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25 Tips To Write Excellent Website Content Writing Followed By Writers

Website content writing is one of the most common professions, writers often pursue usually in the beginning stage of their career.

25 Tips for Excellent Website Content Writing


Whether it is a blog or a business, it requires a website. Any system that has an online presence requires website content writing for it is highly essential to grab audience attention.


How website content writing works is, basically the web content writers are assigned topics to write and deliver regularly. Usually, bloggers and website owners hire such writers to maintain continuity in posting articles.


Website content writing, over the years, has changed a lot in terms of how it is being presented. Website content writers are highly responsible for the popularity of any website. 


Website content should be very much organized and effective as it is a very direct reflection of the institution or organization presenting it. The content that appears on any website has the prime purpose to influence people.


It is directly or indirectly a very effective marketing strategy that now a day everyone exercises.


Usually, writers have to write on a particular niche or topic on which the website is based.


Website content writing has become a challenging task for writers to keep up with marketing and optimization practices along with presenting genuine and readable content.


It’s even more difficult with developing strategies according to the algorithm of search engines like Google. The prime purpose of many articles now is to rank better on Google to drive more traffic to their respective websites.


Now that website content writing has changed a lot, to pursue a career as a website content writer, many things should be taken care of.


 25 Tips to Write Fabulous Web Content




Different websites have different formats of presenting information which is very important to understand while writing website content.


Usually, blogs and news websites share a very similar format which is very much informative. Writing website content according to the template helps in preparing highly organized content.


People find it easier to understand when information is presented in an organized manner depending upon the format or template of the website.


Writing web content according to the format makes the blogs appear more readable. No matter how informative it could be, people always prefer organized blogs over unorganized ones.


Therefore to maintain consistent readers flow to your website, maintaining a format is the first most important thing in website content writing.


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In website content writing, headings are one of the important factors that drive traffic to the website. A catchy headline always grabs more attention compared to the regular one.


No matter how informative and organized the website could be, headlines help a reader frame an opinion about the post before even reading it.


Headings subconsciously help the reader visualize the blog as useful or not, and therefore having an attractive headline increases the chances of readers finding it more beneficial.


Headings are basically, the one-liners that speak on behalf of the entire text content being the reason for blogs and posts with catchy headlines being visited more. So it is always recommended to use catchy headings to the articles while writing web content.




In website content writing, it is very important to avoid grammatical mistakes. Sometimes readers find it frustrating as it disturbs the flow while reading. Check out Grammarly to eliminate such errors.


Making grammatical mistakes is a very unprofessional approach that one would be portraying to the audience or the readers. Sometimes grammatical mistakes change the actual meaning of the sentence which is not appreciated at all.


Grammatical mistakes affect the rankings on search engines like Google. So it is important to avoid grammatical mistakes as much as possible.


Some tools help one check and correct if there are any grammatical mistakes present in the text. In website content writing, avoiding grammatical mistakes is very much important as it allows others to raise questions on one’s credibility as a writer.


Therefore grammatical mistakes should be avoided as much as possible in website content writing.


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In website content writing, the writers usually have to write multiple articles on the same theme. While writing web content, it often happens that writers go off the main topic and discuss things that are not demanded.


People usually visit blogs to find answers to their questions and conclusion. They expect to find relevant solutions or answers to their queries. Therefore, it is not appreciated when the writer goes off the main theme of the articles.


It is highly advised not to deviate too much from the topic. Being consciously aware of what you are writing, and visualizing it from a readers perspective could help you stick to the main theme of the article.


So, in website content writing, it is highly recommended to maintain the theme throughout the article.




In website content writing, it is fair to use facts and figures from the internet but copying or using someone else’s data and presenting it as yours is called plagiarism.


In website content writing, plagiarized articles are not appreciated at all. It severely affects the rankings of a particular website on search engines like Google.


Having a unique identity as a website or blog is very important. Plagiarised articles and posts are the main reason for not having a consistent reader.


Websites with unique content are more likely to have an active reader’s audience who visit the website regularly. Unique content helps one increase consistency in readers and create an active readers base.


Some tools test if the content is plagiarized or not. Using such tools could prove to be highly beneficial. Plagiarism is not appreciated by search engines and reduces the authenticity of the website.


