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SEO Salary in India| Different SEO Roles and Salaries

The last decade of the 21st century proved to be a boon for younger India in terms of career opportunities and making the best out of that. The advancement of marketing strategies through digital competencies also enhanced the scope and demand for SEO professionals in India. It is obvious that people would like to get involved in this career and seek clear visibility for their bright career in terms of learning and earning as well. In this article, you would find the updated structure for SEO salary in India along with every SEO job title in operation and demand to date.


SEO salary in India


What is SEO?


SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It is basically the understanding of the process to enhance the quality of the content written or visual and improving the technical aspect of it by using various tools available. With an aim to get organic traffic of visitors to your website or portal whoever is directing search engines to find out content relevant to yours with the help of keywords from any part of the world.


For Example: If you want to start marketing a product or service on the internet, then just uploading the product and service-related information won’t give you desired results in terms of people knowing about your offerings and approaching them for buying.


The fact that there are numerous people who are marketing the same product or service on the internet requires enhancing the quality of the content used for marketing. Google has a certain set of structures for it which are called algorithms.


And to be in sync with them, proper knowledge of SEO helps you to improve your content and optimize it so that anyone searching for the same product or service to buy via the internet, the search engine would take him to your website and show your content before anyone else’s.


This would certainly increase the organic traffic of visitors to your website and will ultimately result in the selling of your products or services. SEO professionals at work are collectively considered as the strong pillar of Digital marketing influence which is the reason why many youngsters and even experienced professionals are considering an SEO job profile as the desired one to grab real potential skills and a decent amount of salary figure.


Let us now see what all SEO profiles are available and SEO salary in India.


Why is SEO important for current businesses?


With the advancement of marketing in the digital world, the need for SEO has its own importance. The last few years have evidenced that even small businesses prefer to shift their business online to increase their reach and then sales as a result of it.


In order to help businesses to compete well with each other on digital platforms, SEO comes into the picture as the foremost important point to consider. SEO is the most feasible and effective way to understand business and reach its targeted customers. 


To understand well, let’s discuss some crucial points:


1.  Raised credibility: For search engines to trust your business on a regular basis, it is required to work continuously for keywords and research for building good quality content to rank high as a site on search engine result pages.


It simply helps you and your business to have credibility and as a result, customers will get to know more about you every time they search for a relative keyword.


2. It promotes organic search as a major source of getting traffic on a website:

If for your business you yourself are handling SEO tasks, it will not cost you for marketing strategies. You can yourself with SEO efforts research for keywords and review the content on higher ranking sites so that you can create your content better than theirs and get more traffic on your site organically.


3. SEO helps in understanding the customers’ needs: SEO with the help of its search query and analytics data assists businesses in understanding the needs of the customers and their behaviors.


4. SEO helps in providing a good user experience: With this, the intention is to help customers take where they want to be. Google wants sites to be user-friendly and assist them in knowing what they have to offer to customers.


 5. SEO helps in understanding the online environment: knowing the environment of the world wide web is necessary to get updated every time as it tends to change. In order to be on top of search engine preferences to show against certain keywords used for search by the customers, it is advisable to remain updated, with tactics of other businesses and brands as well.


6. If your content is not on page one, you are losing business: If your product or service on your site is not on page one of the searches, then you are losing business for sure. Not many people make efforts to go on the second page or further, hence it results in losing visibility to the target customers and business finally. So, to compete well, SEO knowledge helps businesses to make their content friendly and qualitative to be shown on the first page.


7. It helps you reach more customers: With more credibility and visibility of your content, your business will be considered as best and customers will suggest it to others as well. They will eventually get to your site without seeing your competition and chances of your business growth increase.


SEO is a dynamic industry, and being updated with the latest SEO trends is not an option but a necessity here.  So, do check out the top SEO trends to ace SERP rankings. 


Determining factors on which SEO salary in India is based


 1. Work Experience:

For any job, the most determining factor of salary is work experience. This ascertains the experience of the professional at work while handling all the challenges the job has. In determining SEO salary in India, work experience is a crucial factor.


The more work experience a candidate has, the higher the salary package he or she can expect to be delivered. In order to grow a company with its standards, employers look for experienced candidates and check their collected knowledge with experience.


2. Expertise:

After the experience, expertise is another important factor to determine the SEO salary in India. With enough work experience comes expertise which shows how well versed you are at SEO with how much knowledge you have which matters extensively. As long as you are learning from your experience, you will become an expert in SEO.


If you have no actual work experience it is always advisable to start at ground level with utmost willingness to learn even if you are paid less salary. With time and experience, it will eventually increase along with your learning standards.


If you are interested in learning SEO from scratch or need to add more to your resume weightage, you can consider learning with an Advanced SEO course online along with two months paid internship.


3. Designation:

It is obvious that with experience and expertise you will be rewarded with a new designation which further determines your salary figure. There are certain standards for every designation to determine SEO salary in India.


4. Geographical Location:

Along with experience and expertise, the geographical location of the work is a factory which affects SEO salary in India. It is due to the difference in cost of living in cities. Metro cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, and Bangalore offer the highest SEO salary in India.


5. Education:

Another factor determining SEO salary in India can be a qualification in digital marketing, information technology, or a field related to these can actually result in a high salary at the start of your career. In case a career in digital marketing is what you might consider other than SEO, you can look for the best digital marketing course in India.


As the determining factors for SEO salary in India are discussed, Let us look for current SEO salary figures in India with different job profiles.


