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Top 10 Content Writing Jobs for 2024 (Profile & CTC Details)

Content writing jobs are today much in demand. This has become a very celebrated profession and many youngsters are looking for content writing jobs, well here are the 10 best content writing jobs.

Top Content Writing Jobs

Writing good quality content over the web is a need of the hour, and a good content writer makes sure about that. Content writing involves the process of planning, strategizing, writing, and editing content for digital marketing and social media posts. A content writer is the one who plays a crucial role in building the brand over the online platform. The job of a content writer is not limited to blogs and article writing. Instead, they play a very crucial role in all forms of content that one sees over the web.

  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • Video Scripting
  • Email Advertisement
  • Social Media Post
  • Keynote Speeches
  • Web Page Copy
  • Podcast Titles
  • White Papers
  • YouTube Video Description

These Are the Different Activities Under Content Writing Jobs

Many content writing aspirants have upper knowledge about the field and the work they have to do as content creators. It is necessary to understand that content writing jobs are not limited to article and blog writing or are not limited to writing for companies. One can also start their career as a freelance content writer. A freelance writer is the independent one and works only on the specific task or project assigned to him/her. The freelance writing work will help in finding the niche that one should pursue and master the field they want to continue future. Apart from this, an online content writing course will also help in understanding how content writing works, and a certificate will strengthen the portfolio for the writer.

The content writing industry is very vast, and this article will be discussing the fields or the places where one can start working as a content writer. And steps that one should keep in mind during the beginning of their career.

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List Of The Top 10 Fields With Content Writing Jobs

1.Blog Writer

A blog writer is a need of an hour for all the brands and companies. Everyone who turns up to search engines for searching for a product or service goes after blogs. As blogs are the personal reviews by the writer and personal experience reviews and opinions not only seek user attention but also fit in well with Google and other search engine algorithms. It is one of the most popular content writing jobs. Writing a blog is not as easy as it sounds because a blog should be appealing and should allow the user to trust the writer and his words. Correct SEO techniques and methods help the blog to show up on the search engine and generate traffic for the site.

One can either start blogging for their website as a blogger or can start blogging as an employee for digital marketing or the website of a company. Blogging for a personal website as a beginner is a very long and tiring process, but once the blogger starts using the right SEO techniques and the website start showing up on the search engine, the hard work pays off. Nor the less it takes around two to three years for a personal blogging website to show up. On the other hand, one can also start as a proper employee blog writer for a company. Blogging for a company involves sharing opinions on products or services or for a travel agency sharing it as a traveler.

Top Blogging Places:

  • org
  • com
  • Wix
  • Gator
  • Drupal
  • Medium
  • Joomla
  • Weebly
  • Squarespace

2. Brand Journalist

A brand journalist is a brand ambassador. They represent the brand or a company online by their stories and personal customer reviews. Brand Journalist is an eye-catching job as a brand journalist will create stories for a company’s brand that are interesting, and that will help in building trust between the company and its customers. Apart from that, a brand journalist writes a press release for the same. A Brand Journalist should be good at excelling in lengthy content and content that drives traffic for the site.

A brand journalist writes advertisements for the company and shares customer stories to generate insight for the site. Authentic and genuine customer stories are a part of the trust-building process between the two ends. They also look after the company’s websites and work as an online business representative. They also manage international communication and play a very significant role in building the brand profile over the search engine platform that generates traffic and brings business to the company. Boilerplates and customer stories are the other ideal situational task of a brand journalist.

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3.Technical Writer

A Technical writer provides an in-depth explanation of technology or technical product or services. They explain the working, usage, technical aspect, mechanics, internal working, and components. A Technical Writer usually tends to explain the technical working to a non-technical person. Technical Writing is among the most advertised Content Writing Jobs on different job portals. The need for a Technical Writer in the present time is very high as there are so many new technologies and not everyone has the technical knowledge. So, creating in-depth content not only helps the users to understand but also generate the sale for a company.

A Technical Writer can create his own website online and explain the services independently, or they can work for the brand and explain their product as the brand representative. Another thing to keep in mind is that a Tech Writer is different from a Technical Writer. A Tech Writer talks about technology and application. It doesn’t go into depth about working and other aspects of the technology. Whereas a Technical Writer explains in user-friendly terms so that a non-technical person can understand the product and product’s capabilities. A technical Writer usually tends to write guides, FAQs, manuals, User Experience, etc.

