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Top 16 Best Content Marketing Examples seen in India.

Content Marketing is the distribution of curated content such as blogs, videos, and social media posts to potential consumers in hopes of deriving a profitable reaction from them such as buying products, availing services, etc. A blog you read that highlights the beauty of a holiday destination. An advertisement for a chocolate ice cream that was simply impossible to resist. All of these are content marketing examples. 

Best Content Marketing Examples

Why Content Marketing?

Content Marketing has become mainstream as it is impossible to imagine a brand today without an attractive website, vibrant Instagram page, or a Twitter account. It has become the new normal for consumers to base their decisions upon witnessing a Facebook post or Google Advertisement of a brand. 

Content Marketing helps establish a good relationship with your audience and increases the conversion rates by 60% more than outbound marketing. Dominos pizzas can prove to be one of the best examples here as a significant amount of their product sales are influenced by their social media content. Visit their website or search for their restaurant on Swiggy, you will be greeted with irresistible and limited offers, discounts, and combo options on their meals. 

Now that you are acquainted with the “What” and “Why” of Content Marketing, Let’s take a look at some of the best content marketing examples incorporated by brands in India.

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16 Best Content Marketing Examples

1. Amul Dairy Cooperative Society

No one is a stranger to Amul’s iconic animated girl who is often seen on the covers of Amul dairy products. But did you know that she is a prominent figure on their social media pages? Amul never fails to publish their take on current affairs.

They often post quirky meme-styled content with animated characters to relate to their audience and keep their followers engaged. Hence, Amul proves to be an ideal content marketing example for content that reflects current affairs.

Amul has pitched its content on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and has a high number of followers on each of the social media platforms. They mostly produce customer-centric content to display their awareness and care for the nation and environment. 

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2. Oreo India

Remember the old Oreo TV commercials which taught us how to eat an Oreo cream biscuit? ‘Twist Karo, Lick Karo, Aur Phir Dunk Karo’. These commercials were followed by Ranbir Kapoor being featured in their recent commercials and other characters who were shown relishing new flavors of Oreo cookies.

Their commercials enabled them to create a niche for themselves in the market which was held by Parle and Britania. This serves as one of the best content marketing examples in digital media marketing.

They have also published their marketing ideas on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube alongside their TV commercials. You can identify Oreo India’s content as one of the best content marketing examples for producing different content on each of their social media accounts.

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 3. Flipkart

Flipkart is another brand that takes the cake when it comes to Tv commercials. Although it featured popular celebrities like Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor, it was those moments where the kids were featured and the accuracy with which they portrayed adult situations and conversations that was memorable.

Thus, Flipkart’s content can be identified as one of the best content marketing examples that reflect upon customers’ thoughts and preferences. With their latest ‘India Ka fashion capital’ tagline on celebrities featuring commercials, successfully created awareness among the public on their latest trends and offers.

With their recent commercials focusing on clothing accessories, one might nearly forget that Flipkart is more than just the capital of fashion. It’s an Indian E-Commerce giant that sells home appliances, electronic appliances, and groceries alongside clothing items. This could also be an ideal content marketing example of how content marketing influences the public’s perception of a brand. 

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4. Shaadi.com

There couldn’t be a better occasion than women’s day for the marketers of Shaadi.com to create a hashtag named #takethepreasureoff. Their recent ad features a mother appreciating her daughter’s decision to say no to a marriage proposal she isn’t interested in. This was followed by a text which stated the percentage of women who confessed to having felt the pressure to say yes to a marriage proposal when they didn’t want to say so.

 You will see that most of their ads are female-centric as marriage is often a tough choice and a commitment for a girl to make than for a boy. Shaadi.com manages to strike a chord with its audience by understanding this general concept. They also focused on showcasing their application’s interface in their ads as characters are shown easily browsing through different profiles and features.

Why wouldn’t targeted viewers check out their app upon seeing their advertisement? Shaadi.com has also ensured its presence on social media platforms. YouTube is its leading content marketing platform. This is indeed one of the finest customer-centric content marketing examples. 

5. Simplify360

Simplify360 simplifies interactions with customers and audiences across different social media platforms for leading businesses. It also allows you to keep tabs on your customer reviews and respond to them.

