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12 Tips On How To Write An Effective Press Release 

Want to discover how to write a press release? How and where to start? Why and what should you include? This article will guide you with 10 authentic tips on how to write a press release.

Tips On How To Write An Effective Press Release


In this article, I’m going to show you everything you need to know about how to write a press release (including the press release format).

Before diving into how to write a press release let’s answer some of the queries that pop up in our minds as:

  • What is a press release?
  • Why it is necessary to write a press release?
  • When should we write a press release?
  • What are the different types of press releases?
  • Who writes a press release?
  • What are the steps to write a press release?
  • How to write a press release? 

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What is a Press Release?

In today’s online marketing world Press Release is the major form of tagging, which is exponentially vibrant.

An official announcement either in written or recorded form, which contains short, to the point, fact-based information issued by an organization for press and media persons such as journalists or reporters is termed as a press release.

A press release aims to tell the media that you have something new to offer and to turn the information into media coverage.

A press release is also called a “press statement,” a “news release,” or a “media release,”. 

Its focus is on the words you use to say about your company and its offerings in a decent, journalistic manner highlighting newsworthiness and branding on SEO, social media, or others. 

Here, in the first part, the five “W”s who, what, where, why, and when are replied on the heading containing action verbs.


The language should be easy to understand, reasonable, and to the point.


The news story should be told in such a way that makes the reporter or journalist think about the worthiness of the particular business to be talked about in their media channel.

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Why it is necessary to write a press release IN 2021?

This question always hits our mind why this particular PR tool is so important? It is so because press releases continue to give PR practitioners the opportunity to:

  • Presenting the facts in their way.
  • Issue news swiftly and cost-effectively;
  • Media reporting and publicity in an intense way
  • Describing the brand to a wider audience;
  • How your company name in google news
  • Get traffic to your website 
  • Raise your Google ranking

The purpose of a press release is to get attention, make the news, and generate publicity by enticing the peruse or columnist for additional data for a targeted audience.

A press release serves marketing and promotional purposes in three following ways:

  1. To make media familiar with an event (expecting the information to pass along);
  2. To give an insight into the media about the business to generate proper coverage.
  3. To promote one’s business’ presence on the Internet via blogs, websites, social networks, etc.

Lettering an operational and acceptable press release will build a strong brand’s reputation, earning media coverage, and grow your online presence. 

A press release should be new or “newsworthy” to draw the attention of the media and audience which is well-timed, significant, and impactful; overall it is meant to reveal something and be worth reading or writing about.

We must always keep in mind that a press release is not an ad and should not focus on facts like “low prices”, “60% off! Get it Now” or use “you” language. 

When should we write a press release?

A press release is written on the following occasions:

  • Launching of any new product or any major update
  • New partnership and announcing company expansion 
  • Any major decision made by the company.
  • Any major upcoming events such as seminars, summits, meeting, competitions, or anniversaries
  • Opening a new business 
  • Rebranding or updating your company name  
  • Launching a new website 
  • Giving or Receiving a donation 
  • Receiving an award  
  • Introducing a new hire 
  • Announcing a retirement  
  • Announcing a new service  
  • Announcing a new investor  
  • Offering free training or resource 

What are the common types of press releases?

Common Types of Press Releases are:

Press Release on Announcement of new product launch:

Here the company announces the launching of a new product hitting the market by building excitement and discussing the product. The release is generally done during day hours to build enthusiasm, therefore a significant amount of time beforehand is perfect.

Press Release on Hosting an Event:

Event press releases let the media and other targeted audiences know about a company’s activities.

These events are helpful for media persons to cover, especially local media. This a great way for industries to know what is going on in their space.

Here one must include all the necessary information like date, time, 

Location, parking/transportation, ticket prices, etc…

Press Release on Rebuilding or rebranding:

When a company rebrands it changes its appearance from the outside, imparts a new slogan, but remains the same to its basic values.

