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14 Best Websites For Students To Enhance Their Learning 

How to Choose the Best Website for Students. Due to the Pandemic Covid-19, an unavoidable situation has aroused which has forced the entire country to retract and retrace their steps. People are forced to stay at home, whoever can, has to provide their work from their home, itself. Students were forced to study online and take their classes via a Video call from their school/ college teacher. But can everyone learn and educate themselves through online websites and apps?

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As each student is different and has their speed and level of understanding, entrusting their studies over a website or app can pose many questions. Although that doesn’t change the fact, that we can’t send our children to schools or colleges during these difficult times, that’s why here is a list of the best websites for students in India.


Though the situation has worsened now, online websites for educating children have been there in the market for over a decade now. Many students have discreetly been doing their studies and learning more, about the online world. This has been more of a privilege for many students. 


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How do online educational websites help?

  • For the Slow learners: Not all students have the same pace to learn, understand and grasp what is being taught in the class or tuition. This means, either the studies of the student will suffer or the said student will have to look for extra help with extra costs. This also means that time will also be utilized. The time, which is left for the child to engage in extra-circular activities or sports. With the online studying option, every student can study and learn at his own pace and time.


  • Rewind and replay: The online studies option, allows the students to replay as many times as they like. The videos and tutorials made can be rewinded and saved as well. This allows the child to rewind the past, he hasn’t understood and see as many times, he likes. 


  • Helps the Parents: Many parents are eager to engage in their children’s studies and help them to excel as well. But not all can understand the latest and upgraded versions, while some parents also require a little help. This way, even they can watch the online videos and study material and keep up with the studies and further help the child as well. 


  • Have an extra edge: Many students are fast-paced in studying and like to stay ahead of the class. To have the extra edge, these online study options can help them to learn something extra and stay at the top of the game. 


  • Not limited to Location or Time: The power of the website, allows the learner to study at any time of the day or night. This is not limited to any particular location as well. This means you can take off for the weekend getaway and not have your kids miss out on their studies. 


  • Improve the Skillset: Apart from the usual syllabus of the students, the internet is full of education that is just one search away. One can improve their skillsets by learning new languages, signing up to book clubs, reading original testimonials without having to buy the rare collection of books, and so on. 


  • Prepping for the future: Many fast learners like to stay en-garde and prep for the future. Many entrance examinations after the 12th standard and college as well, like the IAS, IELTS, JEE, and so on, can be accessed over the internet. The study material and tests are designed by many websites in an easy to understand and follow manner. This allows the child to research and decide what he wants to pursue in the future. 


  • SSC, CBSE Boards: Many children are forced to not complete their 10th and 12th standard boards, due to numerous reasons. The online and best websites for students that offer to teach and take these board examinations, really help the students to at least gain a 12th standard education. 


  • Fees: The fees of the universities can be very daunting and overwhelming. The same can not be afforded by all. With the help of the best websites for students, the students can get a World-class education with a nominal fee structure. One can also access and compare the fees over the internet and then decide accordingly. 


  • International studying: Not everyone is privileged to go abroad and get an Ivy League education. Thus, the online options, also prove to be beneficial here. Many international universities offer online courses and a Diploma or Degree for the same as well. This proves to be a win-win situation for a local student, who wishes to learn and get an international degree. 


  • The on-goers: Many people are forced to get into working before they get to complete their studies. While some like to keep their thinking caps on, even after they start working. For all of them, the online studying option is a plus point. One can take their career forward by adding-in new degrees, whilst studying at their stride and conveyance. 


  • Free Courses: Many universities and online portals are offering many free courses to learn something new and upgrade your resume. This initiative to educate as many people as possible is proving a profitable one. The standards of society improve and the line of educated people also increases. 


A major folk tale is going around, which says, that online learning will be unproductive, as the market is based on the skillset rather than the degrees we hold. What one knows, counts more than the place where one has learned it from. At present, companies are hiring students, based on their knowledge and abilities to solve issues, rather than their grades or degrees. But let’s not forget the degrees are those heroes that help to land the job in the first place. 


Having a degree and knowing the same, go hand in hand. Both are important and help one, to land a good job and also go forward with it. Many businessmen, also spend their money and time on getting a good base of education and the experience to excel in their line of work. 


Many online websites proposition academic courses at a much lower cost than the traditional fees of the colleges or universities. 


Finally, we are seeing a paradigm shift in the traditional education system. In today’s golden age, almost everything available over the internet can be studied and learned, just by enrolling on the right online learning platforms. You have the freedom to learn in your stride and at any convenient time. 


India is also keeping up with the rest of the world in offering the best and variety of educational websites and apps. As the children, today, can not even sit idle for 5 mins without any tablet or mobile phone, so isn’t it better to hand them a useful and quality application or website, that enhances their knowledge as well. 