Their social media feeds comprise detailed guides on customer management, sales conversion methods, and statistics based on social media analytics. Simplify 360’s marketers seem to extensively highlight their skills and features through their posts and hashtags. This brand sets an ideal content marketing example for producing the self-explanatory style of content.

 6. Dunzo

Dunzo is an Indian-based company that hosts delivery services in several cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Chennai, and Delhi. The company revolutionizes the way we make purchases or send our stuff to someone. Being a 21st-century startup, they have maintained a neat presence across different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Twitter has been used effectively by them to communicate with their audience in the form of tweets and re-tweets. They recently posted a tweet acknowledging the efforts of their delivery folks and created hashtags such as #EverydaySuperheroes and #Mushkilhairasta. They also make interesting re-tweets acknowledging their customer’s appreciation and other mentions by mingling the customer’s or mentioner’s name with an adjective or pronoun. 

You should simply visit their Twitter and Instagram profiles to witness the magic of their customer-centric marketing strategy. A noteworthy content marketing example. 

7. Swiggy

When hunger strikes unexpected or guests arrive….guess what? Unexpected. Swiggy is the savior in your speed dial to receive ready-made food right to your doorstep! Here’s another 21st-century startup that aims to deliver food from your desired restaurant within your hand’s reach. While waiting for your food upon ordering, you may want to check out their social media presence.

Swiggy has ensured its presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Their pages are filled with mouth-watering food options to get you engaged. You can also read their quirky tweets and explore their popularised hashtags.

Like every contemporary business that is quick to publish its take on current affairs and trends, Swiggy’s social media marketers also leave no stone unturned in terms of speaking their mind. Thus, making their content one of the most engaging content marketing examples.

 Swiggy also posts short videos on YouTube which emphasizes their immediate delivery feature and draws the audience’s attention to their offers and schemes. For eg: customers could avail of up to 60% discount on food orders on every six scored during a cricket match for every six minutes. This offer could be brought to the consumers’ attention by displaying videos and Ads on YouTube and Television Channels. 

8. OLX India

I immediately remember the catchy line ‘OLX Pe Bech De’ when I hear about or see anything regarding OLX, an online presence that allows users to sell their stuff or buy anything second-hand. They seem to mean it when they say you can buy and sell anything on OLX!

Electronics, home appliances, services, jobs, you name it. OLX has its fair share of quirky videos and Instagram posts which has got us talking about it today. Here’s the reason for OLX’s content being listed among the best content marketing examples in India.

Recently I saw one of their posts on Instagram that featured a couple of phones in an open drawer and a caption asking, “Still in possession of old phones in your drawer?” I was able to relate to that post very well! Some of their old Television commercials came as an answer to consumers’ doubts regarding what can be sold. For instance, an Ad featured a wife criticizing her husband for failing to use his guitar. He later clicks a few pictures of his guitar and lists it on OLX to sell it.

The initial craze doesn’t last for long, does it?

9. Vodafone Idea Limited

Vodafone and Idea were separate cellphone network providers before they merged in 2018. Each had its niche of consumers in the competitive network providing segment. Since Vodafone entered the Indian market in 2007 as a UK-based telecommunications company, it has had its fair share of loyal customers and digital content delivered for brand awareness and customer engagement. 

When other cellular providers used traditional advertisement templates to popularise their exclusive offers and schemes, Vodafone Ads conveyed their messages with little or no speech.

Their popular Zoozoo Ads showed funny characters playing common situations that allowed them to introduce customers to their offers, plans, and recharge options. It could resonate with the public irrespective of differences in language and culture as it focused on the visuals rather than the audio to deliver their message.

It is an ideal content marketing example for breaking the language barriers and standing in solidarity with people across the nation.

10. Zomato

Here’s another food delivery service you can opt for to help your sudden cravings. Zomato has come a long way since its establishment in the year 2008 from aiming to assist in searching for restaurants to delivering foods from ideal restaurants to their customers’ doorstep. Their target mostly consisted of students, office goers, and people who occasionally prefer to eat food from outside which worked for them in their long run. 

Like many other startups, marketers at Zomato have set up accounts across various social media platforms to connect and interact with the public. Being an application-based business it makes sense to make considerate use of social media to get in touch with their customers and reach out to potential customers. They recently published a post on Instagram highlighting the completion of a year since the lockdown. 