A press release is scheduled to notify customers and announce to the world about this new version. It defines a new brand story with so many key points to integrate into a rebranding press release.

  • Why the company intend to rebrand
  • Will this rebranding improve the company
  • Will this disturb clients? How.

Rebranding signifies the constant evolution and advancement of a company

Press Release on New Appoint or A Hire

It is seen that sometimes companies are enthusiastic to announce a new addition to their team keeping in view that the announcement should be newsworthy. Of course, it must be a highly demandable hire or appointee but it should have strong reasons for a newsworthy press release.

Press Release on Partnership Announcement:

The amalgamation of the two companies is indeed a piece of great news. This exciting new partnership is announced before the world via a press release in a riveting such that people are tempted to read.

It is not required to give all minute detail about the partnership but put a generalized summary. You can put up some queries on the press release about the partnership such as:

  • Reason for partnership with another company at this period
  • Need for this partnership and its impact between the two partnered companies.
  • The contract period for this partnership.
  • Will this affect the customers? How?

Who writes a press release?

It is seen today, big companies retain commercial communication team which is responsible for writing and distribution of the news of the company. Otherwise, they appoint a PR agency to aid the company in writing a press release engaging angle, tone, voice, and distribution.

To write a press release one needs to think or write like a journalist. You must be able to structure a story that arrests the attention of a journalist and the media. It is required to keep in mind that your press release should be a short and sweet and engaging one. So that it generates social signals, drive shares, direct targeted traffic


What are the basic steps to write a press release?

Before releasing a press release it must go through the following stages: 


This is the first vital part of a press release. To write an amazing one we need to include:

  • Comprehensive analysis of press release components
  • Elementary press release outline
  • Guidelines and behaviors on writing an effective press release


After writing the press release, it needs to be distributed. This can be done in several ways depending on your goal.

  • Refer to journalists along with a tailored pitch to encourage them to read the release and published news story. To do this we need to research contacts individually, or with the help of a media database.
  • Different news wire services distribute their clients’ press releases to a large, broad network of journalists who check the wire for a story idea.
  • Many organizations often post their press release on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, etc., and also send through internal distribution lists like emails, newsletters, etc.


Once the press release is distributed it is live online and can be accessed by journalists, stakeholders, or anybody else looking for information. When the resources are not available, companies decide to post their release to external newsrooms

How to write an effective press release?.

  • The first step in learning how to write an effective press release is following some strict guidelines which will certainly work out well.

Some ironclad rules to be kept in mind for maximum media coverage are as follows: 

1. Identify Your Goals Perfectly

While writing a press release, it is essential to know what you want to achieve from this PR.

Want to increase your social media following or you want to build brand awareness for a crowdfunding promotion?

It’s important to identify the goal at the beginning, to adopt different strategies. 

For example, a crowdfunding press release will look a lot different from a non-profit press release looking for donations!

2. Adopt a Journalistic Viewpoint

A press release is always meant for journalists. So it is obvious that when you’re writing a press release, you need to adopt a journalistic style of writing by thinking like one.

Journalists do plenty of research in hundreds of pitches every day. The last thing they want to do finally is to find out if it’s relevant to give it a chance.

Another thing to be noted that journalists are not public relations professionals or influencers on social channels. That’s why it is required to write factual details and don’t exaggerate.

3. Align With Your Targeted Audience

Aligning with targeted audiences is the most important fact.

Even if you have the greatest media release ever and your sales pitch goes to the wrong journalist or publication you will be ruined.

For example, what will happen to a book press release being sent to a publication that entirely deals with only music? Certainly, the reader base will not align with the targeted audience.

4. Select Quality Distribution Channels

Quality distribution channels provide decent traction and feature an awesome dashboard with good analytics but its charges are very high as distribution costs money.

A lot of squabbles have been seen online about which press release distribution service is the best.

Some PR Web charges more for every ad-on as they add videos, images, and hyperlinks for free. Some premier services include PR Newswire, B Wire,eReleases, EIN Presswire, NewswireJeT, etc.