4. Copywriter

Copywriting is one of the most popular content writing jobs at present. A need of the hour in digital marketing and advertisement agencies. A Copywriter tends to write the contents that speak for both the company as well as users. From writing an advertisement for an online platform to writing a product or services description, a Copywriter fills the shoes. The main job of a Copywriter is to join the blocks of information and create content that is user-friendly and makes it easy for the user to understand. It is regarded as one of the most in-demand content writing jobs.

A Copywriter speaks the language of the company or brand. They maintain the website and add infographics and other multimedia information to the site. They must have analytical and statistical skills to join all the pieces of information that are available in statistics form to written form. Digital marketing or advertisement agencies take a company’s product or services as a client. And then the copywriters and other co-sections tend to promote those services or products online. Apart from marketing agencies, technical and non-technical companies also hire Copywriters to build a bond and endorse the brand directly with the customers. A good profile creates good engagement and ranks up the site in the search engine result.

5. GhostWriter:

The job of a Ghostwriter is often inconsistent, and so is the pay. A Ghostwriter is the one who writes for someone else without taking the credit for the work. They are hired under short notice by the companies to finish pending or overloaded work. They are extra skilled employees that temporarily work for a company. Sometimes Ghostwriters are also hired by celebrities to recheck their memoirs, autobiographies, articles, and other works. A Ghostwriter should also have leadership skills. Many times, companies hire them to finish their pending projects and ask them to fit under the leader’s shoes.

While hiring a Ghostwriter, companies look for a confident and reliable personality as they have to speak for the brand during their tenure with them. The work that a Ghostwriter often get is of articles, eBooks, whitepaper, off-page content, website content, etc.

6.Social Media Writer:

This is again one of the most popular content writing jobs. The power and influence of social media are far from hidden in the present time. Everyone knows the impact that social media brings to the business and how a brand can achieve zenith because of social media. Social Media writers help a company to build its brand profile over the digital platform. As every company has a social media account for promoting business and products, it is necessary to hire skilled writers to compete in the long run.

Social Media handles like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have billions of monthly active users. A strong social media presence can help the newest of the startup to reach sky-high. Selling a product is about building a bond of trust between the customer and the company. If someone tends to buy a product online, then he/she is trusting the brand with high-end authentic and genuine goods. And that is when social media branding comes into play, and so is the need for a Social Media Writer. But it is necessary to understand that social media works under some algorithms so, a writer must have in-depth knowledge like when to post and where to post.

A social media writer must know how to interact with the audience and ways to gain followers. Almost 90% of organizations say that social media has changed the way they see business today. Strong web knowledge, interactive skills, content specialization, and PR outreach are some of the skills that a Social Media Writer must have to get hired.

7. E-mail Writer:

Every email that pings into our ID attracts us. Email advertisement and writing are all about psychology. Psychology plays a very significant role in this case, and an email writer must know this. How to use headlines and phrases that can call for action and creating FOMO for the readers is a necessary aspect of Email writing. An Email Writer has good analytical skills, and they revise their content very often.

Emails are also for advertisements, and an email should represent all the pros and positive aspects of a company and its products and services. An Email Writer should have skills for writing the newsletter and conducting a drip campaign. And also take care of customer nurture and transactional emails.

8. Scriptwriter:

A Scriptwriter plays a very crucial role in building a brand’s online profile. In multimedia projects, they are front representatives. A Scriptwriter should know how to tell a story and should convey a brand message from their work. A Scriptwriter visualizes how a translate a story means in which multimedia formats like a podcast, video, or written format. A script written by a Scriptwriter should be convincing and must tell a brand story.

Skills that a Scriptwriter should have are Video scripting, Podcast scripting, Radio and Audio scripting, chatbot, and motion graphic scripts.

9. Long Form Content Writer:

A lengthy, Long-form content writer is the need of the hour for almost all companies. Lengthy content often gets recognized by the search engine and generates traffic for the site. A long-form content writer must have data research and analytical skills and must have an expert niche field where they can excel in their writing skills.

They often analyze data and work over white paper. Draft eBook content and write case studies. Most of the contents written by long-form writers are 2000+ words. Patience is the key for such writers, and they must have an excelling field where they can research.