SEO Salaries in India with different job profiles


As SEO job profiles have a crucial role in the Digital marketing world, there are different job profiles with a particular set of responsibilities. Due to the high demand for SEO skills and knowledge, SEO salaries in India also increased. Here are some of the major SEO job profiles with their respective SEO salary in India.


1.  SEO Trainee


An SEO Trainee or SEO Intern is an entry-level job profile in the SEO domain. They are supervised and guided by an SEO Executive or SEO Trainer. The initial expectations from an SEO trainee are that they could perform keyword research, competition analysis, ranking reporting, Meta tag Creation, and Content modification on the website.


They should be able to perform content marketing aspects such as blogging to promote clients, undertake the different Link Building activities such as classified listing, Business Listing, Social Media Promotions, etc. Also, they should be able to analyze and implement the latest Search Engine Optimization On-page and Off-page techniques.


The average salary per annum for an SEO Trainee is INR 1,00,000 /-


2.  SEO Trainer


 An SEO trainer is primarily responsible for transparent and clear communication regarding training and support to all the employees. Also, to arrange the communication training for the team whenever needed. They are responsible for monitoring, providing coaching, and feedback to the team and call audits on a daily basis along with weekly reporting.


The average salary per annum for an SEO Trainer is INR 1,40,000/-


3.  SEO Analyst


An SEO analyst job profile has the responsibility of conducting keyword research using various tools and performing competitive analysis and identifying gaps in content or areas of improvement in web design. They are also responsible for tracking important SEO metrics including organic traffic, conversion rates, and time spent on-page.


The average salary per annum for an SEO Analyst is INR  2,31,157 /-


4.  SEO Strategist


An SEO strategist or SEO expert is primarily responsible for executing the valid changes after analyzing and reviewing pertaining to websites so that it gets optimized for the search engine. The core potential of an SEO strategist is to maximize the traffic that comes to a site by enhancing the quality of the content to rank within the search engine.


The average salary per annum for an SEO Strategist is INR 2,52,744 /-


5.  SEO Consultant


 For an SEO Consultant, it is crucial to be able to see the bigger picture for the future. They get themselves updated about the evolving SEO industry so that they can look at analytics and provide the next steps. The technical hindrances that are impacting negatively are avoided by an SEO Consultant. They are well versed in the jobs of an SEO trainee and SEO analyst.


The average salary per annum for an SEO Consultant is INR 2,40,000 /-


6.  SEO Manager


For an SEO manager, it is required to plan, develop and implement the SEO strategy in order to ensure efficient work aiming towards organic search optimization and ROI maximization. They are the solution provider by suggesting improvement measures and increasing productivity and process optimization.


They collaborate with web developers and marketing teams to remain updated with the SEO changes, digital marketing latest trends, and best practices.


The average salary per annum for an SEO Manager is INR 5,16, 523 /-


7.  SEO Director


 An SEO director owns the vision, strategy, and roadmap for SEO & content across a primary product line. They also ensure strong relationships and alignment with design, product management, and development teams. They forecast and plan market expansion.


The average salary per annum for an SEO Director ranges from 7 lacs to 18 lacs. 


Why should you choose SEO as a career?


  1. Since the importance of Digital marketing is increasing daily due to most businesses wanting to make their presence online on digital platforms, SEO comes out as the first requirement of all.


  1. As this industry provides online working job profiles, you can work from anywhere and can continue it as a part-time, full-time job or you can work as a freelancer for businesses. Your choice.


  1. With demand for SEO professionals, SEO salary in India is also increasing every year based on skills and experience the professional owns.


  1. If you understand the world of entrepreneurship and have the urge to explore that path, you can start your own company without any huge investment.


  1. An SEO job makes you updated with the digital trend which keeps changing. It’s challenging and rewarding.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1.  What are On-page and Off-page SEO?

On-page SEO includes the factors you can have control over like content, keywords, internal linking, page structure, page load time, etc. While off-page SEO includes factors you cannot control for example backlinks.


2.  What makes a website search engine friendly?

There are several factors that are needed collectively in order to rank on top by becoming search engine friendly. The factors include everything from content quality, keywords, titles, metadata, etc.


3.  What SEO parameters are beyond our control? 

The major factor all time which is not in control is how google works on ranking sites with their content. It is not exactly deciphered by the SEO professionals that google uses algorithms to make sites to rank. However, SEO professionals keep doing their job and have a certain set of practices by which they are able to give desired results.


4.  Is an SEO job boring?

 Honestly, SEO is a time-consuming, very detailed, and repetitive sort of job in nature. While practicing SEO it might seem tedious and energy draining. But that is something a requirement of this job. It needs a very focused yet calm mind and a positive attitude to work as an SEO professional.


It is not a fancy high-tech job but includes grassroots tasks every now and then in order to get desired results. That is why companies are willing to pay for what you can do.


5. What’s the difference between search engine optimization and search engine marketing (SEM)? 

SEO is the initials for Search Engine Optimization and SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. The major difference between the two is that SEO is free and SEM is paid. SEM involves pay-per-click advertising and shows ads that are purchased. The major difference between these two is that SEO is free and SEM is paid. 



 To conclude as the crux of this article, it can be said that there is a continuous growing demand for SEO professionals in India and the future of SEO career is very promising. Depending upon the factors determining the SEO salary in India, the salary package margin covers 2.8 lac per annum to 15-30 lac per annum for freshers to experienced professionals respectively.

 If you are a result-oriented individual and have detailed observation skills and an interest in how digital content works, SEO would be the right career for you. However, the final take is yours. 

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