5. Succeed by collaborating with a team

An effective press release can be constructed with the help of teamwork.

Some of the finest press releases are crafted with the collaboration of different people.

It will be more beneficial to co-craft, co-create, or co-write a press release rather than confine or limit only your ideas.

Teamwork helps in avoiding silly mistakes like improper grammar, spelling, titles, style, and prose.

Teamwork will improve clarity and can drastically enhance the quality of your press release.

6. Stick to Editing Process repeatedly

Editors present at press release distribution services, newspapers, and online news websites are very strict. They are usually avid studiers of the English language, tone, grammar, and prose. There is no room for any improper grammar or adherence to style.

Keep in mind that editors won’t answer your document for you it is you to do it. They may make minor changes.

Imperfect press releases are rejected immediately due to their poorly composed news releases. 

7. Identify Your Addressees

Before you compose a press release keep in mind your audience. Your gathering will consist of a manager, columnist, or writer. It is noteworthy that these people in the event will like your story and distribute the presentation further. Selecting and write accordingly for an audience is tough, as your selection of words or use of modern terms should appeal to them to gain traction. So you need to understand your audience before you craft your newsworthy release.

8. Draw Maximum Traction

For gaining maximum traction on social channels Pitch Engine will be a worthy option. Pitch Engine is a social labelling and marketing distribution service that will enrich your press release by tracking social analytics and provide you more progress.

Collective release on social media will enhance the posts to build brand awareness, spread, gather more social signals, and create conversation.

9.Enrich Your Press Release with Pictures, SEO,

It is advisable to have multimedia ad-ons like SEO, PICTURES, VIDEOS, SOUND FILES, etc. Opting for these links or few more high backlinks will never take your website at loss.

It is always good to go for extended distribution to touch more sites. For instance, a multinational company can go for worldwide distribution through newswire syndication but a domestic company will opt for national news mediums.

Accumulation of the multimedia element in your press release will surely enhance brand awareness, meet more attention, gain social media influence, etc.

  • The second step in learning how to write a press release is to learn the press release format. 

Press Release Format 

Press release FORMAT that you are using should acquaint with the format that a journalist using then you will have higher chances of getting published.

Follow this typical press release format:

  • Strong Headline And Italicized Subheading To Grab Attention
  • Current Location Of The News With A News Peg In Opening Line
  • Newsworthy Content /lead In Two Or Three Paragraphs To Convey Pieces Of Informations
  • Content Body With Bulleted Facts Or Figures
  • Boilerplate Describing Your Company Also Use Quotes
  • Contact Details Of The Writer And The For ‘Immediate Release’ should be at the top

Given below a press release template outline to start writing the release: 

  • Strong Lead Sentence
  • Summary Bullet Point One (if makes sense)
  • Summary Bullet Point Two (if makes sense)
  • Summary Bullet Point Three (it makes sense)
  • [DATE],[CITY], [STATE]
  • Introductory Paragraph
  • [QUOTE]
  • [Second Paragraph]
  • [Third Paragraph]
  • [QUOTE]
  • Closing Paragraph
  • Name of Press Contact:
  • Phone: and Email ID

Finally Here is the Step by Step the Guide to How to Write a Press Release.

1. Firstly craft a press release with newsworthy data. 

Journalists are very much inclined to exclusive data in a media release for the immediate release.

For this, you can use a content marketing process called newsjacking which gives a push to your news story by making it more relevant and attention-grabbing.

For example, you can relate your release with a piece of viral news on social media in a smarter way to get traction.

2.Craft Your Press Release Headline

Headlines are the first eye-catchers.

Journalists’ decision will base 100% on your headline.

So, by now you must have understood how important it is to develop it perfectly.

Impressive Headlines should follow these core principles:

  • Direct And Specific
  • No Mistakes
  • Huge Headlines
  • Short And Comprehensive
  •  Use Action Verbs

You can take the help of a headline analyzer and take ideas.

