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11 Tips To Improve Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Improving your digital marketing efforts requires a combination of zeal, knowledge, and commitment to identify your shortcomings and work on them. A constant effort is needed to sustain in an industry that is prone to changes and improvements every day. Also, the competition is huge since every business has the means of growing exponentially in the online world filled with unending opportunities.

Tips To Improve Your Digital Marketing Efforts

All you need is your fervor to succeed and the knowledge of how digital marketing works. Since online marketing is one of the most economical ways of promulgating and growing your business, it becomes all the more important to invest your time and energy in improved digital marketing efforts.

Here Are 11 Tips To Step Up Your Digital Marketing Efforts:

  1. Understanding The Contribution Of Mobile Marketing To Drive Sales

What steps can you take to improve digital marketing efforts? Today, the majority of people prefer and own a Smartphone. The mobile industry has seen enormous growth in this decade. The attributes of advanced features and much better connectivity have ensured that more and more people invest in a Smartphone.

The advent and steady growth of mobile phones have facilitated better and finer ways of carrying out a digital marketing strategy. According to Statista.com, “Smartphone shipments worldwide are projected to add up to around 1.7 billion units by 2020. 40% of the population is projected to own a smartphone by 2021″

Smartphones are the most convenient digital devices to carry. Online users have the propensity to carry out all their digital marketing activities through mobiles most of the time. Just think about the e-commerce Industry. Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong, Myntra, all these sites have optimized their mobile app. Keeping your site mobile responsive is indispensable to your digital marketing efforts.

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Some statistics

Let us look at some statistics to understand why the optimization of a mobile site is mandatory for improved growth. In the USA in 2019, 79% of smartphone users have made a purchase online using their mobile phones. (outerboxdesign.com).  In an emerging market like India, about 23% of Indian internet users revealed that they used a mobile phone for making a purchase in 2016. According to eCommerce Statistics, around 329.1 million people are projected to buy goods and services online in India by 2020. All of these statistics go on to show the importance of making a renewed effort to improve mobile marketing strategy.

  1. Improvement Of Your Website

Your digital marketing efforts are futile if you do not optimize your website. The key to improving your online Strategy is to make sure that you maximize your reach and exposure. Setting up a website is the first step to a successful business strategy. You have to know your audience to be able to leverage the advantages arising out of your marketing efforts.

Put special emphasis on updating and refining your website for an enhanced user experience. A website is a key to successful digital marketing. If the look and feel of your website are alluring,  you are bound to get traffic. However, the landing page isn’t the only factor here. You have to make sure to give equal importance to all your pages on the website.

Bounce Rates, Landing pages, and feedback

A very important factor to consider is to see whether your bounce rate is high on your website. A bounce rate is a component of website traffic. It is the percentage of traffic (visitors) that visit your website and then leave them without going through the different pages. A bounce rate up to 40 percent can be considered excellent according to a study (gorocketfuel.com). Anything above 70% is a cause for alarm.

You should try to keep your bounce rate less than 60 percent in total. There are various factors contributing to people moving away from your site. Let’s get an insight into how you can eradicate the glitches for improved customer experience.

Page speed Optimisation: People on average give around 5 seconds for a website page to load. They are not going to sit around looking at the small circle going round and round while the page buffers. Optimize your page for speed. Take care that the images are sized to load quickly. Use an image compression site to reduce your image size if it is anything above 25kb.

Important Tips to improve your digital marketing efforts

Employ tools like Gmetrix, Pingdom, Uptrends, etc to get a report on your website speed. Gmetrix is one of the most favored tools out there. It gives you a detailed report on several factors that are deterrents to page optimization. Get rid of distracting on-the-face advertisements. Keep your content bite-sized and scannable.

People generally gloss over your content to get to the most relevant results. Make sure your most important points are highlighted. They provide value to users. However, do not overuse highlights, italics, and underline. Over-usage takes away the essence of the content.

Prepare a stellar landing page communicating your mission with absolute clarity on that page. That erases any ambiguity regarding your core values. Include a breadcrumb navigation feature so that users know where they know on your website.

It helps better navigate the website pages. Minimize the use of jargon and acronyms on your content copy. Keep it simple and colloquial. They are meant for your consumer’s consumption, not analysis experts.

Use good hosting. Research and use fonts that are quick to download.

Testimonials make up a great part of your online reputation. Put up testimonials from credible people on your website. Update your testimonial section. The more updated review, the better the chances of instilling trust in your leads and existing customers. A testimonial from 2019 will have a greater impact than a testimonial from 2016.

A lot of changes happen in the digital space every day. Therefore,3 years is a long period in digital parlance. Remember to put your social sharing buttons in a prominent place on the page. Decide on an icon design that is not too large or too small.

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  1. Analyze The Various Data Available To You

You have to make a thorough analysis of your data reports and assess the weak points if you are looking to improve your digital marketing efforts. Where is it that you are lacking? This entails that you get deeper into data analysis and see which of your marketing channels yield the most results and which are showing signs of being weak spots in your sales funnel.

