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Top Technical Writing Certificate Programs In 2024

Whether you are in process of strengthening your career or looking to switch careers, certificate programs come in handy. Certificate programs are good alternatives to a diploma or even a degree program to boost your resume and career. 

The image states about technical writing certificate programs

Certificate programs not only help you master a particular concept or topic and but also help upgrade your skills within a short period. Our focus in this article is on the technical writing certificate programs. 


Before we learn about the technical writing certificate programs and the benefits of taking up one, here’s a brief on technical writing and the career options post-certification. 


What is Technical Writing? 


Technical writing is conveying or writing technical information in simple terms to help end-users understand. So a technical writer or a technical communicator is responsible for breaking down complex technical information into simple, understandable content for a specific audience. 


Earlier technical writing was limited to documenting user manuals, guides, or handbooks. Nowadays, it encompasses writing reports, emails, user interface text, press releases, product descriptions, scorecard proposals, and so on.


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Skills Required For A Technical Writer 


You may be a good writer, however, writing technically could be a challenge initially. If you are from a technical background, you could master technical writing easily. 


Technical writers need to have an in-depth understanding of the entire project to bridge the gap between complex high-level information and simple concise documentation. 


In addition to good writing skills, as a technical writer, you need to possess


  • research and testing skills
  • technical skills
  • an eye for detail
  • communication skills
  • presentation skills 
  • document designing skills or data visualization and
  • good knowledge of digital tools 


Technical writing certificate programs are designed to help you master these skills and help you flourish in this in-demand career. 


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Career After A Certification in Technical Writing


With technology becoming an integral part of every organization, technical writing is not restricted to a particular industry. As a technical writer, you can make a career in Aerospace, Engineering, Medicine, Information Technology, Consulting, or Publishing Services.


Technical writing certificate programs help you become a technical writer, but you could also cement your career as a:


  • Freelancer technical writer
  • Content developer
  • Content writer
  • Manual writer
  • Policy writer
  • Web writer
  • Technical editor 
  • Documentation specialist
  • Information developer 
  • Technical communications specialist


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Benefits Of Technical Writing Certificate Programs


With information easily available in this digital era, learning technical writing from online platforms could save you time and money. However, it is worth spending some money and become a certified technical writer from a professional institute. 


Here’s why you need to take up technical writing certificate programs from premier institutes. 


  1. Recognition: Free certification programs from online portals help you get a course completion certificate, which may not add value to your resume. On the other hand, a certification from well-known names in the industry proves that you are well trained and increases your credibility and visibility with employers. 
  2. Support: With certified institutes, you are assured of constant support and guidance from the beginning to post completion of the course and beyond. So, there is no looking back after taking up a training program for you have support at every stage.
  3. Internship opportunities: It is a great opportunity to grab the internship opportunities some institutes offer. They not only help you grow in confidence but also give a sneak peek of the real work environment.  
  4. Placement assistance: Training institutes have dedicated placement cells that guide and counsel, help you prepare for job interviews, and help secure a job. You would be job-ready post-completion of the course. 
  5. Increase your stakes: As a certified professional you can increase your earning potential in the ever-growing competitive world. Whether you are fresher or an experienced professional you can increase your stakes with a certification.     


Now that we know the advantages of taking up certificate programs, let us take a look at the technical writing certificate programs offered by leading institutes. 


Premier Institutes Offering Technical Writing Certificate Programs 


IIM Skills Technical Writing Course


This Technical Writing Master Course is the recent offering from the IIM Skills brand, known for its content writing course and digital marketing course


Their 5-week technical writing course curriculum includes: 


  1. Introduction
  2. How To Write
  3. Creating Your Content
  4. Technical Reports
  5. White Papers/Journals
  6. DDLC And Versioning
  7. Conversational Writing
  8. Reviewing And Publishing
  9. API Documentation Using XML
  10. Datasheets, User Manuals, And Application Notes 
  11. Effective Writing 
  12. Medical Writing
  13. Case Study – Application Notes From Texas


Why Consider IIM Skills Over Other Technical Writing Certificate Programs?