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Here’s a list of the best websites for students to expand their horizons: 

  • Websites for students – Udemy:

With the Bang-on Start-up back in 2010, this e-learning website offers free education. With 11 courses in Maths and Sciences and no deadlines for the quizzes, tests, and projects, learning gets more fun. Many adults have also benefited from these e-learning web portals. Only recently, some of the Country’s ministers took to social media and mentioned that Udemy is helpful and easy to understand the basics. One can set their time to study and re-watch the video as well. 

Apart from the basics, anyone wishing to expand their knowledge in the stream of business and technology can easily customize their course here. 

  1. Number of Teachers:57,000.
  2. Language Options: The course material is available in 70+ languages. 
  3. Video Content: 30 minutes of video content.
  4. Course registrations: 295 M.
  5. Fees: While some courses are free, the fees are quite nominal when compared to other online portals. A basic course can start at Rs.450. And the more advanced ones, costs from 1500-3000 Rs. 
  6. Offers and Promotional packages: These keep on arising and one can use them for the club with the fee structure. 
  7. Unlimited hours: One can study for hours on the go.
  8. User-friendly Interface: The website and the app as well, has a very user-friendly interface that allows the searching option very easy. 


  • Websites for students – Shiksha.com:

This well-known website offers complete guidance to MBA, MS, Engineering courses, and a diversity of courses available in the numerous colleges in India. It has a forum that allows the students to ask career-related questions and also receive answers from the experts through their community called the Shiksha Café’. The website is also open for guidance and holds mock tests to prepare for many courses, locally and abroad. It has a list of courses that are offered overseas. With the complete list of various countries, offering the related courses and applications for the same.


  • Websites for students – Academicearth.org:

This decorated website offers a huge collection of academic choices to students from the traditional to many contemporary lessons. They offer online degree courses, in accounting, economics, engineering, and much more. They also carry material on particular subjects like psychology. Furthermore, it has an influential alliance with a cluster of highly-reputed colleges and universities, such as Oxford in Massachusetts, Stanford University, Institute of Technology, and many more. With numerous and attractive videos and podcasts on all the courses and subjects offered, the interest level of the students stays very high. 


  • Websites for students – Byju’s:

This is one of the world’s highly valued “Ed-Tech” websites and apps. Launched back in 2011, Byju offers custom-made, attractive, and efficient learning options for students from classes K-12. Also, the older category of students is thought about here.


The candidates wish to stay ahead in the game and wish to learn and prep for competitive exams like JEE, GRE, GMAT, IAS, and CAT. With over 30 million registered students and 2 million annually paid subscriptions, Byju’s has quickly become one of the most chosen educational websites in the country. 


One of the main USPs of this website or app is it has very engaging and attractive videos and tutorials that keep the students glued to the screen and also retain the information for a longer time. The application can be downloaded for free and also offers ‘Free live Sessions.’ A concealing season can also be scheduled on whether one should choose the course, the competitive exam, and so on. The basic home-learning package offered costs approx. 55,000 Rs. And the competitive exams, have different costs and can fluctuate from time to time. 


One of the High-notes of this website is that it offers study material, videos, and learning options for children from age groups. Many parents in the urban cities have opted for the basic home learning package and gained a good experience from the same. 


  • Websites for students – Top- Rankers:

This website has been recorded, to be the ‘most searched’ e-learning website in 2019. It was created in the year 2015, to have a platform, where the students prepping for several entrance examinations conducted through the country, could easily find the study material, mock tests, various syllabus, and much more. This platform has an extra crunch, which is providing online training for innumerable competitive exams. Here’s a list of its USPs: 

  1. Good Quality Content.
  2. Comprehensive Test Analysis.
  3. Comprehensive Solutions to Several Questions.
  4. Topics Discussion Forum. 
  5. Operative Time Management. 
  6. Good standing among Peers.

Add-on by Top-rankers: Coaching for numerous exams like railways, banking and insurance, courses offered by the government, IPMAT, SET, NPAT, CUET, architecture and design, UPSC, and more. Many easy-to-understand videos can be found here on the same. 

The fees for Top-Rankers: Rs. 599 for 1 year and Rs.349 for 6 months. 


  • Websites for students – Khan Academy:

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization with a mission “to offer a free and world-class education with no Bias.” Khan Academy is free of cost, for the students and teachers. It offers education for students from kindergarten through the early stages of college. With subjects including maths, grammar, science, history, AP, SAT, and much more. Free samples are offered on Geometry, Algebra, Statistics, and Probability. 

Khan Academy indeed is one of the free e- websites that allows the students to study at their own pace. Founded by Sal Khan in 2008, Khan Academy has already set the standard in the e-learning industry. 

Khan Academy is one of the most admired and clicked-on online coaching sites. Students who can’t afford one, can go to this website and get a quality education. It has a personalized dashboard to keep a measurement of the progress report.


It has all the basic school subjects including maths, science, history, computer programming, art history, economics, and much more. Also, it has complete and detailed training from kindergarten to the highest levels. As a bonus, it has aligned with NASA, MIT, the California Academy of Sciences, and the Museum of Modern Art. Also, the subject matter is available in over 38 languages.