Therefore in website content writing, it is highly recommended not to use plagiarised content.




Subheadings are as important as headings in website content writing. Subheadings serve several purposes.


It is used as a heading to the inner details of the content. The sub-headings are used right before defining or writing about anything in particular.


In website content writing, a topic itself could be very diverse to be discussed in a few thousand words, thus, a writer had to cover many other aspects to convey the appropriate amount of information.


While writing about other aspects related to the topic, the transition of switching from the main topic to the related aspects should be smooth. Sub-headings also makes reading easier for readers.


Therefore Sub-headings should be used wisely to make website content more understandable.




Dividing content into several points makes it easier for readers to understand. It helps mostly in cases where the content is too long and covers many areas.


Using pointers is considered a very nice approach while presenting informative content. In website content writing pointers are usually used for almost all types of content to make it more understandable.


It also makes the blog look more decent and readable. Such presentation of content is remarkably better than clumsy blogs.


Breaking a long piece of content into short sentences allows the reader to consume exactly what they want, but in the case of long-form content representation, the readers have to read the entire text from the beginning to know if it has the part they are looking for.


For reader convenience and better website structure, dividing content into short sentences is considered useful in website content writing.




In website content writing, as mentioned earlier, most of the readers are looking for answers to any question or query. These people need relevant answers to their questions.


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People trying to find some information about a particular thing expect to see what is most relevant to the topic they are searching for.


Writing too much unnecessary information, even if it is related to the topic is not appreciated. Writing what is very much relevant to the topic that people are searching for, makes them visit your website next time they have any queries.


Writing unnecessary content may result in the website losing readers consistently. Therefore it is advised not to write too much unnecessary information building up the context for the main information.




Some blogs and websites are created to serve special purposes. Writing according to the general websites would not help these websites to get readers.


 As a web content writer, one needs to thoroughly study the vision of a website to serve it with relevant content. Not just in special-purpose blogs but on any website, it is really important to understand the goals and visions of the website very clearly.


The writer must justify the purpose and vision of the website by understanding what it wants to convey to its audience.


Writing in your terms will not help the website grow. Therefore it is necessary to keep the vision of the website in mind while writing website content.




Every article has a keyword that has a prime role in deciding various things such as Rankings of the article in search engines like Google.


This keyword couldn’t be just any random word but it is figured out depending upon its market demand and how attached it is to the main title.


In website content writing, the writer has to do keyword research and find out the competition for that word. It means that how many post and articles based on that keyword is already present and what is the level of competition amongst them.


For this, many tools could be used to figure out the competition for any particular keyword.


Good keyword research helps one deal with the competition tactically and therefore helps the post achieve better rankings.


So, keyword research is highly recommended for website content writing.




In website content writing, the use of informal language and foul words should be avoided no matter how dark or humorous the topic is.


Since the website can be accessed by a large number of people through the internet, children also have access to it. So, the use of harsh words and informal language should be avoided.


While the use of such words is considered very much unprofessional as well and therefore the web content writers should always try to use as many formal words as possible. 


Several times it is seen that the use of harsh language affects the ranking of the website on search engines like Google. So, it is highly recommended not to use such informal language.




Maintaining proper space in between sentences and paragraphs is very much essential. In website content writing, keeping a blog readable and as much arranged as possible is one of the key elements to attract readers.


Maintaining proper space between the sentences and paragraphs helps the reader go through the article in segments and understand it thoroughly.


This also gives the website a decent look and readers find this method of writing informative.


In website content writing, as advised earlier to break long-form content into bits and pieces of meaningful sentences and maintaining decent spacing amongst those lines gives a clear understanding of the arrangement of information.


Therefore it is recommended while writing web content one should maintain proper spacing in between sentences and paragraphs.




In website content writing, it is important to arrange the content in sequence. While web content writers are advised to break the long content into meaningful sentences, care should be taken to arrange the content in proper order.


Arranging the content haphazardly makes it confusing for the readers. Therefore, it is suggested to arrange points in a sequence that gives meaning to the content.


Another benefit of writing in a sequence is that readers could skip to the portion they were looking for. This way they find relevant answers to their queries quick.


