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Technical Documentation Course: 8 Best Courses In 2024

 Documentation is the orderly record of the facts in the form of hardcopy, soft copy, or even a video in this modern era. The document is a must to own a house, a piece of land, a car or any vehicle, insurance policies, while getting admitted to school or college, while joining an organization, to run a business and the list goes on and on and on.

Technical Documentation Course 8 Best Courses

Documents can be classified as technical and non-technical, meaning non-technical documents can be easily comprehended by anyone but a technical document is difficult to understand by a common or a non-technical person; here comes the role of a technical writer.


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 Who is a Technical Writer?


A technical writer is a person, who is technically qualified and is able to work on coding and understand other technical areas which are related to technical products that are developed by a developer of any company or organization and interpret them in a simpler form and help the target customer to understand the document.


Technical writing course and career as a technical writer is a challenging yet interesting career. A technical writer must be smart enough to decipher the codes developed by the developer of any product for that matter.


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What is a Technical document?


Simplified content written in the form of a document by a technical writer upon any product can be termed as a technical document.


Top 10 technical documentation samples


You name a product it has a technical document along with it. Technical documentation course guarantees superior quality technical documents.


1.User manuals:


The user manual is also a technical document. User manuals that come along with any product you buy. Example: washing machine, refrigerator, smart TV, smartphones, cars, laboratory equipment, etc.


  1. Flyers:


Flyers are a simple single-page document that advertises products and is distributed to customers in many locations such as malls, parks, grocery stores, and many other public spaces. Business flyers are mostly designed by professionals. Flyers are also considered technical documents.


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  1. Laboratory reports: 


When a patient is asked to get tested in the lab to obtain reports for any kind of health-related issues, the samples are collected, tested and then the clinical report is generated by a medical authority. This clinical report is also termed technical writing.


  1. Research reports:


Billions of dollars /rupees are invested in research work. Diversified research works are being carried on by various research institutes, such as:


  • Medical research conducted by medical institutes, space research by ISRO, NASA.
  • Geological research to understand the soil, rock, areas;
  •  market research with respect to cars;
  • hotels to have a better understanding of the mindset of the customers prior to the new product launch.
  • Archaeological research to study the history of old monuments and remnants etc.


All the above said research is conducted systemically, and a detailed research report needs to be submitted to the concerned higher authority.


The report written on the above-mentioned topics is extremely complicated and completely technical and has to be written by a seasoned technical writer. This kind of research work demands determination and handwork, and of course accuracy in the report.


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  1. Financial Reports: 


The modern world is solely driven by the economy. The economy is nothing but the business, supply, and demand of the consumer’s goods. The business houses running the business need to present the financial report to its stakeholders every year, and it is their responsibility to let its stakeholders know the status of the business. Moreover, they are also answerable to the income tax department regarding the income and expenditure incurred in the business during a particular financial year.


To present the financial report to the stakeholders and income tax department, it has to prepare the financial report with help of the qualified professionals like chartered accountants, company secretaries, and accountants. These reports are technical in nature and need to be published.


  1. Authoring technical books:


Authoring technical books is quite a task. A lot of research and time goes into it. The technical book demands a lot of hard work. It must be well-structured topic-wise, level of difficulty, framing numerical questions with solutions. This type of writing is also termed Academic Technical documentation.


If you listen to Mr. Arun Sharma’s talk, author of CAT aptitude books on TEDx , one really understands the effort that goes into producing a quality technical book.


Learn the Fundamentals of Technical Writing


  1. Technical review:


To pen down technical review on any product is also technical documentation. These days technical review is easily available on youtube and google page. cardekho.com  gives a detailed report about different types of cars by mentioning the engine capacity, horsepower, mileage per litre, tyres, wheels, etc; it even provides us a comparison report.


In youtube, a channel by the name technical guruji provides an exclusive technical report on electronic gadgets.


  1. Assembly Manuals: 


The usual form of technical writing in a mechanical department, assembly, and restorable manuals are another form of technical documentation. Technical skills essential to understanding how to dismantle and re-set the process of a particular machine or an instrument. Assembly guides are unlike any other type of technical documents as several companies demand you to have the capacity to dismantle and restore as well.


Workmanship to produce assembly handbook demands the following:


  • Theoretical and practical knowledge of the machinery and re-store processes requires.
  • work experience repairing related equipment.
  • deep knowledge of how manufacturing lines work and how to ensure machinery operation flawlessly.


This is is a tough job, and it is also a technical writing job.


Technical Documentation Course


  1. Internal Development Documentation:


What is internal technical documentation, and why is it so important?



