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SEO Freelancing in 2024: A Detailed Guide

With more companies showing interest in search engines, SEO Freelancing has turned out to be a very popular and celebrated profession for digital marketers.

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SEO Freelancing: A Brief Intro

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) favors your website to get more visibility to consumers on the search engine results. SEO freelancing as an industry has boomed at an extraordinary pace, mainly because of the fact that search engines are wildly used all over the world.

As companies make their online presence constantly, they have a higher desire to raise rankings on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Hence, the demand for a specialized marketing professional is quite essential. There begins the role of a freelance SEO consultant.


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Why opt for Freelancing in content writing?

Many of us have a concern to quit our 9 to 5 job, because we seek more flexibility in work scehdule, freedom and work satisfaction. Freelancing is currently growing in India as a matter of fact 1 in every 4 Indian choose to freelance, making India the world’s second-biggest freelance workforce.


Let’s look at the advantages of freelancing,

You Can:

  • Claim ownership for your work.
  • Pursue your passion
  • Fix your working hours
  • Take up work at home and your workspace is not confined to a cubicle or an office
  • Choose your clients
  • Pursue work satisfaction
  • Spend more time with your family and friends.


According to Financial Express, An insight into the Indian freelancers’ ecosystem reveals that a majority of freelancers have an annual income of around Rs 20 lakh. Some are also able to make nearly Rs 40-60 lakh in a year.


What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – A set of techniques to scale-up your website in search engine ranking list. In other words, SEO helps you to bring your website’s ranking high in the search engine result pages (SERPs).


This ranking helps your website highly visible to people who search your product or service towards gaining a solution they need through search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and so on.


In short, SEO makes your website appear easily, flow easily, and get categorized easily in front of the public – a holistic drive via online platforms.


Is it going to be a quick-quick win? Yep!!! with the help of SEO. Once you understand how SEO works, you can use varied techniques to bring your website’s best ranking.


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Importance of SEO freelancing in digital marketing

You need to be aware of the latest marketing trends to stay competitive and relevant in your businesses. In the modern world, digital marketing is one of the most reliable methods of reaching customers.


Digital marketing is a kind of marketing strategy that communicates brands to consumers via online platforms. That is, it mainly uses the internet to communicate brands to consumers.


Digital marketing has now replaced some of the traditional marketing tactics as it is meant for today’s customers. One such top tactic is SEO or Search Engine Optimization, sounds too technical but its concept is quite easy to comprehend, simple, and easy to execute.


Consider there can be any number of websites that may promote the same product or service reciprocating your website’s product or service.



How to ensure that your website is most visible to customers, once they search for it in the search engine?


YES! You can ensure…

This is where you could sense the unlimited power of SEO. You can increase the essential criteria of your website like user traffic, conversion, and ROI (Rate of Investment)* with SEO strategies when properly implemented.


*ROI – A measure of the probability of gaining a return from an investment.


A better understanding of SEO can be accomplished further by knowing the two elements:  on-page optimization and off-page optimization.


  • On-Page Optimization. The process of taking measures directly within the website to improve its position in search rankings. This method proves to be helpful in increasing website traffic.It involves optimizing the content and meta tags of your website pages.


  • Off-Page Optimization. The process of taking measures externally from a website to improve the website ranking in the search engine. Its main objectives involve Link building and website promotion. The focus of off-page optimization includes increasing the domain authority by getting links from external websites.


Benefits of SEO in Digital Marketing

1. Hike in traffic

It aims at getting your website at the top position on the result page of the search engine. This helps in generating more clicks and impressions by more visitors. Finally, this leads to more conversions.


2. ROI

SEO enables you to track and validate results, which in turn assist you to see how your efforts in digital marketing are effective and any alternate efforts are needed if any. An SEO agency can easily track which route users take, track the keywords that were used to make a particular search before the users do a purchase. All this information guides you to see the comparison of ROI and your investment in SEO efforts.


