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Top 10 Project Management Courses in Mumbai in 2024

Project Management works as the pillar to creating any product or carrying out any job. It emerged in the mid-’20s as a profession. So, to decrease your work we have listed the top 10 Project Management courses in Mumbai.

List of the best project management courses in Mumbai


Project Management refers to delivering valuables to an audience with the help of skill, knowledge, techniques, and appropriate tools. Project management serves as the agenda of how work is to be completed and valuables delivered. The last step to reach a project conclusion is goal achievement which ensures the uniqueness of each project. Projects never consist of a similar routine or activities of an organization or company. Project Management courses in Mumbai have a high scope and provide opportunities for various occupations.


When did Project Management appear as a profession?


Project Management emerged in the 19th century after a few enlightened people from a variety of professions realized the need to schedule and address the problems related to complex projects. They decided that the people needed new tools to ensure the growth of an organization and to achieve its goals.


Eons before that Egyptians used to use project management in an informal manner but in the 1950s formal techniques came into existence for the smooth running of compound projects. Current techniques and tools are inspired by two coexisting yet different issues of control and planning in projects.


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Why opt for Project Management courses?


The era of the 1990s was marked by Globalisation which brought us to the current time known for its velocity. Velocity basically, refers to the race between various organizations to reach the top of the hierarchy. In these competitive times, Project Management is considered a boon.


It is the accelerator pedal for all organizations and businesses, which are small or big. To compete and to move ahead of competitors, project management is the priority of all companies. Businesses need project management to survive and to carry out tasks. This leads to a variety of occupational opportunities for project managers.


It is essential to make sure the outcomes of a project meet the expectations of the shareholders. Project managers keep a close eye on the changes that occur and it’s a part of their job to bring or to refuse a change. They use their experience and knowledge to integrate functions to produce the needed outcomes and to attract stakeholders to tackle different situations. PMs are usually well paid and they get to work in different sections of an organization. Now you know why Project Management courses in Mumbai are beneficial.


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What is the job of a project manager?


Project Managers (PM) have a number of complex responsibilities and duties. Some of them are as follows:


  • Planning tasks and resources.
  • Forming and organizing a team to work on the project.
  • Motivating the team members and ensuring team spirit throughout the project execution.
  • Assign work to all the team members.
  • Manage time to work at the desired pace.
  • Call out regular meetings to create a vision of a task.
  • Keep track of issues and changes that occur.
  • Ensure support from shareholders.
  • Keep track of the progress.
  • Manage deliveries.
  • Organizing documentation.
  • Assess outcomes and results.


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Career options for graduates of project management courses.


There are ample career options for project managers, be it beginners or experienced such as:

  • A Project Coordinator.
  • Construction PM.
  • Project Manager in latest product development.
  • T Project Manager.
  • Project Manager in the field of Environmental Research.
  • Project Manager Consultant.

So why stay behind? Pick a course and get your desired job as a project manager through Project Management courses in Mumbai.


Stages of Project management


It consists of five phases. The five phases begin with “Project Initiation and Project Infrastructure Design” and end with “Post Mortem and Assessment of Results”.


  1. Project Initiation and Infrastructure Design: This step involves forming teams to work on the Project, brainstorming to come up with unique ideas, and taking resources into account. The roles of members are assigned and proper leadership is established to ensure the smooth running of the project.
  2. Project Elucidation: The different aspects such as scope, aims, and advantages are taken into consideration. Risks and the appropriate approach to implementing the project are discussed.
  3. Detailed Plan of the Project: A detailed schedule of the project is made and the budget is jotted down to reduce the risk of loss.
  4. Project Governance and control: Project management consists of tracking progress, handling the audience, and keeping account of budget, risks, and changes. Project quality is ensured and the data is reviewed. Status plus progress reports are written and analyzed and deliveries are assessed.
  5. Post-Moretum and Assessment of Results: Results are reported and analyzed in detail. A proper project closing plan is implemented and the learned lessons are discussed.


Project Management is a technical process that requires proper knowledge and to help you acquire this knowledge from the best institutes we have made a list of the best Project Management courses in Mumbai. So read ahead to find an institute that suits you best:


Project Management Courses in Mumbai


1.    Simplilearn


  • Course Name: PMP Certification Training Course.
  • Price of the course: learn through a Boot Camp with live online classes for Rs. 13999.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 100%
  • Duration: 90 Days flexible online class schedule.
  • Eligibility: Professionals of any field aiming to be project managers such as team managers, assistant PM’s, Project Engineers, and Project executives.
  • Requirement: High school diploma, four-year degree.
  • Key Highlight: Learn with experts and attend online live classes. Learn using case studies and real-life experiences. This is why it is one of the best Project Management courses in Mumbai.
  • Exam fee of PMP certification (PMI members): 23549


2.    StarAgile


  • Course Name: PMP Certification Training in Mumbai.
  • Price of the course: 12999
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 100%
  • Duration: Full-time in-depth training for four days (4 weekends)
  • Eligibility/Pre-requisite: 4-year degree (36 months’ work), High School Diploma (60 months experience), Post Graduate Degree (24 months experience)
  • Key Highlight: Access to content developed by PMI, PMI approved 35 PDUs, Application assistance.
  • Certification: course completion certificate will be provided.
  • PMP Certification Cost: not included in the course.