10.Promo Writer: Every big company needs an Ad and Promo writer who can endorse the brand’s services and products.  An Ad writer should create strong Ads that define the product and should be user-friendly. One that the user can relate to translating it further. Translating means that ads should be catchy and should stay in the reader’s or the viewers’ minds for the long term.

Promo Writers are the real brand builders. They must have skills for writing advertisements, mail copies, product descriptions, and sale collaterals.

Why Content Writers Are Important for Digital Marketing:

At present, everyone search for a product or services online before buying, using, manufacturing, or selling it that makes the concept of content very interesting. Since there are hundreds and thousands of buyers and sellers and also searchers online, uploading the right appealing post or blog is crucial. A digital platform writer makes sure that its company’s products or services reach the right audience or, in other words, appear on the first page of the search engine result by using the right strategic tools and techniques alongside writing good content.

Tips for Getting Great Content Writing Jobs

1. Research

Research Before Posting is a simple yet effective tip that a writer should follow while creating content. It is necessary to know what the audience wants from the site and to analyze the fact which age group of the audience will come looking for the content. Writing content that forces the reader to spend time on the site and call for action for the products and services can provide great insight to the site.

2. SEO Strategies

Following search engine optimization strategies, is a mantra to create a strong digital profile. There are hundreds and thousands of companies fighting for the same product or services but, only a handful of them end up on the first page of search engine. SEO strategies are a strategic process that generates traffic and ranks a website up in the result. One can also create quality content using these strategies. Google Search Console, Google Keyword Planner, Google Analytics, SEMrush, and Small SEO tools are some of the SEO checklists that one can use.

3. Keywords

Keywords are the basic building block of Search engine optimization because detailed research of the keyword and finding the appropriate long tail and the short tail keyword is the backbone for the online post. Keywords are the words that a user uses while searching for a product or service online. Google Keyword Planner is a tool that optimizes content. It helps in finding the appropriate keywords that can rank up the site and generate traffic for the same. It is also important to note that google flags a post if the keyword density of that post is more than 0.5%.

4. Lengthy Content

Google and all the other search engine appreciate lengthy content. A lengthy content that contains all the information is Important. The more the user will spend time on the site page more it will gain the attention of the search engine. A search engine works on some algorithms, and technically Google can’t read and review every article and rank them up on that basis. If an article falls under its algorithm, then Google ranks them. Lengthy content is one such ranking factor.

5. Use Reference To Old Content That Did Well:

When someone comes searching for a product or services or about any other detail online, then they don’t always get referred to the site directly. Mostly they come across articles or other digital content. Referring to an old article from the website will help the user to know more about the website and can generate traffic for the site. Also, it will increase the post reach of that content.

6.Analysis Competitor Writers,

As already mentioned that many competitor websites are fighting for the same product and services. It is necessary to analyze competitor writers to know their strategies and writing techniques. Every writer comes with new innovative marketing content strategies, and combining them all to can help in coming up with a different writing style.

7. Analysis of Competitor Product or Service:

Analyzing competing brands can be really helpful. A content writer will come across new keywords and taglines that are working for other competitors.

8. Link Post Internally And Externally:

Linking up the post with internal and external links is a smart way to increase site traffic and drive rank in the search engine. Also, it will drive traffic to the other pages of the website and will allow the user to know more about the brand and services.

9. Create Readable And Trustworthy Content:

All the other tips come into play if and only if the content is trustworthy and it allows user to trust the brand and company. A writer can generate a strong business profile for a company by his/her writing. A post must be user-friendly in terms of language and word choices, and it must involve the audience with it. Starting a career in content writing is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if someone has followed all the above-mention tips and find their niche, then they are off to a good start.


Q. Can I apply for work from home jobs after completing my content writing course?

Yes, of course. Once you are a certified content writer you can apply for freelance or work from home jobs. Also you can start your own content writing services.

Q. Are there online courses that will help in enhancing writing skills?

Yes, IIM SKILLS is worldwide top ranking ed-tech company that offers best online content writing courses. Also not only the course help you in enhancing your writing skills but they also train in using various digital tools that will help you be digitally trained as well.

Q. What is the average salary for the beginners in content writing?

For the very raw and freshers the salary starts from 1.5- 2 lakhs annually. This may vary as per the academic background, individual expertise and the company hiring.




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