3. Cost-effective:

SEO is significantly most cost-effective as you can specifically target the audience. A successful marketing campaign would be possible when you know your target audience.


4. Increase in site usability:

The main function of SEO is to make your website easily visible for users and search engines by rearranging your web links and your website’s architecture. This removes the complexity in the process of finding information on your website and makes it easier for the search engines to list your site as relevant.


5.Increase in brand awareness:

SEO increases your brand awareness by getting your website in the top position on search engine pages. Ultimately, your website gets a higher number of views. The more visibility the more awareness. Bagging the top position on the search engine pages for your targeted keywords will allow users to associate your brand name with those same keywords. This builds the trustworthiness of your brand.


A quick run-down of the role and responsibility of an SEO Freelance content writer.

  • A good freelance content writer or copywriter is capable of creating SEO-friendly content that engages the audience and gets visitors on a particular page or website.


  • A good content marketing strategy starts with good engaging content, and that’s what a freelance content writer is expected of.


Let’s see the tasks performed by the freelance content writer


Tasks of a freelance content writer: A complete guide

Freelance copywriting includes researching keywords and interviews of potential consumers (in the case of established brands) as well as editing and proofreading processes, expected to use their copywriting skills to implement a marketing campaign successfully.


A freelance content writer is expected to have proven skills to research on their keywords, and formatting of content to ensure the content reaches well.


Usually, most of the time is spent by the freelancer researching topics and keywords as well as trying to craft keyword-oriented articles or posts without disturbing the actual flow of the content.


Content writers work for…

A good content marketing strategy seems to be one of the most cost-effective ways for business developers to attract a new audience.


As per the research conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, it is found that investing in content marketing is much more effective than going for a paid search.


Comparatively, it generates three times more leads than any of the outbound marketing sources. Hence content marketing can be considered as an extremely effective tool, in case if it is utilized in a proper way.


Skillful SEO freelance content writers are always in great demand as business entrepreneurs and new start-ups always prefer to make their online presence constantly. Writers of articles, landing pages, blogs, e-mails, and general web content are in huge demand.

Here’s an insightful video to guide you through vitals of content writing:


A good content writer can help a business push a product or service to its target customer.

Freelance content writers are capable of multi-talents and have a huge client list extending. Most of the time they work under different client’s names and make sure that they land up in making them happy with their content that promotes their product or service.


Content writers possess an adaptable voice

Most content writers prefer to have their own writing style. They also have great exposure to adaptable writing style according to their clients whom they work for. The tone of their writing should actually fit the content they choose to write for a brand.


In SEO, brand tone plays a crucial role in engaging the audience and thereby promoting your sales. Some set of rules are actually involved while crafting a compelling sales copy if the client is particular on their own ideas to promote their brand. This will have to be prioritized primarily.


For an established company, the content writer is likely to always use the brand’s own tone of voice, a definitive way they communicate with their customers. Whereas a start-up doesn’t have an established setup, hence they will have to make a choice for a better tone to talk to their target audience.


The major part of the content writer’s role is to undergo research on the client. The freelancer should be bold enough to ask questions related to their research in order to meet their client’s expectations.


SEO Freelancing: What are the types of content created by an SEO freelancer

What type of content do freelance content writers create?

SEO freelance content writers,  mostly focus on crafting content for a wide variety of clients from the various domain,  which has their own demands.


A typical freelance content writing project will usually fall into one of the following categories:


1. Website copy

Writing for a website involves a systematic approach that involves everything from creating a step-by-step guide. This guide helps in such a way that a customer knows the details in and out of a particular product or service. Finally, creating an impactful landing page improves your client’s conversion rate.


Other tasks, including creating a product copy and creating a home page so on. The best freelance content writer can be identified with their ability to adapt their style of writing web copies that brings more visitors to the website.


2. Blog posts

A blog is an article regarding a product or a service published online. SEO helps in enhancing the ranking of your site on search result pages. To retain the higher ranking in SERPs frequent updating of their content is very much crucial.


