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19 Top Content Writing Services in India (Updated)

The content writing services, SEO writing services, web writing services, web copywriting services, technical writing services, article or blog writing services, etc. offer what the consumers search before moving forward with a product or service. “The content for the business” has established itself as one of the most significant aspects of business development.

Top Content Writing Services in India

The content writing services in India are the providers of proficient writing solutions for their clients. Apart from a few technical differences in the structure of content, all the above-mentioned services come under the broader definition of content writing.

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Three Reasons Why Content Writing Services  in India Are Important for Business:

The significance of content writing cannot be denied in the digital world.  The first search conducted by any prospective client for any product or service is always through digital media. Hence, the prime focus for any business is to capture the attention of the target audience.

The content is the language through which the business houses communicate with their consumers. It helps them to showcase their objective and commitment, towards the products to the prospective consumers thereby helping them in establishing their brand name.

Content writing services in India are not just about writing a mere description of any product.  It is also about making the product visible to its target audience effectively. Read on to know how SEO Content strategies can yield results.

This is where the role of a professional content writing agency appears in the picture.

So, the Major Focal Points Here Are,

  • Being visible to the target audience. They take care of the technicality part of content writing i.e., SEO writing makes the content visible to the audience by making them rank high in the search engines.
  • Capture the attention of the target group within a very short period. The visitors, onlookers browse through numerous amounts of content in search of the desired product. Content writing agency delivers effective, target-oriented content that captures the attention of the onlookers instantly.
  • The ultimate goal, converting those readers into consumers. Through their content, they give a peek into the organization, their products, and services and communicate with the audiences, in a way that the target audience can relate to the organization, which helps in making the final decision.

Hence, with the consolidations of the above three services, the content writing agencies support the business to capture the market raising amidst the commotions of the competitors.

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19 Top Content Writing Services in India Are Stated as Follows

1. Write Right

It is one of the topmost content writing services in India that believes that content is not merely a starter, but a full main course. Writer Right provides a 360-degree solution to the content writing requirement.

The Key Highlights of the Write Right Content Writing Service Are:

The team comprises 25 + proficient writers and the founder of Write Right, Bhavik Sarkhedi, who is one of the most renowned in the world. Bhavik Sarkhedi is the author of the bestselling books “The Weak Point Dealer” and “Will You Walk a Mile”.

Three primary key points that make Write Right special are Quality, Deadline, and Necessity. The content writing expertise provided by Write Right are Creative Writing, Ghost Writing, Blog writing, social media writing, website writing, email writing, SOP writing, Resume Writing, etc. They have recently won the title of top content writing agency by Clutch and Good firms.

The Office of Writer Right :

Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Contact Details: [email protected], +91 – 9428606468

2. Content whale

The Primary Objectives of Content Whale Content Writing Services in India Are:

  • Quality content: They believe in the availability of Quality content for everybody with a small investment in it.
  • They aim to provide a platform for great exposure and a positive work atmosphere for all the writers.
  • Uniform, hassle-free content curation experience for clients.
  • Error-free and lucrative content.

Content Whale Content Writing Services in India Caters to Numerous Sectors Such as:

  • Healthcare
  • Automotive
  • Health and beauty
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Real estate construction
  • Fashion and clothing
  • Sports and fitness
  • Finance
  • IT
  • Travel
  • Technology etc.

The Contact Details of the Content Whale:

 222, Kapori Road, Sector 28, Vashi, Navi Mumbai. Ph.no. 9324410153. [email protected]

3. Estorytellers

Estorytellers is a  subsidiary of the content writing company Write Right, they are one of the topmost content writing services in India. It is also a great digital marketing agency.

  • Estorytellers firmly pursue the principle that it is better to fail in originality than succeed with imitation.
  • One of the highest-rated and reviewed content writing services with a dynamic, young team focuses on delivering the product on time.
  • Estoryteller assists the students in college with their resume SOPs and LORs to make them ready for the job market.
  • The services offered by them are comprised of, Statement of Purpose writing, article writing, blog writing, Translation services, website content writing, technical content writing, etc.

The Contact Details:

Ahmedabad, Gujarat. email: contact @bhaviksarkhedi.com, ph no.94286468.

4. 3Leaps

3leaps content writing services offer writing, content promotions, and content distribution in a single platform. They are one of the oldest, low prices, award-winning content writing services in India.

