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Top 5 Post-Graduate Diploma In Technical Writing Courses In 2024

Content writers have been making a steady name for themselves in the world of the internet for some time now. Among them, the one with a post-graduate diploma in technical writing certainly seems to have the upper hand. 


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We aren’t saying lifestyle writers or health writers aren’t appreciated enough. They certainly have their niche following who value their advice. All of us seem to need help with technology every now and then though. Even sportswriters need to figure out how to format their data drive. And that’s where their tech experts with their excellent writing skills come in.


For certain tech companies, they have this vision of how they want to market the product. They want the product to be available and easy to understand to regular people. Tech writers have this way of simplifying things that would be otherwise impossible for us to understand.


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Maybe you want to try technical writing as an extra source of income for your already thriving IT job. Maybe you want to quit the technological industry for good and become a full-time writer. However, if you are good at technology but not the writing part, this dream will take a long time to become a reality.


That’s where some writing courses come in. You know your subject. You only need to polish your writing skills. Fortunately, we have just the 5 best post-graduate diploma in technical writing courses that will help you fine-tune your writing. In fact, there are courses that will teach you both the technical and the writing aspects.


If you’re looking for a job in the field after just completing your graduation, a diploma aligning with your graduation subject would certainly make you a more valuable prospect for jobs.


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Best Course Options For Post-Graduate Diploma in Technical Writing


1 . Technical Writing Master Course by IIM Skills


In the writing industry, IIM Skills has made a permanent mark for itself as one of the leading institutes. If you’ve ever researched about any content writing course online, it’s impossible people haven’t recommended their Content Writing Course to you at least once. The Technical Writing Master Course is no different in that regard, having the same detailed patience in their curriculum towards furthering your skills as a technical writer.


Whether this is your first foray into writing or you have been in the industry for some time, the course has something to offer. The headquarters is in Delhi, but since you can take up the course online, the location hardly matters. Their flexible timing means you can decide on a class time that doesn’t clash with your 9 to 5 job.


If you still miss a session, a recording would be provided to you so you don’t stay behind. As is IIM Skills policy, the courses have lifetime validity. Years later when you first took the course, you can access your LMS and refresh your memories on everything you have learned from the course.


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Now, what will you get to know from this course? A lot. Like their content writing and digital marketing course, the technical writing course dives deep into all aspects of the industry in the most comprehensive way possible.


You don’t only get an introduction or learn about the writing styles but also study others in the same industry. Case studies are especially helpful because you get to closely analyze the big names to know what you should and should not be doing in your career.


Other than that, your mentors will teach you how to research, find the target audience and write. The different types of technical writing will be taught from manual guides to white papers and flow charts and block diagrams. Maybe you already know how to create flow charts and API documentation but do you know how to make the content understandable to regular people? That’s what this course will help you overcome.


As the course is tool-driven, you get access to various software that a professional in the industry is going to need. They also have a month-long internship you can use to create a portfolio for yourself. You get to publish your first blog post as a technical writer with them. You can also write and market a white paper document you can be proud of.


Through this internship, you get to put into practice what you have learned. Even during the duration of the course, the live online classes allow you to have conversations with the mentor on any confusion you have. You can send them samples of your work and get proper feedback on what you need to improve. The friendly mentors are also more than happy to offer any other kind of support you might need related to the course.


One of the best things about IIM Skills is that the support stays with you long after you have left the institute. As an alumnus, you can contact the mentor any time, and they would offer you valuable advice on your career. They also regularly send you job opportunities you can look into.


What Do You Get? 


  • Introduction to technical writing
  • How to find the target audience, research, and writing styles
  • A Master’s certification in technical writing
  • DDLC
  • API documentation
  • White paper and journals
  • How to write conversationally
  • Medical writing
  • Case studies
  • How to create manual guides and data sheets


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2. Post-Graduate Diploma in Technical Writing in Business Management By SCDL Pune


You might already be acquainted with the name Symbiosis. Did you know, this famous institute also has a distance learning program known as Symbiosis Centre For Distance Learning. The institute is also called SCDL in short, which offers a post-graduate diploma in technical writing.


They offer various diploma courses, among which is the one where technical writing is focused on business. Basically, you learn technical writing from a more business perspective. Your writing style is developed around what a business might need from this diploma course.


The duration of the post-graduate diploma in a technical writing course is two years, as most diploma courses are. Once you register for the course, the validity counts for 4 academic years. You will have to be a graduate to be able to take this course.


You learn about stuff like Project Management and English grammar along with styles of technical writing. While an excellent course, this doesn’t really help you establish yourself as a freelancer in the future if you want to. Creativity is given importance to but discipline is also emphasized and you have to always think from the perspective of a company.