The best way to perform this is through regular blog posts. The blog length ranges from hundreds to thousands of words based on the client’s requirement.


Remember the skilled freelance writer always maintains a more relaxed tone in blog posts and focuses to engage and educate the reader on a particular product or service.


3. White papers

A white paper is an authoritative report on a complex issue and its solution regarding a client’s product or service. They tend to focus on a particular problem and its solution and are lengthy.


The tone of white papers seems to be a more professional one.  It is designed to aim at highlighting the features of a product or a service.


4. Social media

The most trendy and common way companies communicate with their customers is through social media channels. A good SEO freelance content writer is quite aware of effective social media strategies and is able to write effective posts on various social media like Twitter, Facebook, and updates as well. This encourages more sharing of posts and drives the company’s social media presence.


5. E-mail marketing

Freelance SEO content writers are regularly in demand for creating enticing e-mail marketing campaigns for established businesses as well as start-ups from various domains. A good e-mail marketing campaign can boost up sales of a particular product or service.

SEO Freelancing content websites

Content writing for websites is a very popular way to earn online. Many college students and part-time workers have found a good source of income in the stream of content writing.

People now move on to opt for content writing as their full-time work. Anyone with good writing skills and good command of the English language can work as a content writer.

If you are into SEO freelancing and aspire to master the craft of content writing, here are some of the websites you need to browse through. You can enroll and find freelance content writing jobs in the below listed best freelance websites for content writers:

1. Fiverr
2. Upwork
3. People Per Hour
4. Guru
5. FreeeUp
6. TextBroker
7. Outsourcely
8. Problogger Job board
9. Freelancer
10. Freelance writing


SEO Freelancing: Steps to Become Successful

There are a few criteria to keep in mind while choosing a career as a freelancer:

1. Organized mindset and a clear schedule to work: The very first requisite for a freelancer is to have a clear idea of tasks to plan for a day. And then heading towards a plan for the year as a freelancer. The plan should be organized based on the complexity of the work you take up. It is vital to have a well-defined business plan to stay ahead in the competition.

2.Plan to deliver and despatch content on time to the content.

3. Complete attention to your work.

4. Before delivering to the client, you can have a personal word regarding your work from your friends and family members.

5. Decide on the amount of work you will be able to perform before deadlines.

6. At the initial stages, go for work assigned by clients situated locally, make it a success. Then try out work from international clients with better confidence.

7. To market your freelancing skills – you will have to set up a website, may need to print pamphlets to announce your entry into freelancing. Beware of the hidden costs of the freelance business.

8. Payment terms with the client must be clear. Payments may be from clients within the country or from international clients. The necessary modes of payment should be fixed to facilitate payments as per the financial regulations of your country.

9. Self-motivate: Motivation is very often needed as a freelancer when you don’t earn enough from the available projects. Stay strong and avoid stress as that will not be a frequent situation.


Final Words on SEO Freelancing

This was little from a lot about SEO freelancing. SEO freelance content writing is gaining popularity day by day, mainly because business entrepreneurs believe their online presence progressively promotes their business activities and brand. SEO articles seem to be less informative and less interesting than articles you would like to read in magazines. But when it comes to monetary gains it has created a sensational demand for the growing businesses to find out an SEO freelance content writer. I believe this article will guide those who are keen on learning SEO freelancing outlines. Post your comments for further assistance.

I am Ramya, a self-admiring, self-worthy personality. Worked as a biochemist intern; teaching English to young learners; passionate to the core on writing; sailing towards skillful writing, and an active internee in IIM skills content writing program.
  • Hello, I am Divya Prabhakar. I am living in Chennai. I am into the field of content writing. Went through this article. Had a good reading on SEO concepts. Currently freelancing option seem to be suitable one for those willing to work from home and capable of creating work life balance. This article gave a clear picture on what a freelancer is capable of and what should be expected from them. A well written stuff and continue good work.

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