They have over 25 years of professional experience in this field of content writing and laser focus on customer-centric content. Their services include eCommerce and website designing, brand strategy, content marketing, SMO, conversation optimization marketing, digital films, etc.

Contact Details:

Burdwan, West Bengal, India 713101, Ph no. +918016787590, email:[email protected]./[email protected].

5. Taletel, https://taletel.com/

Taletel is one of the top-notch content writing agencies in the market today that caters to both domestic and international clients.

  • Through the content, they aim to touch the emotions of the readers and attract them towards their clients through their carefully crafted communications.
  • They are a team of highly experienced, dynamic, young content writers who deliver consistently superior quality content every time.
  • They have aided young professionals and students to boost up and face upliftment in their resumes, LORs and SORs.

The Contact Details Are:

contact @ taletel.com, Ph.9428606468

6. Esmee Network

Esmee Network is a content writing development hub which has been in the market for quite a while now. They have content writers that have been in the field for the last 35 years. They cater to renowned clients such as NDTV, Get Set Live, freelancer, EaseMyTrip, etc.

  • The content writing services offered by them include Search Engine Optimization, (SEO) content revamping services, content marketing services, blogs, press releases, social media services, etc.
  • They cover a wide range of spectrum for content writing services and generate client-specific content for each type of business.
  • Standing with professionals who have more than 3 decades of experience in content writing services Esmee Network has to create d a niche on its own.

The Contact Details Are:

support@ esmeenetwrok.com, office: Shivaji Enclave, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi

7. Mindworksglobal( MWG)

MWG is the new age content writing solution provider that uses their AI platform bespoke content curation, creation, and automation for generating the desired result. They use machine learning-based tools for content curation, content generation, and content analysis.

  • Their media industry solutions have been delivering content solutions to media houses across North America, Asia, and Europe for the last 15 years.
  • Mindworksglobal content writing service thrives at helping the client to create new data-driven content products which in turn help in better lead generation outcomes and conversion outcomes.

The Contact Details Are:

BGR energy Building, sector 16 A, Noida. UP 201301.

8. Addkraft, https://addkraft.com

Adkraft content writing agency is all about creating unique propositions for the clients’ products and services. They thrive at making the journey of the consumer from awareness of the product to developing a desire to purchase prospective consumers smooth and effortless.

As an agency of content marketing Addkraft aims at creating magical stories in the competitive world of business with the three fundamental tools:

  • Strategy: How to connect with the focus customer
  • Marketing: How to capture the attention of the target audience.
  • Content: how to present the best features of the product through content so that it combines the above two.

The Primary Steps Followed by Addkraft While Generating Content Are:

  • Strategy sessions with teams
  • Assess the target market
  • Get ready with Go to market
  • Create awareness strategic content
  • Develop interest in the audience- contextual content
  • Create leads from the interested audience
  • Marketing supports to create dedicated followers.

The Contact Details Are:

Resolute Towers Nichols Road, 2nd Lane, Chetpet,

Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 600031.

9. Scatter

One of the leading online content marketplaces Scatter was launched in the year 2015, as a content marketing platform service and Spiral content solutions Pvt.  Ltd was launched in the year 2014.

The Highlights of Services of Scatter Can Be Summarised as;

  • Scatter helps the brands in content creation and manages their digital assets combining best-in-class content strategy, the suite of proprietor mar-tech solutions, and smart storytelling.
  • The teams of Scatter comprise product and engineering, strategic alliances, editorial strategies, customer success managers and content producers, etc.
  • Infographics, Video blogs, Gifs, Ebooks, Articles, Newsletters, etc. are part of their creation and curation.
  • Their content strategy is based on the ideas that work and help the clients to channelize their marketing efforts.
  • Their Martech product suite is specially designed for the transformation of ideas to the publishing phase with accuracy and collaboration.

The Contact Details: 

off the Western express highway, Goregaon East, Mumbai.  [email protected]

10. Orangus 

Orangus is one of India’s leading digital marketing and web designing agency that provides a 360-degree solution for brands incorporating graphic designing, web designing, and development, web copyrighting, paid marketing, SEO services ORM, etc.