3.    Brain Sensei


  • Course Name: PMP Exam Prep Course
  • Price of the course: 37100
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 100%
  • Duration: 1-year access
  • Eligibility: Secondary, 4-year degree
  • Key Highlights: Interactive modules,4 exam papers, 13 interactive challenges, Customer support, Self-assessments.
  • Certification: Not Given
  • PMP certification cost: Not included in the course fee.


4.    Coursera


  • Course Name: Fundamentals of Project Planning and Management.
  • Price of the course: Free
  • Duration: Approximately 8 Hours.
  • Eligibility: for beginners, therefore, no prerequisites.
  • Key Highlight: You can change the deadline according to your timetable, no prior knowledge is required.
  • Certification: Certification of completion (Shareable).


5.    Sybex


  • Course name: PMP Exam Review Platinum Course.
  • Price of the course: $495
  • Duration: 35 Contact Hours.
  • Key Highlights: 3 mock tests, Lessons of 30 minutes only, Video content, 1200 practice questions, 700 flashcards.
  • Certificate: Course completion certificate.

6.    Go Skills


  • Course Name: Project Management Basics.
  • Price of the course: 9996 per year, 1400 per month, 7 days free trial.
  • Duration: 7 hours 30 minutes (estimated time).
  • Pre-requisites: none required.
  • Key Highlights: This course is for beginners and provides 7 days of free trial, you get to personalize your learning schedules and can enjoy self-paced learning.
  • Certification: Certificate is available.


7.    Pace University


  • Course Name: Practical Project Management Certificate.
  • Price of the course: $695
  • Duration: 2 weeks
  • Key Highlights: A course for beginner PMs, and professionals who are in search of new projects or additional learning. The project is packed in just 2 weeks imparting a deep understanding of the nature and life cycle of projects.
  • Certification: Pace University Provides a Certificate of completion.


8.    Alison


  • Course Name: Diploma in Project Management.
  • Price of the course: Absolutely Free.
  • Duration: 10 to 15 hours.
  • Key Highlights: Simple explanations of crucial aspects of project management. Gain accreditation and learn essential methodologies of project management.
  • Certification: It is available.
  • Note: This course does not provide preparation for PMP certification.

Surprised to see another one of the free Project Management courses in Mumbai? Sure, you are.


9.    Cybrary


  • Course Name: Project Management Professional (PMP) Course.
  • Price of the course: Create a cybrary account (basic) for free.
  • Duration: 5 hours 30 minutes.
  • Key Highlights: This trains you to attempt a PMP examination. It is indeed a small course, which is broken into 10 different modules to prepare you well. Intensive learning is provided.


10. EdX


  • Course Name: Introduction to Project Management.
  • Price of the course: Free
  • Duration: 6 weeks (3 hours per week).
  • Key Highlights: Understand the basics of project management. In-depth explanation and intensive learning. Another one of the free courses.
  • Note: You can watch both videos and download transcripts to learn through the way which suits you better.


 11. GreyCampus


  • Course Name: PMP Certification Training.
  • Price of the course: 14500
  • Duration: 6 months access (4-day training for each Bootcamp)
  • Key Highlights: 1 Simulated exam is held to ensure preparation, updated study material, and courseware for offline usage.
  • Certification: You will receive a certification after course completion.
  • Note: You can just prepare for the exam through ‘Practice Exams Only’ for Rs. 7400 which provides 3 Mock exams and 1000+ practice questions.


12. General Assembly


  • Course Name: Project Management Bootcamp.
  • Price of the course: $250
  • Duration: 1 Full day Bootcamp program.
  • Key Highlights: Learn from the basics to risk management. This course is a good way to start or you can enroll in it as an additional course. Gain exposure and learn through real-life examples, you will also receive a recording of class within 7 days.


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Do project managers earn a lot?

Yes. Project Management is essential for the growth of the company and its services or products. Project management is a job of skill and methodology, therefore, project managers are a valuable asset. That’s the reason for the high amount of salaries.


  1. Are Project Management courses in Mumbai beneficial?

Yes. Project Managers are highly valued. They are crucial parts of the business. To stay ahead and to lead the hierarchy, companies need PMs which makes Project Management courses in Mumbai an excellent stream.


  1. Is a PMP certificate worth it?

Absolutely. A PMP-certified project manager has jobs lining up for him/her. A survey of PMI suggested that the PMP exam increases the salary of a project manager significantly. So, you better give it a shot to become the best PM. A PMP examination needs proper training to be cracked. Hence, before paying for the examination, prepare properly because you know PMP exams are pricey.


  1. What is the price of the PMP exam?

The cost of the PMP exam is $405. Pricey but totally worth it.


  1. Why are Project Management courses in Mumbai so costly?

It isn’t new that the aspiring project managers feel that the PMP preparation and other PM courses are expensive. These courses provide intensive training in a short period of time with proper customer support. They cover updated modules and simulated examinations. Therefore, the cost is worth it.


Signing off


Project Management courses in Mumbai hold a high scope and are highly beneficial for both professional and aspiring project managers. Project Management is a job that requires experience, a project manager gains experience and learns different techniques throughout life. So, such courses are an exceptional way to gain experience and boost my portfolio.


A census held by PMI suggests that the future of Project Management is bright. Since Project managers are the binding force between strategies and project success in an organization, therefore, they will be highly valued. This epoch is known for the competition between the companies and to stay on top, the tool of project management comes in handy. Project management reduces the risk and increases the success rate of the product or services offered by an organization.


In the end, it’s quite clear that these courses are a great start for your career as a PM. So, waste no more time, and enroll now. You have to be a part of the crowd to lead it.


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