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Top 7 Technical Writing Graduate Certificate Courses in 2024

Technical writing is a field that has grown in demand in the recent era. Every product that enters the market requires to be sold. It is based on a promise that it would serve better as compared to its competitors.


The image highlights top technical writing graduate certificate courses


This needs to be advertised in a simple yet sophisticated manner. I know that sounds pretty contradicting, but it is a practice that many corporate companies are putting into action so that they can ace the market with their particular product. There are many publishers whose products are their pieces of writing.


So, they want it to be in the best language possible leading them to hire editors or practice editing themselves. They do this to improve their articles and increase audience traffic. Mainly, this audience is online in this current generation- thanks to the growing usage of social media platforms that has given everyone a platform to sell their products at the click of a button.


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It has benefitted mankind in many ways and has taken businesses from pennies to billions just because of the customer reach, which is an integral aspect of the growth of any commercial entity. To advertise, express, and impress has increased the demand for professionals who can do precisely for people on their behalf.


Nobody likes mistakes in their grammar or critics nudging their use of long and boring sentences instead of short and to-the-point sentences. It is required to hold your audience and keep them on their toes regarding the interest in your content that you have to sell.


To overcome this challenge, many corporate officials or young college-goers want to make easy money by learning this special skill and then acing it by understanding the void in the market and filling it appropriately. This skill surely has a lot of recognition but is yet very low-key in the eyes of the general public.


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Many online platforms are trying to provide skillful courses so that they can attract the audience who want to pursue this course and only charge a minimum fee for it. At the end of the day, writing is a flair and cannot be imbibed with any formal sort of course unless you have a talent in it. Hence, in this field, every professional will be unique.


The competition lies amongst the writers as to how well do they write and where do they get in life with that talent. To polish that talent, this article will provide you with 7 courses that can help you to get to the point of success with what you expect from A Technical Writing Graduate Certificate Course


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1.) Technical Writing Course by IIM Skills


IIM skills is a very reputed institute to learn technical writing from. It has trained thousands of students successfully in India and even Abroad. It is an institute that has upheld its stature with a well-integrated course layout. The course is 4-weeks long and imparts skill-developing information regarding the technical aspect of content writing.


It has been successfully churning out skilled professionals like hot cakes under the guidance of well-experienced mentors like Mr. Vaibhav Kakkar- who is a digital entrepreneur. He is also the founder of well-established websites like Advisor Uncle, Course Dekho, and IIM Skills. Mr. Kakkar is at the forefront of the skill impartment in the teaching sessions.


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IIM Skills is an amazing place- to begin with, if you are in quest of a good professional writing coaching institute. The course covers all the topics from editing to publishing content of the right kind. The mentors even teach the student how to gradually dominate the algorithms of the search engine, and then ace your content. The classes are very interactive, and the teacher-to-student ratio is impeccable. It is made sure that the student gets personal attention.


The course fee is also very minimal for the future that it has in store for you. Technical writing is a domain with tons of scope and very less supply to the job market. Hence, it is very lucrative, in demand, and an apt course that could raise your career prospects if you have a technical writing graduate certificate from IIM Skills.


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IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Course Certification Demo Invite


2.)  Technical Writing Certification Program


Availability of enrolment at Dalhousie University, this course is also tremendously put together. “Technical writing essentials” is the most pivotal crux of this course and the information provided throughout the entire layout of the course. With no pre-requisites for enrolment, this is probably the best university from which you can get international recognition and have a well-established name in the writing industry.


Keeping in mind the value of a degree from a foreign country university shall have an impactful effect on your curriculum vitae if applying for a job especially in India. The cost of Certification is approximately around 2000 dollars (Rs. 1,45,794) but the value of the degree is priceless in a booming industry like Technical writing. The university is highly reputed all across the world and getting a technical writing graduate certificate is considered to be a great accomplishment that not everyone can uphold.


The course is self-paced with many skill-improving activities. The classes that are conducted are very interactive, and the students learn the best practices from the best mentors of the field who conduct coaching sessions in groups. There are regular assignments and tests to keep a constant check of how much each student is grasping. At the end of the entire course, every student is evaluated and then based on their performance their particular technical writing graduate certificate is provided to them.


3.) Coursera


Coursera is an American MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) online platform providing over 3000 online certification courses. It is a good platform to build your foundation and sharpen the writing skills required for Technical Writing proficiency. It has a diverse range of courses available and the best part about this platform is that many certificates are accredited by top-class colleges and universities all around the world.


Hence, it is one of the best places to find the newest in-demand skills imparted in the form of online courses. It is developed by universities that have prepared well-researched and perfectly laid out courses by mentors who have great experience in the field.


These mentors are imparting knowledge to shape the future of the in-demand skills by giving rigorous training and regular assignments and tests to make sure that the student doesn’t fall out of touch with every topic that is taught along the course.


The courses are completely self-paced and 100 % online. There are courses for beginners and even advanced level technical writing graduate certificate providing courses.


4.)  Certified Medical Writer 


This course provides a technical writing graduate certificate in the field of medical writing. In the domain of Medical, a lot of research papers and articles to be published in Medical Journals and Magazines hold greater importance.