Internal documentation is practically a technique to gather all of your organization’s expertise under one roof. It is made available for the company proceedings.


Divergent internal technical documentation


Group documentation: Documentation of group targets, talent hunt, scheduled discussion, etc.


Onboarding documentation‍: This type of “readme” documentation needs to be handed over to every employee while getting onboard the company. It must contain HR procedures and company guidelines for new employees.


Project documentation: This will perhaps be the widely available expertise base in your company and one that requires regular up-gradation. This technical documentation includes details of projects, bygone, existing, and subsequent— it is a handy document to refer to all around the year.


Marketing documentation:  The globe’s most celebrated and illustrious marketing movement gathers customers. To win the target customers, it’s obvious for an organization to develop extremely creative promotional strategies. Lots of effort is thrown in to create and develop standard quality marketing documents.


No one can decline that gripping and captivating campaigns involve patrons and intensify demand. Fortunate marketing companies and specialists know that they are required to throw in a lot of effort while developing contemplative procedures and comprehensive marketing documents.


  1. IT Industry technical documents:


API(Application programming interface)

SDK(Software development kit)

URD ( User requirements document specification)


  • API (Application Programming Interface) Documentation explains what aid an API delivers and how to use those aids, trying to cover almost all a customer would need to be aware of for hands-on experience.


  •  Software Development Kit (SDK)


It is generally a set of software development tools that permit developers to develop applications, which is an exceptional way to think about a kit.

SDKs are the beginning documents for all the programs a new-generation user would connect with. Starting from the search engine to any games played, at last, almost all were first assembled with an SDK. Yet, earlier API was used to exchange with other applications.

A software development kit, or SDK, means a bunch of appliances that permit developers to develop software or apps for a definite platform.


  • URD:


A user requirement specification (URS) is the foundation for purchasing a brand new instrument in any operation-oriented organization. The founder or management can take a call to introduce a URS on the purchase of any type of instrument. It is most vital for a large instrument, often called a capital asset or long-term asset.

The URS explains technical demands in all respects of any equipment that the company agrees to buy for its productive purpose.


The Importance of URS Documents


Precisely documented URS helps the vendor to fully understand the client’s demands. This, in turn, helps the provider to develop a design for specific equipment that impeccably meets expected demand. Whereas the absence of URS leads to dilemma amongst both parties digging at each other for bugs, resulting in the misuse of invaluable time and money.


8 Best Technical documentation course providers in India:


  1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the notable and top-tier institutes in India. It pays little attention to whether you are a beginner or an expert in your field and allows you to upscale yourself. The technical writing Master Course at IIM Skills is an ideal choice for you.


Nestled in Delhi, the reputed institution provides one of the known technical writing courses in India. The online learning service provided by IIM Skills allows you to stay at comfort zone yet learn and upscale your skills.


The course syllabus covers the following:


  • Introduction
  • Writing pattern
  • Content outline and design
  • White papers and journals
  • Document Development and life cycle
  • Editing, Proofreading, and publishing
  • Application programming interface (API) documentation


IIM Skills allows the students to have free access to study and course materials from their website for a lifetime. This is extremely helpful for the students as you can listen to lectures without any distraction and digest the concepts that are taught and later on you can make notes from the study materials, which are made available to the students.


Technical Documentation Course


  1. Information Developers Foundation- 


Highly reputed institute of India, this institute is owned and managed by Rahul Karn. It provides profound training, placement assistance, FREE membership, lifetime access to course materials of technical documentation course.


Information Developers is an Online and Offline ubiquitous Transitional Home for Technical Writers and Content Strategists.


Started by Rahul Karn in 2009:


  • to ensure others develop, create and grow the passion-dependent group.
  • To inspire, motivate and encourage profound thoughts that will transform the world around.
  • to transform people into Information Developers that they can be, whether they are fresher or experienced, it doesn’t really matter.


Students Success matters in this organization of technical documentation course:


  •  students’ performance is their supreme measure of prosperity and success. It is an entirely student-driven institution.
  • a team that helps to weave people from various backgrounds together.
  • mentors assist students to bring their dreams into reality and realize the pinnacle of success.
  • Courses that help to learn the best methods and technologies to vandalize the challenges.


  1. Ibruk 


Ibruk is a highly experienced and trustable institute offering technical documentation courses in Mumbai. Founded in 2007, ibruk Consulting provides a large range of user helping services including:


  • Technical documentation
  • Instructional Design and Training Development
  • Coaching in Technical Writing and Instructional Design
  • Translations


They create and offer functional documentation and coaching solutions that assist users to:


  • Comprehend the full range of abilities.
  • Utilize the solution effectively and adequately.


