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Apps for Content Writers in 2024: 15 Chrome Extensions

You are working hard to make your page rank 1st on the Google search engine. So, Are you using all your resources to their fullest?The best way to make sure you are not missing anything is to do and cover all the resources possible and make use of it. And When it comes to Web browser? Do you think the web browser plays any role in making your content better? Yes, Why not! here are 15 chrome extensions to help content writers. 

Top Apps For Content Writers With Chrome Extensions

There are lots of apps for content writers. As a backbone of any website, web browsers like google chrome are a global favorite with lots of features.

The most dependable and stable web browser, Google Chrome is widely used and popular because of many reasons. Let’s see what are they:

● Speed 

● Clean and stylish design

● Easy and efficient tab management

● Task manager2

● Incognito browsing 


Apart from the above features, what makes google chrome different from other browsers is the extensions they provide. The number of apps and extensions available on the chrome web store gives users a great browsing experience.


Where can I get these extensions?


Thousands of extensions are available in the chrome web store. You can customize your tasks by using these extensions and improve your browsing experience. They are free as well as paid. They are very easy to install and use. 

Just go to www.Chrome.google.com/webstore and search for the extension you want or type of extension you want. You will get a list of options according to their ratings which you can select and open. After that, you can see all their features and download them. Once you do that, these will get incorporated into your google chrome and you can now access them with the click of a button. 


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How will these chrome apps help you with writing?


  • Having value-adding functionalities, these apps will help in saving time.
  • Higher productivity levels
  • Improve ranking and audience measurement
  • Helps in improving our writing mistakes.
  • Helps in content organization
  • Helps in link building and SEO analysis


Since there is a plethora of Apps and Extensions on the Chrome web Store, Here is a list of 15 useful extensions that can be used in writing better content. Have a look at them:


1) Evernote web clipper

A free and incredible tool for the one who loves to research and collect information from various sources. Often when we start to write content, we do a lot of research and collect all the facts and figures that are necessary. Doing social media thing often blurs us and we get baffled by all the interesting and useful information we get from different websites. Where to put them? Say Hello to Evernote web clipper! 


● Lets us highlight the texts, annotate, screenshots and anytime access to out saved information

● Save links, web pages, ideas, and anything which is in digital form that you can view to your Evernote account and access it from any other device also.

● Lets us assign tags on them and organizing them as we want.

● Selectively save the clipped portions from Gmail, Amazon, Linked, and Youtube even.

● A handy tool for creating images. Just, Crop a certain area from any screenshots and add custom texts according to your blog posts

● Use it as a digital notepad to keep journals, events, milestones of your life, set reminders to keep yourself updated, use the camera capture feature to easily scan the paper, or printed documents.

● Formats supported: Audio, video, PDFs, sketches, photos, Web clippings, and many more.



2) Stayfocused

Found yourself wasting your time on other websites rather than concentrating on your work? This is the right app for you! Now get ready to bid bye to Procrastination. This app will help you to become more productive and limit the amount of time you waste on other websites. It is an extremely flexible and configurable app and also it’s free. It’s just a force to stop things which we don’t do on our own.


● Block the websites permanently or for a specific time by scheduling it.

● Can block website, sub-domain, path, pages, or in-place content like videos, games, and images.



3) LastPass

It’s a free password manager tool that lets you use only one master passwords for all the social media platforms instead of dozens of passwords of social media platforms. 



● Lets you share the social media accounts, SEO tool, or Google Analytics accounts without having to share the password for that account.

● Will store passwords, auto fields, and everything else.

● Can add and remove users, save everything in a searchable vault, and auto-generate strong passwords.

● Can give secure access from any computer and mobile device

● It alerts you for any information at risk.

● The master password is never shared with Lastpass and thus it’s safe and secure to use.

● Also, it lets you generate strong and secure passwords and replace the weak and reused ones. 


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4) Seo quake

A popular SEO browser extension tool that helps your blog to keep ahead in the online competition. Easing the SEO related tasks, it keeps up with the changing requirements. A good web page optimizer which acts as an SEO analyst and manages SEO efficiently.



● Shows Page Ranks, Alexa Rank, and other major metrics.

● Can get information about links, social shares, keyword density, and SEO meta info.

● Check for mobile compatibility and a complete SEO audit of a webpage.

● Can compare different URLs or domains and get a full report for internal and external links

● Easy to install and work with and gets constantly updated.

● Get an additional toolbar on the top of the browser which will show the metrics.

● Can find information on backlinks and basic metadata

● Can also find the density of keywords.



5) Momentum

A chrome extension which will boost your productivity by converting the new tab page on your computer to a personalized dashboard. A soothing way to start your day by seeing something beautiful.



● See a personalized dashboard with stunning photos, quotes, positivity mantras along with weather and forecast.

● Get amazing widgets like Daily focus, Metrics, Reminders, To-Dos, and many more.

● Balance mode for setting your uptime and downtime.

● Adding links to your favorite sites and can set your to-do lists.

● Customization of themes and fonts

● Each time a new tab will open it will show something new.

● Let you focus on and eliminate distractions by setting daily reminders and inspirational quotes.

● Comes with more features in Momentum plus which is available for $3.33/month.



6) Grammarly

Grammarly helps you to polish your writing before publishing. Don’t think that these spelling and grammar mistakes get ignore. Spellings and grammar mistakes happen but these should be resolved because this can affect your brand credibility. Just open the Grammarly editor and type whatever you want or you can paste the file you want to check. Then wait for Grammarly to check it. Then review the mistakes and do as suggested. Now you are ready to publish.



● Check spelling and grammar mistakes and act as an editor.

● Both free and premium versions available.

