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11 Important Tips For Writers To Keep in Mind For Effective Writing

In this article, we are going to look at the best tips for writers for effective writing. Keeping these tips in mind will enable them to create more relevant and precise copies that will help in better engagement and more visibility. 

Important Tips For Writers What is Writing?

Writing can be defined as a process of interaction between two or individuals with the help of using various symbols like alphabets, symbols, punctuation, and spaces to communicate in such a way that it is readable to the opposite individual. Normally we write using pen or pencil or by typing using the keyboard. When we use pen/paper we usually write on white paper or a whiteboard.

When we use the keyboard to write it is generally attached to the computer or a typewriter or a mobile device. Nowadays in modern technology, we also have a facility of a voice recognition facility for those who are unable to use their hands or are also physically disabled. In our terms, writing is usually the fourth language skill that we learn which includes-

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading and
  • Writing

It is very important to write undoubtedly while understanding the basic system of the language simultaneously. If we choose to write in English then complete knowledge of where to use the punctuation marks, vowels, grammar, spelling correction, and clear formatting is also necessary. A writer can choose to write for their personal use or for the audience he or she has targeted. An in-depth study and about the topic one choose to write about is one of the important factors. When we choose to blog, it means we are writing where we don’t target a specific audience but if we are writing a letter, it means we are writing wherein we have decided to write for a specific audience. But it is preferred to choose your audience while writing as it helps to understand the need an hour and make necessary improvements. Formal and informal are the two methods that an individual can choose to write.

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Significance of Writing Skills

In earlier times, people used to think that people working in the journalism industry, or in a digital marketing industry should have exceptional writing skills. But since the importance of communication is increasing day by day everyone requires great writing skills in almost every job field and industry. Be it reports, sales reports while giving presentations writing effectively is a daily part of every job. Even if we want to apply for the job then we prepare a cv or a resume and everyone is aware of how important it is how should we write and present a cv or a resume in front of the employer. How we highlight our skills and capabilities in front of the employer helps the company to choose us in seconds for the job profile we apply for.

Once we start working writing emails, every day in the office is a daily part of the job. If we are into a sales profile then presenting our product through our writing skills helps us to get the client and close the deals and complete our targets.

The Relevance of Developing Writing Skills

If one wants to ensure success in their job or career good writing skills are very essential to continue further. Whether it is emails, projects, sales reports, if we present a report which is full of grammatical errors and frame sentences which is not in a proper format as per the need of the client then it also explains how serious an individual can be towards their work.

Therefore, Along With Good Communication Skills, Having Good Writing Skills is Equally Important in Order to-

  • Being competent– With constructive writing skills, it becomes very easy for our colleagues and clients to understand our message in a very simple manner. It also helps us to make them understand our ideas and thoughts behind them.
  • Proving your potential in your organization– Even if our job profile does not require writing regularly but even if we make small grammatical errors or spelling errors it comes into the limelight which creates an impression in front of our seniors and clients that we are not capable enough at our workplace.
  • Boosting professional confidence at the workplace- Whatever content we write at our workplace has a purpose behind it. Business proposals written in a well-constructed manner presented in front of the buyers create an impressive image in front of the clients as well as in front of our business partner. Along with the buyers and partners having good writing skills also helps us to prove our capability to our managers.

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Now that we have understood the importance and significance of having an effective writing skill let us study about important skills required for good writing skills a professional should have-

Strong Grammatical Knowledge:

Nowadays, having strong grammatical knowledge is a very common requirement. One might have a unique idea to present but if we make grammatical errors or spelling errors it becomes difficult to explain to the audience. Therefore, we can use the auto spelling error app and Grammarly application to recheck our writing.


There can be a situation while preparing a report or working on a particular project assigned to us wherein, we don’t have complete knowledge about the topic assigned to us therefore in-depth research about the topic plays a very important role. Researching effectively helps to present correct facts and figures in front of the clients which are apt and correct. Along with if we can close the deals then it also helps to build the confidence in us to progress further.

Non-theoretical Writing Skills:

There can be cases where your job description requires writing emails or presenting in a way that requires more technical writing skills which means supporting attachments to explain briefly is very important. Writing and explaining through graphical representations, charts help us to explain the client briefly. Therefore, along with good writing skills having good knowledge of practical writing skills is equally important.