  1. K3 Infotech(K3I)


K3 Infotech (K3I) is housed in Mumbai. It was founded in 2000 and renders assistance in the area of Technical documentation courses & Instructional Designing. K3I is accomplished to offer elevated layers of assistance and coaching to customers by enabling cutting-edge technology.


K3I acts as a bridge between the outcome of the product and end-users. Their goal is to rebuild, transform technical matters into user beneficial language.


The Company is augmenting its vista to other cities in India and at international levels. K3I is one of the best institutes for technical documentation courses.


K3I provides and extends the complete formation of technical documentation services that consist of User Manual, White Paper, Training Manual, Reference Manual, Release Notes, Corporate Presentations, Flyers, Brochures, Etc. It has a group of world-class coaches in the technical documentation course department & instructional design.


Why your organization needs K3I?


  • To record and document your company practices and procedures.
  • If your company doesn’t have strong and powerful human resources for documentation purposes. We will assist in providing resources for writing the technical documentation.
  • To supplement your product with very well-drafted documentation.
  • To draft coaching manuals for your human resources.
  • To reach the set goal and improve productivity by providing detailed and neat coaching to employees.


  1. TWB (Bangalore)


TWB develops, automates, regenerates, reprocesses, and brings out content attaining unparalleled effectiveness, magnify content finish, reaching markets faster and at reasonable costs. The best technical documentation course is offered by this institute.


TWB is the global explorer of offshore evolution and growth of technology-based content (since 2006). It was the first Indian-based organization to launch & execute operation-level Content Automation solutions (2010), and also the first to introduce & apply IETM IV/V solutions for Defense and Aerospace (2013). TWB operates across Information Technology, Telecom, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Life Sciences, and Aerospace & Defense.


  1. Write Concept


Write Concept is a technical documentation course service vendor located in Bangalore, India. They started their company in December 2000 and presently work with several customers in Bangalore and abroad.


Write Concept focal point is on comprehending the theoretical and visionary aspects of the product, business, and marketing. This is accompanied by a thorough examination of all product’s silent features and their functionality to offer readers of their documents with details at an international level and a national level. A large chunk of the work is operated in the software product domain area. Their documents assist users to acknowledge and understand your software product and its usage.


They are always ready to take a leap ahead to describe the core concepts and make details, facts, and figures effortless to locate and use while sustaining the stability of layout structure and information till the end of the documents.


Bygone experience has cleared that customers want to identify information to their question in the user manual of their purchased software product. For this fact, they take care to spot out all the questions a customer might raise and make certain that their documents furnish the answers to these queries.


The majority of their technical writers have a technical educational background and this allows them to meet the obstacles of developing documentation for complicated software products.


The distinctive behavior of all their human resources is their enthusiasm for work and their propensity to meet time limits or deliver within the stipulated time. Whether senior or fresher to the field, they all want to hone their skills in the field of technical communication and documentation.


They are determined and motivated to perform their best in the work assigned to them, and stay laser-focused on achieving customer timelines. To scalp the skills, they conduct a knowledge exchange program at a regular period of intervals for their team. This is an opportunity for their personnel to share their thoughts and views in the program, get clarity, and also learn the latest skills.


  1. Coursera


Another top-ranked institute offering technical writing courses in India is Coursera. Among the mushroom of courses launched by Coursera, the technical writing course is the most known one. The course is presented by the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.


The technical expert writing course at Coursera is a purely online course. Highly flexible deadlines, it is an imprecisely 20-hour course. Beginning with a one-hour introduction, the course comprises 4 modules.


Course overview Characteristics:


  • Quantification of  high quality in Technical Documents
  • The Content technique
  • Interpreting clientele and objective
  • Synergistic Writing
  • Writing for conglomerate clientele


Followed by grade-oriented quizzes and at the end-of-each module self-assessment test for yourself are designed. In this way, it is an apt course which you can hone as per your spare time. You receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.


  1. Udemy


IT sectors have high demands for technical writers, and Udemy is one of the top-tier online course offerers. Udemy offers multi-purpose technical documentation courses in India- whether you are looking for a foundation or beginner level technical documentation course or something more like intermediate/advanced level.


An overview of the course:


  • Tech writing methods
  • Upcoming trends
  • Quizzes and exercises for self-testing


Who should take this course? This course is for:


  • All types of writers
  • Software Developers
  • Journalists and media professionals


On completion of the course, you will get a valuable certificate that you can augment to your resume.


Well, this write-up offers a clear picture regarding technical documentation and technical documentation courses in India. Any non-technical person will also be able to comprehend and digest the above-documented facts with regard to the technical documentation course.

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