They have a team of professional content writers as well as business and marketing experts who work as a team in bringing the client’s business to the optimal point. Their prime expertise is as follows:

  • SEO services in India
  • PPC services in India
  • Social media marketing in India
  • Online reputation management service in India.
  • Influencer marketing service In India.
  • Web designing and development
  • App development
  • Digital Marketing

The Contact Details:

Sainik Firm, New Delhi, email.Info@ orangus.com, ph:96252-13838

11. Marketing Bunnies 

Marketing bunnies is one of the foremost premier content writing services in India today.

  • Established in the year 2010, they started small and over the years they have reached the global market with clients from the US, UK, Israel, Singapore, and Dubai.
  • They specialize in compelling content to boost conversion and improve SEO.
  • Marketing bunnies content writing services’ prime objective is implementing the true strength of English writing and communication and implementing the pragmatic endeavours to infuse strength to achieve the desired result.
  • Their primary services include Ghost-writing, Social media marketing, Blog writing, Article writing, Email marketing, Digital marketing, SEO for websites, etc.

Contact Details:

Vikas Nagar, Lucknow, email:[email protected]

12. Lexiconn content services: website: 

Lexiconn is one of the prominent and oldest professional content writing services in India.   They have 600+ clients across 25 + sectors in 20 countries and still expanding.

Key Highlights of Lexiconn:

  • This award-winning content writing agency has a full-time in-house team, dedicated account manager to plan create and execute content marketing plans for the clients.
  • They generate SEO-friendly content with an in-depth technical understanding for developing search engine-friendly web content.
  • They have SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) with B2B and B2C knowledge who understand the business language of the clients.

Contact Details:

 3rd floor, K Raheja Prime, Off Andheri Kurla Road. Marol, Andheri East, Mumbai 400059.

Maharashtra, Sales contact 91-9167374074, email: [email protected]

13. Coffeegraphy, https://www.coffeegraphy.com/

One of the foremost content writing services in India, Coffeegraphy portrays the picture of their client’s business as lively, welcoming, and attractive all through their original, innovative and vibrant content.

  • They are a firm believer in the fact that words can spell magic as words are meant to spell wonders.
  • The team of Coffeegraphy content comprises well-educated, qualified, and experienced content writers, researchers, proofreaders.
  • They focus on creating well-ranked SEO web content, influential web copies, convincing case studies, interactive e-learning materials, marketing collaterals, user-friendly technical documentation, etc.

The Contact Details:

Bannerghatta Main Road, Bangalore. Email:[email protected], [email protected]. Ph.9740753863.

14. Just words, A content marketing agency

They have started their journey with a single client in the year 2010. Almost 10 years down the line they are still blooming as ever and are one of the leading content writing services in India.

  • They are the google award-winning content marketing agency, they make the client’s brand stand out by combining content with digital technology.
  • They not only believe in creating and story for a brand but also in getting the audience to listen to the story which in turn helps in creating brand value.
  • They aim at creating at right content for the right product and presenting it on the right platform which in return provides the right output.
  • Their scope of work includes content creation, digital marketing, SEO services, and Visual media.

Contact Details:

SPAZE I-TECH PARK, Sohna Road, Sec.49, Gurgaon.

Email: [email protected],[email protected]. ph no. 91-9871370096

15. Thoughtful Minds

Thoughtful Minds, one of the premier content writing services in India has been in the market for over 14 years and still witnessing an epic journey spreading its wings all across the globe.

  • They have been providing world-class academic writing services to the students in various universities in the world especially those who are working as well and need services to submit their projects and dissertations on time.
  • The services provided by Thoughtful Minds include assignment help, assignment writing, academic writing, homework help, dissertation and research paper writing, essay writing, case study writing, coursework help, thesis help, etc.

The Contact Information:

Email: Info @ thoughtfulminds.org/ 9413348979.

16. Godot Media

The primary focus of Godot media service is to provide impactful copywriting services with a high conversion rate with affordable prices with free trials.  They provide a wide range of content writings solutions such as Articles, blogs, copywriting, eBooks, social media, SEO, Content Marketing, Product Descriptions, etc.

17. Italics

Since the year 2005, Italics is in the content writing business empowering more than 2000 clients across the globe.