Collaboration and Presentation:

Effective writing is an art. And art is all about collaborating and presenting to explain our ideas and thoughts and convey them through our writing skills. Whether we choose to pursue creative writing or business writing working as an effective team in front of the clients. Proper evaluation and active listening skills help us to build a positive image in front of clients and colleagues.

Word Processing Software:

Most organizations require certain word processing software and apps for collaboration, file-sharing services, and many other software apps to make their jobs easy and simple. Knowing these software apps with a proper understanding of their features and functions helps our daily work easier and faster.

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Important Steps for Writing

Creating a presentable copy with developing effective writing skills and good vocabulary skills is not enough. Some of the important steps one should follow to write different and new content every time we present our ideas are as follows-

Thorough Research:

It doesn’t matter whether we are preparing a sales report, pitching a product, writing an email to the client thorough research is very important. Detailed analysis of the content we are writing is very important as it helps us to present in such a way that we start thinking and writing from our audience’s point of view like what interests them towards our presentation or product we are trying to sell.

Categorizing Content:

The second most important step after detailed research is to categorize your ideas, content, and relevant information in proper order before presenting. In other words, drafting your content is very important. For example, giving heading, sub-headings, bullet points so that it becomes easy for the presenter as well as our targeted audience to understand.


Choosing the correct set of vocabulary is an essential step while writing anything. Words should be used in such a way that they should convey the message directly to the reader of the main objective of the presentation. Aligning content as per the number of paragraphs, using statistics, facts and figures increase the interest of the reader towards the content we are trying to sell.

Correcting and Rearranging:

As we all know that correcting and rearranging your content before submitting your final draft is very important. After you complete writing your content checking grammatical errors, spelling errors, structuring paragraphs and sentences in order is very crucial. This is an important step as even small negligence creates our negative impression in front of the client as readers might take small mistakes seriously.

Ways to Improve Writing Skills

Extensive Use of Wide Vocabulary:

While we start practicing our writing skills, we often tend to repeat words again and again. Every writer has their own set of favorite words which they tend to use again and again. Therefore, one should remember that using repetitive words may annoy the readers. Instead making use of fresh content and new vocabulary attracts a new set of readers and makes our writing new and effective.

Having a Targeted Audience:

Writing content for our targeted audience is more beneficial rather than just writing on your own. Whether you choose to blog or write an official mail or draft a presentation it helps us to understand better the improvements which we can implement and also helps us to understand our target audience in a better way.


As we all know that nowadays everything is easily available online therefore many writers just copy and paste the content just in a different way. Sometimes reading so much content on one page becomes boring and eventually, they seem to be disinterested. Therefore, if we could present the same thing in a fewer number of words using more chart representation and factual data then it increases the credibility of the content we are writing.

Editing and Proofreading:

Even if someone has years of experience in writing then they can’t submit their final draft at one go. So before submitting your content editing is very crucial as even small grammatical errors and spelling errors can also lead to rejection. Writing has become a very essential part of every professional job we choose to pursue. Presenting your ideas and thoughts in an innovative and creative helps us to sustain our jobs for a longer period.

Who is a Writer-?

A writer can be defined as a person who presents their written words through different modes of styles and methods. Every writer has a different and innovative technique of presenting their ideas and thoughts in front of the there targeted audience. Every writer has their own set of niches to present in front of their clients. Let us know about the different categories of writers-


Poets are the type of writers who choose the maximum number of vocabulary to express their emotions and ideas in front of the public. To create this emotion through their poems they usually rhyme so that it can be performed in theatres and various other plays which also give cinematic versions.


Novelist can be defined as a category of writers who create stories using both fictional and nonfictional characters which at the same time should be entertaining for the audience.

Short Story Writers:

These are the type of writers who write stories for a short period which can be used as a part of a play to be performed on stage for the targeted audience.


We often tend to listen to music in chorus or group and even when an individual tends to sing a song. So the writers who choose to write lyrics for the song and create a beautiful song that touches the heart of the audience are known as a lyricist.


Under this category, the role of a playwright is to write dialogues for the play to be acted on stage. Writers who write for the plays first choose a theme they want an audience to react to the circumstances created. As we know that plays are performed publicly and not read privately therefore a playwright needs to create content which grabs the attention of the audience and increases their interests over time. Plays are usually presented in the form of a story so play writers need to edit their content too simultaneously.