Zomato also roped in a southern regional music director Anirudh Ravichander to feature in and sing for their recent Ad campaign, aiming to garner attention from their Tamil speaking audience. Now that’s one of the notable content marketing examples for utilizing influencers in content marketing. In the 21st-century, many brands’ marketing strategies speak volumes about the shifting trends from product-centric advertisements to people-centric media content. 

This is indeed a good improvement over businesses trying to push their goods for consumption as recently they are trying to resonate with their consumers and understand them better. 

11. Netflix India

The term ‘Netflix n chill,’ came from this popular US-based video streaming platform. Their Instagram tagline “Hum, Tum, Aur Tudum” (Netflix’s theme music) is enough to bring a smile to your face. What started as a DVD sale and rental service via mail is now an over-the-top (OTT) streaming platform and production company that is available globally. This premium video streaming platform publishes content on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to show you that they are worth your money and time.

The social media marketers at Netflix India utilize the social media platform to post photos and micro-videos that showcases scenes and photos of popular movies and series from their video library to entice their fans and audience. They also publish memes without losing the spotlight on their original or featured content. Hence Netflix manages to engage users in their social media accounts while simultaneously showing them how they can make the most of their subscriptions. 

Their content on YouTube is the real gamechanger as exclusive videos are created and featured in it such as promotional videos, reaction videos, and compilations of popular movie scenes. They released a video featuring Priyanka Chopra in the wake of 2021 in which the famous personality encourages her viewers to take on new challenges in the new year and assures them that they are talented, funny, and strong. Just what we need to hear every 1st of January. This is an interesting content marketing example that adds value to their content.

12. Pizza Hut India

Pizza Hut is that one-weekend hangout spot we all plan with our friends to treat ourselves with some delicious pizzas. Their schemes and offers are always hard to resist and so are their pizzas. They are often at par with other premium food chains by introducing several 1+1 pizzas and combo offers that make for an ideal weekend brunch. And what’s a pizza without its flavors?

Their pizzas come in a range of flavors and toppings in both veg and non-veg guises. After all, these are what keep you coming to such premium fast food centers.  For fast food outlets, ensuring a physical presence in different cities is always a primary concern. But with increasing internet users and online orders, maintaining a healthy social media presence and indulging in content marketing has become more impactful than ever.

Marketers at Pizza Hut ensure that their posts are engaging as they encourage viewers to tag their friends while posting a comment or narrate a ‘Pizza Hut’ memory to win free pizzas or exclusive offers. One can learn from this content marketing example to engage and create awareness among a larger audience.

Thus, Pizza Hut makes it to our list of one of the finest content marketing examples. 

13. The Minimalist

Who else can understand content marketing better than a company that assists brands in the field of digital marketing, branding, creative solutions, and communications? The minimalist does exactly that as they work with brands while focusing on a few major aspects of online marketing, that is Designing, Digital Marketing, Communication, and Branding solutions. Popular brands such as Google, Coke, MTV, Paytm, Airtel, and many more have availed their services and the results most probably speaks for themselves. 

Here’s what you can expect from a creative solutions brand’s social media handle. A small video featuring an animated cookie being eaten away to reveal a blank profile photo space, followed by a caption that warns users against accepting cookies from strangers on the occasion of ‘safe internet’ day.

Similarly, they have managed to engage users by acknowledging current affairs as well as events and published colorful images or animations to promote their opinion. Minimalist’s content is an ideal content marketing example in the category of creative content marketing.

A long list of comments by followers over their posts proves the level of engagement their questions induce. 

14. Cafe Coffee Day

Cafe Coffee Day is an Indian coffee retail establishment that has brewed cups of coffee domestically, as well as in the Czech Republic, Austria, Nepal, Egypt, and Malaysia. Their coffee outlets are popular for their lavish interiors where you spend hours talking business or lounging before your next transit.

You can treat your sweet tooth to more than just coffees here with their recent add-ons of Black Forrest, Dutch Truffle, and Pineapple cakes. There are a variety of food options to choose from for customers who love to spice it up!

Want to know what’s ‘brewing’ today? Visit Cafe Coffee Day’s official accounts on Twitter and Instagram and you will be greeted with new bakery and coffee options. A Butterscotch Crunch Cake sounds super tempting, doesn’t it? Cafe Coffee Day follows a brand-centric marketing strategy in their social media pages as they don’t run Tv or YouTube advertisements for their eateries.