● A lot of other features included in the premium version such as plagiarism check, style check, advanced punctuation check, vocabulary enhancement, etc.

● Scan and improve the texts for better English and making our work fast and easier.

● Also provide tips for writing a better sentence, right in the text input field.

● Easy and simple to use.



7) Figure It Out

An award-winning app and a handy tool to track the time zones. As a writer and a digital marketer, your target audiences are there in different time zones and thus you will have to make posts accordingly to keep your page on the top. This app schedules your post according to the different time zones.



● An app that works with people around the globe.

● Instead of doing maths of counting the hours across different countries in the world, just install this app and get started.

● Can add up to 10 timezones.

● Can see the correct current times for each location by just typing the location. 

● Scheduling the posts or meetings confidently makes this tool super easy to use.

● In your every new tab, there will be an option of choosing different time zones.


8) Mozbar

An SEO toolbar, which gives you instant metrics and makes your work easier. It is basically for those who are new to SEO. Without leaving the browser, this extension can give you insights about different websites.


● With just one click, find all the information about link coding and search ranking of the search results on a result page.

● Can assess the Domain authority and Page authority of any page or site.

● Can compare link metrics across the pages and can access them.

● Content suggestions and instant page optimization.

● Display page elements, markup, and HTTP status.

● Popular and oldest marketing software program



9) Page analytics by google

This tool gives you insights into the site traffic which includes real-time visitors, click percentages, and page views. It also determines which links work best for you let you know how the customers are interacting with the website.


● Can show an active number of visitors and useful data where the user clicked.

● Shows the percentage of visitors who clicked at a particular place.

● Also displays the bounce rates and average page on time.

● Optimize your design and improve the user experience according to the user views and engagement.


10) One Tab

A useful extension that lets you save the selected tabs and then use it later. Now stop worrying about losing anything precious from an auto-close. It is really helpful when one is doing content researching and want to organize the collected information into groups.


  • Can share the selected tabs in groups as a web page.
  • Helps in reducing unnecessary tab clutters.
  • Covert all the tabs into a list just by clicking the One Tab icon.
  • Helps in saving 95% of memory.
  • Helps in speeding up the computer by reducing the CPU load.


11) AdBlock

Its name only tells what it does. Now bid goodbye to all kinds of annoying advertisements. This extension is simply used for removing annoying ads which include popular Facebook ads, or ads on youtube, Twitter, and others. A great tool for writers who should not get distracted by social media ads floating on the web pages and helps in focusing on the work.


● Without changing the site looking, it stops and blocks unnecessary ads.

● Stops and blocks pop-up ads, text ads, and malware.

● Helps in enhancing social experiences.

● Helps in focusing and gives a better writing experience.

● Helps in content researching


12) Pocket

Working with content needs a lot of ideas. You try your best to include everything that can grab user’s attention and they get to read your article. Moreover, this will increase your site traffic. Now this extension will help you with that. This app is used for saving articles and videos to read later.


● Functionality to add tags

● Can retrieve stories pulled out of search engines.

● Videos and articles can be accessed on all the devices for later.

● Articles are shown based on your saved article and reading habits.

● Gives you a Clutter-free reading experience by showing a basic version of articles.

● Click on the save button to save the articles you like.

● Can even listen to your saved articles using text-to-speech on the pockets app available on both iOS and Android.

● Skip paragraphs, change threading speed, and read anywhere, anytime!

● Combine it with Evernote and create an organized system.

● Raise your productivity levels by integrating Pocket with various tools like Twitter, Feedly, Buffer, and IFTTT.



13) WhatFont

There is no doubt that fonts catch our attention and attract our eyes. A nice font will compel you to open and read on the website more. Has it ever happen to you that you want a font badly that you saw somewhere for using it on your social media page. WhatFont is there for you! When you click on the fons, they will tell you everything about that font including their name, line height, size, color, everything. Isn’t it interesting?

Just install it, click on the extension, and there you go. You have the list where you can browse for the best one, given the options like font family, style, weight, size, and many more.


● Can also add text on the visuals?

● A wide range of fonts available.

● Improve the aesthetics of the web page.

● Can display the details of the font you want to see on a web page

● Easy to use.

● It is totally free.


14) Writer

A must-have a chrome extension for bloggers and content writers. Now don’t worry about saving your content, This app will save your work automatically. Also, it helps in removing distractions and assist in word counts and writing goals.

– Features:

● Can store unlimited documents, customize the fonts, change the background, and many more.

● Quickly create and access it in just a couple of clicks.

● View all your documents on the Writer dashboard

● Can import any file format supported directly to Writer.


15) Colorzilla

Previously on Mozilla firefox, this app is so much installed and liked by people that now it’s finally available on chrome. It is known best for its wide range of color-picking and color matching features and excellent for customizing the browser. 


● It has an advanced Eyedropper which helps in learning about any color on the web page we like, by hovering over it and it will give the hex code for future use.

● Can create appealing visuals, custom palettes, zoom, identify different color codes, consistent color themes, and various other colorful goodies.

● Just like Photoshop, it has an advanced color picker.

● It has a color analyzer and CSS Gradient generator.

● It has various keyboard shortcuts and can pick colors at any zoom level.

● Can display the history of the picked colors and also the element information such as class, id, size, tag name, and many more.




These are the 15 chrome extension which is here to help you in your work and make your work easier. From managing posts, to easily save and captures different pictures and videos, these extensions are just like assistants to the digital professionals.

These value-adding extensions also help in enhancing the browsing experience and saving our time in performing tedious tasks.

Installing these apps is the matter of just a single click, which is “Add to Chrome”. And the extension will be added.


I hope you like these and will give them a try!

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