Screenwriters are the writers who write a screenplay or a script that is provided to the media and production team of the film industry, television industry, and even for video games. Writers under this category can choose to start their career writing screenplays. When screenwriter starts their career, they might write without getting paid for it so that they can create a brand image in the industry through their stories


A speechwriter is the one who writes a text or content for a speech to be given by a group of people or an individual in front of a group of people, for a specific occasion or a specific purpose. Sometimes they are also hired on behalf of someone to present in front of the public.

Difference Between A Writer And An Author 

Terms like author and writer are the most common words used by us wherein we make different statements about its description and definition. In certain cases, a writer and an author can be defined as the same person but in actuals both are different. When an individual writes a novel or a story on their own then he or she can be defined as an author but when you try to pen down someone else’s thoughts innovatively and creatively and present them in front of the audience then he or she can be defined as a writer. Being a writer can be easy sometimes but being an author is not an easy job.

This is because you have to create your thoughts. If an author is not competent enough then he will be justified but a writer should be innovative and creative enough to present their skills and ideas in front of the audience so that it maintains the interest of the targeted audience for a longer period. If you are an author then your content needs to be published but if you are a writer then even if your content is not published then also you remain a writer.

We have to understand the difference between both as per the circumstances. But even after so much difference with good writing skills and ideas to pen down one can choose to become both writer and an author simultaneously.

Tips for Writers

Writing is a part of our daily life. If someone is in college, school, office, or even working as a business professional how you write and present your ideas and thoughts represents your personality both personally and professionally too. So it’s worth it if we try to improve our skills on regular basis. Some of the important tips for writers that one should keep in mind to improve your writing skills are as follows-

Tips for Writers #1 – Selecting a Niche:

A writer should be able to recognize their niche on which they want to express their thoughts and ideas creatively and innovatively. If someone is confused about the same then they should have a goal on how to select their niche in the first place and then target to analyze that how many words one can write at once. Also, try to increase the number of words with time. As we read before that vocabulary is also very important so reading every day and learning something new is a good way to increase our vocabulary.

Tips for Writers #2 – Timing:

When we choose to write is very important. Thus time management is one of the top tips for writers. Research shows that morning is the best time to write as after a good long sleep our mind is fresh and new to think and create new thoughts. As times are changing work timings and preferences are also changing so the timing to write can also differ from person to person.

Tips for Writers #3 – Regular Writing:

We all know that whatever work we choose to do regular practice is very important. Whether you can choose to write a short story or a paragraph daily but there should be a regular practice so that if you receive a big project we can complete it in the given deadline.

Tips for Writers #4 – Research:

As we mentioned before also research is a very important tip to keep in mind before you start writing. Whenever we choose to write something properly and in-depth research about the same helps us to analyze uniquely and creatively present our ideas in front of the audience. Research also helps us to write something new every day which also keeps us different from the crowd.

Tips for Writers #5 – Always Carry A Notebook And A Pen:

This is one of the most important tips for writers. Wherever we are new ideas can hit us anytime. So, if you choose to become a writer or writing is a daily part of your job or business then one should always carry a pen and a notebook so that we can pen down our thoughts immediately and not keep them for later to copy.

Tips for Writers #6 – Experimenting:

One of the most significant tips for writers is experimenting every day. Since everything is easily available online, therefore, experimenting with new innovative and creative ideas to stand out amongst the crowd.

Tips for Writers #7 – Outlining:

Just writing content is not enough. Proper structuring and outlining of the content are equally important. Following a proper format to present is very necessary.

Tips for Writers #8 – Explain briefly:

Whether you choose to write as a blogger, or your job requires good writing skills keeping it short and brief is very important. Too much content in one place and keeping the main subject of the content, at last, loses the interest of the audience in the long run.

Tips for Writers #9 – Be a Storyteller:

It doesn’t matter what do we want to explain to the people, explaining through a story keeps the interest of the audience intact. No matter how modern times are stories are liked by everyone.

Tips for Writers #10 Fascinated:

Before developing interest in your subject matter amongst the crowd first we should develop an interest in the subject matter we are writing and presenting. The more fascinated we are about the subject we write the more readers will be equally fascinated.

Tips for Writers #11 Reading Learning and Practicing:

As we all are aware that continuously reading books, newspapers, novels which interests us helps to increase our writing in a big way. So more you read and practice every day you learn something new every day.


Writing is an art that everyone should try and learn every day.

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