  • Get a master certification with global accreditation to add to your resume
  • Learn over 16 hours of live online interactive sessions and 60 hours of assignments 
  • Master the course with more than 10 hours of internship lectures together with 50 hours of internship assignments and industry case studies 
  • Learn to publish your first white paper, book chapter, or an academic article
  • Get an opportunity to write your first technical blog for the well-known Times of India news column
  • Choose between the weekdays or weekend course based on your convenience
  • Access the Learning Management System (LMS) repository anytime and from any part of the world 
  • Pass your internship test and get to learn the nuances during the internship and be ready to face the technical writing world
  • Learn to create client proposals and seize those freelancing opportunities that would come your way  
  • Crack your job interviews with counseling and best practices offered from day one
  • Be connected with your mentors throughout the training program, and beyond the program for any guidance and support
  • Learn to master these technical writing tools such as: 


  • MS Visio
  • MS Project
  • Git
  • Scribus


The technical writing certification from IIM Skills would also help you:


  • Learn the best practices from subject matter experts 
  • Learn to break down complex information into clear, concise documentation  
  • Follow the formatting and documentation rules 
  • Fine-tune your writing skills keeping your audience in mind
  • Create and design documents to capture end-users attention 


The technical writing master course from IIM Skills is priced at Rs. 14,900 + 18% GST.


Top Technical Writing Certificate Programs


2. iBruk Consulting:


This one-month online technical writing certification course is a complete hands-on program with practical exercises. This certificate program encompasses the following modules:


  • Introduction to Technical Writing
  • The Document Development Lifecycle (DDLC)
  • Creating Effective Technical Content
  • Understanding Online Help
  • Working with Adobe RoboHelp
  • Creating Effective Manuals
  • Mastering Microsoft Word
  • Emerging Trends in Technical Communication


The course fee for this certification is Rs. 30,000 + 18% GST. 


3. VSkills:


This technical writing certification program is best for professionals looking at progressing their careers. On completion of the 9-hour online training session, students would be tested on 


  • Sentences 
  • Paragraphs
  • Sections
  • Lists
  • Graphics
  • Research Proposals 
  • Lab Reports
  • Email
  • Typography and 
  • Punctuation


This lifelong valid technical writing certification from VSkills is priced at Rs. 3,499.


4. TechTotal Systems:


TechTotal System offers a unique and robust platform for the online technical writing course. The instructor-led training course spans 25 sessions with each session running for 2 hrs. Below is an overview of the modules covered in the session:


Module 1: Technical Writing

 Module 2: Software Development Life Cycle – SDLC

 Module 3: Technical Writing Process

 Module 4: Document Delivery Life Cycle – DDLC

 Module 5: Document Deliverables

 Module 6: SME Interviews and Project Planning

 Module 7: HTML & XML Intro

 Module 8: Writing Skills

 Module 9: Style Guide and Standards

 Module 10: Grammar

Module 11: Technical Writing Software Tools

 Module 12: Microsoft Word

 Module 13: Macromedia RoboHelp

 Module 14: Adobe FrameMaker

 Module 15: Snag IT

 Module 16: MS- Visio

 Module 17: PowerPoint

 Module 18: Photoshop

 Module 19: Reviews, Delivery, and Publication

 Module 20: Resume Preparation and Certification


TechTotal Systems also offers a diploma course in technical writing. 




This certificate program provides you an in-depth understanding of the concepts and theories of instructional design and how to apply them while using the tools. As part of the course, you would learn to use the following tools:


  • Adobe FrameMaker
  • Adobe RoboHelp
  • MS Visio
  • Snagit
  • Advanced MS Word
  • HTML
  • XML


Students would be given assignments and study materials at the end of each module. Additionally, they would also be taught presentation techniques and would be able to take up mock interviews to be job-ready on course completion.


6. KBuffer:


If you want to specialize in technical writing then this online technical writing course from Knowledge Buffer is for you. 


The course modules include:


  1. Technical Writing Introduction 
  2. Publishing Concepts in Microsoft Word
  • Creating Random Text
  • Creating Dynamic Headers and Footers using Styleref
  1. Mechanics of Writing 
  1. Document Development Life Cycle (DDLC)
  2. Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  3. MSTP 
  4. Capability Maturity Model (CMM)
  5. Writing Different Types of Technical Documents 
  • Software Requirement Specification (SRS) 
  • White Paper 


KBuffer also offers a diploma in technical writing and a postgraduate diploma in technical writing. 