Your channels include social media advertising, emails, display ads, online PR, content to name a few. Look into all the channels and identify where you get your highest and lowest profits from. Carry out surveys and polls relating to your website on the different marketing channels and see what your customers’ feedback is.

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  1. More Precise Understanding Of Your Target Audience

Once you have your business up and started, make sure to keep yourself updated about your clients. Try to think of yourself as a customer. What are the questions they would want to search for on the search engines? Align these possible questions with your business and use a more targeted approach to reach out to consumers. Also, your prime customers, are the ones who frequent your website and make purchases most often.

Consider reaching out to those premium customers with high-quality content that would appeal to them. Also, keep them abreast of the new developments in your business. Devote time in creating personalized content. Send out Newsletters, email content with details about products and services based on their purchase history.

Nurture the prime clients while taking care that you reach out to your other customers as well with personalized focused messages intended to induce purchasing decisions.

  1. Reassess Your Marketing Channels

Your answers for effective digital marketing are in your strategy itself. You just have to tweak it a little, make changes in some of your elements to get the desired outcome. Go through your resources, turn every stone, scour the data reports available in a thorough manner. Focus and patience are important elements. Rethink where you find your target audience the most. Expand your horizons and make sure you comprehend the essence of all your channels well.

For example, you might see that you are investing in PPC advertising but it isn’t giving you the results you want. You are garnering leads. However, you aren’t making any progress in that area with respect to sales. People are visiting your website and going out before taking the desired action. What do you do? You re-arrange your strategy, concentrate on the content, and stronger CTA.

Make sure you put a reasonable part of the budget to PPC henceforth. We tend to invest a lot in paid advertising only because it gives us more exposure in a short time. But if we aren’t making progress with conversions, leads will get us no results. Hence it is important to think pragmatically where the different marketing tactics are involved.

  1. Broaden Your Scope

Digital marketing gives you the opportunity to explore the different channels to promote your brand and all its features. Businesses especially small and medium-sized need to pay attention to a few of the channels more than the others. But that doesn’t mean that you ignore the other channels completely.

For example, You are a new cosmetic brand that has determined that most of its target audience is on Instagram and Pinterest. That doesn’t mean that you ignore other potent channels like Twitter, Facebook, or the email marketing arena. Remember good content always inspires whatever be your channel.

If your content copy is high quality delineating all the pertinent points that set you apart from your competition, any marketing channel can have the effects of producing high results. Broaden your scope of promoting your brand across varied channels. And you will see positive changes very soon.

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  1. Competition Analysis

It is always important to assess your competition. In fact, competition analysis is a perpetual part of a digital marketing process. You always have to analyze your competition to get knowledge of ground reality. But it becomes all the more relevant when you are not being able to meet your marketing goals and objectives.

Insight into your competition can benefit you in several ways. It can help you to understand where you need to put in more effort. The competitive analysis puts your perspective in place and helps you to identify exactly what it is that you are lacking. As Michael Levy puts it,

“Keeping track of who your competitors are, what people are saying about them, and what they are saying themselves can help you differentiate your business and stay ahead of trends that could impact your business.”

Let take an example. You are an e-commerce site dealing in electronics. You see a decline in the sales of your electronic products. What is your first step? You check your prime competitions in the market. You find out that they are providing the same service at a much lesser price. Perhaps they are providing attractive discounts and additional gift coupons. You have to delve deeper and see how they are managing it keeping in mind the budget.

There can be various factors at play here. See if it is viable to implement similar strategies to work up your sales. Let’s say that an analysis competition provides you with insight that is of great value to improve your sales in the long run as well.

You can understand better customer targeting, mirror targeting, demographic targeting, as well as tertiary market potential. Understanding your customer better helps in fortifying your digital marketing efforts even more.

  1. Improved Customer Support

The main purpose of digital marketing is an economical way of reaching out to your prospective clients and turning them into regular customers. But mere conversions are not enough. If you don’t nurture and build a rapport with your consumers you are going to lose your clients sooner or later. Word of mouth is essential even today.

Maintaining a business and growing it requires constant effort into keeping your consumers content and satisfied with your marketing efforts. How do you build camaraderie that ensures that your customers stay loyal to your brand and business as a whole?

You provide them with the best customer support possible. The quality of empathy is extremely vital to understand the process of retaining customers. Your customers value genuine and honest content. Be it any sector, the character of transparency is important for everyone. Make sure that you are not going overboard with your promotions. Too much promotion will annoy your customers.

Be friendly and approachable when you have to respond to customer queries and grievances. Godaddy has very good customer service. Being a people person is a prerequisite to doing any business. You have to be enterprising and affable to make progress in your digital marketing efforts.

The effect of Personalisation

Personalization helps in understanding what the specific customer needs. No two customers are the same. Social listening is a very vital component. Some customers may want detailed information about your business more than others. Do not treat every customer the same way.

You can glean a lot about the type of customer from the rate of feedback you get. Their search history on your site matters the most. You can see what they look for and at what price range. You can connect with them by sending relevant products and service recommendations. Be true to your word. When you say you are available 24*7 for customer queries, see through your promise.

