced staff of specialists from diverse industries.


Each team has specific knowledge in their particular areas of operation. They provide a diverse range of Advisory and Tax & Regulatory services, each of which offers a set of well-defined deliverables to assist businesses and people in achieving their goals.


They offer the best-advanced accounting taxation and business services in India. Their industry expertise enables them to assist clients in developing customized solutions. Their partners are dedicated to serving clients according to their demands, having come from a highly competent background.


Since businesses are intrinsically distinct, they adjust their services to match the individual needs of their clients and deliver them appropriately. The organization brings together a variety of specialist expertise to provide smart financial advice and personalized proactive services. 


12. K. S. Aiyar & Co


Mr. Kalyan Subramani Aiyar founded K. S. Aiyar & Co. in Calicut in 1897. They are the country’s oldest Indian accounting firm. They are a leading audit firm that provides comprehensive professional services to large corporations, including independent audit and assurance, US GAAP restatement, Foreign Exchange and Regulatory Consulting, restructuring and valuations, accounting and corporate support, personnel recruitment, legal and secretarial support, and management consulting, as well as tax consultancy, tax audit, and advice on indirect taxes.


They provide the best-advanced accounting taxation and business services in India. The KS Aiyar Alliance (KSAA), established on January 31, 2018, is a start-up platform of like-minded senior and time-tested enterprises with a strong reputation and well-respected presence in India.


KSAA members are market leaders in their fields. The Alliance has member firms pan-India. This differentiates The Alliance as a distinct and strong united platform that combines and generates the capability to support clients of all sizes, large and small, as well as very large.


They craft specialist service offerings and knowledge based on Indian expertise from a variety of industries across the country. KSAA is a trailblazer in its efforts to reduce the dependence and systemic risk in India’s audit profession resulting from the domination of multinational audit firms’.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are the benefits of outsourcing your accounting and taxation functions?

The main benefit of outsourcing accounting and taxation is the freedom it provides. It also cuts costs, but most importantly, it does so without sacrificing quality. For many businesses, outsourcing is increasingly becoming a vital growth strategy. They can save a significant amount of time and resources while also getting valuable financial information to assist the company’s growth. You will have a professional accounting and taxation team committed to your company’s safety and success. These experts will effortlessly integrate the necessary infrastructure into your organization, providing you with the scalability and automation that your business requires.


2. What are the things to consider before Outsourcing accounting and taxation functions?

Once you’ve decided to outsource, the following step is to identify an outsourcing company that meets your goals and objectives while also meeting your demands and criteria. When it comes to outsourcing accounting and taxation services, we believe that quality and efficiency should come first. However, there are a few more factors to be considered, such as.


  • A company with a successful track record
  • A company with a wide array of experience and expertise
  • Keep your priorities straight: Accounting is a broad term that encompasses multiple functions, and it isn’t possible to outsource all of these services. So, if you don’t want to end up overspending on outsourcing, make a list of the accounting services you need to outsource on a priority basis.
  • Security should always come first: To avoid security failures, examine references and ensure that outsourced service providers adhere to all basic security requirements.
  • Effective communication: Effective two-way communication is essential for the successful operation of a firm. You must constantly ensure that you and your hired company are on the same page. You should try to schedule meetings with your outsourced accounting and taxation service provider regularly.
  • Be clear with the service agreement
  • Don’t be rigid with pricing: Quality should always take precedence above price. If you employ a low-cost outsourcing accounting firm and it fails to achieve the necessary results, it will cost you even more


You must hire an accounting and taxation team based on their reputation, experience, and the scope of work they do to help your business. Assess your company’s needs and then find an accounting team to match.


3. On what basis should CA candidates select a firm for articleship?

You should identify your areas of interest before choosing a firm. If you’re interested in auditing, look for firms that specialize in auditing and can provide you with the most audit work exposure. Many students desire to pursue their articleship at one of the Big 4 firms, i.e. Deloitte, PWC, EY, or KPMG, and work hard to get selected. However, due to the high workload and office pressure, they want to shift within a year. In large firms, you will be assigned work in a specific field and will become an expert in that subject; however, working in small firms will allow you to become an expert in a variety of subjects such as auditing, accounting, taxation, etc. Students who wish to acquire placement in big firms should do their articleship in big firms, but if you want to start your firm, it is best to do articleship in a small firm.




In today’s complex business environment, it’s difficult for businesses to oversee all of their audits, accounts, and financial management on their own. The accounting and finance department is the backbone of every business. This means that a competent and skilled accounting team is required to manage the finances, taxes, and other aspects of a successful organization. Top accounting and taxation firms lessen your burden by devising the most effective business strategies. They improve the efficiency of your business process.


They manage all parts of your business, from setup to building a solid business strategy to help you grow. They are a one-stop solution for all of your financial and tax needs. Due to the ever-changing nature of the business world, many businesses face unique challenges in accounting. While some businesses are unable to fill positions due to a lack of competent candidates, others are having difficulty finding personnel that can adapt rapidly enough to keep up with their expansion.


One trend that business leaders should welcome is the surge in outsourcing. It helps organizations cut costs, enhances efficiency, lessens overheads, and keeps them ahead of the curve. I hope you found our list of the 12 best-advanced accounting taxation and business services in India to be beneficial. However, this is not an exhaustive list. There are various accounting and taxation firms in India that are successful in meeting the needs of both Indian and global businesses.

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