This arrangement helps to increase the number of active readers who visit the website regularly. Therefore writing in a sequence is essential in website content writing.




In website content writing, the writer must stay unbiased and write content keeping his personal views and opinions aside.


While the writers are supposed to stay unbiased throughout the article, they are also required to leave a conclusion to the topic. Providing a rational solution or conclusion, in the end, helps the readers to judge the topic more precisely.


The conclusion is required to be very much rational and fair. While writing the conclusion, it is recommended to mention the limitations of that conclusion to make it a fair conclusion.


Therefore in website content writing, to approach the audience with fair and unbiased content, it is very much essential to leave a concluding statement or paragraph in the end.




Research, as mentioned before, is a part of website content writing. Without proper research, it is very difficult to write proper web content.


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Therefore, writers should make a study on articles of similar niches which are already present over there. This helps writers to have a clear understanding of the demand for such topics.


It also helps the writer to analyze the response of such people to such articles. Studying other posts based on the same niche is considered a very important part of the research and helps the writer decide exact points to convey.


So, in website content writing, the writers are advised to study thoroughly the articles of similar niches which are already posted on the internet and the response, they got from the readers.




Optimizing content means making the best use of resources available that helps the writer to grab more audience attention to the website.


In website content writing, proper use of keywords, market analysis and presentation of content combined form an optimized piece of content.


An optimized piece of content is more likely to achieve good rankings on search engines like Google as compared to the articles which are just written and posted.


While there is heavy competition in the blogging industry, where almost 2million blogs are posted every day, it has become very difficult to rank a particular article.


Therefore, optimizing articles according to the market demands is a must for website content writing. Website content writers are highly recommended to optimize their articles and blog posts to achieve better rankings on Google.




Several words to be written on a particular topic is actually, a very critical decision as it influences the rest of the factors affecting the growth or fall of any article.


Depending upon the size of the article there are various optimization techniques. Content with more number words is more likely to rank better on Google.     


This comes with a disadvantage too. People usually do not like to read long articles and usually skip lengthy paragraphs. A reduction in the number of readers can affect the rankings on search engines like Google.


Therefore, in the long run, the word count of articles should be wisely chosen. As mentioned before, writing lengthy articles and adding unnecessary information may affect the rankings as well.


So word count is one of the major factors which decide the other parameters of an article. Therefore it is suggested to decide word count wisely and perform optimization accordingly.




Marketing and optimization strategies are good things to make people aware of your content. These also help generate traffic to the website.

Using disproportionate strategies, optimization techniques and marketing tricks could result in losing the audience, especially in the long run. Genuine and nicely written content always wins over any marketing strategy in long term plans.


Using these strategies wisely could help websites in gaining traffic, but overuse of these strategies affects the content that should appear on the websites.


Using keywords in excess amount also doesn’t help. Therefore it is suggested not to use too many strategies while writing website content.




Images speak 25% straight of what the entire text could convey. In website content writing, using relevant images reduces the huge explanations required to build context for the main text.


Content with images is more likely to be visited by readers as compared to content without images. With these many benefits of using images, one should write relevant content that certainly relates to the image.


Using images in click baits could result in websites losing readers. Images could also be used to optimize articles and to influence, readers to perform a targeted action.


Images also make the blog or website look more expressive. Therefore it is suggested to use relevant images.




Interactive articles perform better than informative ones. Readers often appreciate interactive articles over general ones which provide information only.


In website content writing, writing interactive web content is a highly appreciated skill. In such articles, the content addresses the reader as “You”.


Interactive articles are usually written in the second person singular. These articles address the needs of the reader and hence people find them nice to read. These articles usually are not for ranking purposes and require relatively fewer strategies for optimization.


These articles usually aim to convey a particular idea to the already active reader who visits the website regularly.


These articles are usually suggestive and used usually by influencers to promote or influence the audience to perform any targeted action.


These articles prove to be very helpful in marketing purposes and therefore it is advised to write interactive articles whenever required.




In website content writing, perception is very much important as the writer should have an idea about how the content appears online and how it is consumed.


In website content writing, the writers are required to write what they would love to read.