Keep your customers abreast of your company policies. Give them incentives like limited period deals, or promo codes for discounts. When you provide exclusive deals for customers they feel they are important to you. That builds customer loyalty.  Building a relationship with your customers essentially means giving them the experience they are expecting. Approach them with renewed vigor if you want to see an improvement from the slack you are experiencing in conversions and sales.

  1. Hire Experts

Different marketing channels require different kinds of expertise. If you realize you need expert advice on a particular channel, do not shy away from asking for it. You need to know the aspects of digital marketing if you have an online business.

But sometimes it becomes essential to get an opinion from a domain expert to increase growth and sales. Hiring experts has proven to be quite beneficial when you want to improve your digital marketing efforts. It helps immensely in generating leads as well as getting high conversion rates.

A social media marketing expert can help in accelerating your marketing goals by more focused targeting on the social channels. Similarly, an SEO strategist can help in giving you the exact tips and tactics to garner website traffic by using relevant keywords, paving way for greater leads and conversions.

The only rider is that hiring an expert comes with additional expenses. If you haven’t already allocated a sum for such an expenditure you have to realign your budget considering all other expenses. This is essential for all your digital marketing efforts.

  1. Include an appealing and clear cut CTA

Call to action is the feature that ultimately affects your sales and overall growth. Your digital marketing efforts benefit immensely from this technique if implemented correctly. If you go through websites you will see a CTA always has an action to consider in the beginning.

Learn, Get, Join, Download, Open, are some very important verbs chosen by marketers to get users to take the action. Also, an element of personalization does a lot to persuade consumers to take action without coming across as pestering.

Let’s see some examples

“Join our program”

“Would you like to improve your traffic?”

“Get latest updates through our newsletter” are some examples

Be indicative of the value you will provide through your content. The right words and images in your content work wonders for successful conversions. These are great steps to improve your digital marketing efforts.

  1. Consistency And Tenacity

Don’t get despondent and think of giving up if the results are not up to the mark. A digital marketing strategy is an ever-evolving process of incorporating some things and discarding and eliminating some other elements. Your consistent effort is the key to greater success in your online marketing endeavors. Keep a schedule of your activities and your posting details. If you say you are going to post on Thursdays make sure you post on Thursdays. Delays can have a more negative perception than posting your content early.

The importance of quality of content cannot be emphasized more. You have to add value to the lives of your consumer routinely. The most used language application Duolingo has one of the most impressive and interesting techniques to engage users. Their emails are interactive, conversational and give that human element to the whole process.

Social Media presence is now mandatory to improve your marketing aspirations. Since social media relies heavily on the visual marketing element, make sure that you invest adequate time and effort in visual marketing.

Be it images, infographics, videos, or a combination of all these accompanied by relevant texts. Giveaways, contests, coupons, are important means to draw more consumers in. Make sure your headline communicates the integral points in a succinct, concise manner.

Consider this

To keep your business at the forefront in their preferences, you have to disseminate content that helps the consumers in their everyday lives in some way. Include links to your website, to your profiles on other sites to encourage consumers to relate to your brand better.

Try to be as perfect as you can with grammar and spelling errors. Align your strategies and choose one unique element from your brand characteristic. Make sure people recognize your brand through that one unique element.

Trends are as important as the marketing channels you promote your products on. Trends help you to gauge the possibilities of challenges that may arise shortly.

They also help to improve your strategy by utilizing them in your marketing. Technology is growing at an exponential rate and so are the innovations in the digital space. You can only improve your marketing plans if you keep an open mind.

Do not succumb to the pressure of a digital marketing challenge. Your business is susceptible to the various challenges only if you allow your mind to give up. Give due priority to the component that makes or breaks you – Your Consumer. Use the trends for more focused content.


The digital medium is a potent market. It is also fast becoming the most influential medium for promoting your brand. Your genuine efforts can yield an extremely favorable response. But there are times when you might encounter some roadblocks. Remember, your digital marketing strategy is a continuous process of developing and incorporating techniques to reap results.

A challenge should not be a deterrent to your digital marketing efforts of implementing the tactics regularly. Remember, no plan or strategy is absolutely perfect. Just because you are lacking in some departments does not mean that you can’t bounce back and surpass your earlier expectations. The trick is to monitor the trends closely, evaluate your marketing channels constantly and avoid making the same errors.

You can descry the cause of the discrepancies by being proactive in monitoring changes as and when they occur. In this way, you can successfully implement methods to improve your digital marketing efforts.

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Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q1. How to maintain a steady growth in digital marketing as a career?

Technology is growing at a very rapid speed. To keep up with the market trend one keep learning and upgrading with the new trends. In this way you can streamline your career growth in digital marketing.

Q2. Is it important to be digital literate for the pursuing a career in digital marketing?

Yes, it is an ongoing process. The learnings never end in digital marketing as a career. So having a basic understanding will only work in your favour to shape your career well in digital marketing.

Q3. Can we do freelance work in digital marketing?

Yes. But you have to be very consistent and be with the current trends.

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