  • Websites for students – Edureka: 

This website may not be known to all, as it is relatively newer than the ones mentioned above. But this e-learning platform has its benefits. This is a pure Indian grown brand that is trying to get itself to an international platform; for all who wish to receive education on any IT subjects. The list of courses offered by Edureka: 

  1. Cloud Computing: Cloud architect master program, microservices architecture training, Salesforce certification training, AWS architect certification training, etc.
  2. DevOps: Engineers’ master programs, DevOps certification, git and giti-hub, docker training and certification, etc.Data Science- Data scientist master programs, python programming certification sequence, data analytics with R certification, machine learning certification exercise using Python, etc.
  3. Bigger Data: ELK stack training & certification Master program, Apache Kafka certification training, Hadoop certification training, etc.


BI and Visualization- Tableau training and certification, business intelligence Master’s program, Microsoft power BI training, etc.


Fees of the IT expert Edureka: The program usually goes on for 5 weeks and the costs vary from 17,000 Rs to 20,000 Rs. This website keeps on removing discounts and offers from time to time. 


This Website also offers Post-Graduation Courses that can be pursued accordingly. You have to complete assignments, give the tests, and also gain credits to get the certification. The Post-graduation courses vary from 1.75 lakhs to 2.50 lakhs in INR. These courses offer degrees from some of the reputed universities of the country. 

  1. PG in Cyber-security from NIT Rourkela.
  2. PG in Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning from NIT Warangal. 
  3. PG Certification in Data Sciences from IIT Guwahati.
  4. PG in Digital Marketing from IMT Ghaziabad.
  5. PG in Big Data Engineering from NIT Rourkela.


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  • Websites for students – Edx.org: 

This website is the most preferred by students, as it was created by Harvard University and MIT back in 2012. EdX is an e-learning destination and MOOC provider, offering high-quality programs from the World’s top universities. 


  • India Education Stat:

This site offers students with statistical info on the literacy rate, educational infrastructure, distance education, research, and development of India’s education system.


  • Kids Web India:

This website is very colourful, engaging, and undoubtedly cute as it offers nursery rhymes, games, jokes, tongue twisters, poems, stories, and riddles for small kids. It has a special Parents- Teachers desk and a Mothers’ corner that has very useful information. This website is different from the ones that offer just videos of cartoons with no educational intentions. Learning starts at an early age, only. So, would we like our toddlers to just learn from cartoons and then grow up to look at the world the same? Thus, this website offers to teach children, some basic things, via interactive sessions. The design of this site has been made with much deliberation and creativity. It is a must-visit website for every parent. 


  • IndiaBix.com:

It is one of the best websites for students who wish to improve their Quantifiable Aptitude, Verbal Skills, and Cerebral skills. The website also offers different and unique skills like placement, body language tips, Human Resources, and technical interview tips, and so on.


  • Britannica:

This website is for children who wish to improve their knowledge in many untapped areas such as Arts & Entertainment, Science & Technology, Travel & Geography, History & Society and so much more.


  • Coursera 

It is very eager to make education available to all. It offers free online courses from the World’s top universities such as the University of Michigan, Princeton, so on. The lectures are in a series of 15-minute clips. This site is explicitly pitched for professional students wishing to join the Corporate industry.


It offers a variety of courses for Indian students. Some of them are related to desktop software, decision making programs, presentation and communication skills, alternate dispute solutions, and many more. As a student logs on this website, he is bound to get attracted to several courses that will interest him, undoubtedly. It is a user-friendly site, without a doubt. Students can find the big names and universities along with an electronic Certificate. Courses include pre-recorded video sermons, auto-graded and challenging assignments, and community dialogue forums. 


  • Brightstorm.com:

The high school academics can use this site for their reference, rather than a collaborative reference website, which will ease their learning problems. As, we can’t expect all students to grasp the complicated and methodical terminologies, so the website makes the textbooks laid-back for students.


They provide support in all the subjects from maths, science, history, and other subjects as well. Entrance examinations are generally quite overwhelming for students, and this website solves this problem. They have organized the topics correspondingly and the structure of the competitive exams.


Students of all ages wish to spend as much time on their electronic gadgets as possible. Seeing this and trying their best, parents have now given up and found quality apps and websites that can improve their attention span, intellect, and grades at school, as well. One of the most selling points of these best websites for students is that the parents can have access to it and also control the security. 

  • Amidst this pandemic, I was looking forward for an article which will explain in details the websites through which i can learn new subjects. This is just the right article. Everything explained in details and very very informative.

  • Amidst this pandemic, I was looking forward for an article which will explain in details the websites through which i can learn new subjects. this is just the article.

  • I have just gone through to this article. This is one of the best article on Best Websites for the students. Very informative and time saving also. I gathered all information in a one article about Best WebSites

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