Having a reader’s perspective is highly essential, for it relates to the reader’s queries and is more likely to need the requirement of readers.


Apart from all the strategies, this way of writing is highly supported by readers and functions actively in long term plans.


Writing such articles gains an organic audience and creates an active readers base that visits the website regularly.


So, it is recommended to have a strong perspective regarding how your content appears online and how it is consumed. It is a very important tactic in website content writing and plays a vital role in building a relationship with the reader.




As mentioned before, we know that people generally visit blogs and websites to find a solution to their queries and confusion.


In website content writing, it is a very essential skill to provide a relatable example so that the reader finds the content most relevant.


Providing readers with practical examples, to which they could relate proves to be a really helpful strategy in driving traffic to the website.


People find relatable content more relevant and therefore they are more likely to visit the same website every time they have a query.


This helps in building an active readers base that regularly visits the website.


Therefore it is highly recommended to provide readers with highly relatable examples and most practical examples to which they can relate and therefore understand better.




Tracking response to previously written articles helps in understanding where a web content writer is lacking.


Reader’s feedback proves to be helpful, as these are one on one conversations about what exactly is required. This helps in writing website content according to market demand.


Readers also feel valued when their feedbacks are responded to and changes are made according to their requirements. This feedbacks also help in making further research regarding website traffic and their response.


This method proves to be very useful in building relations with an active reader who visits the website regularly.


Therefore it is suggested to request the reader’s feedback, and responding to those feedback with the requirements done as per readers demands, helps a blog grow actively in long term plans.




Small features speak a lot about the website. Some of the small features to pay attention are underlining links, using a separate colour for the links, punctuations and avoiding excessive use of capital letters.


These small features assure readers of the organized structure of the website. Such websites articles are convenient to read and readers will have a pleasant experience.


These small features are very effective subconsciously. These provide a sense of precise information throughout the article.


Such websites are what readers love to visit regularly and therefore it helps in building an active readers base who visit the website most often.


These small features could create huge differences, so these factors should be taken care of while writing website content.




At the end of the day, website content writing, apart from all the optimization techniques and marketing strategies break down to just writing a genuine piece of content that is readable. 


Performing the above tips later would help it gain visitors, but on its very basic level, all that is required is a good piece of content that is well analyzed and written.


Perfect presentation of content can only be exercised if the written content is good enough to be made changes with these optimizations techniques and marketing tactics.


So above were some of the most relevant tips that would help one improve their skills and performance in website content writing.


It should be noted that these tactics work at their best, only if the content is good enough. If the content is not up to the mark, then these tactics are none of use.


One could drive a little traffic for a small period using these articles, but eventually, all the traffic generated disappears and neither does it rank better on search engines like Google.


How to Write Website Content?


To write website content, all that one requires is to have some good writing skills and a few research and analysis skills. One should be able to express his views and concerns in the form of words that make sense and give meaning to his ideas. For writing website content It is advised to go into details of the given topic and convey what exactly people want to know.


Now that website content writing has advanced so much with the emerging technologies and studies that have been made on search engine algorithms, one should know how to use such techniques wisely.


Inappropriately using these techniques could result in the opposite of what is expected. Therefore before using these techniques for optimization and marketing, one should have a thorough understanding of them.


Content writing itself is a very challenging task, and with these methods and tricks, it becomes even more difficult and challenging for the writers to keep up with the pace.


Especially web content writing is something; all of these factors combined to form a good piece of content. This involves many other marketing strategies depending upon what kind of organization runs the website.

But at the very least the tips and tricks mentioned above were some of the most important tips for someone starting their career in website content writing. These tips could be used from very organic and beginning level to very much professional levels also.


It is important to understand the gravity of each technique used and what benefits it could bring. I would suggest beginners start experimenting with these tips on their beginning articles and then study their results. This helps them understand better to a practical level where they know exactly how much of what to use and where.


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Manish Kumar is a writer by Passion and Profession. Over the years he wrote for many projects, blogs and websites which actually pushed him through a phase of learning. With his excellence in other domains, he is now a day exploring depths of content marketing. As a thought leader in Content Domain, Manish understand the scope of Content Marketing Industry & wants to reach out to the world with his thoughts.

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