All of them are required to be professionally edited to have no scope of mistake to be pointed out as the profession is of high respect. Dignified and professionals well-versed in the field would read such articles or review such pieces of research. Hence, it has to be perfect.


The AMWA (American Medical Writer’s Association) is the institution that offers this course. Contain above 4,000 members, the association has guided medical writers to shine in their careers by providing them with good networking, rigorous training, and loads of educational opportunities.


This technical writing graduate certificate will help you to better your expression in the field of medical writing and you will be able to publish more diversified and well-explained content.


To apply for the exam to become a certified medical writer, you must have a bachelor’s degree and a minimum of 2 years of experience in the field of medical communication. The exam is conducted at 300 centers around the globe. It is pretty tough and has 125 questions. The time limit to solve the paper within is two and a half hours.


5.) Certified Professional Technical Communicator


This course is available to be done at the Society of Technical Communication (STC). It provides three different technical writing graduate certificate course levels namely, foundational, practitioner, and Expert. The expert level is yet to be formulated by the STC but the Beginner (or Foundational) and the Practitioner certificate is highly valuable considering the key knowledge points imparted along the course.


For taking the Practitioner exam, the fees to be paid are different for members and non-members. The members of STC have to pay $360 (Rs. 26,194) and non-members have to pay $615 (Rs. 44,748)


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After the practitioner exam, the students have to give the Expert examination that has not yet been bought up by the STC. It is coming soon, and the layout of it is expected to have interview rounds with experts who shall criticize a piece of their writing or research accordingly.


Passing all the barricades set up to evaluate the particular student, he/ she shall be awarded the technical writing graduate certificate. This passing certificate of Expert in Technical communication shall have a meaningful impact in his or her career as it is a degree earned after tons of efforts to pass the levels of interviews and criticizing their writing skills.


The highlights of this course that will enlighten the budding technical writers with are: –


1.) Project layout and scrutiny

2.) Choosing the right content for a project and organizing it

3.) Identifying improvements to writing styles

4.) Content development and management

5.) Written and visual communication

6.) Review & Editing

7.) Product Delivery


IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Course Certification Demo Invite


6.) Udemy


Udemy has recently been in the news and advertisements on Indian TV channels as it is a growing platform with a massive layout for online training certificates. It has much more to offer as compared to sites like Coursera and Alison.


There are many courses in Udemy ranging from Science to Technical fields in Arts and Corporate add-on courses in the field of Commerce. The list of courses to learn from, available on Udemy, seems infinite. Coming to Technical Writing, I recommend two courses- that are the best to do from Udemy. They are: –


1.) Professional Technical Writing: Advance Your Skills


The cost to do this course is Rs. 12,800, and it is 17 hours program. It focuses on teaching the advanced part of Professional Technical Writing which includes the advanced tools required to sieve the content better and make it as perfect as possible. After this course, the student will be provided with a Technical Writing Graduate Certificate


2.) Technical Writing: How to Write Software Documentation


Software engineers, accountants, or whoever wants to have expertise in Software documentation can blindly go ahead with this course as it trains you in all aspects of Software documentation. The cost to do this course is only Rs. 385. The duration of this course is 12 hours of video lectures. After this course too, the student shall be given a Technical writing Graduate Certificate


7.) Curriculum Technical Writing Certification


This course is offered by Henry Harvin Institute. It is one of the pioneering courses regarding Technical writing in India. They conduct both online and offline lectures. Once the student completes the Technical Writing Graduate certificate course, they will be awarded the Henry Harvin’s Certificate of Technical Writing. The cost to do this course is only Rs. 9500 (all-inclusive) as compared to the other institutes providing Technical writing Graduate Certificate Course.


This certification is recognized by dignified institutes like the Americal Association of EFL, the Government of India, etc. This course will help the student to improve their Technical Writing Skills, and conduct effective communication of technical details to a non-technical audience.


As certified professionals, they will be able to streamline the writing process and develop the skill to write in every part of a research paper or article that is due to be published. Lastly, they will also be provided with access to a free tool that they can use to create perfect citations pretty nimbly.




All these courses stated in this article can help you get enough knowledge to start freelancing or apply for a job as a Technical Writer in any corporate company. These courses, as described before, are very well put together by these esteemed institutes who have researched the market and provided the world with a well-coordinated course.


Doing Technical Writing as a profession is probably for people who have the drive to express through writing, and it is a good career option even if considered as apart time or a full-time career choice. In today’s world, the need for content writers in the market is pretty huge, but at the same time, the competition is comparatively less. Technical writing isn’t every person’s piece of cake.


Hence, before venturing into it, one must keep in mind that it is not going to be a swift run to the top or a quick hike in salary because as mentioned in the introduction, the profession is pretty low-key and hasn’t caught up the mainstream pace for proper functionality or syllabus-oriented curriculum.


No matter how many courses you do, they all will impart the most important points, tricks, and hacks to become the best in the field but, it is your outlook as to how well do you want to put in efforts and write consistently to get better at it as every day passes by. This is a matter of immense focus. Technical writing as it suggests is pretty technical. Technicalities can only be imbibed through experience, unending research, keeping up with the latest skills, and last but not the least, persistent skill development.


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