7. Coursera


This online technical writing certification is offered by the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT). This is an intermediate-level course with flexible deadlines and would take approximately 19 hours to complete. 


The syllabus comprises 5 modules that are divided into weekly sessions.


Week 1: Introduction (1 hour)

Week 2: Module 1: From Start to Finish (5 hours)

Week 3: Module 2: Organizing the Information (6 hours)

Week 4: Module 3: Researching Your Subject (5 hours)

Week 5: Module 4: Capstone Project (3 hours) 


Taking this course would help you master writing technical writing skills in terms of the language, concepts structure, and style. 


8. Udemy


Technical writers are in demand in every industry today. So, if you are on the lookout for a course catering to a particular industry like business writing, API documentation or engineering reporting the Udemy has you covered.   


Check out the following technical writing certificate courses from Udemy and choose courses from beginner to advanced level. 


  • Technical Writing: Master Your Writing Career
  • Professional Technical Writing: Advance Your Writing Skills 
  • Technical Writing: How To Write Software Documentation
  • Technical Writing: How To Write Using DITA XML
  • CommonSensical Technical Documentation 
  • The Art of API Documentation 


These short-term paid courses help you master your technical writing skills from the comfort of your home at your own pace. 


9. SkillShare


This online learning platform has numerous courses on technical writing from beginner to advanced level. Some technical writing courses from SkillShare you can pursue are:


  • Technical Writing 
  • Technical Writing: The Writing Process
  • Technical Writing Process for Beginners 
  • Get Started With Technical Writing: Learn to Write Software Documentation
  • Technical Writing: How to Write Using DITA XML
  • Technical Writing: How to Write Documentation in GitHub

Top Technical Writing Certificate Programs


10.LinkedIn Learning 


This online educational platform needs no introduction being the educational arm of LinkedIn. Formerly, known as Lynda.com, this on-demand video learning library has a plethora of courses to help upgrade your skill sets and boost your resume. Get started with a one-month free trial and choose the paid plans based on your learning needs.


‘The Technical Writing: Quick Start Guides’ course teaches you to create quickstart guides based on customer feedback. 


The course also provides insights on best writing practices and covers the overall strategy for creating quickstart guides. Get a shareable certificate on course completion and showcase it on your LinkedIn profile. 


11. Henry Harvin’s Technical Writing Course 


Henry Harvin’s signature training online technical writing certificate program includes a one-year gold membership to their writing academy and includes eLearning access, brush-up sessions, internship support, and job opportunities.  


The course includes 16 hours of live online classroom lectures with the following course curriculum:


Module 1: Introduction to Technical Writing 

Module 2: Documentation Process

Module 3: Technical Writing Process

Module 4: Grammar and Editing 

Module 5: Technical Writing Software Tools

Module 6: Components of a Technical Document

Module 7: Technical Writing Techniques

Module 8: Technical Document Template 

Module 9: Technical Documents      

Complimentary Module 1: Soft Skills Development

Complimentary Module 2: Resume Writing 


The tools covered as part of the course curriculum are: 

  • MS Word
  • Notepad++
  • Google Docs
  • Snipping tool
  • Techsmith Snagit
  • FireShot
  • Greenshot
  • Lightshot
  • Paint
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Snagit
  • Grammarly
  • org
  • Canva
  • Piktochart
  • Vengage
  • Openshot
  • VSDC free video editor

The self-paced course is priced at Rs. 11,250 and the live online classroom technical writing certificate program is priced at Rs. 12,500. 


You can consider taking technical writing certificate programs from the following online platforms to learn at your own pace and build on your existing knowledge base. 


With increasing technological advancements the need for technical writers is also on the rise not just in India but throughout the globe. It is worth spending your money to get a professional certification for the technical writing certificate programs that come with their perks. 


Whether you want to write from your home to build your brand and take it to the world or want to make a mark among your peers, a certification course would help you get there. 

I’m Kalpana Balaji, a home engineer, and mom to a 12-year-old. I’m a post-graduate with 7 years of work experience in knowledge and content management. A long hiatus in my career has not deterred me from donning many hats. Food and words are two things I love the most and I’m looking at bringing about a change with my writing and cooking.

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