They also had something for consumers’ pets on the national puppy day as Cafe Coffee Day sent invites to pet-owners and their pets on their recent post to celebrate the occasion. Here’s another content marketing example of content that is created after understanding the customers’ preferences.

15. BMW India

BMW is a german based automobile and motorbike manufacturer that blends speed and luxury to deliver a ‘Sheer Driving Pleasure.’

They are known for their lavish interiors and sporty drive that appeals to the younger and older demographics alike. Since its introduction to the Indian market in 2007, the German manufacturer has come a long way by gaining loyal customers and releasing new models of cars and motorbikes. 

It is often pitted against other popular luxury car manufacturers namely Audi and Mercedes-Benz but the brand has managed to carve a niche for itself in the luxury car market. Ever came across a post featuring a car with a beautiful landscape in the backdrop on Instagram?

Then it could probably be a post from BMW’s official account in India. Their Instagram account features product releases and glimpses of their automobile line-up. They set an ideal content marketing example for producing product-centric content.

  BMW also provides its viewers with a chance to feature their BMW car photos in their official Instagram account if they incorporate hashtags #BMWJoyDays and #MYBMWSHOTS in their posts. They also maintain a YouTube account where you can witness live car launch events and demo videos of their latest arrivals.

Their team is very responsive over the comment section and is willing to answer your questions related to their cars and their brand. An ideal platform for the BMW fanboys to communicate with the company’s representatives. BMW’s marketers can also be attributed to creating one of the best content marketing examples for creating promotional content.

16. Vicks India

It’s hard to associate humor with a medication manufacturing company but Vicks is different. At least their content marketers are. Vicks is a US-based medication manufacturing company that is well-known among Indian households for its Tablets, VaporRubs, and Inhalers. Their medications are designed to relieve you from your cough and decongest your stuffy nose. 

Although the testimonies and reviews of their medications vary from person to person. They had a compelling Ad campaign featuring kids and adults who were shown to be healed with their VapurRubs. Nowadays their Tv and YouTube Ads feature the popular Indian Cricketer Virat Kohli who is seen using Vicks tablet (Vicks Ki Goli) to heal his soar throat. 

Vicks is present on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and there seems to be a lot of ‘Khich Khich’ going on in their official pages! Khich Khich is an expression used to indicate a soar throat. The social media marketers at Vicks have utilized this expression while depicting current affairs and events to add humor to their posts.

Their animated posts feature a green monster posing as Khich Khich and the legendary Vicks tablet which gains victory over the former on several occasions are bound to keep you scrolling for more. Vicks’ content is an ideal content marketing example for blending product-centric and creative content for their quirky social media posts. It can also be attributed as one of the best content marketing examples for incorporating influencers in their content marketing.


The competition now is no longer restricted to manufacturing the best goods or offering better services. Brands spend money on agencies to craft the ideal content for them to spread awareness and generate leads. Hence, we are able to list some of the best content marketing examples in this blog. Manufacturers as mentioned on this list, stand nearer to you than ever before as they want to learn more about you and connect with you.

Raise a complaint about a product or service on social media and they will know about it. When they launch a new product they make sure that you are aware of it, thanks to the internet. With India being a beneficiary of the cheapest mobile data in the world, companies are expected to reach out to a wider range of audiences across different demographics and regions with their content marketing and services. 

You can study these content marketing examples to produce engaging and fruitful content for your own brand. As a customer, the more you go through such content marketing examples, your perspective towards the brand will change.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q. Can we use YouTube as a platform for content marketing?

Yes you can use YouTube as a platform for content marketing. Maximum population of the world uses YouTube. YouTube is also one of the second most used search engine. So it is very obvious that it will improve your SEO and branding of your business product or service. The content on YouTube is easily viewed and can also be easily shared.

Q. What contemplates content marketing?

Content marketing helps in distributing the content through social media platforms like emails, videos etc from the existing customers to the new potential customers.

Q. What is the scope of content marketing from career objective?

This is the digital world. Everything and anything is quick and accessible because of technology. And with passing times the digital world will expand and grow. SO undoubtedly, there is wide scope of growth in content marketing career.



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