Two vital tips to make your PR noticeable

Tip #1 get your hook identified

Tip #2 apply the hook in the headline

You can do it by smartly tying up with a piece of viral news or local news.

Formula for Perfect Headline:

New Thing + Hook+company

3. Add a Sub Headline

 Adding a sub-headline to your release adds more details as well as more context for the journalist before going to the body of the release.

4. Keeping yourself updated with the developing trends

Updating yourself and aligning your pitch makes your release catchier. To get acquainted with these trends you need to follow what the top journalists are writing. Follow them by searching for keywords in JRO. 

This tip will result in an evergreen press release.

5. Build Your Lede or Lead

The actual press release starts with the lead.

Importance of Lead;

When the headline grabbed the attention journalists need more to cover the news ….. This is where the lead will display and capture his attention.

The lead should or shouldn’t contain the following:

Should contain

  1. Should be written in 35 to 40 words 
  2. Should focus the most interesting part
  3. Should be compelling
  4. Should include facts, figures, new findings, new products, events…
  5. Should give the link to your site in the first line.
  6. The first paragraph should include the “5 Ws” 


the person or the company involved


happening and the reasons


happening time of the event 

Where: the place of occurrence of the event

Why: the importance of the information to the audience and media

Should not contain

  • Do not celebrate your company. It will be repulsive.
  • Do not use any fluffy language

6. Craft the Body of Press Release

The body describes all the significant details of the story and your brand’s association with it.

Inverted pyramid formula followed:

  • The topmost part contains the most pertinent details,
  • Then gradually the less vital contents will follow.
  • The last tip will consist of END.

Four main things to keep in mind while CREATING THE BODY

a. The 3rd Person language must be used

We must not use “I”, “we”, or “you”.

Must be in 1st person, like “Ponds is launching a new age block cream”.

b. Copy for Newspaper

The press release should read like an article in a newspaper which will help the journalist to copy and paste the required section without editing

A release should not be exaggerated

The release copy should be direct and connecting.

c. Write the PR for Skimmers

The word for word study is seen very little but skimmers or fast readers are increasing day by day.

So practically a PR should be formatted for these skimmers in short paragraphs, bullet points, and fluff-free content.

d. Include Figures, Copy-and-Paste Copy, and stats

Use of journalist-friendly language which can be easily included in their story.

 Stats and facts work great here.

7. Add Quotes (Optional)

The use of quotes in the press release makes your content more captivating.

The quote should be within two to three lines. 

8. Add Add-ons or Multimedia

If you want to make your press release stand out then go for ad –on like images, screenshots, videos, logos, diagrams, headshots, etc.

9.Carve Your Boilerplate Text

A boilerplate copy is a company’s standardized copy which is used repetitively where facts like, business aspirations and marketing goals are found in very few lines. 

The company logo can be added here.

It is just about the company.

10. Your Contact Details for media 

Give contact details of the main contact person, his email id, phone number, place of contact, etc. For further contact.

Extra Tip: Keep something like “please feel free to contact for any information.” This keeps you open to phone calls and other responses.

11. Give a Final Edit 

The final step is to edit repetitively your release.

Extra tip-ask someone to read your release before publish.

12. Distribution of the Press Release

Finally, your press release is ready for publishing. Either you publish it on your website or else you can hire PR distribution services.


Hope this article will give a good insight into writing an effective press release. 

Open to any suggestion.


Q. What are important factors that make the press release worth?

The press release should be based on three very important things that is timely, relevant & should be impactful.

Q. Are communication skills very important in writing a press release?

Yes. When you write for press release the language should be very clear, no grammatical or any kinds of error and should be precise. It need not be fancy, too formal or big heavy words.

Q. What kind of writing is used in press release?

In a very traditional way, the press release uses the inverted pyramid style of writing. Which means the hook news is revealed in the headline and it leads the release.



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