This post-graduate diploma in a technical writing course is for anyone who is looking for a certain kind of job in the technical writing field. The ones that might even want to learn about information designing.


It’s distance learning, so again, you can learn all you want in your home. However, it doesn’t work the way live online classes do. You might get online classes, but they aren’t live. So, you don’t get feedback for a long period of time until you mail the assignments to the institutes, who get back with constructive criticism on it. The fee structure also happens to be hard to afford for some people.


What Do You Get? 


  • Diploma approved by AICTE
  • Learn English grammar
  • Learn business concepts such as Project Management
  • Detailed learning from a known institute


3. Scientific and Technical Writing Programme by NSTC


From Nano Science and Technology Consortium Noida, a writing program based around science and technology is offered. If we compare it with SCDL’s program, this one’s more affordable for regular people.


This is another distance learning program. You can do self-tests and upload assignments on the student portal which are checked by your instructors. There’s also increased communication between you and other students.


Course materials and other tools are delivered to your doorstep, and you also get a user id for the online portal. There, you have chat and email support. As most distance learning programs are, it feels a little impersonal despite the major attention from instructors and the ability to connect with your peers.


To join the program, you will have to provide proof of your mark sheet for 10+2 or any undergraduate degree you might have. There’s no clear talk of placement on their website or any promise for support in freelancing. So, you can learn all you want about the writing part, but it seems what path you are going to take with your career is completely up to you.


What Do You Get? 


  • A diploma from NSTC
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Practical theory books and tools
  • Self-tests and chat sessions
  • Access to discussion forums with other students


4. Technical Writing Course By Information Developers Foundation


Rahul Karn founded the institute in 2009, which is otherwise known as InfoDev. You can tell by the name that the goal of the institute is to give its students the ability to provide information.


The course continues for about 15 classes. Through these several classes, multiple topics related to technical writing are covered. In the last session, you will have to take an exam to see whether you are eligible for the certificate. Once you pass the test, you get the certificate.


To take this course, you need to know minimum English and have some knowledge of the computer. You don’t have to be amazing at technology, but you should be able to operate your laptop at least. Also, people who are extremely good with technological stuff can easily take this course.


Since they teach the basics of technology in great detail, a writer who is already good at technological communication might feel the course is slow for them. On the other hand, someone who doesn’t know much about writing or technology can learn a lot through this course.


Before you join the course permanently, you get a free trial. In this free class, you get an idea of what the teaching method will be and whether it is something that suits your style of studying. If you feel comfortable and optimistic after you take the first class, go ahead and become a student.


What Do You Get? 


  • A certificate after completing the assessment test
  • Focus on grammar for technical writing
  • MS Word Advanced
  • How to make communication document for business
  • Interview tips

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5.Technical Writing Skills by British Council


There’s a low chance you haven’t heard of the British Council. If you have, you already know you aren’t going to get a diploma or a certificate through the course. Granted, they have extremely short-term courses, which are better described as workshops. So, while you won’t have a badge to display in your LinkedIn profile, you will gain some experience in a startlingly short amount of time.


This is the kind of course in technical writing you can take if you don’t have too much time in your hand. Maybe, a writing course is something you want to add to your resume but don’t have any plan of working as a technical content writer full time.


The length of the course is about hours. In the full-day workshop, you will learn about how to understand your target audience, writing styles, reviewing, and how to make lab reports.


The goal of the entire workshop is to teach you how to make technical reports that others can understand easily. It doesn’t really focus on online content writing or the manual guides the technical writers do for companies. Rather the focus is on lab reports and such.


If you want to take the course to upgrade your lab report writing skills that seem to be unsatisfactory for some reason, then this course is for you.


What Do You Get? 


  • A full-day workshop
  • On hand experience
  • Get to explore IMRaD structure
  • Complete a project on writing a test report


Final Thoughts


post-graduate diploma in technical writing is only useful if you learn the right application. It is never about the diploma in itself as much as it is about how you polish your own talent in the subject. You can go to top universities, but if you don’t get the proper feedback to improve your writing, all of it would be for naught.


You have to be extremely careful while choosing your course. That’s why we personally place preference over courses with either offline courses or live online ones. These kinds of courses let you converse deeply with your mentor. You will feel confident about starting your journey as a technical writer only if you are certain about what you’ve learned in the class. When you finally place yourself in the market as an upcoming writer, you should feel whatever you learned from the course was actually of use.


So, take your time. Look through all the courses and join the one that best suits your needs.


Good luck with your future ventures! We hope to see you as an established technical writer soon!

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