  • Italics writers are experts in understanding the details that go into creating marketing content that helps the clients to create powerful conversations with the target audience.
  • Italics with their professional content writing services gained some of the top-rated clients in India including Dabur, Airtel, Upgrade, Nestle, Samsung, Canon, Muthoot finance, and Many MSMEs, etc.
  • Over a while, Italics has enabled themselves to become experts in different verticals of content creations thereby increasing and diversifying their services to every aspect of content writing.
  • Some of the services include content writing, graphic designing, digital marketing, website designing, and web content creation, logo and brand identity creation, etc.

The Contact Details Are:

Janakpuri, New Delhi. [email protected], ph. 9818262677.

18. Wittypen: 

This is a fairly new and young content writing agency, yet a fast-growing one, as catchy as the name sounds Wittypen, within a very short period it has created a niche on its own. It comes under the list of some of the most popular content writing services in India.

With a very competitive pricing and friendly team, Wittypen works in collaboration with the clients’ team hand in hand and empowers the client’s business to achieve results with tremendous satisfaction.

The Primary Services Provided by Them Are:

  • Websites
  • Guest posts
  • Press releases
  • SEO landing pages
  • Comparison pages
  • Product descriptions
  • Piller pages, white papers, etc.

The Key Highlights of Their Services Comprise of;

  • Writer selection: They have a large pool of experienced writers and meticulous selection for the appropriate writer is conducted for optimum output.
  • Professional editing: Proofreading, vetting, and editing is conducted by professionals for achieving clean, clear, and target-oriented content.
  • SEO and keyword checks: Optimizing Meta descriptions, keywords and SEOs ensured for achieving high ranks in the search engine.
  • Grammar checks: Both automated and manual grammar checks are conducted by a team of experts for achieving error-free content.

The Contact Details Are:

sales @wittypen.com, writers @wittypen.com

19. Das Writing Services

One of the sphere headers of the digital content writing agency in India, Das Content Writing Agency has traversed almost all the verticals and genres of content that one may come across. It is one of the most reputed content writing services in India.

  • They are a troupe of dedicated content writing professionals that aims at emerging pone stop solution for all aspiring business houses that wants to thrive in this age of digital media.
  • Their latest feature of “Voice search optimizing content:” adds a feature to their hat in recent times. It is where content speaks to the audience rather than making a read.

They understand the importance of the word “Up and Trending” in the digital marketing arena and make sure that their clients feature in that category.

  • The content created at Das writing services goes through the stringent quality checking process, long-tail keyword LSI keywords checks, google algorithm for high-quality SEO optimizing, etc.
  • Apart from those their content is polished further with prompt presentation review, word density checks, generic word filtration, etc.

The Contact Information:

Sec V, Salt Lake City, Kolkatta, Ph no.91-9433822497, Email. [email protected].

Conclusion on Content Writing Services in India 

It is a constant and continuing process for the business houses to drive their sales push, invite and retain customers, improve traffic to their website, reduce the bouncing rate, optimize the search engine algorithms so that their website gets maximum hits, etc. and the services provided by the content agencies conglomerate all the requirements and offer them on the same platform.

It is very significant to understand that advertisement, marketing techniques are constantly changing and evolving, what might be working today might not work tomorrow, and the business houses have to keep themselves updated with the latest marketing techniques that are suitable for their business.

Furthermore, the search engine algorithms keep updating and changing all the time and for a business to be consistent and visible for their prospective consumers, they have to adhere to the new services.

These are the primary reasons why content writing services are here to stay and why the content writing agencies should also keep innovative, updating, and presenting content in new ways through the various multimedia platforms and more.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q1. What are the services offered in content writing services?

Blog writing, web content, articles, proof reading, infographics etc.

Q2. How bright is the future in terms of career in content writing?

There are numerous opportunities in content writing. But those who are ready to explore, adapt and evolve will be able to make a better career growth as a content writer. Which means content writing is not just limited to writing a powerful content. One must know to use digital platform to showcase their skills.

Q3. Will one be able to earn a decent earning as a content writer?

Ofcourse, but its an ongoing process one should be open and interested in learning and upgrading timely.


Hemanandini Deori has completed her Bachelor's degree in economics and LLB from Delhi University. She has experience in working with various corporate organizations and has keen interest in content writing. Currently, she is working as a guest writer at IIM skills. She is an avid reader, writer, traveler, passionate orchid grower, painter, and a proud mother
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